Steroids Cycles

Steroids Cycles

gaining muscle mass

Cycle on Mass – Testosterone Enanthate, Deca and Dbol

Testosterone enathate stacked with deca and dbol is “the” common mass building cycle that the majority of chemically enhanced athletes and bodybuilders. For many this cycle is the standard starting point that they turn to when looking at doing their first significant mass building cycle. Week Testosterone Enanthate Deca Dianabol[…]

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beginner stack

Deca – Dbol Beginner Stack

Deca stacked with Dbol has been one of the single most beginner stacks currently used ever since it was said that if you can’t gain on deca and dbol then you might as well give up! Week Deca Dianabol 1 200-300mg 20-40mg per day 2 200-300mg 20-40mg per day 3[…]

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steroid cycle

Short Steroid Cycles (2-4 Weeks)

As a rule, short cycles are followed by those athletes who are sensitive to steroid side effects and try to avoid any serious damage to the natural production of endogenous testosterone. Adhere to short cycles should also those athletes, who for a long period of time, plan to stay in[…]

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ronnie coleman

Ronnie Coleman Steroid Cycle

What would the Ronnie Coleman steroid cycle look like? Surprisingly, even though steroids are so widely used in professional bodybuilding, the cycles and dosages vary greatly from each pro. Genetics plays an extremely large role in bodybuilding, the steroids and other drugs are just a helper. There are some pros[…]

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Boldenone Cycle for Mass

Cycles with brand names of Boldenone. Includes: EQ 300 (Dragon Pharma, Europe), 300 mg/ml, 10-ml vial EQ 500 (Dragon Pharma, Europe), 500 mg/ml, 10-ml vial EQ 200 / Test E 200 (Dragon Pharma, Europe), 200 mg/ml ( with 200 mg of Testosterone Enanthate per ml) Boldaxyl (Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, India), 300[…]

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winstrol only cycle

Winstrol Only Cycle

Visit any steroid message board, and it is obvious, an oral alone steroid cycle is never recommend.  But there hasn’t it stopped it from being a very popular steroid cycle. Why do people look towards a Winstrol only cycle?  There are two main reasons. 1) The user doesn’t have to[…]

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anadrol (oxymetholone)

Anadrol Side Effects

It is always a good idea to learn about Anadrol side effects before you start to use it. This steroid gets lots of hype due to the fact that it can create great muscle mass and endurance in a six week cycle. That is very good news and those results[…]

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winstrol cycle

Winstrol Cycle

Winstrol is the most popular steroid used for bodybuilders who are pre-contest.  It is also used by average lifters who want to get lean for the summer.  It goes well with many steroids, so there are a lot of options when it comes to a Winstrol cycle. A Winstrol only[…]

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