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Is a legit steroids source or a scam one ? is an approved and verified steroid source:

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Online since: 2004
Motto: To Avoid Scam! Buy From RoidsPharm! General Overview

All pharma products are exclusively factory quality. RoidsPharm works without intermediaries, therefore, they do guarantee that the products are original!

All orders are made through their site:

They work with major brands, the quality of which has no doubt: Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Dragon Pharma, British Dragon, Sciroxx. They also offer HGH for sale from top brands.

They work without any minimal order – so that you can ensure of their efficiency and integrity by making a small order.

According to their website, they ship worldwide with guaranteed delivery, offers free shipping for orders above $600, accepts bitcoins and money transfers. -> Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Legit Supplier is an approved supplier of Kalpa Pharmaceuticals products, it can be verified online here:

roidspharm legit kalpa supplier -> Dragon Pharma Legit Supplier is an approved supplier of Dragon Pharma products, it can be verified online here:

roidspharm legit dragon pharma supplier -> Gen-Shi Laboratories Legit Supplier is an approved supplier of Gen-Shi Laboratories products, it can be verified online here:

roidspharm legit genshi labs supplierIf you have your own user experience with -> then share it with us in comments/reviews bellow!


  1. imthatman says:

    Well done.. Again!!

    I had a lot of questions… all of them were answered promptly and with care to my health. My questions pertained mostly to the product but he went above and beyond in explaining and helping me out, never an issue with ordering.

    It got here, It was safely packaged and nothing was detectable from the outside of the package. Took me a while to get out of the packaging but of course thats no complaint!!

    My order: DP sustanon 270 X3

    Wow , Well I am not having any libido issues thats for sure!!!! I am retaining a good amount of water but thats what my AI is for. My strength gains were noticed within 10 days, on week 2 i hit a flatbench PR which i was super excited about and did not expect.

  2. SimoWolf says:

    highly recommend satisfied customer

    Apart from initial order, no further communication was needed.

    Packaging is always secure, discreet and professional.

    Needless to say, I had all the sides and effects of quality sustanon like high BP, acne, aggression and strength gains. EQ kicked in slow. Not much to notice until week 10. Quality, steady gains.

    Week 11 and vascualrity was there. Was extremely happy to see veins popping out for the first time.

    Arimidex kept estro under control. Overall gained whopping 18 lbs most of it quality muscle.

    Both oils were free from pip.

  3. dwingnut1984 says:

    First off ive used roidspharm for over 3 years for various products and each and every time they have responded with the same day with details to proceed with instant payments or any type of query , very punctual!!

    Packed correctly and discreet for obvious reasons

    I have used various range of items from roidspharm and each one I’ve rated from orals to pct to oils , as far as online trusted sources I would allways choose them 1st from my own personal experience and several close friends this link is the one for sure.

  4. trenjacked says:

    I was searching for a viable source awhile back and stumbled upon Roidspharm. I researched them and decided to give them a try. I have made four orders since and every time service was great and quality was spot on. Enough said.

    Very discreet and lightning fast delivery every trip

    Everything is very effective. The cut long 300 is amazing I love mixes now. Dbol was noticeable within three days. Been taking the cut long and dbol for several weeks and am mid cycle. Have gained nineteen pounds and surprising little water retention. The tren is kicking on that cut long. My wife is taking the Anavar and clen and It absolutely shows. All in all everything is quality every order.

  5. USMC005 says:

    Roidspharm is litteraly LEGIT! I placed my order and recieved in 6 days, I would recommend this company to everyone specially my Military bro’s Thank you ROIDSPHARM you earned a new customer

    only down was the communication i sent out 2 emails and never got a response back, but its all good cuz i got my stuff!.

    packaging is discrete the supplies look real good and well made

    Testoxyl Enanthate 250mg @ 1ml

    Clomiphene Tablets 50 @ 50mg

    Fertigyn 5000IU

    The Testoxyl Enanthate is legit, will put in for bigger order!

  6. logan says:

    I have always lived by the rule to have your entire cycle on hand ahead of time. Well when life throws you a curve ball and now you are hurting for cash you need to piece it together bit by bit like me for the first time. Roidspharm has gotten my gear for the second time in1 week from donation to recieved. His gear is on point and I feel a little over dosed which I am not complaining. The primo is awesome and just pinned 2ml of primo with 1ml of test prop at 5 am. By 1 pm I was a irritable and horny. I was looking at women in the supermarket in their 60s and thinking I would tap that. LOL The prop is definitely serious.and primo on point. Qick orders quality gear what more do you need?

  7. mavbb1984 says:

    I’ve been using roidspharm on and off for several years now. recently I’ve gotten back into body building and have been trying and testing other brands. So far Kalpa’s products have been top quality and now I have found my steady source. Now its time to utilize this and hit the stage. I’m extremely excited for his new GH (Kalpatropin) I’ve been on it for three weeks now and right away I can tell its top quality just by how my body reacts to it when I pin a couple hours before the gym. unlike other stuff I have used which doesn’t have such an effect.

    I received my package divided into two. first packaged came within 12 days second one close to a month.

    1-200iu kalpatropin kit

    300 10mg d-bol

    100- aromaxyl

    150- haloxyl

    9-test E



    3-test cyp

    currently using. so far I feel its the best quality in my town.

  8. OwenAlberta says:

    Just got my first order from Roidspharm today. Being in Canada, I was worried about custom clearance but it came through and all is good to go.

    I must say with all the scammers out there it is great to finally find an honest source for my gear. He is the MANNN.

  9. Minus says:

    Roidspharm is among one of the best sources I have dealt with. Everything was perfect and smooth, and I will be a repeat customer for a very long time.

    2x test e,

    1x clomid,

    1x nolvadex.

    I had to front load the test e to get it to work faster. Within a week I hit the gym after 6 months of not working out. And I went hard, worked every muscle group except legs. Came home and took an N.O. supplement with a few servings of protein powder and ate a nice meal. Slept for about 10 hours. When I woke up I expected to be sore as hell. But I was perfectly fine, feeling energetic and ready to hit the gym again. It’s incredible.

  10. ryback says:

    Ordered with Roidspharm about a month or 2 ago. Got the package, first time using tren.

    Getting lots of veins, strength has been going up. Couple nights I wake up for no reason (common side of tren) Also, wake up to raging hard erections retty horny most the time. So the test is g2g too. Products seem very promising so far. Making my 2nd order with him right now. No complaints.

  11. LeroyCash says:

    I decided to try out the prop 100 so can get a feel on how well things were going to be. Roidspharm is a very good source to come.

    Packed very well and for timing 2 WEEKS. Can’t beat that at all

    Ordered 2 Test Prop 100.

    Working very good so far. Libido up, feeling alot better and strength going up as well

    There’s a little pain for a day or so but I get it from prop anyway and this is strong.

    Can’t wait to get another order in with the


    If others products are like the prop he will be an upcoming source with T/A with times like that as well.

  12. sherts says:

    Absolutely amazing stuff guys yes I’m talking about the time and effort u put into getting everything right plus the Gear u guy’s supply is all amazing so fare I can’t Fault u in anyway and that is no shit.

    Communication is instantly and yes that’s no shit trust me guys and girls after couple of orders whenever you’ve talked to Roidspharm it’s like you’ve known each other for years and I’m not talking about someone talking crap to u I’m talking about the guys actually care it is business but they make sure your cycle is right and trust me I trust them allot.

    When it comes to stealth u can’t beat the guys they are number 1 they have alway come through without fail.

    Guys for me was dynamite stack the strength is unbelievable I used to forget that I was in a gym not go home I’ve been cycling this for about 1 and a half months know starting to look hot and that’s no shit when your walking down the street and u start turning heads u know LOL.

    Very good stack for me loving it.

  13. leftside says:

    Great communication and service. Ordered end of last week and got my delivery today.

  14. Willard says:

    This is my second order from these guys. Communication is not as good as some of the others, but still OK. Delivery times are good, but not as fast as a couple of the other top rated. Product is EXCELLENT and price is GREAT, so overall they will be one of my new top sources.

