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Is a legit steroids source or a scam one ? is an approved and verified steroid source:

  • It is a fully tested steroid source since 2002;
  • Delivers packages;
  • High quality steroid products on sale.

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In the pool of pharmaceutical websites that are on the internet, Buy-Steroids is one that boasts to have the answer for all your needs. is the place where those searching for safe anabolic steroids can find anything they are searching for because the website really does have a great selection of anabolic/androgenic steroids.

Kalpa Pharamceuticals, 7Lab Pharma, Dragon PharmaSciroxx, BodyPharm, SP Laboratories, PharmaCom Labs, Gen-Shi Labs, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, British Dragon Pharma, Black Dragon Pharma are brands on this website and they come at a very low price. The online pharmacy is available at any hour of day or night for ordering your steroids for bodybuilding purposes. There are even Peptides for sale and Ancillaries available at the Buy-Steroids website.

Ordering online is easy and simple and payment methods include Bitcoin and others. Buy-Steroids reviews submitted by users can be a great way to get a better idea of the payment process, you can read testimonials right below this review. Keep in mind that some common complaints are about the lack of other types of medication, which other competing pharmacies offer as well as the lack of any type of Buy-Steroids coupon codes. Buy-Steroids offers generic steroids mostly, which is the cheapest way to go when buying steroids in a local pharmacy. The quality of the generic steroid is not sacrificed even though it is sold for much lower prices than that of name brand products. could be a good place for you to buy steroids overseas for bodybuilding, if you choose to buy from them, please share with us your testimonial – experience, delivery, packaging, product quality and so on. -> Dragon Pharma Legit Supplier is an approved supplier of Dragon Pharma products, it can be verified online here: dragon pharma supplier – Dragon Pharma Approved Supplier (Click to Enlarge) -> Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Legit Supplier is an approved supplier of Kalpa Pharmaceuticals products, it can be verified online here: kalpa pharmaceuticals supplier – Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Approved Supplier (Click to Enlarge) -> Gen-Shi Laboratories Legit Supplier is an approved supplier of Gen-Shi Laboratories products, it can be verified online here: gen shi supplier

If you have your own user experience with -> then share it with us in comments/reviews bellow!


  1. alex0m says:

    First time ordering from and I’m completely impressed. Ordered 2 packets of clen. Took 4 days from time I placed my order and to receiving my package today to Aus, which is amazing enough a it is that it got through at all! Great price, communication, and customer service. Will order again from!!! Thanks!

  2. getdown says:

    It was my first order and i want to say.

    Great communication & Fast Shipping.

    Good price too.Legit Product. Thanks You.

  3. mkm007 says:

    I was hesitate to buy gear from or any other online source, because I can be easily robbed or given fake gear. However after 3 months of investigating and reading other users reviews, and seeing that B-S always around to see if anyone had an issue to try to fix or compensate I became more comfortable to go ahead and place an order and I’m glad that I did.

    Communication was fast. Within 12 hours and sometimes within minuets as if he was texting me. It got a little slower after payment sometimes he will take a little over 24h but rarely and still fast really.

    Packaging is well wrapped as everybody who bought from know

    (Good job on that).

    However, time estimate wasn’t a week and I can’t say I didn’t expect that. But 10 days isn’t that long either.

    Propionate x 8

    Oxan x 2

    Equidex x 2


    I can’t say much about quality because I’m only on week 2. I’ll write another review on quality by the end of my cycle. But recently I have been feeling good pump.

    I was supposed to get a second shipment within a week, but due to a mistake from my part the package was returned to the sender. because I forgot to add the apartment number.

    So guys always make sure that you have the whole address and is correct.

  4. ripped rideout says: came through again no hiccups just smooth sailing a pleasure to order from.

    Communication was great they kept me updated through the whole process.

    My order came in about 10 days it usually takes no more then a week and packaging was great also no broken items everthing intact no leaks very professional.

    the quality is very good been using the test cyp,npp and equipoise I’m big and lean and my vascularity is like a road map very happy haven’t used the anavar or test prop yet so I can’t comment on them.

