Swimming Pool Strength And Weight Loss Workout

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swimming pool strength workout

Swimming Pool Strength And Weight Loss Workout

Aqua based workouts can be enjoyed and beneficial to a wide variety of people, even those who have sprains and minor injuries as the water based exercises are low impact unlike many on land movements. Water resistance also dynamically works the muscles of opposing as well as assisting muscle groups, as the resistance is a result of the denser environment of the water, opposed to gravity when on land. It is possible to have a highly effective aqua workout which helps strengthen the muscle of the body, as well as expel many calories over the course of a workout.

If you are a member of a commercial gym there is usually a selection of aqua based classes to choose from, such as aqua kick boxing or aqua abs and glutes. The movements followed within these classes should be different, and it would be a good idea to try to take three classes per week, with each 30-60 minutes in duration. The new stimulus provided by the water resistance should lead to notable soreness the days following the initials workouts, as well as new found progression as the muscles adapt to the new demand placed upon them. Aqua based training is a low risk training method which is ideal for anyone who usually follows a typical land based training program but is looking for something different. For such a trainee the aqua workouts could be followed for six to eight weeks, and then the gym based training resumed.

An important thing to remember with a water based workout is to ensure hydration levels are maintained during the session. Sweating is not as notable in water as on land for obvious reasons, and therefore a drink should be sipped throughout the workout to replace lost fluids from sweating.

Beginners to fitness training who like the idea of aqua based training may wish to try water walking as an introduction to aqua based workouts. This involves walking in waist height water, with the arms down to the sides to provided added resistance as you walk through the water. Additional equipment can be bought, such as webbed gloves which add to the resistance and therefore increase intensity.

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