How To Lose Baby Weight With Fitness Training

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How To Lose Baby Weight With Fitness Training

New mums can lose the added baby weight post pregnancy by following a suitable diet and fitness training plan. With the new (and sometimes demanding!) addition to the family it can be difficult to find the time to work out, so an effective workout must fit into a busy lifestyle, and ideally be possible to be performed at home. The following fitness program aims to strength the body as well as burn calories to reduce the baby weight. The plan is best supplemented with a sound nutritional plan which is vital for weight loss.

Cardio activity

Perform cardiovascular activities three times per week, for a duration between twenty and forty five minutes, with moderate intensity.

This aspect of the program does not have to involve a treadmill or exercise bike! In fact, power walking whilst pushing your new born in a pram would be a great choice. Alternatively, if you have some “me time”, swimming or a game of squash/badminton with a friend would be very effective for elevating the heart rate and expelling calories.

Strength training

This component aims to target the major muscle groups of the body to increase overall strength and functionality. The circuit can be performed between two and three times per week, with at least a day’s rest between each workout to ensure sufficient recovery. A set of dumbbells are required, and an exercise mat would be helpful (both widely available online).

Perform each exercise for the specified number of repetitions or time, and then move onto the next exercise without any rest. Complete the full circuit, rest for three minutes, and then repeat a further two times.

Squat press

Instructions: Stand erect, feet shoulder width apart, holding a set of dumbbells at shoulder level, ready to be pressed over head. Squat down until the thighs are parallel to the floor, and then ascend whilst simultaneously pressing the dumbbells over head. The hips, knees and arms should be extended so the body is again erect with the dumbbells pressed over the head. The dumbbells are then brought back to shoulder level in a controlled movement. The exercise is repeated for repetitions.

How many? 15 repetitions

Tip: Try without dumbbells initially to build up balance.

Push up with row

Instructions: Begin the exercise in a push up position, with the knees in contact with the floor for greater stability. Ensure there are two dumbbells to each side of the body which can be grasped. Perform a push up, grasp a dumbbell and then raise the elbow towards the torso in a row action. Pause at full contraction of the row, and then lower the dumbbell and place it in its starting position. Perform another push up, and then perform the same row movement with the other arm. This is one full repetition. Repeat for repetitions.

How many? 10 repetitions

Tip: Once strength is gained, perform the exercise with the feet on the floor and knees lifted.

Dumbbell deadlift

Instructions: Stand erect grasping a pair of dumbbells. Ensure there is a slight bend at the knee joint, and bend forwards allowing the dumbbells to descend towards the floor. The back should not be allowed to round, with sound posture paramount throughout the exercise. Once a suitable stretch is felt, ascend back to the starting position. Repeat for repetitions.

How many? 15 repetitions

Tip: If you have tight hamstrings, allow for flexibility to increase over time by slowing increasing the distance the dumbbells descend with each workout.

Side plank

Instructions: Lay on one side of the body, with the arm closest the floor supporting the upper body, with the arm bent and forearm on the floor at ninety degrees from the body. The top foot should be positioned over the top of the other to aid balance. The body is then raised from the floor by straightening the hips and body. Repeat for other side.

How long? 30 secs per side.

Tip: Increase difficulty by raising the top arm directly above, towards the ceiling (as shown in YouTube Video).

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