Why Men Think Only about Sex?

why men think about sexSome say that erotic thoughts cross the male mind every seven seconds, but is it really so? One fundamental study held by Kinsey Institute (the oldest sex and reproduction study center) discovered that 54% of men think about sex several times a day. This is rather conservative discovery, since according to the study only 19% of women think about sex as often.

Those thoughts greatly distract from the everyday activities. A survey held by the Men’s Health magazine revealed that 80% of men make dirty fantasies at work. What are they fantasizing about? The study made by Durex company showed that three quarters of men think about sex with celebrities. Every second man imagines having sex with his best friend’s girlfriend. Think about it the next time you share a beer with your buddy.

At the same time, erotic scenes practically constantly fight for attention in man’s subconsciousness. A study held by the University of Minnesota showed that a naked woman is constantly present in male brain. Man’s feelings are naturally focused on finding sexual opportunities, especially if no suitable female body is in sight.

Male body always has sperm, thus theoretically it makes him able to conceive at any time. From evolutionary point of view men need to use the sperm as often as possible in order to maximize the number of offsprings. To put it simply, men naturally are designed to pollinate everything that moves; furthermore, they are equipped with several structures to reach this goal.

Hypothalamus is part of the brain, which is responsible for emotions, heart rate, and thoughts about sex. Male hypothalamus is significantly larger than the female one. According to Dr Louann Brizendine, the author of popular-science bestseller The Femail Brain, we can imagine male sex thoughts centre as the international Heathrow airport, while female one as some regional airport.

Testosterone easily stirs up the brain areas responsible for recognition of sexual objects. Dr Brizendine said that this can be visualized as the situation when we are very hungry. Once hungry we become very attentive to food-related objects and concentrate on thoughts on where to get something tasty and more nourishing, and so on. By the way, male organism has twice as much testosterone at dawn than it does at any other time of the day.

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