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BuyTestosterone.NET Reviews is a trusted distributor of steroid products which exceed stringent industry standards. They have a wide range of Testosterones:

and other anabolics and steroids are available in their comprehensive inventory.

They guarantee customer satisfaction every single time you deal with them, not just because they have a wide array of high-quality steroid products, but also because they offer outstanding customer service, with quick turn-around on orders and a full guarantee on all their products.

Customer Reviews

Real customers from all over the country have nothing but good things to say about BuyTestosterone.Net. They are one of the leading testosterone distributors in the country because they bring you only the best testosterone products in the market, coupled with their professional and excellent customer service.

We constantly sample the latest products so that they can keep up with the current trends in the bodybuilding community, which is why there is always something in their inventory for every athlete and bodybuilder. Whether you are a newbie steroid user who just recently made the shift, or an old timer who knows the skinny on all types of steroid products, you will find something at BuyTestosterone.Net to fill your bodybuilding needs.

Virtually all of their customers have no complaints when it comes to their product range and quality.  All their valued clients are 100% satisfied with their quick turn-around time on all orders that are placed through their website. Not only does BuyTestosterone.Net deliver superb testosterone merchandise fast and efficiently, they deal with all their clients, partners, retailers, suppliers and the community at large with honesty and integrity.

They value every single product review or testimonials on their products and company as a whole very highly. BuyTestosterone.Net takes each of these opinions very seriously. They go over each customer testimonial and review to make sure they are providing you with products and services of the highest quality. legit

BuyTestosterone.NET Website

Overall Rating

BuyTestosterone.Net is definitely a trailblazer in the steroid community. The product range and variety are amazing, and they make sure that customer orders are delivered fast and efficiently. They are one of the leading distributors of high-quality testosterone products in the industry for a good reason. They deserve a 5-star rating.


  1. dsesno says:

    Great service and great quality product

    Excellent. Website is great and they have service ticket if you have question about anything.

    The order took about two weeks to get to me. This is what i expected from reading the reviews on this board. They provided tracking numbers. Packaging was great. Very discrete. Order was split up in 3 packages. was packed extremely tight and efficiently.

    So far so good. Test C seems to be good. Ill take blood test later but I’m quite happy. Kamagra worked. Cialis was not working at 20 mg but higher dosage seems to solve problems.

    Im extremely happy with these guys. Paid less than half price for a larger amount and better quality of T than I was getting through online clinic. Thrilled to find these guys and will continue using as long as possible.

  2. Timhardin36 says:

    This source is unbelievable!! You have earned my business as long as you are around!! Thanks for the free Clomid!! Communication was unheard of in this business, products came packaged great!!


  3. Tony Stark says:

    Once again well impressed. Order arrived within two weeks. I recommend this company and I will be using them again and again. Highly recommend.

    Regular updates throughout. You know exactly what is going on at each stage of the process.

    Well packaged and sealed.

    Testoxyl E 250 x 5

    Product checked out on verification website as genuine. Into my second week now and the injections are pain free. Also using KP Anavar. 2 weeks in and that is great too.

    I am pleased with everything and will buy again. Thank you.

  4. stpete says:

    I’ve been w/Bulldog for about 6 months and from day 1 i was impressed! The guy replied to each and every email i sent him within hours. And it didn’t matter what time of day or night it was. He was always there! I don’t know if he requires sleep or not.? Always got my orders within DAYS, Not weeks! Once Kalpa’s line of products became available, i was sure to jump on that. Got a few bottles of Testoxyl pinning 500mgs a week and shit got crazy! Jumped from 242 to 255 in 6 weeks and bench went to 405 in no time. I stand by BT and his team as they are the best people i have ever dealt with and i’ve been around the block a few times. I won’t order anything but Kalpa’s line of products as long as he’s in business. As a matter of fact, literally just ordered more. I would recommend dealing w/BT even if you don’t go w/Kalpas line. Customer service is second to none. stpete

  5. Hulk786 says:

    Great service and communication. Entire process was smooth.

    Quick response to any questions I had. Communication was great and efficient. They were very professional.

