How To Increase Male Libido

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How To Increase Male Libido

Most men have a high sex drive that usually comes on full force as young men. These desires start due to an increase in testosterone in the early teen years and run wildly like the bulls in Spain through the 30’s.

The problem is that no one ever talks about why the desire to have sex declines with aging or what you can do to fix it. The natural ego in a man makes this conversation a very tough one to have. A lot of men correlate the lack of sexual desire with working and the added stress that comes along with it, this does play its part.

However, if you will recall when you were a young man, your average day could have been filled with a class starting at 8am, studying after school followed by 4-5 hrs of work, and capped off with a party and possible alcohol consumption till 2am.

You would still have the desire to chase a young lady, hoping to engage in some sexual fun. As opposed to now where you come home from a long day, maybe play with the kids or walk the dog, eat dinner, watch some TV, and possibly roll over and give your wife 4-6 minutes she probably wishes she could have back.

What happened and how do you fix it? Women have menopause. Is there a male equivalent and does it affect your sex drive?

The Male Pause

Andropause or male-menopause is a recognized problem that men also experience hormonal changes and a decrease in testosterone production. Finding ways to maintain a higher testosterone level will most likely result in a healthier sex drive.

Men in their 20’s and 30’s need not be alarmed. This change is something that typically happens to middle aged men. If you are struggling with sexual desire, do not be too shy to consult your doctor about your decrease in desire. I guarantee you will not be the first man to have this conversation with your physician.

Many medical experts believe that having a strong sexual appetite well into your 70′s is achievable, if you’re doing the right things.


  • Decreased sex drive
  • Lack of energy
  • Weight gain
  • Loss of muscle
  • Hair loss
  • Excessive sweating
  • Irritability

Mental State of Mind

Psychological factors play a part in men of all ages. Of the two major reasons for decreased sexual desire, I believe the psychological situation is easier to fix than the physical.

In the crazy, over competitive world we live in today stress does play a part in one’s desire to have intercourse. This is something that can be fixed by just spending a little “you” time – not referring in any way to masturbation.

Take a day to just clear your mind and do some things you’ve wanted to do and put aside the things you feel you have to do. Try to alleviate stress by realizing that things are going to happen and do your best to try and make the outcome favorable to your situation.

Depression is another big one that plays a part in decreased sexual desire – also the medication you may be taking can hinder your seeking of the flesh. Realize that you may be suffering from depression and take the proper steps to regain a happy mindset and lifestyle, I know it is not easy.

I know from first hand experience after going through my first big heartbreak – a 4 ½ year relationship ended while we were engaged to be married – I suffered a tremendous decrease in my sexual desires. The recovery process took about 6-8 months before I regained my lust for women.

How to Erect the Situation

What you eat can play a larger part than most people would think. Obviously eating poorly such as fast foods and less fruits and vegetables can contribute to a very lethargic state.

It’s not only about what not to eat that can play a part, but also the right things to be eating. Acquiring a diet high in natural aphrodisiacs could increase your libido to levels it has never reached before.

For example foods like oysters, almonds, avocados, bananas, and many other foods are proven to increase your testosterone levels and could have you back in the saddle in no time. If you’re really hard up for more frequent hard-ons you may actually want to have a smorgasbord of all these foods.

Get Your Blood Pumping

Another thing that happens as we get older, and this goes for men in their mid to late 20’s, is our amount of daily activity goes down. After years of being involved with sports or various physical activities and sharing the same schedule with friends (making it easier to go to the gym on regular basis) some of us get jobs and become more sedentary.

Exercising has numerous amounts of positive effects from helping the body look good, which in return helps the body feel well. Also studies show that 45-60 minutes of exercise can increase testosterone levels. Note that more than that can lead to a decrease in testosterone levels.
Alternative Options

If eating right, straightening out your psychological state, and exercising don’t work for you then you always have the option of consulting your doctor.  Depending on your health they could get you on a supplement that could naturally boost your testosterone levels.

Before you rely on one of the many popular male enhancement creams or pills, you should ask about what you may be able to change in your daily routine that could return your sex drive closer to normal for your age.

It is hard for men to realize that they may not have the desires they once had when they were a young man. A large part of the American male culture is bragging about their sexual conquests with women in their various circles or locker rooms.

It is important to take in all the determining factors and find out which one may be the reason for the decrease in sex drive. Once you get your body and mind back on track things will start to point in the right direction more often!

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