Talked with whom change the Western Union receiver info regularly and have the most recent information below. Simply use this address instead of the one below.

The Good News

Not to let my loyal readers done I contacted and demanded a solution for all of us from the USA and to their credit they delivered. You can now use Western Union for payments with the details I have below. I tested it out and my purchase went through with no problems and the online Western Union transfer went through without issue as well. Now you can access their massive range with no minimum purchase amount.

Now for the Details:

The issue was that did not provide a full address which is required for US Western Union transfers. So they set one specifically for us.

I have been asked by to remove the information from being viewed publicly. Please email me if you want the current contact info.

The only thing to look out for is when you submit your details to the dropdown box will have the incorrect info in it (see below). Simply put in the comments; “paid to this address” and add the address above in there. It worked fine for me.

So if you want to place an order than head over to now.

If you need any more help or have any troubles please contact me, I would love to give you a hand.

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