Four Great Sex Workouts

Have you ever finished having sex with your partner and felt a burn? Make no mistake, I am talking about the burn in your muscles not in your genitals.

If certain sexual positions are done correctly you can receive the benefits of an actual workout.

“Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being,
while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.”

This quote on exercise was given to us by the Greek philosopher Plato. I doubt he was referring to sex with this bit of common sense that has been passed along the ages, but it definitely applies to sex workouts.

The following tips will not only give you a physical bump, but may also increase the amount of sexual activity you’re partaking in. However, none of these activities will be done without the proper stretching techniques.

Valuable Love Making Muscle Stretches

Sex has to be the best way to workout on the planet.  If for some reason it’s not for you,  you should try some these positions and tell me if you still feel the same way.

Just like any solid workout, stretching before and after is vital to the body’s performance and progress when exercising.  What are three great areas to target before engaging in one of these sexual workouts?

No. 1 Groin Stretches

These are especially helpful for women to keep the hips and pelvic area loose and flexible. For a woman to stretch this area she should lay on her back bringing her heels into her groin.  Then slowly spread her legs down towards the floor applying slight pressure on her inner thighs with her hands.

For men it is nice to have your woman help and maybe even lead to a little arousal or foreplay.  Men should lay on their backs with their feet pulled in towards their groins, with their knees pointing to the ceiling.

The woman should kneel in front with her legs straddling by both ankles to hold the position. Finally press gently on his thighs slightly above his knees until he feels the stretch in his hips and groin. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds.

No. 2 Quad Stretches

To get a quality stretch on your quads you are going to do the hurdlers stretch.  For this sit on the floor or bed and bend your legs at the knees so your toes are pointed directly behind you.  Then slowly lean back until you feel the stretch in your thighs and ankles. Make sure to hold this for 15 – 20 seconds and repeat 2 – 3 times.

One modification for people with any type of knee injury is to try this stretch while standing up. Pull your heel towards your buttocks while keeping both knees together. This modification helps reduce any stress on the knee.

This stretch is very important for whose ever on top. Ladies, later I will introduce you to the benefits of one of your mans favorite position for you to be in and this stretch will come in handy.

No. 3 Lower Back

Stretching your lower back is so important for people with back trouble or those who intend to get really freaky. This exercise is simple, but really helpful. Lay on your back, bring your leg to your chest by bending it at the knee and pulling into your chest with your hands.  Bring your leg down slowly and repeat this with the other leg.  After you have done both legs separate, bring them up together and hold for 30 seconds.

Now that you have the knowledge on how to get limber for love making, lets learn how to make your body keep yearning for a burning.

Wheelbarrows Just Got Better

The wheel barrow position is just like you would imagine it. The woman starts from the push-up position. The man grabs her by her thighs elevating her pelvic area to comfortable position creating the appearance of wheel barrow.

Now that the woman is elevated to the push-up position she will receive a workout to her triceps area, chest, and also to her abdomen.

The man will receive a great bicep workout from holding her. Also, when the man starts to do his thrusting he will receive abdominal and back workouts.

This is not an every time position, but will provide results if you mix it into the rotation. Men, — one suggestion –  if you want to continue this sexual position, don’t drop her on her face.

Ride’em Cowgirl or Lotus

Ladies these two are for you. Men if you find your women complaining that being on top is too much work let them know the benefits. Then you can just kick back and enjoy the show.

For these sexy time exercises men sit down (Lotus style) or Lay down (Cowgirl style) on the bed and women sit on top. For Lotus style the next thing women should do is wrap their legs around the man.

At this point women, use your arms and legs to move up and down from either position. By doing this women will receive a great workout for their legs and arms which is more fun than spending that extra time on the elliptical.

Also for an extra bonus for women, I have heard it is sometimes easier for women to climax on top. Ladies if you need something done right, you might just have to do it yourself.

Maximize the Missionary Position

The missionary position is the most common style – most likely you had sex like this for the first, wonderfully confusing, short experience.

Men mainly get the workout on this one in their abs, arms and legs depending on how long they can hang.

Women looking for a workout from this position should stretch your back, and then arch it when you can and tighten your abs. compares it to doing Pilates in bed.

Patti Britton, author of “The Art of Sex Coaching”, talks about a woman strengthening her core from applying this method.

“You can strengthen your core by focusing on pelvic lifting using your core, not your lower back. That’s where women tend to get stuck – they tend to rely on their lower back to give them propulsion.”

“She Knows” also recommends for women looking to push it f arther, they should tighten their Kegel muscles.

Steamy Shower Scene

Everyone has seen the scene in the movie where the woman joins the man in the shower and he hoist her up, pushes her against the wall and gives her some sweet lovin’.

The standing sexual position for a man is an amazing arms, shoulders, back and legs workout that you must be in top shape to perform.

For a woman this “hop on and ride it” position can also have its benefits.  The woman has to have strong upper body strength to hang on while he rocks the boat.

With these tips you can now give your body pleasure and a workout in one activity.  For all you single people out there who have friends with benefits, now you can have an exercise partner with benefits too.

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