Does Mark Wahlberg Use Steroids?

does mark wahlberg use steroids

Mark Wahlberg is one of the very few who have moved from teen success to respect as an adult entertainer.  Mark came from a big family in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston as the youngest of nine children. His big brother Donnie (currently in the successful TV series Blue Bloods) was a member of the New Kids on the Block group and was able to get Mark a recording contract as Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. He was known as a bad-boy rapper, and his act included removing his shirt and dropping his pants. While not wildly successful as a rapper, the stint led him to a contract with Calvin Klein to model men’s underwear. From there, he began his career as an actor.

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After many successful movies, including an acclaimed performance in The Fighter, Wahlberg took on the role of a body builder in Pain and Gain.  For the role, he is reported to have put on 40 pounds in two months. Is it possible to put on 40 pounds in two months?

Wahlberg’s Explanation

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote Pain and Gain, he said when he was training for the movie, he was 165 pounds.  In the last year he did 4 movies.  He had to get as thin as possible for the first movie.  For Pain and Gain, he had to get as big as possible and then he had to lose all the weight in thirty days. He went from 165 to 212, and then went back down to 180 in thirty days, afterwards he went to SEAL training and did the Marcus Luttrell film.  And this is how he says he did it: ten to twelve meals a day and lots of supplements.

His contract with GNC helps, he developed his own supplement line, and had access to the scientists that GNC provided him. He was able to get all the best ban-free substances like mass gainer and whey protein.

He says you have to eat the right stuff (twelve meals a day), take supplements (his, of course), workout hard and then nap.  “You’re either eating or resting.”

The Marked Line from GNC

GNC is so pleased to market Mark Wahlberg’s “Marked” brand that they also sell the DVD of Pain and Gain. They provide a lengthy statement from Mark about the product: “Much of my success can be attributed to my dedication and hard work. I push myself to be the best, from acting to staying in my best shape possible. I’m committed to living a healthy productive life and helping the people around me do the same.  But even for me, finding trusted sports nutrition products was confusing, so I combined what I learned and what I was taking and teamed up with leading experts to develop MARKED™ This line is a game changer with amazing formulas people can trust.”

Does Mark Wahlberg Use Steroids?

Many of the users of the body building forums online think so. They don’t think you can put on 40 pounds in two months unless you have some kind of help.  And they think that help is steroids, not the stuff from GNC. His representative tells U S Weekly that “Mark Wahlberg definitely is not using any kind of enhancements to pump up” for Pain and Gain.  In fact, the same source says that Mark Wahlberg has never used steroids.

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The fact that he or his press representative have never acknowledged that he is using steroids has not kept the forums from voicing their opinion that Mark uses.

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