Good Ab Exercises For The Best Obliques

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Abdominal obliques

Good Ab Exercises For The Best Obliques

Abdominal obliques are located at the sides of our trunk. These muscles are responsible for lateral motion of the trunk as well as for rotating or twisting the torso. Want to achieve great obliques then? Start working them out using free weights such as light hand weights or dumbbells. Check out this instructional video on how you can work your abdominal obliques with free weights.

One exercise that can be done is by first getting in a neutral standing position with the knees slightly bent and relaxed. Feet should be slightly apart for stability or just about in line with the shoulders for a stable midline position. It is important to do this on a flat and stable surface with both feet planted firmly on the ground. One hand should be holding a free weight on one side and the other hanging on the other side of the body for balance and support. The movement for this exercise is simply leaning one’s trunk to the side where the free weight is, lowering the side with the free weight as far as one’s flexibility allows. It is important not to overdo it to avoid injuries. The stretch from this movement can be felt on the opposite side. After each leaning, one should return to the midline position before repeating the movement. This can be repeated several times on one side then done again, in equal number, on the other side of the body for balanced muscle training. It is also essential to remember to keep the knees relaxed and slightly bent to protect the muscles of the lower back. Keeping the knees stiff could cause an injury to the lower back muscles and can cause some pulling of the back leg muscles as well. This should be avoided.

Another exercise that can be done using free weights for abdominal obliques is by holding the weight in front of the abdominal and chest area with both hands and doing a twisting motion first to one side, then to the midline position then to the other side. The weight provides some resistance to the muscles and gives for a good workout. This exercise can be done either on a neutral standing or lying position, whichever it is you are comfortable with. Doing this exercise on a lying position on a flat and stable surface such as a carpeted floor reduces the risk of incurring injuries. Both exercises can be done for maximum effect of training abdominal obliques.

Start getting those great obliques now! With those exercises working out towards great abdominal obliques is also a sure way of maintaining and strengthening the trunk. Six packed abs pair it with great abdominal obliques equals strength and boldness in you middle body part that everyone would want for. Start arming yourself with great obliques and your own your way towards the ideal body.

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