  15. blkmuscle says:

    This review is a for two orders I made . I had ordered from them in the past. The following two orders I made from them were of the same caliber. These guys are professional and obviously want to stay ahead in the game because they give great service and product. They respond to email quickly and you get your product relatively quickly. Also their prices are very competitive They have not let me down so far and have made a loyal customer out of me.

    Communication is excellent. I had a problem with one of the vials 2 months after my order. I sent them an email and picture. And without asking they said they would send a replacement and I received the replacement within a few days.

    packaging is nondescript which is exactly what you want

    Trenbolone Acetate

    Testosterone Propionate


    Nandrolone Decanoate


    Quality of all the products was good. Used in a 12 week cycle

    If you are trying these guys for the first time, try them ! you will definitely be a repeat customer.

  16. MLee23 says:

    First time dealing with RoidsPharm; won’t be the last 🙂

    Package was well secured in two padded jiffy envelopes.

    It arrived within a week after it was shipped.

    Kalpa Tren A

    I was wary of the recent PIP issues with Kalpa products, so: Day 1, I pinned 0.25ml.

    Day 3, I pinned 0.5ml.

    After feeling confident PIP was no longer an issue with this product

    Day 5, I pinned 1ml ED for 3 days;

    then 1ml EOD until the 10ml bottle was finished (also running Test E the whole time). By the end of the 1ml ED for 3 days I was feeling great! I could definitely feel the Tren doing it’s job and for the rest of the 10ml I had the usual enhanced Tren strength and aggression. I didn’t suffer any real side effects, the sweating and such but the Tren was absolutely how it should be.

    I can confidently confirm this batch of Kalpa Tren A is exactly how it should be. Nice and smooth, no PIP what so ever! Very nice Tren. I wasn’t disappointed.

  17. ash48 says:

    this is a review for kalpa dianabol which ive used as a kick start to my test cyp cycle…

    this product is the best dbol product ive used… weight/size/strength are all well up….

    recommend this product

    very good communication before, during and after order

    turn around is by far the best ive ever experienced on steroidslive… and packaging was safe and secure

    very very good quality, very impressed with the results been using for 4 weeks at 50mg ED

    this source is 10/10, price,t/a,gear cannot be beaten…. highly recommend

  18. secretmn says:

    They are good to go guys,I was really worried that whether they are legit or not.So i ordered a small package 2 vials of trenbolone acetate,100 tabs of anadrol 50mg/tab,and 2 Testosterone acetate.They are also on another board where they are giving this offer : buy 2 and get 1 free and i have recieved free items too.The TRENBOLONE is really legit as i am getting all the side-effects like night sweats etc but my strength is through the roof.

    IN SHORT GUYS : THEY ARE REALLY GOOD TO GO,one of the best trenbolones i have ever tried.

  19. pit4 says:

    This is a review of some months later because i wanted to try the gear first and have a fully review.i had take part at the promo the fastest win and i was in.

    Communication was great support i wasn`t in the nerd of.

    Package was discret.

    Hgh jintropin

    Primo kalpa

    Products was great hgh gave me great endurance and great sleep and primo is fantastic i am in week 10 and muscle and veins are there again

    Keep up the great job.

  20. DHulk says:

    Review for Kalpa Mast Prop

    Always fast very nice source to deal with

    T/A well under 14 days. I was actually impressed with the packaging very safe and discreet

    Very smooth oil no pip even in various sites. Pinned every other day along with some Test Prop. Didn’t notice much the first week; the second week sex drive went crazy. My motivation was up I got everybody part at the gym dang near 3x in 6 days. After finishing the vial I do look defined and dry. Stubborn muscle became more apparent and recovery is awesome. I was able to do both cardio and weights with no issues at all. Product is as solid as my abs.

    Roidspharm is always a pleasure to deal with. Thank you for letting me sample this product I was very pleased with.

  21. bgood82 says:

    Awesome service. Was sceptical at first but every email I sent they responded back quickly. I have used the test prop twice now and it is good quality. Would def recomend and will be using them again real soon…

  22. zipo says:

    placed order with this guys and im happy i did. i have recommended RoidsPharm to friends also.

    five start very fast respons. even during weekend i got reply with in 1h.

    very well packed, discreet and fast delivery.

    i did pregnyl at 2500iu twice per week for 3 weeks clomid at 50mg per day for 24 days armidex at 1mg every day Pregnyl was very effective in getting my testicle back to normal size. with in days i noticed they where getting bigger and fuller. by the time i finished pregnyl i think testicles got biger then they have ever been Clomid also worked very well. i have used other lab clomid before but this one is so potent, i felt effect with in couple of ahours. really works in getting your test levels back to normal. armidex was for gyno problem. it did take about 1 week before i started seeing result but it was very puffy to start with. im happy with end result as it did solve gyno problem. only side effect i had was headeck. i think that was from clomid but then again i think that is one of side effects of clomid.

    happy with service and recomend to all

  23. von_stroem says:

    I’ve ordered from this site and I’m happy. I received my order in one week.

    My order is only Kalpa brand: testo e, nolvadex, clomid,viagra and winstrol.

    I don’t have tried the products but when I’ve tried I make a new review.

    The package was very good.

    Communication is very quick. Order sent quickly. This guy is a really good seller.

  24. longhorn1rob says:

    The Tren E had a little bite to it. I ran it at just 200mg along with test deca and eq. It was definitely some potent tren. I instantly had a metal taste in my mouth and had tren cough twice. Aggression was way up and I started feeling it around week 5 but noticed increased vascularity at week 3. I would definitely buy and run Bodypharm’s Tren again if I order international.

  25. Lad26 says:

    This was recommended to me and I would definitely recommend this site for anyone else inquiring the best products to receive.

    They were very discrete on packaging info. At first, I was very skeptical if the people I lived with would discover what I ordered but fortunately they thought is was an ordinarily package.

    I only ordered Test E and cant vouch for other products at the moment but I’m looking forward to the benefits! I was recommended this site so I have faith in it so far and the previous review I’ve seen sound outstanding. I will be definitely using this site for future orders

  26. johngiggins says:

    Every thing was great, the packaging and the product, I received in 14 days after I placed the order. I was kinda unsure to order since the whole process seemed unlegitimate, but it was great. I have been using for 5 weeks and results are absolutely great. I was 175 when I started and now Im 198, what is so great is that my waist is the same but my arms, chest, butt, thighs and calves are way bigger. My pants fit me tighter in a good way, I still use a belt for my 31 in waist but I am also stronger. I will order again tomorrow to finish the 12 week cycle. I will get Clomid for the post cycle therapy to prevent gynecomastia, that is my ultimate fear especially in the chest. I have combined this with a mass gainer.

    For 5 weeks so far: Fast resuts if you work out extensively of course. Bigger pumps in and out the gym. I love that pump feeling. Only minor side effects so far such as oily skin, minor nipple discomfort (weird i know) and pimples like crazy. On the positive my libido is incredibly up. I wake up with immense boners and my girl is really happy with those results.

    I have been injecting 900mg once a week, 450mg on monday and 450mg on thursday. Along with 4 tabs of Anabol for the first 4 weeks.

  27. Bigdawgrocky says:

    This review is for the Kalpa Test Enanthate that was used during my off season bulking season.

    Used the Test E during my off season bulking season, and was satisfied with the benefits it gave me. The best thing I liked about it was that I didn’t have to pin frequently, and also the slow acting. Stacked it with other Enanthate esters (tren e and Mast e). Noticed an increase of libido, energy, mass, and strength at the gym. Ran it higher than the Tren E, and in my opinion I feel a lot better running it higher, and sex drive skyrocketed. When ever I ran tren higher, my sex drive has plummet, making me not interested in sex, which isn’t a good thing. Another I have noticed was my mood seem to be a lot better than when I was running higher tren. Everyone is different, saying tren should be higher because it’s stronger, but I like running it lower, and it gave me amazing results. I was doing a lean bulk, and didn’t have any problems with water retention/bloating, kept a strict diet still, and had my ai’s on hand, and controlled sodium intake, while gaining mass and weight.

