Sexy Sizzling Summer Beach Body

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Sexy Sizzling Summer Beach Body

Summer is here and it’s the best time of year to search for love. Whether you’re looking for a passionate night of panty tossing or the fire of a lifetime, you need to prepare your body.

One potential place to find love is the beach. This summer men and women will spend countless hours splashing in the water, tanning and surveying their peers.

What is it that the opposite sex is looking for? Let’s just say the odds of a girl saying to her friends, “OMG, is he reading Catcher in the Rye,” is highly unlikely.

I don’t believe, in the history of heterosexual men, that any of them have ever said, “Now those are great shoes and they match her bag.”

Bringing Sexy Back

Like it or not, we live in a visually stimulating world. Men and women are initially attracted to the package because they don’t know what’s inside. If I were wrong about this then lipo/plastic surgery wouldn’t be so popular and shows like “The Hills” would be starring a bunch of fat chicks.

Control the things you can control. Work on the parts of you that have room for improvement. Men can get a six-pack, beef up their chest and arms, and work on their legs if they’re too skinny.

Women can shape and shift those curves to have men singing like R & B star Ginuwine— “How can I get into those jeans?”

Which body parts are the most important and how can you maximize your sexy self while pimpin’ at the beach this summer?

Tummy? Only if You Got Money

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  • The youngest of the three, the Big 12 Conference was established in 1996.

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Thanks to Calvin Klein underwear models and guys like Brad Pitt, most women flocking to the beach this summer will be looking for rock hard abs.

Having chiseled abs shows that you care about your body and everyone knows that they are hard to come by. Men’s Health has a six-pack rated as the No. 1 thing women look at on a man.

All the crunches in the world won’t cure midriff bulge, so do cardio everyday for at least twenty minutes. Tighten up or add definition from your own home with any of the “Top 10 Most Effective Ab Exercises.”

Back-Up Plan for Bagging Babes

If you don’t have the flat, defined stomach desired by women, I suggest keeping your shirt on more often than not. If you’re going to be wearing a shirt, then fill it out in the chest and bicep areas.

These are two areas that are easy to workout, adding mass and definitionMen’s Health quoted a poll from Cosmopolitan stating “1 in 5 women confessed that nice biceps on a man make them ‘absolutely melt.’”

All you have to get is a set of Perfect Push-ups and mix in some shoulder shrugs to keep things in proportion.

All the Single Ladies

There are three main areas for a woman to increase her sexy. Maintaining a flat stomach is important. It doesn’t have to be ripped—no man wants to date G.I. Jane.

It is valuable to have solid looking legs so you can make the man fantasize about having your legs wrapped around his waist. Doing yoga or Pilates will help keep your legs lean and sexy.

The most important female feature to work on is the butt. For some women it is a gift from god and they just have to maintain their roundness. A woman like J-Lo has even based a career around her derriere.

Two of the most popular exercises for toning and shaping a woman’s butt are squats and lunges, but there are many more.

Girls benefit from the fact that most men think with the head in their pants and not the one on their shoulders. A girl at the beach may not have the trimmest thighs or flattest stomach and could still have her pick of most men by wearing a tank-top and booty shorts. If she just happens to get that tank-top wet, it’s over for most men.

Sexy Back Workout Routine

No matter how you workout, it is vital that you work some cardio into your everyday routine.  Working cardio with any list of other exercises you do for toning, shaping and firmness will allow you to burn additional fat and yield faster results.

Men’s Morning Body Bonanza

15 minutes of cardio – Jogging, Jumping Rope, Biking

40 – 75 Push-Ups

8 minutes or 8 Sets of Abs

4 sets of Bicep Curls – Hammer and Regular

2 sets of Shoulder Shrugs – If needed—you don’t want it to appear that you have no neck.

All of this can be done in about 35 – 45 minutes first thing when you wake up while you watch the news or “Sports Center.” Do this in the morning so you can get fresh and clean and still appear swollen at the beach.

Women’s Morning Body-licious

15 minutes of cardio – Jogging or Stepper-(helps the butt)

8 minutes or 8 sets of Abs

Yoga or Pilates video (if you don’t have one, go buy one)

Weight lifting is important for women to increase and maintain bone density, but most men are turned off by a girl who’s overly muscular and bulky. Men don’t want to hook-up with women who look like they could kick their ass.

Following this advice will have you looking stellar at the beach this summer and if you get it done. I hope this extremely vain article helps you have some sizzling hot hook-ups at the beach this summer.

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