    Was packaged nice and tight. Good bubble wrap to protect The products a

    2 as test e

    2 as Deca

    1 as Anavar

    2 bayer proviron

    on for about 8 weeks . Libido is up agression is up. Products are what they are. By far the best gear I have used

    Running test @ 600mg per week Deca @ 600mg per week and 75mg var ed with 20mg proviron

    Number 1 source

  6. jersey15 says:

    I have been using BUYTESTOSTERONE.NET for about 3 years now and I cannot be more happy with their service. Turnaround time unbelievable, usually within 2 weeks of ordering! Can’t beat that! If I have a question I can send an email and can expect a quick response, usually within the same day. And i like the different payment options which can come in handy at times. BUYTESTOSTERONE gets a “10” from me!

  7. Broids101 says:

    I like the way they conduct business !

    Great communication!! Tickets were answered and responded to within at least 3 to 4 hours of submitting. Any question I had he was quick to answer on. Guys are legit !

    Nice packaging!! Everything was safely secure and discreet.

    Test P, Test E, Sust, Mast P, Tren A

    Will post about product effectiveness when time is proper

    You guys better stick around!! I have gains to make!!

  8. MuscleArt says:

    I’ve used a lot of different sources, this was the first time I’ve used I chose it because another source had gotten flakely and had seen great reviews here. It took a bit to get the order, overall about 20 days – but the packaging was the best I’d ever seen, and after three weeks on the gear, I’ve seen amazing results. No PIP, very noticable improvements in the gym and in the mirror. Definitely a fan of this gear.

    Nandroxyl 350

    Sustaxyl 350

    Trenboxyl Enthanate


    Been at it for three weeks now. Gains are coming big time. Side effects are low / as expected. Very happy so far. Weight is up about 10 lbs and defintely looking harder and stronger in the gym.

  9. Engineereddisaster says:

    I give my full recommendation.

    Amazing communication.

    Turn around time is very fast, I’ve never had longer that 3 weeks with BuyTestosterone. The packaging is as good as it gets. Very secure, keeps the gear protected from a rough mail lady, and very discreet.

    Test prop

    Test E

    I absolutely love Kalpa gear. The prop is as smooth and as strong as anything I have ever pinned. I am not new to the game and have had good gear, under dosed gear, and just plain shit, and honestly Kalpas is a good as it gets. I have gotten solid gains from Kalpas gear. My libido is through the roof on it, my skin is oily, my strength is up, and I feel damn good on Kalpa gear.
    BuyTestosterone.Net are people that I trust and wholeheartedly recommend them.

  10. Bobo831008 says:

    Guys, I am long time user and was eager to try some injectable dbol as my cycle kickstarter, so took advantage of the promo and bought 6 Bodypharm vials from

    Will update soon on results!

  11. tcj06 says:

    I’ve placed several orders with I’ve never had any problem with any part of the process whether it be questions, products, time frame, etc. seems like a stand up guy and has always made the whole process a breeze. I’ve never had to worry or question whether my order would arrive or not, which means more to me than any other aspect.

    I’ve placed several orders and usually payment was accepted within a day and products arrived within the 4-6 day range. Never exceeding 1 week.

    Products ordered have been Test E, Mast E, Tren E, and Tren A.

    All products were on par. I ran Test E for 12 weeks at 500mg and Tren E/Mast E was added at week 4 and carried out for the remaining 8 weeks. Tren was dosed at 400mg/wk and Mast at 600 mg/wk. Trensomnia, nightmares, high body temperature, and shortness of breath all began around week 6 “two weeks after adding tren/mast”, and continued until the end of use. Not sure if it’s common, but I flinched so frequent and hard while sleeping that it would wake me up on a nightly basis. This subsided after getting off of products.

    Bottom line is a helpful and knowledgeable guy. His products are on point and all I’ve come to expect out of a good source. I’d definately recommend his products to anyone and have to my friends. I’ll continue to use him as long as possible.

  12. dumdedum says:

    Ordered 6x kalpa sust 350 during the 25% promo.

    All emails were answered fast even one that i sent at 2am :O

    Order came next week special delivery. Decent packaging.

    Been using 2.5ml per week for around 8 weeks now. Defiantly dosed properly have been making great gains. Have been feeling massive increase in drive when working out and as horny as a teenager. Hands down the best test ive used!