    Recommend these guys

  28. getswole2127 says:

    This is an long and overdue review

    RpoidsPharm is very professional, answers questions in minutes.

    3 weeks from when the payment was received!

    I started pinning the Testoxyl Suspension and the Testoxyl Enanthate right away. The TS kicked in about an hour after I pinned and had me going at the gym for 2 hours, I finally had to get out of the gym. Left me pumped and explosive. After 4 weeks the test e kicked in hard! Making my workouts even more explosive and veins popping out everywhere. The girlfriend was like wtf? You want it all the time lol by far some of the best test I have used and I have used pharma grade before. I gained 8lbs by week 6, by the end of the cycle, I gained 19lbs and kept 14lbs. Not too bad!

    Thanks a lot RoidsPharm for being a reliable and reasonable source. You can’t go wrong especially him being I. The US, the shipping is unbelievable. Discreet and fast!

  29. lkj23 says:

    Good source with good quality real pharma products!!

    This order took about 20 days to get to my door. All professionally wrapped and very discreet.

    Clomixyl worked perfectly at 2 pills a day for 2 weeks then 1 a day for 2 weeks more. Never lost my libido and other than water weight I don’t believe I lost any muscle. Like clomixyl I buy at pharmacy, next weeks I will post bloods. Arimixyl worked perfect at 0.5mgx3 a week, estrogen under control and minimal water retention with 500 of testoxyl enanthate every week. Pregnyl was heated in shipping, I told them and send a replacemment, once again a wonderfull customer service. Used at 250ui x2 every week, with this protocol I haven´t noticed a crash in or after the ptc, very smooth!!! Clenbutaxyl not used, is for my neext cycle, very soon hehehe

    One of the best customers service and affordable prices with pharma quality, I am very happy with this source.

  30. sayanbroly says:

    This is a review for the KP trenboxyl enanthate, that I used with another brand of tren in a clean bulking cycle of 12 weeks at 500 mg/week with 1 gr of test enanthate and 50 mg/day of oxandrolone in the first 6 weeks… Trenbolone KP was used in the first 4 weeks

    Packaging is discret, the T/A time for this order was very high, the package was blocked in the country of origin for two weeks, after this period the package was released and after 1 week was at my home

    Product quality is very very high, that tren is extremely effective, little pip but nothing of painfull.

  31. jeff.88 says:

    By far the best source I have found to date, and I won’t be testing the water with any other now that I found Roidspharm. Prices are more than reasonable, and for the communication and turnaround time you can’t find a better source out there. Roidspharm should be at the TOP of the boards.

    Communication and support were by far the best I have received from any source on here…Actually the best I’ve received from any online consumer based company ever!

    Turnaround was just as good as the communication. Packaging was extremely discreet and secure.

    1 x 10ml Test P

    1 x 10ml Test E

    1 x 30ml Test E

    2 x 10ml Deca

    Product quality is as expected or better. Strength gains are through the roof, energy is high, no more being lethargic. I’ve had NO PIP at all injecting 2ml or less and soo smooth! Will be getting bloods done in the next 2 weeks and will be sure to post to show T levels.

    Currently running Test P @ 100mg EOD, Test E @ 300mg E3D, Deca @ 300mg E3D.

    I have used other sources found on here, and I had my go to which was eventually shut down.

    Anyway after my last cycle I was skeptical to run another one as I kept getting injection site infections. Even when injecting only 1ml I couldn’t walk for 3+ days, so I didn’t know if I was having allergic reaction to EO, or the oil used, but after some research pretty positive that wasn’t the case.

    To keep this from getting any longer, just want to say I’m glad I decided to try another cycle, but with Roidspharm this time. He has delivered the best quality products I have received to date, and will be a customer forever.

  32. Somebody says:

    Here is my review. I ordered 3 times now, and I will definitely order again

    I used propionate myself and I can garantee the quality. Actually I am running Kalpa’s tren ace, but cannot tell anything right now.

    I have sold test E and deca to many peoples and they seem to be happy about it. So I am absolutely confident about the quality of all products.

  33. AthleteX says:

    Put in my first order with him several weeks ago and am very pleased! Couldn’t have asked for it to go any smoother. All of the service and gear is top notch. He definitely has my business and everyone should shop here. Zero doubts about it. 100% recommended (and I’d go as far to say as guaranteed).

    It took less than two weeks total from payment till it was on the doorstep.

    Everything is definitely legit and properly dosed. Ordered enough for myself and a buddy to do a 12 week cycle. Plan is to start at 250mg per week of Test E for 12 weeks and maybe bumping up to 500mg down the road while front-loading with 50mg of Anavar per day for the first 4-5 weeks. Also, will be using 500iu of HCG twice per week throughout cycle while doing a mini-blast between end of cycle and PCT. Than do standard PCT protocol of Nolva and Clomid. Let me know if you have any opinions.

    Love how it’s literally a one-stop shop! I dunno if anyone else can match-up especially in that regard.

  34. opeth71 says:

    Love Roidspharm’s Gear! Ordered twice from him! And will again!

    Communication was amazing! I ordered and got an email almost immediately stating that funds would be picked up shorty! They were picked up within hours of my payment.

    Received product in less than a week both times. Packaging was tight and discreet!

    Tren Ace

    Test 400

    Quality was great! Ran 200 mg of test a week along with 100mg eod of the Tren. Strength went through the roof, got vascular as hell and could see my abs for the first time EVER! I never thought I’d have visible abs. I was over 300 LBS years back and have come a long way. I recomped like I never thought possible on this cycle. Great Quality Tren! Only bad sides I get are anxiety and a bit depressed. Night sweats as well, but slept pretty soundly otherwise. I ran it for 10 weeks but will run for 8 next time. The anxiety gets a bit much for me any longer than that.

    I’ll be using ROidspharm’s gear again! Will run Tren again in the spring and can’t wait! He is a stand up guy and has a quality product.

  35. Pinjammer says:

    This is the first time I’ve used Roidspharm, and I was not dissapointed. Turnaround was good, got exactly what I ordered, and the communication was excellent. I’ve been using the Liquid Dbol as a kicker to a test/tren/mast cycle and I gotta say I love it. It was easy to dose, and the cherry flavor made it go down easy. In six weeks I’ve put on 20+ lbs, some of which I’m sure is water weight from the Dbol. Got that familiar bloated feeling within the first couple of days. I used the Anastrazole for a short while but it was making me so lethargic, I discontinued it, but at least I know its good, and I’ll def use for another cycle. I’ll definitely use Roidspharm again.

  36. Wahhdude86 says:

    This was my first order with RoidsPharm. While I am impressed with delivery time, i do have some criticism. I am very excited to see all the positive feedback about RoidsPharm’s products, but unfortunately I am suffering the worst PIP of my life. Really not sure if it’s just the one vial or my whole order.

    I have not communicated with RoidsPharm, hoping to have better luck on this site

    Test p is giving me terrible pip. Still hurts from over 4 days ago. I have been doing 1.5 ml eod and have been constantly asked why I am limping everywhere ha. Heat therapy and location massaging seems to help. Haven’t started winny yet but based on the reviews I have seen so far I have high hopes

  37. johnmarshall12 says:

    In this business it’s very important to have someone you can work with and trust! With RoidsPharm you have that. He is a genuinely nice guy and the products are excellent! It’s a pleasure doing business here, and RoidsPharm understands that you are the customer. A lot of people in this and other industries seem to have forgotten that!

    Communication and support are top notch. RoidsPharm is genuinely concerned with giving you good service and being helpful! RoidsPharm was supposed to send my second order Tuesday, but was unable to. So, he threw in an extra vial of Sustanon with a lot of apologies. It wasn’t necessary but it says a lot about the man!

    T/A is AMAZINGLY FAST! Tracking number provided. Packaging is excellent and very discrete! Vials are packed tightly so there cannot be breakage and nothing rattles around inside the box.

