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Sirloin Tips

There’s nothing fancy about this dish. It’s very easy to make and it has been a favorite of mine for many years. Because this meal contains a fair amount of fat, it’s not something I would eat every day Actually, it’s the visible “marble” fat in sirloin tips which gives[…]

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strict dieting

The Inevitable Burnout

“Don’t you ever get tired of all this stuff?” That’s exactly what one SteroidsLive subscriber asked me a few months ago. He had been training for three years and was getting burned out from all the strict dieting and training. My response was “yes, of course.” The truth is, after[…]

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lime chicken skewers

Lime Chicken Skewers

Ingredients Marinade (1) juice of one lime (2) 1 tbsp. honey (3) 2 tbsp. olive oil (4) 2 green chilies (5) 1/2 cup cilantro (6) 1 tsp. salt (7) 1/4 tsp. black pepper (8) 5-8 wooden skewers Avocado Dip (1) one avocado (2) 3 scallions (chopped) (3) 1 tbsp. red[…]

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protein powder

Protein Powder vs. Whey Protein

Once you decide to make this diet change, you will probably find yourself browsing the aisles at your local supplement store, trying to make sense of all the different protein powders and replacement meal packs. What’s the difference between Metrx and Ultra Whey 2000? Well, to keep it simple, I[…]

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Abdominal obliques

Good Ab Exercises For The Best Obliques

Abdominal obliques are located at the sides of our trunk. These muscles are responsible for lateral motion of the trunk as well as for rotating or twisting the torso. Want to achieve great obliques then? Start working them out using free weights such as light hand weights or dumbbells. Check[…]

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