  13. bigboy says:

    This is from my latest order.

    Communication is like always. Lightning fast. Within minutes. Good and polite.

    7Lab aromasin

    7Lab clomid

    Balkan tamoxifen

    DP cilis

    hcg SP 5.000 iu

    I took this with some pharma test e. I had from a private source. nice gains btw.

    This is foreshore my pct / mct for life.

    Bin taking adex before but this aromasin reilly did it for me. No bloat at all. And I’m gyno prone. And no problems this time.

    My first time with hcg SP good stuff. Balls came back down almost instantly.

    clomid and tamoxifen did what was expected.

    And way more than 50 in them:-)

    bedst recovery ever. Cilis yeah my wife and i reilly like them. So haard wood in at least 48 hour’s

    addicted for life.

    My most trusted seller by fare.

  14. Zee9 says:

    First time using BuyTestosterone and was very impressed with service, was a little hesitant at first but nothing to worry about, i will defiantly be ordering again.

    Everything was sorted in a day, no need to communicate, but if had to i have doubt it would be first rate

    Very well packaged

    Kalpa Test p

    Kalpa Tren a

    Am on week 5 at the moment and loving the tren a, shame my body does not like the test p, every jab left me sore for at least 5 days, so i switched to test e no problems there.

    I do believe kalpa are a quality lab just think my body dont like it.

    I would not hesitate to order again and again. Fast and on the ball.


  15. Gearhead1967 says:

    This is a long time coming review made about 7 orders thought it was about time I did a review

    customer service is second to none with this source always quick to answer emails you always know were your order is and when its shipped

    Packaging is great would never know whats in package

    7Lab test e

    7Lab tren ace

    7 Lab test prop

    Kalpa test e

    All kinds of pct

    Every thing I have had from this source has been bang on no complaints and I am a experience user of 8 years

    Will always be my number one go to source

  16. mmamax says:

    ordered some test e, order and delivery was very fast.

    did 2ml yesterday no pip no pain next day, so far so good

  17. massMike says:

    Great place to order from!! The customer service is very helpful and they reply to your emails right away! The prices are very good and the products are as expected, legit and effective. I would recommend my friends to order from them. I will order from you again for sure! Thanks

  18. Unit1 says:

    Good products and fast shipment. Good value for money. Only negative being is that I’ve ordered twice from these guys now and I’ve not had the freebies promised with their promotion.

    So far 3 weeks in and up 3 kilos, strength increasing but appetite decreasing due to the oxys

    All in all a good company and trusted supplier. Will continue to use in the future but as said before slightly disappointed with not receiving the freebies promised (first order was supposed to be some free deca and the second order free winstrol)

  19. DUSTIN073 says:

    Very good service from my personal experience. If I ever needed anything answered or had questions they were promptly resolved. The only thing is I wish they would carry some 10ml bottles but other than that I really like doing business with Very easy to place an order and I received both of mine in less than 7 days after they received my money order. Which as soon as I let them know they picked up the funds with in a day.

    All good products, they were not all for the same cycle but when I used them they all seemed good quality no pip with the Test-E (kalpa).

  20. BigrickG says:

    I ordered 7lab sustanon. It was my first purchase from BuyTestosterone and I was a little nervous.

    Very fast and very easy communication

    Used 3ml a week. Libido went up. Strength was up too. Gained more than 10 lbs in 12 weeks. The vials were clear as crystal and had no pip. Oily skin. Acne was everywhere. Chest, back, shoulders and arms

    Shipped fast and discreet. Gear potent and not counterfeit. Great source. Will definitely order from them again.

  21. r4ymond88 says:

    This is an overdue review for KP Tren E that I tried off of

    No communication needed everything from payment to receipt was smooth. No issues whatsoever.

    TA was great; pack was discrete and received in reasonable time-frame.

    KP Tren E, used in a Test/Tren/EQ cycle a while back, had amazing results. Tren was potent, I always judge how effective it is because it gives me insomnia and pretty bad night sweats (had to take the protector off the of mattress because it was impermeable and I ended up sleeping in a frickin pool of sweat.)

    Overall happy with my results and would definitely recommend and continue to use this as source as one of my options in the future.

