Cutting Diet: Creative Ways to Cut Fat

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Cutting Diet

Cutting Diet: Creative Ways to Cut Fat

A toned body has always been the dream of a lot of people. You build up the muscles, but you’ve still got the fat hanging around the edges. Getting ripped takes too much time unless you know what you are doing when you shift into a cutting diet. Before, getting ripped in as little as a month seems impossible. But now it is possible if you know what to do, and if you’ve taken the proper preparations beforehand.

Getting a lean look with ripped muscles in 4 weeks requires aggressive efforts on the bodybuilder’s part. This process involves control and discipline, but looking at the mirror and seeing the desired changes on your body should be good enough motivation to help you achieve your goal.

A lean look involves gaining muscles and losing fat. However, these two are impossible to do simultaneously. They are instead done in phases. Losing fat is the first phase, as less fat allows the deeper cuts of your muscles to show. Fat loss involves cutting down on the intake in your diet, colloquially known as “dieting”.

Dieting may look excruciating and demanding to someone who’s new to the idea. However, dieting must not always be about boring and monotonous food choices. Introducing variety to your diet plan will help you feel less restricted and let you enjoy your diet more. A useful tip in avoiding monotony is to rotate with the order of your food choices. Here’s an example: Chicken, turkey and fish are some of the suggested food choices for the bodybuilder due to their high protein content. If your choose chicken for today, you may opt to have turkey tomorrow, and fish the day after it. Variety is the key.

A common misconception in eating healthy is to cut down on the good stuff. The key idea here is to get creative with the way you prepare your food. Experiment with the way you cook. Better yet, prepare your food the way you prefer it. A healthy way to prepare your chicken, for instance, is to have it broiled or barbecued. You may add spices, herbs, fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, apples and celery to keep it flavorful and colorful. Fruits and vegetables will also provide you with alkaline minerals which may be lost when you cut down on your carbohydrates.

Turkey can be prepared more or less the same way as you prepare chicken. On the other hand, choices for fish include salmon and the more popular tuna. A suggested recipe for tuna is to mix your cooked tuna with some saffron mayonnaise, cucumbers and onions. You may also eat a bit of white rice or sweet potatoes if you’re feeling a bit low on your carbs. Remember, our goal is to get lean, and not skinny. There is a massive difference between the two. To get lean, it helps to follow a cutting diet and watch your calories very closely. Achieving your desired look will depend greatly on the balance between your carbohydrate and your protein intake.

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