Sirloin Tips

There’s nothing fancy about this dish. It’s very easy to make and it has been a favorite of mine for many years. Because this meal contains a fair amount of fat, it’s not something I would eat every day Actually, it’s the visible “marble” fat in sirloin tips which gives[…]

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lime chicken skewers

Lime Chicken Skewers

Ingredients Marinade (1) juice of one lime (2) 1 tbsp. honey (3) 2 tbsp. olive oil (4) 2 green chilies (5) 1/2 cup cilantro (6) 1 tsp. salt (7) 1/4 tsp. black pepper (8) 5-8 wooden skewers Avocado Dip (1) one avocado (2) 3 scallions (chopped) (3) 1 tbsp. red[…]

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protein powder

Protein Powder vs. Whey Protein

Once you decide to make this diet change, you will probably find yourself browsing the aisles at your local supplement store, trying to make sense of all the different protein powders and replacement meal packs. What’s the difference between Metrx and Ultra Whey 2000? Well, to keep it simple, I[…]

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training nutrition mass

Training + Nutrition = Mass

How do you get the best gains? By training hard and strict – of course. And when you’ve left the gym the REAL bodybuilding process begins, when you feed your body what it needs to reconstruct and overcompensate while you’re resting at home. Make the best use of your biological[…]

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bodybuilding diet tips

Bodybuilding Diet Tips

Those who seek to gain muscle mass will need to pay close attention to their diets for optimal progress. Unfortunately, there is much conflicting advice regarding diets for bodybuilding, and sometimes it is all too easy to over analyse everything and become frustrated. Here are ten back to basics bodybuilding[…]

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vegetarian bodybuilding diet

Vegetarian Bodybuilding Diet

It is simply untrue that a vegetarian cannot be successful at bodybuilding due to their diet. Planning is required to ensure optimal nutritional intake for a vegetarian bodybuilder, with a variety of protein sources the key to ensure a wider spectrum of amino acids, which lack somewhat in plant based[…]

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apples health benefits

Apple Nutritional Benefits

As the saying goes; an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples have been eaten by humans for thousands of years, and even appear in Greek mythology as a healing agent. Throughout history the apple has been prescribed as a relief to various illnesses, and probably for good reason.[…]

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