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Generic Labz Cissus Drol

Cissus Drol is a supplement created by the supplement company Generic Labz. Claimed to be the best no-prohormone supplement for supporting lean muscle gains, using Cissus Drol is argued to increase natural hormone levels, decrease estrogen levels, decrease body fat levels, improve mood, and aid connective tissue.

Dosages and servings of Cissus Drol

Cissus Drol comes in a tub containing 90 capsules. A serving size is one capsule, which contains 375mg of “Growth Support Complex”, and the suggested use on the Generic Labz website is to take one serving (1 capsule) three times per day. So, each tub of Cissus Drol will last thirty days when following the recommended dosage.

The information regarding Cissus Drol shown on the Generic Labz website and the products label has not been evaluated by the Food and Drugs Administration (the website shows a label which bares such a message).

Cost of Cissus Drol

The retail price on the official Generic Labz website is $69.99 (at time of writing), which equates to just over £40 per tub (30 days supply). Searching online for the product from UK based supplement stores will prove fruitful however, with many supplement stores selling tubs of Cissus Drol for around the £25-26 price range.

Results from Cissus Drol

As with all supplements, we must take claims from supplement companies and retailers with a pinch of salt. The best thing to do is gather feedback from real life users on bodybuilding and fitness forums. There are many threads on the popular forums, both in the UK and in the US.

Feedback seems to be good, with most people experiencing strength and muscle gain from the supplement. Quantifying these gains is not really possible, as people respond differently and there are many parameters in place when a person weight trains. The overall feedback seems to be positive however, so it is defiantly a supplement worth looking into if it suits your goals.

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