Walking For Fitness And Weight Loss

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Walking For Fitness And Weight Loss

Nothing else comes much more natural to us than walking. Walking has long been our basic method of transport, yet basic activities such as walking is on the decline. As a result, obesity is rapidly increasing in the west due to inactive lifestyles and poor dietary intake. Increasing fitness and improving body composition can therefore be achieved by gradually increasing activity levels for those who have lived a sedentary lifestyle. Walking is an ideal exercise for increasing fitness and weight loss.

20 minute walking workout

0-5 minutes
Begin walking slowly (RPE 1), building up to a moderately paced walk (RPE 4)

5-10 minutes
Increased walking pace (RPE 6)

10-12 minutes
Perform lunges (RPE 8 )

12-15 minutes
Moderate paced walk (RPE 6)

15-18 minutes
One minute quick paced / one minute moderate paced (RPE 7-8)

18-20 minutes
Moderate to slow paced to cool down (RPE 4-1)

(RPE = Rate of Perceived Exertion. How hard you think you working out of 10)

This is a quick walking workout suitable for those who are already moderately active. People who have lived a very sedentary lifestyle would be best seeing their GP for advice. Inactive people should gradually increase their walking pace and intensity over time, beginning with a slow paced walk for between fifteen and twenty minutes a day.

How does walking improve fitness and weight loss?

Walking expels calories, therefore leading to weight loss if an overall calorie deficient is achieved. This will depend greatly on dietary intake. If a calorie restricted diet is followed and activity levels are heightened, the overall result will likely be weight loss and improvements to overall body composition.

Walking improves cardiovascular function and endurance, therefore being a great activity to incorporate into an overall fitness program. Intensity levels are easily changed when walking, so walking is a great choice for all most all age groups.

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