Weight Loss

Weight Loss

calories burnt weight lifting

Calories Burnt During Weight Lifting

Weight lifting as a form of exercise should not be limited to trainees whom seek a muscular physique. Weight lifting (or weight training) is beneficial to various people who have a whole spectrum of goals and abilities. Weight training also expels a reasonable number of calories during and after a[…]

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ideal weight

Ideal Weight

The ideal weight of an individual should incorporate a number of vital factors. The major aspect regarding body weight is the body composition of the person, that is to say how much of the body weight is body fat, and how much is lean body mass. Carrying excess body fat[…]

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weight loss drug

Weight Loss Drug

A new weight loss drug has been made available over the counter in the EU. The weight loss drug – orlistat, has been granted a licence which enables chemists to sell the drug over the counter, with a reduced dose than is commonly prescribed by medical professionals for weight related[…]

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weight loss plan

Weight Loss Plan

A weight loss plan is usually composed of two major elements; the dietary intake plan, and the exercise routine. For those who wish to lose weight sensibly, we have composed a sample weight loss plan which can be followed. It is worth noting that the weight loss plan is merely[…]

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bodybuilding diet tips

Bodybuilding Diet Tips

Those who seek to gain muscle mass will need to pay close attention to their diets for optimal progress. Unfortunately, there is much conflicting advice regarding diets for bodybuilding, and sometimes it is all too easy to over analyse everything and become frustrated. Here are ten back to basics bodybuilding[…]

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weight loss workouts

Weight Loss Workout

Q. I have been over weight for a number of years due to a combination of lack of exercise and a poor diet, much of which began when I started my office job. Previously I was a pre-school helper, so I was always active, plus had the time to eat[…]

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fat loss tips

Top 5 Fat Loss Tips

With the ever increasing “body perfect” popular culture more and more people are deciding to take steps to shape a more aesthetically pleasing body for themselves, yet many fail. Losing fat should be simple, yet many people seem to fail at reducing fat in a healthy and sustainable manner. We[…]

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lose weight

The Best Way To Lose Weight

Weight loss is a popular subject, and thus there have been numerous suggestions on the “best” way to lose weight. Some are effective in the short term – yet prove unsustainable for the majority, whilst others are clever marketing tools – increasing demand for related products which the nutritional plans[…]

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Burn Calories By Walking

Walking is an effective low impact cardiovascular exercise which can be enjoyed by people of all age groups and fitness abilities. A morning walk can be a great choice for expelling calories, inducing weight loss and toning the lower body. It is important to keep the walking intense and challenging,[…]

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