Elaine Ranzatto

Elaine Ranzatto Quick Facts

Name: Elaine Ranzatto

Elaine Ranzatto Measurements:

Height: 1.67 m

Thigh / Quadricips – 59 cm

Vasto – 44.5 cm

Hip / glute – 97 cm

Chest – 49 cm

Back – 107 cm

Waist – 72 cm

How did you get started?

Elaine Ranzatto: I was very thin, had difficulty gaining weight and not feel physically beautiful.

elaine ranzatto body

What led you to begin your transformation?

Elaine Ranzatto: After having gone through a serious depression, my therapist at the time detected a low esteem because of my dissatisfaction with my body. I decided to hire a Personal Trainer and change my habits.

Changed My Life

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How do you keep motivated?

Elaine Ranzatto: What keeps me motivated is exactly my mirror.

You are looking at the woman I am today, with the body I have today and think:

I never want to be like before!

I always want more and more and it motivates me.

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If you had to pick 3 exercises, which would be and why?

Elaine Ranzatto:

squat free

leg press


elaine ranzatto bodybuilding

What is your favorite workout?

Elaine Ranzatto: My favorite workout is the hypertrophy (lean mass gain)

What is the preferred muscle group to train?

Elaine Ranzatto: I love to train legs!

Mostly free squats, leg press, leg extension, adductor and abductors …

I love doing push-ups too!

Aerobic or Weight Training?

Elaine Ranzatto: I like a bit of everything to be honest, but my strength is even less FITNESS and group exercises like spinning classes, jump, pump etc.

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