    My initial order was 2 Deca 500, 1 Test Cypionate

    I took advantage of RoidsPharm promo and re-ordered all and added Sustanon. received today!

    My first shot was large! I used 1 cc of Deca and 1/2 cc Test Cyp. Little to no PIP. Some guys run to labs for blood work to see if products are legit, or they go by gains. I’ve been around this game for many years and have a simple method that never fails. I do a killer workout after injecting eat a good protein carb mean sleep 8-10 hours and if I’m not sore the stuff is g2g! I had no soreness at all! My next shot was Deca 500 1 cc smooth as butter. No pip. BTW; I also can tell product effectiveness by the large amounts of oil on the top of my bald head, and acne at my age! My head was soaked with oil after two injections! The next shot was the Test cyp at 1 cc. No immediate pip but some soreness around site next day. This is not unusual for me some of the test esters do that to me. So you may not have the same effect. However it has a great kick…so what’s a lil pain? I’ll be using the Sustanon next and will review it.

    I am very happy with RoidsPharm and the products, and the SUPER FAST delivery! Overall this makes for a winning combination. I highly recommend RoidsPharm and his service! Hope this helps you.

  38. Steele3426 says:

    This is now my go to source. Roidspharm sets the bar real high. I dont know what else I can possibly say this is by far the easiest transaction I made.

    Test c

    Tren a

    Too early to tell…I will be running these soon…but from what I see everything is clear and legit.

    By far the best source I have dealt with. Will be ordering again real soon.

  39. XxCHiNKZxX says:

    Fast delivery, well packaged, easy to work with. Good source for sure!

    Sent a few emails back and forth. I don’t think it ever took him longer then an hour to respond! Amazing!

    2x test e 400

    1x deca 500

    Pinned for the past few days. 0 pip on 2ML in the delts! Cant complain there! clear vials so you can see that the gear isn’t cloudy and they are filled to the top!

    I originally wanted a deal that they sold out of and since they did not have it. He emailed me a really good deal on a replacement product! I’ll stick with the source!

  40. stampit69 says:

    Been ordering from Roidspharm for awhile. This review is for my last cycle of prop & tren ace…ran both compounds at 50 MG’s ed, switched it from EOD & boy did I notice a remarkable difference. I put on 20lbs in 12wks, my strength & aggression went thru the roof… I did get considerable night sweats from the tren & was puttn dents in the ol lady… Top notch SRC & a class act Roidspharm is!!!! Highly recommend shopping here…

  41. daboss999 says:

    great communication, great service, quick shipping cant wait to start the kalpa!

  42. getjackedfast says:

    This source is great, great on shipping time, great with communication and getting back to me, great on the quality of product and I’m shopping here as long as he is open!!!

    No pip and quality is 100% on what I wanted it to do for me

  43. jeff.88 says:

    I’ve ordered from Roidspharm exclusively for at least my last 5 cycles, and as long as they don’t go anywhere I’ll be a customer forever.

    Communication was on point as ALWAYS. I’ve never needed it as I’ve ordered multiple times and my order has always showed up.

    Only had one issue ever and it was with my previous order…It showed shipped so I had been watching my mailbox and nothing was showing up, I didn’t send an email regarding the issue cuz USPS sucks sometimes but I received an email from Roidspharm after a couple days stating that there was a mistake in the system and it showed my order as shipped but it wasn’t as they were out of one of the products I ordered. Roidspharm allowed me to substitute it for a different product and offered 20% off next order for the inconvenience. I asked if I could just get an extra sachet of Dbol instead and he threw in 2 sachets for me without hesitation for the mix up.

    T/A this time was faster than expected. Packaging is always perfect and discreet. Vacuum sealed, and bubble wrapped and taped.

  44. clewsad says:

    I have made two orders from roidspharm. I have been very impressed with the quality of the products that I have ordered. My gains have been solid taking testosterone. I had very oily skin running it at 800 mg’s per week strength shot up high and sex drive was crazy high. There was no pip at all in the test cyp which is very good since it is a high milligram product. I also purchased deca and my joints felt better from the product and I gained very good size and water weight also. I used anadrol also and it was very strong I didn’t like the alcohol taste but the effects from the product were very good. my deadlift went up probably went up 75 pound over 4 weeks from taking it and aggression was very high.

    I have to give roidspharm a A+ in customer service and communication. Any question I had he answered in less than 24 hours and helped me thoroughly the whole ordering process.

    Products were very tightly secured u could barely get it open that tells me he takes pride in his orders being shipped without them being broken

    roidspharm is the easiest of all people I have dealt with on here so I probably wont ever go anywhere else now unless he doesn’t have what I need. I definitely recommend shopping here

  45. Bigsuperduty says:

    I have made several orders throughout the year with this source.

    Communication was excellent, my emails were answered promptly.

    Orders were received promptly, sometimes even faster than the time allotted. Packaging was superb and discreet.

    It was my first time using Anavar, and I did notice some strength gain and lower body fat using the anavar.

  46. Androboy83 says:

    I received my first order today! The transaction went incredibly smooth. I emailed Roidspharm once and he replied with 24 hours. The package itself was neatly packaged and vacuum sealed to protect the contents. The gear itself was nicely labeled and the oil appears to be filled to the gills. I’m very excited to try the product. Will post details as to the quality of the product in the coming weeks. Thank you, Roidspharm!

    Test cyp. Wanted to make sure it got to me and was legit before making a larger order.

    Would highly recommend!

  47. awagz says:

    This guy is on point. I have ordered from quite a few sources, and Roidspharm was by far the fastest

    The dbols are quite potent. I used 50mg preworkout, an increased to 100 split by week 2, which I didn’t even need to do so I backed it down to 50 for the remainder. Great pumps, put about ten pounds on in 3.5 weeks, so I cut them as I feel I was getting too big on them, which isn’t a problem but I have my limits. If you are doing a bulker, this is a good kicker for sure!

    I like this source, friendly and straight forward, what else can I say? Ill be back for sure

  48. greenbaydavid says:

    I am in the U.S. but was referred by a friend in Australia who’s been using these guys for years. I’ve been with them for about 6 months now and there’s no denying these guys have their shit down! They’re fast, efficient and can handle the very large order I have been getting each month.

    The communication is on point! To be honest I’ve never dealt with anyone else that stays in as good of contact as these guys.

    The packaging is sick! I wish I could talk about it because you gotta see it to believe it. I’m not sure how they do it or what machines and shit they have to do it but I guess that’s why they get so much of their gear through.

    I am on done with the cycle now, ran the Sustanon at 500mg per week for 12 weeks and Winstrol at 75mg per day for 8 weeks and i managed to gain 8 pounds but still ripped the F up. The winny hurt like fuck as usual but other than that, no real problems with PIP. Very vascular which i love and my wife is happy to see the six pack back. Shes also happy that the HCG kept my nuts from shrinking to peanuts. Doing the PCT now, standard Nolva dna Clomid each day

    I can’t say enough about these guys. My boy in Australia says their customs are insane and they still get their shit to him and they’ve gotten several pretty damned big orders to me and the gear is top notch…what else can you ask for in a source?

  49. imperivm says:

    Very polite people and easy to order with. Also VERY good value. I recommend them and I hope they are here to stay.

  50. suzanne_claire says:

    Totally faultless. If you need something in a hurry this supplier is spot on. Reliable and faster delivery than anyone else.

    Instant response within the hour. Professional and reliable and answers questions about best products

    Great quality genuine products. I ran a T3, Slimex and Orlistat month cycle. Lost 10lbs in under 2 weeks.

    Go easy with the Vidalista cos my fella was going for two days 🙂

  51. GBLOX123 says:

    Was a bit sceptical ordering online, however I was NOT let down. I wouldn’t do it any other way now.

    Anavar from dragon pharma is unreal. mad pumps, mad vascularity. well worth the money. 40mg a day is enough.

    test e is kicking in now and its standard stuff; what i’d expect.

    Unsure of the aromasin and/or the letrozole. It hasn’t affected pre existing gyno, however I’ve probably left it too late for it to have been sorted 🙁

    boldenone too early to tell to be honest.