    If your thinking about giving this company a go I recommend them and you will be very happy like me they are very reliable and eager to please you.

  5. MsMASmuscle says:

    great service… great product…. surprised he isnt higher on the list…

    ordered a few things that i cant get from my normal source.. But will review just the Inject dbol for now..

    been on the inject DBOL now for 2 weeks.. this stuff is insane.. I never get this kind of pump of dbol oral… and i have tried many different orals..

    1/2 cc before training and i blow up… Whats even better is that i stay full all the time now. Even on none workout days i feel like im exploding..

    No PIP… There is a bit of a sting injecting but that goes away fast.. will for sure be ordering more…

  6. Tinyboy says:

    I order 10 ml test e and the gear was 100% good 2 go

    I had problems from start but it was all my fault . I message them had he fixed problem order came 5 days later

    packaging was discret

    been using for 8 weeks and gear to me is top notch

  7. brancobob says:

    Test prop 100. Fast shipping, great communication and product was what i wanted. Definitely some pip for the first few weeks, but by week 4 it was manageable.

  8. mooseknuckles23 says:

    First time I have ordered my own product. I always got it through some guys in town. I was a bit nervous, but B-S is on point. No issues, and I got some freebies. He even included syringes and needles.

    T/A was 6 days to the east coast from the day I ordered. That is outstanding if you ask me.

    Test Cyp

    Test Prop


    TRT patient. This gear is as clean as it gets. I’ll be doing bloodwork in 4 weeks, but the prop is definitely good to go.

  9. Kill_it says:

    1x Kalpa Sust

    Kalpa Sust has a thin and extremely clear appearance.

    Writing this review for a friend because he used it .

    He told me he was very happy with it. He used 350 e3d.

    started with 190lbs , he felt after a week very strong in the gym. His libido was like a very high. By week four his strength had increased a lot. He gained 20 pounds and didn’t have much bloating.

    slightly high e2 because he didnt used a AI.

    Overall he was very satisfied with the product thank you B-S!

  10. thebionicman99 says:

    The Testoxyl Prop from is definitely LEGIT! Here’s some reasons why,

    1. Hospital Blood work, indication of testosterone increases

    2. increased size and strength

    3. Improved sex-drive

    I love their stuff!! This was my 4th order with them.

    Communication was great, they answered all my questions. Their packaging is secure and discrete.

  11. badbourbon says:

    Received the yellow tab anavar fast…used 6 week,started at one tab moved to 1.5 then two… felt great helped lean out…and tighten up…good product…seller has fast communication with each question..

  12. Lucky Schmid says:

    5+ orders from this source. Extremely reliable, friendly and quick.

    They were having problems and 2 of my packs were delayed. Surprisingly I was compensated with extra gear so I’ve absolutely no hard feelings in fact I’m more than happy because problems occur and sometimes it is hard to keep up the game but he is a stand up guy.

    Delivery is always fast and discreet. The delayed parcels arrived intact and discreet too.

    Plenty of gear ordered but will review deca and test e 250

    Deca: 500mg/week

    Test e: 750mg/week

    This stack gave me excellent strength and size gains. joints were very well lubricated. I had smooth flexible joints which helped me a lot lifting heavy. Sex drive was through the roof. I started noticing progesterone symptoms and quickly ordered cabergolin from another source.

    I have been extremely happy with their products.

  13. bakkeboy says:

    I am doing this review for last order of test p 100, its long over due but really wanted to make sure I went through it all before reviewing it.

    Like alwasy there was need for very little communication the whole process went smooth as always

    Very discrete, nothing crashed or broken

    Test p 100 ×8

    I was 100 eod with deca300 at 500a week and kicker of tbol 40 eod . Gains were amazing ,I put on 15 lbs in 8 weeks and kept water retention really low and had very little pip. ” in all a great product!

