Testolone (RAD 140) – Cycle, Benefits, Dosage, And Side Effects

testolone rad 140 cycle

Want to get seriously jacked for the summer?

Of course, you do, that’s why you’re here!

Although it may seem a lifetime away before you know it.

It will be summertime once again and if you leave it too long you will be cursing yourself out for not making a start on building your summer body much earlier.

When it comes to making those all-important gains, everybody has their own unique methods and personal preferences.

Some of us are quite happy to simply chug a protein shake once per day, eat a few grilled chicken breasts, and curl a set of dumbbells twice a week, yet wonder why our bodies aren’t changing.

Others who are more committed, however, will hit the gym with the force of 300 angry Spartans.

Will be super strict with their diets and supplements, and will, of course, make more progress.

For a select few, however, even that isn’t enough.

Some people are so sick and tired of seeing their physiques as they currently are, that they go to extreme lengths to meet their fitness objectives.

The extreme lengths we are referring to come in the form of steroids and other similar hormones and compounds.

Today we’re focussing on Testolone (RAD 140) and will be looking at what it is, how it works, benefits, dosages, side effects, and much more besides.

So, let’s not waste any more time, and let’s now look at what Testolone (RAD 140) actually is and why it’s so potentially awesome.

Legal Disclaimer:

Before we can get to the good stuff, we need to look at the boring legal matters first.

Though Testolone isn’t actually a steroid, it is often compared to a steroid or used in conjunction with steroids.

We don’t condone the use of anabolic-androgenic steroids.

We never have and we never will.

These compounds are extremely powerful and if misused they can, and have been, fatal.

We want you to make gains in the gym, but we want you to do it safely, and steroids are simply very dangerous.

With that said, many steroid users out there know the risks and know that they are putting themselves in danger when using steroids.

We would much rather they knew how to use them correctly, so as to minimize the risks, which is why we’re here.

What Is Testolone (RAD 140)?

Testolone, also known as RAD 140 is not an AAS (Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid) at all, so if anybody tells you otherwise, they are very misinformed.

Testolone is, in fact, a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, or a SARM for short.

This compound is very new to the world of health and fitness, but for a new kid on the block, it is certainly being welcomed into the fitness biz with open arms.

It is very popular and is being used by athletes and bodybuilders across the world.

One of the main reasons for this is the fact that it helps to increase lean muscle mass, retain existing muscle tissue, provide strength increases, and increase energy levels.

It was developed for medical purposes.

With the ultimate intention of providing a safer alternative to testosterone replacement therapy.

And preventing muscle wastage in older individuals, and individuals with existing medical conditions.

It was developed by Radius and has also shown promise when used as a treatment for breast cancer.

It was only discovered/created back in 2010, so it is very new, but so far, it is looking very promising.

Now, testolone gets its name because of the fact that it is very similar to Metenolone, which you may know better as Primobolan.

How Does RAD 140 Work?

Remember, SARMS are not the same as steroids.

Sure, there are a lot of similarities, but SARMS works very differently to steroids.

A SARM works by binding to an androgen receptor in the body.

Androgen receptors are the primary sites of action for testosterone.

Now, testosterone is the dominant male sexual health hormone which is renowned for its strength and muscle building capabilities.

All steroids in existence are derived from testosterone and are basically synthetic versions of this hormone.

So, the more testosterone in your body, and the more efficiently your body can utilize it, the bigger and more jacked you will become.

Androgens are sexual health hormones with steroidal properties, just like testosterone.

Along with boosting sexual health and sexual characteristics, androgens also help to influence muscle mass, bone density, liver health, and cognitive function.

As we grow older, androgens in our bodies begin to decline, which can result in a loss of muscle mass and bone density.

Often, TRT or Testosterone Replacement Therapy may be prescribed, but there are some negative side effects associated with it.

This is why Testolone (RAD 140) was created.

SARMs have a strong affinity for specific tissues in the body such as bone and muscle, but not others such as the brain, prostate, and liver.

This is important because it helps to minimize the risks and side effects associated with their use.

SARMs also do not convert into molecules that are converted into Estrogen and DHT, so common side effects associated with steroids such as gyno, liver toxicity, and water retention, are also minimized.

Testolone (RAD 140) Effects:

Now that you know a little more about how this SARM works, to really help convince you that Testolone is the real deal.

We’re now going to list some of the most prominent benefits associated with its use.

Key benefits include, but are not strictly limited to the following:

Increased Muscle Growth

First and foremost, when people think of SARMS and steroids, they instantly associate them with big muscles.

Well, Testolone is no exception.

One of the main benefits of using this specific SARM is the fact that it does indeed help to increase a person’s muscle mass.

Now, before you get too excited, it’s worth noting that this is a SARM that is not as potent or powerful as asteroid.