    I was very impressed with this kind of treatment, and I will be ordering again this week.

  52. Pastorgainz says:

    This was my first online order of aas, I placed a small order of a single vial of Kalpa Test E 250mg. I was updated when my payment was received and provided with shipping details very quickly. I’ve now been running the test for 5 weeks at 500MG and my weight is up around 9lb already. I am visibly more muscular and strength and endurance are both up! I felt it was only appropriate to leave a review now as the product is clearly working well. I will certainly be ordering from roidspharm again.

  53. Hamdenssor says:

    I’ve been ordering from RoidsPharm consistently for the last year and he’s never let me down. A fantastic source with quality products in my opinion.

    Communication on point…very little and to the point. Always replied within 24 hours regarding any queries.

    Fast turnaround from date of order, dispatch (tracking no supplied) and receipt of product.. 2 weeks in total. Packinging discrete and well padded.

    Quality of kalpa’s test e was great. To start with it looks like test oil not water and smells like test. Hardly any pip. I pinned once a week 825mg quad rotation as I hate pinning my glutes. Technically I’m never off cycle but just adjust the dosage for my goals. This “cycle” was 7 weeks long. Noticeable strength gains after 2 weeks also up 3 pounds whilst holding 8% body fat. Focus in the gym was crazy “don’t talk to me in here to work” attitude, 1-2 hour heavy back, leg days were still hard as but my recover rate was phenomenal. Always been lucky and haven’t ever had any sides but I ALWAYS ALWAYS have AI’s on hand but haven’t needed them so far…and my wife as always loves the sex drive! By week 6 my weight was up 5 pounds which I was very happy about after a long plateau. Squat was up 10 kilo’s 5×5, bench 5 kilo’s 5×5 Deadlift 12.5kilo’s 5×5. Anyone who knows the game will take those gains. Also vascularity was through the roof and my appetite beautifully crazy!

    I’ve trusted roidspharm with my body for a long time. He works his arse off delivering quality products and an approachable business philosophy. I Work my arse off in the gym and making sure my diet is in check to get the best out of the products. If you remember it’s not a magic pill and you DO have to put up your end of the bargain you won’t be disappointed.

  54. traps says:

    Another review for these guys!!! Wanted to give the guys a big thumbs up, have ordered a number of times from Roidspharm, mostly the Kalpa range.

    A+ For communication & customer support, all my e-mails were answered & problems solved!!

    The growth is on point & I’ve recently had Mast Enan from these guys & that is awesome too!! I love the Kalpa range, no problems with any of the oils at all….

  55. Hamdenssor says:

    RPh has been my gtg for years. Always fast both with the sending orders out and any questions that are required to be answered. Products have always been of a high standard which is a given, I wouldn’t be ordering time and again if they weren’t. I also have the blood work to show it.

    Very discrete and well padded I’ve had zero instances of breakages. What you’d expect

    Ordered Supertest 450 – product looked the part I had no concerns over the validity. Everything checked out as it should. I was using this as a 6-8 week bridge between cycles pinning 450 mg once a week as per my normal bridge routine. At the end of week 2 I had dropped more than my calculated weight although all other variables had remained in accordance with my cruise protocol eg. Diet training. Week 3 I increased the dose to 600mg and saw slight improvements in my weight,physic and gym focus but still not where it normally sits. Week 4-8 I increased to 800mg pinning Monday Thursday and this was the magic formula, hit my maintain nance weight, strength started to increase again and started to see some nice changes in my physic. Although the goal was always just to maintain. My obvious concern was the SP Labs was underdosed given I was pinning twice my usual cruise dose. I never had time to pull bloods but another user who was running the same batch did and it actually came back dosed perfectly, he posted the results to prove so. Obviously my estero had crashed but I can’t obviously be certain, With regards to the product itself, I had no problems it’s pretty viscous so Id recommend warming it to minimise the PIP. But it wasn’t really that noticeable tbh. No bad sides from running it but I’ve always been lucky in that respect however I run standard ancillaries along side regardless. I would recommend running it and I probably will again in the future once I’ve finished my “heavy” cycle which I’ll post a review of once it’s finished. But that so far is going really well.

    I tend not to run SP Labs to often mostly down to preference, I like a lot of other labs RPh stocks that I find aren’t maybe as ‘established’ but work just as well and can be more cost effective if you are planning a longer cycle. But I will order SP Labs again I’d imagine. It was my body not product effectiveness that was the let down. RPh is a top source for me since my first order and I’m now in the 20+ club. As long as he keeps up the high standard he’ll always be my no 1 go to source. A+++++

  56. TARANIS says:

    Time to reviw as iv’e tried a few of his products basically a couple of cycles

    comms + support are always on the ball ,no waiting forever for a reply,

    he replies in a very timely manner ,always very quick no longer than a few hours ,most a day

    The packaging is excellent very well done ,no possibility of damage and no indication of contents ,overall very well done

    the test prop was excellent ,no pip very good increase in libido and good workout mixed with pre

    the test e was one of the best iv’e tried in a long time over the weeks probsbly started hitting me on about the 4th or 5 th week but very good test felt the kick along with the prop,also no pip, done 2ml a time still no pain,just had to avoid the scar tissue,that tear feeling ,Hate it,

    the tren well what can i say the A gave me bad tren cough,thought i was gonna die,even my best technique did not work as soon as i feel the throat tickle coming i wait and reposition the need,didn’t work no matter what i tried, but by fuck Tren was dynamite hit quickly,

    only got the cough a couple of times during the Tren-E,.

    yhe Deca was for a later cycle mix and match but the deca took a while to kick in but when it did i felt it good and strong ,body was Hard and veins started poping,strength was noticable and dbol helped in that department great double act,

    haven’t tried the winny so can’t comment.

    All in all everything iv’e tried from DRAGON PHARMA has been above expectations.

    i’ll write another review shortly as coming to the end of a cycle where the winny will be used last 4,5 weeks

    The sustanon 350 was the absolute dogs swingers,used alone recently as i can remember for a cruise for 700mg a week hell of a cruise felt as if i was on full cycle the sus is excellent and will put weight on if you wish with cals% or really do recommend as a cruiser,excellent sus and my best to date as iv’e tried 3 or 4 recently

    Can’t knock DRAGON PHARMA at all there gear at the moment is spot on and will be trying there deca-test shortly

    Thanks Roidspharm for some great products.

  57. daznchucky says:

    Have used a number of suppliers, & this one is definitely a good,reliable supplier… Up there with the best!! Very fast transaction & no problems whatsoever!!

    Communication was spot on, did not need any customer service etc because the transaction was so fast & faultless!!

    Super fast delivery time & very happy with packaging !

    Great quality products, was using up some old (weaker) gear & within a couple of weeks the change is significant!! The test e 400 & EQ feel well dosed and amazingly enough, no PIP from the test e 400, which is impressive!!


  58. Koncrete says:

    I have ordered from RoidsPharm before and every time is smooth. Great stock and fast shipping. Do it!

    This source has alot of promos and updates! Always keeps everyone in the know. You are never left in the dark.

    I never had problems in order but Im sure if I did they would correct it.

    2 test blend oils

    12 weeks usage,great quality,very smooth, feels great, no pip noticed.

    no issues at all with this source. will use them again!

  59. rocco123 says:

    I have been using this source now for over 7 months…

    By far the cheapest pharm grade products, excellent communication and packages always arrives as promised with a tracking # … to me 8-9 days after my order being placed! Having that tracking # is really a piece of mind — you know your dealing with a good legit source when your product has shipped 8-9 days after your order and referenced with a tracking

    #Excellent communication – even considering I’m in a different time zone than this supplier!

    Packaging was great… all of the content in the package were carefully packaged together and shipped – and discrete. (packaged so well it does take 10 minutes to open sometime:)

    Humatrope HGH 72iu — ordered 3 + times and received 8+ kits


    At this stage in my life, I only take Name brand, high quality — and that’s exactly what I order and receive with them — if you want to be your best, look your best, feel your best — than purchase the best brand name HGH out there.