    Just a big thank you for great service and gear. I never worry about these guys.

  14. Kwass says:

    I had a rocky start with this company, problems with picking up the funds! But I stayed in contact with them and he came through. I received the product fairly quickly. So I have to say I’m happy with them!

    Proviron, hcg

    So far I’m happy with the product quality!

  15. Camron Galaviz says:

    I order and played with money transfer and it said my order was pending and status paid. 2 days later status said unpaid. I have left a ticket but no response. I sent it to the receiver but when I went back to check on the money collectors, there was a new name for the money collectors. I dont know what the problem is but its worrying me I sent 110 dollars that I wont get back or my product.

  16. PallMall says:

    This review is for Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Anastrazole

    International delivery to me, typically 2 weeks, on rare occasions 3.

    These tabs are dosed at 1 mg which is nice for me. I typically run around 750mg of Sustanon for cycles and am estrogen sensitive so I usually take .75-1mg of adex every day to keep bloating down and my nipples from turning into man boobs.

    Legit supplier, real products, good prices and always willing to offer a % off discount ever since my first purchase. No complaints here.

  17. Marcel1229 says:

    Tried Kalpa’s Test E and Test P and got amazing results fromt them. Got a higher increase in strength, weight gain, and libido.

    I didn’t even notice it was gear when I saw it. And it took 5 minutes to unpack it with the wraps, so you know your gear is safe.

    With Test P / Test E increased in strength, weight, and libido.

    Totally recommend buying from here!

  18. Aaron says:

    I am interested in your products

  19. hooligan16 says:

    This review is past due, its for 10mg danabol I recieved some time ago.

    Answered all questions I had in a timely fashion.

    T/A was right around the time they said it would be. Package was very tight and discreet.

    Quality was up there with some of the best dbol Ive ever used. Used the dbol at 40mg a day split into 2 doses of 20mg twice a day, decent strength gains, slight raise in aggression, gained a few lbs due to water retention.

    These guys have always deliverd a great product. Will continue to do business with this source.

  20. flacidego says:

    This review is for the products/service I got during the last promo.

    Packaging is great. Looks like a regular piece of mail with no indication of what is inside.

    T/A was within the alotted time. 12 days, I believe.

    SP Turinabol

    Balkan Provimed

    SP Test E 250

    Currently running a 12 week cycle which included a test prop kicker for 4 weeks on top of 400mg per week of test e. I added in tbol in week 5 to get the synergy between the long ester test and tbol. I switched from another source’s Balkan tbol to the SP tbol running 50mg a day and didn’t feel a difference during week 2 of the tbol. Still getting veiny from the shoulders down to the backs of my hands and getting pumps that are close to the dbol pump, but not as wicked. I think I’m a fan of tbol! Dbol made my blood pressure rise dangerously high so I dropped it my last cycle 2 weeks in. So…yeah. I like tbol. I’m on week 7 of my cycle, so the SP Test E has kicked in pretty well. Hightened libido, oily skin, sweat smells more musty like a teenager, and I’m up 8lbs. I’ve run SP Test E before and had the same experience running 500mg a week. Great long ester test. Love it. The proviron is on par with the leading pharma brand’s product milligram to milligram.

    Was dosing 25mg every day weeks 1-4 and chasing the wife around the pad like a horny 15 year old.

    I was starting to get veiny and hold less water until I dropped it to better guage the effects of tbol. Solid product. has great products, great service, and I’m sure the communication is there if needed based on all the great reviews. Order with confidence.

  21. jg500dl says:

    This is the GO TO source for all things Kalpa! I made a massive order when the site ran their first big promo. I already knew I loved all the Kalpa products, and I was excited to see I could get them straight from the manufacturer at such great prices.

    Very quick T/A especially for intl. All three arrived within 10-14 days.

    Kalpatropin HGH

    Test E

    Test Prop



    Lab results:

    GH Serum – 25.8 (standard 10iu IM 3.5 pre drawing)

    Test – 1490 (300mg test E per week) Other than that, test has been upped to 600mg per week along with 900mg EQ. Results have been phenomenal as expected from the great quality of Kalpa products.