  22. Gymjunkie01 says:

    Top notch people here easy to deal with and they really care about there customers.

    placed order sent payment and it was all automated keeping me up to date every step of the way. when I did have a question he was fast to respond back most times less than a couple hours.

    package arrived way under the stated T/A and the packaging was tight secure and some of the best packing ive seen to insure everything arrived

    This review is for the Haloxyl 10mg pills. started out at 40mg a day first day was getting severe headaches second day same dosage started nose bleeds 3rd day I backed it down to 30mg and that was the sweet spot strength was increasing muscles started to get a little harder looking aggression was up which concerned me a little already a hot head. by week 3 I was making big gains in the gym in the strength category. down side had trouble sleeping while taking them noticed I had to up my water intake to 2 gallons a day. Halo is a compound I would not suggest anyone run more than 3 weeks due to liver toxicity . deff advise anyone to run a liver protection oral along side.. Every single pill was pressed as the look like they came straight from pharmacy no broken or chipped pills +++ in my book

    this was some of the absolutely best halo I have ever ran hands down.

  23. Eagles 2013 says:

    T/A was under 2 weeks to the US East Coast and very discreet and secure

    I love KP oral. I have been running the T3 at 100 Mcg ED for about a month and have lost about 10 lbs without dietary changes or additional cardiovascular. Also, I have been running the Haloxyl at 10 mg ED to combat catabolism from the T3. I have maintained my muscle mass while on the T3 and added about 10% to my lifts in the process. All in all I am very satisfied

    Great products from a great supplier. Definitely recommend

  24. Brc0106 says:

    i ordered a few bottles of Kalpa’s test e 250 bottles were nice and full and the oil is very clean

    was top notch the best out of any source ive used on here so far if you have any questions they will answer

    its only been bout a week and a half but i can forsure tell product is 100% legit and potent and there is zero pip so im able to enjoy ive ordered from other places and so far has the best gear

  25. B-G-bdd says:

    This is a review for Kalpa oxandrolone

    Emailed once regarding payment procedure. He was quick to respond with detailed information.

    Amazing packaging. Neat and tight. Pills were in original Balkan boxes.

    Kalpa pharmaceuticals Oxandrolone 10 mg each

    I switched to kalpa oxandrolone from another brand.Took 40 mg/day and noticed increased strength by week # 2. The amazing benefits of getting lean vascular and abdominal fat loss came by week 3. I was stronger in my lifts. More ripped and veiny and lost lot of body fat. The water retention disappeared after first week of its use. Side effects were almost non existent. Mild acne and oily skin, Hair started to get thin but not to an extent that could start getting me worried. I was running it with masteron. P and Test.P. Added winstrol end of the cycle for 3 weeks but the real results and feelings of getting shredded came through anavar. I could definitely run it for longer but ran out of budget. This might be costly but top quality properly dosed products are expensive and I have learnt this in the past the harsh way.

    If I’ll be able to save some cash, Will definitely do another purchase. My girl friend have used this anavar too and she is more than happy with the results.

  26. grel26 says:

    This is my first time using BuyTestosterone.Net. I found them on here while searching for new sources to try. At the time when I used them they were running a promo of 25% off on all products. I placed my order and received it faster than I expected.

    They were quick to respond to any emails and answered all my questions. Due to some miscommunication on my part, I got confused as to when my order was shipped out. It was not their fault. My email got all messed up. I made a stupid mistake and went off on them not realizing it was my emails that were messed up. I quickly apologized to them for that.

    Packaged arrived within 9 days from time payment was sent. It was packed really tight and discreet. Took a few mins to get it all unwrapped.

    All Kalpa products. 3 vials sustaxyl 350, 2 vials testoxyl E, 2 boxes 100 tabs each clenbuterol 40mg, 2 boxes 100 tabs each 50mg T3.

    The clen is the strongest I’ve ever had! Usual it takes a few days to feel it. But I started feeling the affects on day 1. Hands were shaking, body temp went thru the roof! So much so that my girlfriend said she could feel the heat coming off me just standing next to me. T3 worked well with the clen. Body fat went noticeably down. Sustaxyl started to kick in around day 6. Which is typical for any sustanon. Strength had gone up. Muscles are getting bigger. I’m dosing at 1000mg for the first 2 weeks and then down to 500 for the rest of my cycle. I haven’t used the testoxyl E. yet. I’m saving that for my cruise. I’m blasting with the sustaxyl. If it’s anything like the sustaxyl, then I will be more than satisfied.

