The Greg Anderson Wiretap Transcript

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The Greg Anderson Wiretap Transcript

A partial transcript of the ‘illegally obtained’ wiretap of Barry Bonds’ trainer, Greg Anderson, describing his steroid experience and peticularly Bonds’ steroid use. This transcript contains all the published parts of Anderson’s voice from a recording made by an acquaintance in the spring of 2003. The excerpts are in approximate chronological order.

On how athletes sometimes injure themselves injecting steroids.

“What happens is they put too much in one area and, what it does, it will actually ball up and puddle and what happens is it actually will eat away and make an indentation and it’s a cyst. It makes a big f—ing cyst and you have to drain it. Oh no, it’s gnarly.”

“No, Dude, you’d be amazed at how many body builders-’cause bodybuilders do like 20 cc’s of shit and it’s just ugly. It gets infected, I mean they got to drain–I’ve had a guy had two gallons of shit drained out of his ass. It was so gross, you can’t believe it.”

“People don’t know what the f— they’re doing, That’s the problem. No, I’ve seen all kinds of ugly s— . It’s just unbelievable.”

“I move it all over the place. I learned that when I first started doing that s— 16 years ago ’cause guys were getting some gnarly infections. And it was gross, I mean to the point where you have to have surgery just to get that f—ing thing taken out, or it’d be a knot and you can’t do anything.”

“That’s why you never do your quad. Dude, I never, never. I tell you, I knew a guy that went in their quad and they went too deep and they couldn’t walk for a week, could not even bend their leg. It was some ugly shit.”

MLB had tested “25 players random, supposedly in spring training.”

“So those guys have already been tested twice. They got tested, and then a week later got tested again. So … those guys are pretty much done for the year. They never have to get tested again.”

On Anderson’s knowledge of another phase of “150 guys tested at random.”

“It’s going to be in either the end of May or beginning of June, right before the All-Star break, definitely. So after the All-Star break, f— , we’re like f— ing clear.”

“The whole thing is, everything that I’ve been doing at this point, it’s all undetectable. See the stuff I have, we created it, and you can’t buy it anywhere else, can’t get it anywhere else, but you can take it the day of (the test), pee, and it comes up perfect.”

“See like Marion Jones and them; it’s the same stuff that they went to the Olympics with, and they test them every f—ing week at the Olympics, so that’s why I know it works, so that’s why I’m not even tripping. So, it’s cool.”

On the terms of the ‘survey testing’ Anderson knows that “up to 240 players, selected at random, may be tested.”

“Do we know when they’re gonna do it? Oh, I have an idea. See, the lab that does this stuff is the lab that does –”

The rest of the previous remark is not entirely audible, but the following comment seems to sum it up.

“I’ll know like probably a week in advance or two weeks in advance before they’re going to do it.”

On Bonds’ slow start in the 2003 season.

“What his problem is, he thinks the magic’s gone and he doesn’t have it anymore.”

“(He’s) been way too nice. Be an —hole again. Every time he’s an —hole, it f—ing works. He f—ing plays good because he’s just being himself.”

“Other than last year and him hitting .370 … he always starts slow. Even the 73 home run year, look at how long it took him to get to 500.”

* The quotes are compiled from the San Francisco Chronicle article entitled Bonds used steroids in 2003, trainer says on secret recording October 16, 2004, and the book
Game of Shadows March 27, 2006, both written by Lance Williams and Marc Finarau-Wada.

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