    Very pleased after years of trying to find a cheap, name brand legit source! I have and will continue to refer them and personally use them for years to come! many thanks!

  60. ReadyToKillIt says:

    This was an excellent src to deal with. I was very happy to be included on the dragon pharma test prop promo.

    Communication wasn’t needed, but i was very happy to be updated every step of the way.

    I received this very fast and it was in a discreet package. It wasn’t overly wrapped, but it seemed safe enough (it obviously got here so no complaints).

    I used this whole vial at 100 mg eod. It was on par with the last prop i was using as far as gains. It had zero pip and there was no pause in my cycle. This is something i really look for going from brand to brand, if my libido dips, or i start to break, i notice instantly. This dragon pharma prop definitely kept things going for me.

    I would gladly do business here again.

  61. Thisso says:

    This is my second cycle and the results so far are great. I’m taking 600mg test e, 400mg deca Broken up into two injections a week and 50mg of bdol ed. I’m also taking arimidex at 0.5mg eod. I’m on week 8 and have gone from 84kg to 95kg, some of that water retention from the dbol. I was at the beach with mates yesterday and they amazed at my change. My libido is through the roof and the missus said she can’t wait for me to get off cycle and stop annoying her all the time. At the gym my strength has gone up heaps, I finally broke the 140kg rut I was stuck in on bench press

    These guys always answered my emails promptly and communicated every step to keep me informed.

    Packaging is outstanding, Australian customs opened it and didn’t find a thing.

    I’d recommend these guys to anyone, the whole process was easy and will most certainly use them for my next cycle.


  62. aussie leigh says:

    ordered some 20mg Dianabol great communication good prices

    will go back again if make it through customs and g2g

    update when received

  63. antsmith1990 says:

    Top source for a reason .

    Ask a question . get a reply every time .

    Can’t complain. Guys been good as gold from the start .. my last two orders have taken a bit longer than usual due to me not leaving my order ref . completely my fault . even with that being said . I still received my package within excellent time

    Been goin Test cyp 6 weeks in total. Feel like the god dam. running these guys dragon pharma eq and cyp. Did the first few. weeks with oxys . strong as an ox . haven’t got on the scales but I’m getting compliments flat out

    Got more.goodies.on route . I’ll post a review asap . haven’t got on the scales recently


  64. juiced1983 says:

    i ordered cialis and test e. i tried 30 mg of cialis and 2 hours later it was hammer time!!! someone says it only worked at 100+ gr but i am a true cialis Connoisseur and this stuff is no BS the best I’ve ever had!!! Test E is straight legit and at 250mg week bloods were above 1200!! i found my new source for life!!! the best part this guys communication is the best and I’ve felt with a lot!!! Truly cares about his customers

  65. elvis7uk says:

    Made 2 orders from roidspharm service was fantastic, great communication answerd all pms fast, very polite, i have never order any thing online before so first time i was nervous from begining to end but with roidspharm fast replys to any pm,s i sent and as he promised i got my tracking number the next day, his customer servce is great even after ive received my orders he has kept inouch, ive used many sources in the past but roidspharm is def the best ive delt with and i will continue to do so for along time to come

    Brilliant answerd all my messages very fast

    From the time i placed my orders from the te to my door was 2 weeks as promised, packing was discreet, and products were wrapped save couldnt ask for better packaging

    The quality in my eyes are great the pump on the oxys are great, strength went up and i had been off from the gym due to a pulled cuff muscle these oxys were manly to gain fast as id lost alot of muscle, been on them now for 5 weeks and gains have been great, people at my local gym have been noticing the gains, and mixed with the t-400 the pumps are fantastic, the oxys came in boxes and in foil strips off 10 and in my opinion very good quality gear, the t-400 is pip free very smooth and has my veins popin out my arms, they came in red box and flip lid

    This review is manly for the oxys but as ive been on the t-400 for 5weeks thought i throw a quick line in about it but will do another proper review on them at a later date, roidspharm is a top site roidspharm got a great range, his customer service is top off the range,i highly recommend shopping here, and think he should be number 1 on the source list, thanks for a great servce roidspharm your a top man

  66. dagdathecelt1 says:

    Excellent service and products again – these guys will continue to be my no.1 source.

    Discrete and suitable packaging. Order arrived the next week!

    Excellent quality. In the middle of my cycle and changed over to this brand. Good strength and high quality. Minimum pip and good gains.

    Would highly recommend these guys – will definitely be using them again.

  67. I had order some stuff off of roidspharm. And I have waited three weeks for my stuff and it still hasn’t came I’m getting pissed. I’m starting to think they ripped me off . Is my shit ever going to come . It’s 4 days late they won’t reply to me I wrote them 10 message with in the last three weeks and they haven’t even bothered to wrote me back if my shit doesn’t come soon I will be back on here to tell everyone to never use that site because I got ripped off.

  68. RickRock1086 says:

    first time i ordered from Roidspharm, got my gear in about 3 weeks, package was very discrete. I ordered 500 Danabol just to give it a try, and those blue hearts are fire. I also gave some of my friends a few pill so they can try Balkan gear and they loved also, my review is this dude got good price and good quality & quick response from my Emails, I definitely recommend it.

  69. Madjay1234 says:

    Hey about time I wrote this review as I’ve now finished my cycle and am over the moon

    I did a 12 week sust 300 and tren ace 100 cycle at 1 mg tren and .5 sust each day

    I gotta say wow both product and service are impeccable

    The service is top I honestly can’t fault it

    Over this cycle I put on and have kept 6 lb but my body composition has changed loads I’m leaner bigger and the missus loves it lol

    Any coms and support was top notch

    The sort of service you should expect from a major company

    Roidspharm is a real honest top notch

    Sorted all my problems

    Postage and packaging was all discreet and secure

    Top quality product I’m currently sticking up for my next cycle as I’m so pleased this time adding some d Bol as the reviews are good

  70. Bmw0580 says:

    I was looking for a new source as was very unhappy with the previous one and I heard good things about this company so I gave them a try and was pleasantly surprised, ordering is easy, communication is great, product quality is top notch, price is very good ,delivered the next week and it is safe to say I will be using no one else in the future, 100% quality through and through I couldn’t ask for any better,

    I am using 600mg a week of the test as a continuation of my last suppliers Sustanon and i have noticed a big difference I think previous was underdosed as I’m up 3 pounds after 3 weeks, feel and look fuller am a lot hungrier as well, pumps are harder also zero pip where as with last supplier I could hardly walk sometimes

  71. Indfanfromcol says:

    Great source. At no point did I feel like I was getting cheated or that ordering was sketchy, in fact it was the exact opposite. Quick to answer all questions Did a simple 10 week test-e cycle, with a dbol kick start. They had great prices when I ordered, better than most sources.

    Great communication. There was a slight problem with first payment, but it was not their fault at all. Source was very quick to fix the problem and was great along the entire process.

    Packaging was very discrete. Didn’t even realize what the package was until I opened it. T/A was spot on for the package coming to the states.

    Kalpa test was very smooth. Had almost no pipe, and it was a first cycle for me. Dbol was great. No sides with either products. Saw almost immediate results with Dbol, and kept a lot of gains thanks to the test.

    Will order from this company from now on.

    Attempted to keep cycle going another 5 weeks from oil with another company, and the stuff gave me the test flu that never stopped (will never do that again). It is safe to say, this source has some of the best gear out there.

  72. shaunshelley says:

    This is a review to commend roidspharm on their service and products. Placed numerous orders now and always been 100% happy. Will always go here in the future.

    This is the main area I would like to commend roidspharm on. Made numerous orders now and during this time I have sent many emails asking alsorts of different questions,I always receive a reply very quickly with 100% honesty and advice.

    Packaging has always been discreet and we’ll packaged to prevent damage to products.

    Product quality was very high,got me very vascular and great condition while only using low amounts. Product kicked in very quickly as expected and got some very pronounced tren sides. So I can say 100% that this Cut Mix 150 is legit and what it states on the vial is in this product. Couple of times got a strong taste while injecting and tren cough but nothing to bad.

