How to Approach the Woman Who Has Everything

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How to Approach the Woman Who Has Everything

She’s beautiful, intelligent, successful and confident. She has everything, is single and you have your eyes on her. You are confused because you don’t know how to approach the situation. You ask yourself, “What can I offer this woman that she doesn’t already have?”

Realize that even the woman who appears to have it all can still benefit from a positive influence in her life — especially from someone who loves her. If you are interested in someone whose life already seems full, the key to approaching her and keeping her interested is through sharing experiences with her. Use these tips below to become the partner that’s there for her in every way.

Delve Into Her Interests

If your woman is used to being wined and dined because of business or her social life, try to connect with her on a different level. Meet her at the gym, take her yoga class or even try her Wednesday scrapbooking class. She’ll be blown away by your eagerness to get involved in her activities.

Try to spend time with her in ways that are different than a typical date. If she’s into horses, go horseback riding. If she’s a movie buff, have a marathon where you watch each other’s favorite movies. It’s obvious that there’s something intriguing about her so instead of feeling like you have nothing to offer, give her your time and attention. Find out what she likes to do in her spare time, what keeps her interested and delve into spending time exploring her hobbies.

Be Spontaneous

If your woman has a successful career, she’s likely to be extremely organized and lead a structured life. Every week is mapped out from the time she wakes up to the time she sleeps. What you can offer her is spontaneity — save her from the endless cycles of repetition.

Take her to watch the sunset, take a salsa class or surprise her with a weekend at a spa. If she’s tried every cuisine and has eaten at almost every restaurant you can imagine, cook her one of your favorite dishes or enroll both of you in a cooking class. Think of ways to change the scenery and get her to stop thinking about work to enjoy moments with you. Not only will she be thankful for a refreshing atmosphere, you’ll keep her guessing with these spontaneous activities.

Keep Your Insecurities Hidden

For the confident woman, insecurity is a no-no. This is not to say that she isn’t vulnerable, but you don’t want to reveal that you think you have nothing to offer because it might scare her away. It’s pretty basic — she knows she’s a challenge and if she sees you give up before you’ve even tried, she’s going to think you’re not able to handle someone like her. You have to show her that no matter what, you are confident in your ability to be a great partner for her.

Even if she appears to not want for anything, you have to show her that you are what she really needs. This is a companion, someone who will love her to death and who will step up to the plate. There will be a time for vulnerability once you two have gotten to know each other better and feel comfortable revealing your feelings. When it’s fresh, stay confident and she’ll see that you are able to handle anything.

Hang Out With Her Friends and Family

Someone once said that the key to a woman’s heart is through her best friend. There may be some truth in this statement, especially when friends and family are concerned. If your woman has a great group of friends and is close to her family, another way to her heart is to get to know them as well.

I’m not saying to set up play dates with them one-by-one but if she starts inviting you to events like dinners, birthday parties and family functions, take advantage of these times to learn more about the people who have shaped her. Show her that you really are interested in spending quality time with her circle of friends. Becoming a part of her support base is something that she’ll definitely see as a plus.

Be All That You Can

The woman who has everything in some ways can expect a man who has it all too. If she has a successful career, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to make tons of money. Just make sure you are happy with your own life in terms of career, hobbies and other aspects. If she sees that you’re together, she won’t feel like a sugar momma or feel like she may have to carry your weight in the future. People in relationships can feel like they are searching for their other half but in reality, we are all whole and meeting that someone special is just a plus to what we already have.

A survey mentioned at The South Asian Times says that 92% of men who are successfully accomplished in their careers are more attracted to women who are the same. This goes to show that people look for their mirror image in others and she’ll be looking for those same qualities in you that attracted you to her.

Be There but Don’t Smother Her

In essence, sharing and creating moments with a woman who has it all may be the key to her heart. Getting involved in her hobbies, being spontaneous, maintaining confidence and striving to be a well-rounded individual are all ways to keep her guessing and keep her intrigued. Also, getting to know her friends and family will show her just how important she is to you.

Just be careful not to smother her. Enjoy the things she likes to do but still give her space to continue enjoying them on her own. Remember that she is extremely independent and as long as you keep this in mind, you both will be on your way to having a great and healthy relationship.

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