Bachelor/Bachelorette Party No-No’s

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Bachelor/Bachelorette Party No-No’s

It’s the last night of your independence before you make that step into becoming a unit recognized by not only your families but also the state. Of course, your friends want to celebrate with you and ensure you have the time of you life, but when does the bachelor or bachelorette party cross the line?

Both men and women have ideas on how this night should play out. Not only do they have rules for themselves, they have rules for each other. Before you and your friends decide to do something you might later regret (like recreating The Hangover scene-by-scene), consider these party no-nos.

Skip Discussing It with Your Other Half

Assuming is the worst thing you can do when it comes to this party. If you’re a guy and you know your best man will definitely want to go to the strip club, you should discuss this with your wife-to-be and find out how she feels about it. She may not really like the idea of you spending your last free night with random women but she might not think it’s a huge deal either. If you’re a woman, your husband-to-be might not like idea of your friends hiring “Fabio the Policeman” to show up at their place to “read you your rights.”

Some people are absolutely against exotic dancers when it comes to bachelor and bachelorette parties and some people think it’s a sort of pre-wedding rite of passage. No matter which perspective you or your loved one has, talking about expectations, reservations and any other issues ahead of time is the best way to avoid surprises.


I’m sure 98% of people getting married know that cheating is not okay, but it happens so there must be a few who don’t. In no way shape or form should cheating be justified because of this night. If you are in a monogamous relationship and engagement, this carries over to the bachelor or bachelorette party and the entire marriage.

Having the temptation to hook up with someone should set off an alarm in your head that tells you maybe you shouldn’t be getting married. If your peers are pressuring you into doing anything uncomfortable, let them know ahead of time that it isn’t cool and make it clear what your idea of the night should consist of. If they’re your true friends, you really shouldn’t have to worry about them influencing you to do something you will truly regret not only the next day but perhaps the rest of your life.

Getting So Drunk You Can’t Remember Anything

Celebrating with your wedding party, friends, and family is definitely the gist of this party but getting intoxicated to the point where you black out is not a great idea. Not only is it dangerous but  how can you know what is happening if you aren’t coherent? You do not want to have the worst hangover of your life at your wedding.

When consuming alcohol on your special night, use your best judgment and be careful. If you’re planning on having more then a few drinks, make sure you and your friends have a designated driver or taxi.

Not trying to say it’s only guys who get a little rowdy but movies like the The Hangover show how the right mix of peer pressure and alcohol can make for a night that’s beyond anyone’s control. The emphasis of these parties is to remind the bride and groom of their commitment to their friends. Just make sure the commitment to your friends isn’t something you are uncomfortable with or completely against.

Making Everyone Worship You

Ever hear the term “Bridezilla?” Acting like a diva or a king will only make those around you dread the day they said they’d throw you a party. Obviously, you will be the center of attention but don’t take it to the extreme. If you’re not happy with how the party is turning out, try to focus on the positives. All of your friends and family are in the same place to celebrate your union and some may have flown from other parts of the country or driven just to partake in the festivities.

Ladies, if this is the day you’ve been dreaming out since you were a little girl, try to refrain from making everyone in every place you attend know the night‘s all about you. It’s understandable that this is your special moment but also try to keep safety in the back of your mind. You don’t want someone following your group of girls or trying to slip rufies in your drinks because they know you’re celebrating.

Another way to avoid acting like a diva or king is to plan the party yourself. Let your best man or maid of honor know that you pretty much have an idea of what you want and allow them to help you. This way, whatever way it turns out will be in your hands and you can avoid showing disappointment or acting bratty.

Not Being Honest About What Happened

If certain things do happen at your bachelor or bachelorette party, when recapping with your other half, be honest. There is no point in leaving out anything to someone who you are planning on spending the rest of your life with.

Everyone understands that these parties can get out of hand but it’s better to be honest now. Otherwise in a couple of years down the line your spouse may find some undeveloped film and uncover the truth about what really happened that night. Then you’ll have some serious explaining to do.

The Adventure Has Just Begun

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are memorable, exciting and all-around fun. Just remember that not only do you have this night to look forward to but you have the rehearsal dinner, the wedding and reception plus the honeymoon.

If you burn yourself out on this night, then you may struggle with the other nights. Keep that in mind, especially if all of these events are somewhat close in date. Focus on the enjoyment of having your family and friends in the same place celebrating your union and your new life with the person you love.

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