    I was skeptical at first, as I’m sure anyone is when first ordering from a new source. But they eased my worries with their quick responses to all my emails. Plus I couldn’t pass up a deal like this. I am very happy with this new source and new lab products. I would definitely recommend this source to anyone. And I will be ordering more from them.

  27. PapaSwole says:

    What can I say got my prop awhile back! T/A was super fast very pleased since it’s becoming harder to get gear on time! The prop i was using is for my comp prep and is awesome no pip oily skin Libio is there all great signs of a clean test prop. Will be order with this company again!!!!

  28. mrmagic37 says:

    The gear here is the real deal. Works like its supposed no matter what your flavor. Occasionally I try to save a few bucks by using different labs and so far everything here is G2G. Extremely fast shipping. 10 days on average and that includes from the time you order. Communication is excellent. Most questions are answered within minutes. The longest I ever waited for a response is about an hour. Tracking numbers are always provided. I will only use these guys for gear as the quality is always good. I definitely would recommend these guys.

  29. guitarplayer1 says:

    First experience with these guys

    Very easy communication. Support not needed

    Pack landed in timely fashion. Pack was sent discreetly and tight

    BP Dbol

    BP Anavar

    The dbol was extremely effective for me. I used 30mg ED for two, 2 week intervals during my winter bulk. Easily broke through sticking points and kept the weight progressing up. I’d say the dbol was good quality. Var will be reviewed at a later date

    Very positive experience with BuyTestosterone. Pretty solid all around

  30. Ron says:

    I made a purchase on 8 days ago and it still says shipping status pending,on the website it says that orders are shipped 1 to 3 days from purchase and tracking number provide but still nothing.I have emailed customer service 4 times and no response.It is my first time dealing with them and to be honest it’s getting kind of aggravating the lack of comunication.Can anyone give me some feedback?

  31. CHUNKK says:

    This is my review for my last purchase from, I am reviewing the SP Labs tren ace.

    I really didn’t communicate much with the source, pack arrived well within stated time so it wasn’t needed.

    Shipping took about two weeks.

    This was my first run with tren, I decided to go with sp labs because I have ran many of their products with success and I’m confident in their quality. My tren cycle was for 8weeks. The sp tren ace is dosed at 75mg/ml so I pinned 0.7ml everyday, which comes out to 52.5 mg. I did an every day pinning protocol because I heard it keeps blood levels more stable and reduces sides. The results I gained was pretty impressive. By week 2 is when I first started noticing gains and from there it just progressed and got better and better weekly. Live heard many guys say they seen changes in the mirror daily. From my experience that’s a little exaggerated but I definitely seen weekly changes. By week two my strength shot up and continued to improve on about a weekly basis. The recoup effect it had on my body is where the tren really shined. I was getting compliments daily, several guys even asked me if I competed. My whole body was a lot harder and muscles were more defined. My veins were bulging everywhere, without even flexing, my body looked like a road map. I also noticed my arms seemed to look bigger in fullness, which is something I was real happy about. I can’t say I lost all that much fat if any, but with the hardening effects tren had and the amount of water I sweated out it definitely gave my body a much leaner look. I didn’t think the sides were all that bad really. I felt the sides within the first week but I tolerated them pretty well. After a week in I noticed I was sweating a lot more. I’d sweat so much during my workout I was practically soaked as if I took a shower with my clothes on. Ip the tren definitely had an impact on my stamina/ cardio, just doing a simple set of bicep curls would start to get my winded and I was huffing for air. Insomnia wasn’t to bad, I definitley slept every night, I probably only averaged 4-5 hours but I still woke up feeling well rested. Tren didn’t have any negative impact on my mood or mentality which is something I heard a lot about and made me nervous. I didn’t experience any anxiety or paranoia, at all. In fact the my well being was euphoric for many weeks and I felt great physically and mentally. I definitley enjoyed my first run with tren.

    I would recommend and sp labs to any of my friends with the upmost of confidence.

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