    This is where I will be going from now on for my supplies,trustworthy 100%,great products,great customer service,I couldn’t ask for anymore. I would recommend this company to anyone with 100% confidence.

  73. mtn324 says:

    I have used Roidspharm twice in the past and will do so again

    Excellent customer service. They have always been quick to answer my questions

    Package delivered without problem. Well wrapped.

    This was a orally only cycle as my international travel makes pinning impractical 6Week cycle Dbol 10mg / ed week 1

    Dbol 30mg / ED week 2-6 dose spaced evenly (before food)

    Arimidex 1/2 tablet EOD 6 weeks Nolvadex 20mg Ed for 4wks starting at end of cycle All the above supplied in sealed pots. Only other comment was the Arimidex was a bit powdery and lost the edge definition.

    Side-effects were minimal. I had indigestion (prone to anyway) but it was noticeable. Also testicular atrophy as expected but PCT will sort that out. I did not have any issues with Gyno. What has surprised me is how well I responded. I have added 8kg at the end of a 6week cycle but lost 2kg of that over the last 6weeks during PCT. I did not get that puffy water bloat I had heard such a lot about. I am carrying more fat around the middle but with careful diet and training I expect to get that under control. Given that I spend time in places with minimal facilities the weight gain is even more surprising. I am really pleased at the gains.

    So what has this oral cycle only done for me? Simply it has added a nice mass which as a baseline is a good place to start the refining.

  74. lion-o says:

    This is not the first time buying from Roidspharm, and to be honest i only can speak very well about them…For me the Best!!!

    Primo is real, i used it for several week and very happy with results, im on cutting cycle and i feel hard look and more quality and help to keeping my muscle mass even in diet with low carbs.

    Provion 50mg day works very well to looks dry and keep the libido high. Im in a precontest cycle, and all products are working very well, i can see every day my body harder and with great quality, veins and pumps.

    They rules, i had an issue because the first order was stolen on postal service here on my country (very stange, tracking number was ok)….I spoke with them and after a days, they reship me the order for free to another address. I m in a pre contest cycle so Roidspharm save my contest 🙂 For me is the best source so far, great products, adn they really take care of his costumer.

    I m still running from past order Dragon Pharma products and they are very good (tes prop, stano tabs)

  75. stevo daniels says:

    this review is for dragon pharma sustanon and dragon pharma deca ive used RoidsPharm for the past 12 months on and off and have never had any issue with service or product

    the communication is very quick i rarely need to message them but on the odd occasion i have they have responded within hours

    the time of arrival is always 10 days for me from these guys which im allways happy with as my uk sources are 14 days so its a little quicker also packaging is always very discreet and very tightly packaged

    firstly ive used DP products a lot and never had an issue with pip i really like there oils allways smooth . i ran both compounds for 12 weeks all the expected sides oily skin high labido very aggressive in the gym some bloating but not too much . i was injecting twice a week 1cc of each so a fairly basic cycle but i still gained 3 kilos i also used dragon pharma tamoxifen the new 20 mg version which i got from another source which worked great for my pct

    i cant fault these guys comms are good and products have always been spot on

  76. 4rm4nd says:

    True seller that provides variety of products , amazing communication and prices

    all ways have been there and answers in no time , you have a question you ask he replies . never had any problems with him and done multiple transactions

    Well package and secured , never had any damaged items , And you order and you almost get it everytime the next week .

    This is my cycle prior to show growing .There is no pip never had any ,increasing food intake using clen to keep the water down , have letro too .. Keeping sides under control , Getting more dense , fuller , test is definetly up , strenght has gone up , can do a lot more cardio .going to do blood test .Deca is very potent 5th week you see all the desired sides , and cons 🙂 , Sust is great no complains now bold dunno , maybe i have not ran it long enough or in the coctail its just too week to compeat Tren a lot of sides after 1000 , so paranoid and the anxiety is god damn , you feel as if you were followed attacked its a nightmare make sure you got caber on had , Proviron is good

    i highly recommend this supplier. You can tell that he hand picks the stuff he pushes gives you variety of products and a lot of pharma grade and the stuff you would not usually find elsewhere and on top of that he lets you buy bulk deals so yeah , True seller

  77. Mrprop says:

    Ordered: Npp, Test ace, Tbol, Nolvadex, Hcg

    Items recieved in a timely manner

    Well packaged.

    Delivery time : 10 days from payment (international )

    Any questions was answered within 24hrs and was very helpful.

    Small amount of pip on first shot that however was a poor shot on my part after that it was smooth sailing.

    After about 10 to 12 days i decided to add the tbol to the mix and wow the best way for me to explain it was to compare it to tren. Major pumps looked huge would even get hand cramps. (I know some of you may think I’m crazy to compare it to tren but hey all our bodies are different) over all awesome experience with roidspharm will definitely stick with there products with no doubt at all on purity and effectiveness and then you add awesome support but him and in my opinion it’s hard to beat. One drawback is it can be a little more expensive than some but the sain you get what you pay for us totally true in this case!!

  78. MrP82 says:

    Good communication and fast turn around, always kept up to date with the order process

    Very good communication used a couple of times now and always kept up to date with the process of the order.

    Fast delivery and discreet packaging

    Ordered Sustanon, Dianabol, Enantat 400

    Seem to be doing what it should!

  79. turbo72 says:

    It will go with this supplier, I’m very satisfied about the system and the ordering it is not complicate and they had answer all my question, and I had a lot of question The shipping is more the Professional and also fast PERFECT!!!!!

  80. abombers says:

    RoidsPharm is the first source I used. The order went flawlessly and the gear stood up to its prices. I am seven weeks into using their gear in my cycle and my gains have been significant. My strength has exploded and bench, squat and deadlifts have all increased greatly. While their prices are high in comparison to other sources, one gets what they pay for, as the saying goes. RoidsPharm is gear for experienced users and those serious about their training.

  81. Saracasm_PhD says:

    Ordered the wife Dragon Pharma Anavar a little over two weeks ago. Working wonders for her. Of course, being a chick, she isn’t satisfied, regardless, of the results. Worried she’s getting fat. Yep….they’re all crazy. Anyways, great stuff! Simple, painless and quick when dealing with RoidsPharm.

  82. DBG says:

    Ordering with Roidspharm is one of my routines. Some very decent UGL labs and great AI/PCT meds. A nice lil collection of ‘pharma’ products too

    Packaging very non-descript

    Both of the provirons I used for at least 8 weeks back in Nov.-Dec., shit worked great.

    Been using the aromasin for months now and have had blood taken on numerous occasions with perfect results…found my dosing works best at 6.25mg 2xday

    The dragon pharma sust was as expected…my test levels were a lil low after using another brand, so I bumped up my sust dose(basically front loaded mid-cycle) with the dragon pharma and felt better and more on point in what I would say ‘instantly’.

    Now the Kalpa tren ace….I tried it out…def not as strongly dosed as other tren ace’s but it was still real, as I did get a slight coughing fit but nothing like some other brands I have tried recently that make you feel like you are going to puke your guts out lol

    I have ordered so much gear from Roidspharm recently that I am having a hard time keeping track of what I bought and used. This was just a snapshot so far. One thing I will say about Roidspharm is he will take care of you 100% of the time.

  83. lukeclarity says:

    This is my first time that I order from Roidspharm and I’m totally satisfied. Package was nice and arrived in 7 working days. I will order again surely.

    Fast and good communication.

    Nice packaging.

