Weight Loss

Weight Loss

swimming pool strength workout

Swimming Pool Strength And Weight Loss Workout

Aqua based workouts can be enjoyed and beneficial to a wide variety of people, even those who have sprains and minor injuries as the water based exercises are low impact unlike many on land movements. Water resistance also dynamically works the muscles of opposing as well as assisting muscle groups,[…]

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Fitness Training

How To Lose Baby Weight With Fitness Training

New mums can lose the added baby weight post pregnancy by following a suitable diet and fitness training plan. With the new (and sometimes demanding!) addition to the family it can be difficult to find the time to work out, so an effective workout must fit into a busy lifestyle,[…]

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bodybuilder sleep

So How Important Is Sleep Anyway?

Is not getting enough sleep stopping your weight loss goals? Disrupting your sleep/wake cycle will stress your body and increase your chances of gaining weight and putting a stop to your weigh loss because of hormone imbalances. It is fair to say that generally as a race we sleep when[…]

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calories burnt

How Many Calories Burnt During Exercise And Fitness Activities?

The number of calories expelled during exercise and fitness activities is a topic of interest for many. The balance of calories consumed and calories expelled ultimately impacts weight management, and therefore many who wish to reduce body weight will seek to exercise and control their dietary intake to ensure healthy[…]

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walking fitness

Walking For Fitness And Weight Loss

Nothing else comes much more natural to us than walking. Walking has long been our basic method of transport, yet basic activities such as walking is on the decline. As a result, obesity is rapidly increasing in the west due to inactive lifestyles and poor dietary intake. Increasing fitness and[…]

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clenbuterol 40


Clenbuterol is a drug prescribed for those with breathing disorders as a decongestant and bronchodilator. People with asthma use this drug to make breathing easier. Clenbuterol is approved for consumption in some countries like the United States, via prescription only. Recently though, the drug has been utilized not only for[…]

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calories burnt weight lifting

Calories Burnt During Weight Lifting

Weight lifting as a form of exercise should not be limited to trainees whom seek a muscular physique. Weight lifting (or weight training) is beneficial to various people who have a whole spectrum of goals and abilities. Weight training also expels a reasonable number of calories during and after a[…]

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ideal weight

Ideal Weight

The ideal weight of an individual should incorporate a number of vital factors. The major aspect regarding body weight is the body composition of the person, that is to say how much of the body weight is body fat, and how much is lean body mass. Carrying excess body fat[…]

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weight loss drug

Weight Loss Drug

A new weight loss drug has been made available over the counter in the EU. The weight loss drug – orlistat, has been granted a licence which enables chemists to sell the drug over the counter, with a reduced dose than is commonly prescribed by medical professionals for weight related[…]

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weight loss plan

Weight Loss Plan

A weight loss plan is usually composed of two major elements; the dietary intake plan, and the exercise routine. For those who wish to lose weight sensibly, we have composed a sample weight loss plan which can be followed. It is worth noting that the weight loss plan is merely[…]

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