Yes, there are similarities but if you want to pack on 40 pounds of muscle in a few weeks, this isn’t the compound for you.

If, however, you want to gradually increase your lean muscle tissue while staying relatively lean in the process, Testolone is perfect.

Phenomenal Muscle Pumps!

Any gym rat will tell you that one of the best things about pumping iron in the gym and lifting weights is the pump.

In the words of the GOAT himself – Arnold Schwarzenegger, getting a pump is as great as having sex with a woman and “cumming”.

A muscle pump is great because it makes you look and feel big and jacked.

This serves as an awesome motivational tool when you’re in the gym and you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror.

Plus it’s awesome for when you want to snap a cheeky post-workout selfie to upload on Instagram so you can be bombarded by countless “brand ambassador” offers and 10% off discount codes.

Boost Vascularity

Assuming you’re lean enough, another thing you will notice when you incorporate Testolone (RAD 140) into your training routine, is increased levels of vascularity.

When you are vascular, your veins become visible underneath your skin and they give you a distinctly lean appearance.

To some, vascularity may seem disgusting, but to most lifters, vascularity is a sign of leanness and accomplishment.

Strong Fat Burner

If you compete as a bodybuilder, one of the most difficult parts of any contest preps is the cutting phase.

Bulking is relatively easy because you get to eat more food, you will be in a caloric surplus, you’ll have more energy, and your strength will increase.

During a cut, your calories have to be reduced so your strength will drop and your energy levels will drop as you lose fat.

What’s more, you will likely also lose some muscle mass as well.

Testolone is ideal, however, because of the fact that it helps to promote increases in lean muscle tissue and preserve existing muscle mass.

Even in a caloric deficit.

The aim of a bodybuilding contest, or a cut for that matter, is to look as shredded as possible, while still looking big and muscular.

Testolone helps you to do precisely that.

Especially when you consider the fact that it doesn’t cause water retention, and it helps to boost vascularity.

Improve Cognitive Health

Were you paying attention to what we had to say about this SARM earlier?

If you were, you’ll remember that we spoke about how Testolone helps to improve cognitive health and function.

In simple terms, that means that Testolone helps to boost your brain’s health.

This, in turn, helps to improve your mental health and well-being.

Those that use this SARM often report feelings of happiness and confidence, which is, of course, a very good thing indeed.

Furthermore, as the fat burns and the muscle is built and your body improves, your mental health and confidence levels will only improve further.

All in all, Testolone is pretty awesome when it comes to psychological health and wellbeing.

Testolone Cycle:

Testolone can be stacked with steroids.

If you choose to stack it with steroids, a very simple cutting cycle is as follows:

  • Testolone 10mg per day for 6 weeks
  • Primobolan 500mg per week for 6 weeks

Testolone Dosage:

When it comes to dosages of testolone, it depends on your gender in terms of how much you consume.

Women and those new to the world of SARMS should begin low and should go with 5mg – 10mg per day.

For larger athletes and people with more experience, dosages can be anything from 20mg per day to 30mg per day.

RAD 140 has a half-life of around 12 – 18 hours, so many users actually choose to split their dosages into an AM dosing and a PM dosing.

Testolone Side Effects:

When it comes down to the side effects associated with SARMS and steroids, it’s important to know what causes what.

If you purely run Testolone by itself, for example, the side effects will not be anywhere near as dramatic as they would be if you happened to stack it with steroids.

Now, we need to remember that Testolone is very new.

Especially when compared with other steroids and SARMS, so studies are still being conducted.

There are few side effects associated with the compound from what we know so far, but there are side effects we need to be wary of.

These include the following:


Okay, even though the side effects of this drug are not as severe as those caused by anabolic-androgenic steroids, there are still side effects that need to be addressed.

Because this drug boosts testosterone-like effects in the body, it has been known to cause acne because of the changes in hormone levels.

To minimize the risk of this, experts recommend that you wash your face regularly.

Changes In Sex Drive

Now, how Testolone will affect your sex drive is apparently luck of the draw.

Some people have found that Testolone boosts their libidos and turns them into raging sex addicts.

Others, however, have found that it has actually lowered their sex drives and killed their libido.

Both of these considerations need to be taken into account.

Excess Hair Growth In Women

While men may see a slight increase in body hair growth, women that use this drug will likely see abnormal amounts of hair growth.

This is far from ideal for a woman, so just bear that in mind.

Is PCT Required?

Post Cycle Therapy should always be run after any steroid cycle.

If you stack Testolone with steroids, PCT is vital.

In terms of PCT after Testolone by itself, experts recommend a small PCT cycle lasting just 8 weeks.

Clomid and/or Nolvadex should be sufficient in this case.

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