    I’ve ordered: Dragon Pharma DBol

  84. grazi177 says:

    Those guys rock! Fast pick up, fast shipping ….and great prices…

  85. DrS says:

    No, it just moved to

  86. Will says:

    Is the roidspharm website down? Could not access the site

  87. miclaughlin says:

    So I gotta say, totally stoked on RoidsPharm!!! These guys are legit and very professional. I’ve ordered 3 times from them so far and every transaction has been clockwork. For my latest cycle I front loaded with their Dragon Pharma Dbol and I’ve been running their Sustanon 350 and Deca 300 twice a week (700 and 500 split into two pins). The Dbol gave me some great initial gains, about 3lbs a week for the first 3 weeks and the pumps are nice. I initially began the cycle with their Kalpa Sustaxyl but honestly couldn’t take the PIP, I pinned my Vastus Lateralis and couldn’t walk for two days. I’ve been cycling for awhile now but I guess my body still ain’t ready for or used to those short acting esters and that shit packs a punch! Once I switched to the Sustanon 350 for test I was better off. It still kinda fucked me up the first week I was pinning it but I lowered the dose by half a ml for a little while and started heating up the vial under hot water and was gtg. Around week 5 I started blowing up, shit’s ridiculous. I’ve never used the UGL Dragon Pharma brand before and I can’t believe there’s not more reviews online about them, they produce a legit product. Stuff is changing my body and I would even compare the gains to my first cycle ever, that drastic (in a good way obvi). Anyways, I’m gunna quit rambling here, all in all I’m totally in love with Roidspharm. The only minor issue I’ve had with them is not receiving their emails bc I use hushmail and for some reason it won’t work, not a big deal, I contacted them about it and they helped me out, very professional. I’m almost completely finished with my cycle and PCT and will definitely post all the info and stats, including bloodwork, here once I’m done. Lastly I just wanted to say, these forums and the good people on this site turned me on to Roidspharm and I’m glad and thankful they did. Thanks to those who helped out, you’ve restored my faith in humanity, and big props to Roidspharm, You’ve got a customer for life, fuck the prices, worth every penny. Turning mad friends and family members on to you guys as we speak…I hope this was a decent review for those looking for info, if you have any questions at all please feel free to hit me up.

  88. Kobra says:

    First time using the guys. Ordered for both myself and my homie. Easy ordering, good prices, and good quality. This is roughly my tenth cycle and I prefer mild, shorter cycles.

    Ordering is clear, just follow the instructions and chill.

    T/A 7 days. Sealed, tightly wrapped, solid. Exactly as I like for my valuables.

    I run short, 8 week, cycles with moderate doses. Ran this cycle as follows:
    Week 1-4 50mg Var, 600mg sust

    Week 5-8 600mg sust

    Starting weight: 168, circa 8% bf

    Ending weight: 178, circa 9-10% bf I eat relatively clean and always keep my cardio up, so these were pretty solid gains, especially for an old timer of 38, The Var kept me pretty solid, with intense bicep/delt/gastroc pumps. My chica friends couldn’t get over how pumped I looked and felt to touch…….isn’t this the reason we’re all in this anyway, lol. The Sust kicked in relatively quickly, around week 2-3, and I could truly tell a difference. At my weight, admittedly low, I was able to hit my max bench pr, > than double my weight. Sust had all the side effects I’d expect, oily skin, multi-boners throughout the day, lil water retention, and overall euphoria and a nice pump. Overall, this was a solid cycle with quality gear. I’ll be using them again.

    Don’t sweat your order. He’s a man of few words, but delivers as stated.

  89. Dirk says:

    Am kalpa pharma test e 250 review! I have a few vials of this test and ran it during one of my cruises as my base.

    Delivered within stated ta and pack very well and protected

    I ordered a few of these vials when the brand first came out. I was already using a test e 250 from another lab when I switched over to his brand and continued to make strength and mass gains. It kept my libido nice and high and the only sides i had were slight acne and aggression. It pinned very smoothly and the oils appeared clean to the named eye. Vials and presentation were good as well very professional appearance.

    Solid test and solid dude. Thanks

    Very impressed with the inventory here as well. Good brands

  90. D4N2014 says:

    This review is for the testoxyl suspension. I’ve never taken pure test before. Prop, sust, e, phenyl, sure. Pure test, nope. An I think I might have overdone it lol. My boy’s gear is on point, let me tell ya

    Hit em up, let me know I was missin 1 test no ester outta my order. He sends me 3 total. Tellin ya. This guy takes care of his customers better then anyone I have delt with. Support is always there if I need it

    T/a is always as posted 10 days or less. I honestly stopped keeping track cause I know after donation is picked it up it’s on it’s way. That is one thing ppl need to realize with this guy, It has been years with him now and I have never NOT had summin land, not once. Any issue was delt with promptly. Packaging is sealed and on point. I feel like nothin would show up broken unless the postman purposely smashed the shit out of it.

    Took a 2cc shot. Waited couple days to put in this review. For additional info I am also on this sources Test E for over 7 weeks now. Didn’t want to interfere with my cycle to much. I did wanna try this as I want to include it to my pre workout days. An a pure shot of test, specially 2cc’s should let ya know if it’s good or not. N this is what I got from it Def increase in sex drive.

    Ended up bangin my girl as soon as we got to her place. Rest of the day found myself beast mode, ready to bounce at any minute Def increase in aggression.

    I was throwin around weights. U know when you go into the gym and you pick up a 45lb plate an ur like this is heavy as shit (gonna b a bad day) or ur like damn this fugger is light as shit (good day). Well it was an awesome day. Didn’t go to nuts cause I do realize there are tendons an ligaments holdin those muscles together. So ya gotta limit urself sometimes. Good increase in endurance, although I felt like it was harder to breathe slightly.

    Sense of well being was great through out that day an into the next. It was already up from the test e, seemed more pronounced though

    The test suspension was crashed some, heated it up n it was back to butter in no time. Very slight pip. Wasn’t present next day, Jus for a few hrs after inject. Nothin like I’ve read it can be like

    Roidspharm told me testoxyl suspension has a kick. Ha don’t be dumb like me. Take a small dose 25mg, 50mg. Jumpin right into 200mg was stupid. Learn from my mistake.

    Now this could jus be coinsidense. So don’t read to much into it. Either I got some crazy test flu off this stuff or my girl who has been sick had gotten me sick. Don’t get it twisted, Kalpa oils, preperation and cooking is all expert n on point. Want to clarify that for the newer ppl here. I’ve gotten test flu from switching sources back in the day or trying a different ester. But nothin like this. Leads me to believe that A.) TESTOXYL SUSPENSION is no joke an should be approached with caution cause this shit is STRONG as shit
    B.) Woman got me sick an no matter how much sex she promises me, I need to keep my ass home when she’s sick Take it at face value. But as my symptoms started day after inject I felt it neccasary to throw that information in there……… Update: turned out to be a sinus infection. So no worries

  91. Adamski84 says:

    As it was my first cycle I decided to ease into a oral Tbol only cycle followed by Clomid pct. Delivery came within 2 weeks and I ran the first 7 days at 50mg then ran a further 7 weeks at 70mg. Quite an expensive cycle admittedly but it worked a treat. I added really lean muscle mass with no water retention. The only side effects were back pumps on around week 3,but Nothing a she load of bananas and water couldn’t fix. I finished 6 weeks ago id day I’ve kept 90% of the muscle I put on. When I finished I noticed a big dip in libido but that only lasted 7 days once the clomid kicked in. I would highly recommend this product which was a dragon pharma but purchased at roidspharm.

  92. skywalker says:

    Products were delivered on time, ran Kalpa’s test e 250mg per week cruise after my last cycle, kept all my gains from the cycle. now I’m 16 weeks out from my first show ready to kill it.

    Kept all my gains on the cruise, sex drive was on point. Oil was smooth and no pip at all. Great lab and great source. Pleasure to do business.

  93. Alex_RU says:

    I have now for the third time ordered from RoidsPharm, just great

    packaging was very discreet

    Ordered 2x Ansomone Kit, 4x Kalpa Sust 350

    Today is the 6th day with ansomone, I feel constant pump in muscle and my skin is always better ansomone is 100% authentic

    will order again

  94. # says:

    This is a review for a promo order I got a couple months ago

    I ordered dragon pharma test 400. I was very pleased with how fast I started to feel it. Also with the size and strength I gained.

    Quality was great. Best experience I’ve had with dragon pharma. I ran 1 and a half cc’s for 6- 6 1/2 weeks. I will be ordering from RoidsPharm again.

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