    If you have not yet tried Kalpa, you NEED to! And there is no better source than here!

  22. still18 says:

    No communication needed, paid for the order with bitcoin and next day it was shipped. Their policy is to send a tracking number 7 days after your order placed. When I received the tracking number the package was already shipped and on its way for delivery.

    received within 10 days after being shipped. I requested discrete shipping and when I opened the package I was even surprised how well it was packaged.

    Kalpa HGH

    I’m familiar with GH and usually I know it’s real when I get lots of side effects, at first I pinned in the morning and it was really a struggle to keep awake and when I got home from work I just had to take a nap. My pinning routine was 4iu ED.These side effects passed after about 10 days when I changed pinning schedule to early evening to avoid the daytime lethargy. Other things I have noticed is that my weight stayed the same only my pants became looser. I have constantly numb hands and at first I felt kind of terrible but now I have a good sense of wellbeing. I only used Kalpa’s GH and nothing else.

    Placed a second order already with as this was a test order and really liking their prices and shipping times. My second order is T3 and Cut Mix 150 and once I’m a few weeks in I will place an other review.

  23. weldon5150 says:

    First off this was my first order EVER online and it will not be my last. Perfect!!! is very professional and easy to deal with. I was very nervous as this was my first ever online source. I was especially nervous because of no tracking number, but it got here so quick, I will never worry again. All I can say if you are on the fence, just do it. has Primo quality stuff and a killer price. I can’t state enough how easy the process was. It got here in 10 days.

    The Packaging was tight, discreet and solid. No worries about anything breaking.
    Like I said this was my first time ordering from anyone online. I was nervous about the process, but so happy with the result. I was not sure is this site was BS if these were all scam or what to expect. I did a ton of research and placed small orders with 3 sources on this site. was the first one to get here and the quality of the product is outstanding. He will be my new source no reason for me to go anywhere else.

  24. Barnhartisme says:

    Great speedy service. Will be ordering again soon.

    Stealth packaging. 14 day to mail box after payment. Awesome

    Day 2 on Dbol my body was noticeably filling in face was really swollen…. Adex took care or the estro sides. Gained 22lbs from this cycle. 12lbs came on the last 4 weeks on the Dbol. Kept 9 lbs after pct. Was my first cycle

  25. blazermaster says:

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about That’s why I gave him a try and I have no regrets whatsoever. After switching from another top source, I could immediately tell that the quality was at least as good, if not better. We have many options to choose from, and many have quality products. But what really made me a their fan is the support and communication that was provided. He truly is the best souce that I have dealt with.

    Quality is A+. I am using 600mg test e, and 400mg deca per week. The oil is very clean with near zero pip. I can tell from being a trt patient that Kalpa test is dosed properly, and I have used test straight from the pharmacy.

    I know it’s hard for some people to decide what source to go with. All I can say is give a try. I feel very confident that you will not be disappointed. They have a good selection of products, good prices, with excellent quality.

  26. Theshadow001 says:

    Received quickly, firmly vac wrapped, and definantly the goods. EQ is getting me vascular and harder and test is same good ol test as always. HGH is def legit and prices are perfect. as for all injects, all are painless and no pip even though higher amounts are being used.

  27. Mack_defender says:

    Ordered test p and var. order came within a week and packaged very well. Test was exactly what I was looking for. Major increases in strength and mass. One vile came cracked because of the weather and sent me 2 for free within a few days. Have ordered 3 times now and highly recommend.

  28. maximus92 says:

    Just received my first order from Took less than 2 weeks to get and the package was wrapped with care. B-S answered any questions I had within a matter of a few hours and made me feel confident in my choice of ordering from him. Stand up guy and can’t go wrong ordering from him. The oil and the label look legit and the prices are among the best. Has good quality and pricing so this is the place to order from. Gonna make another purchase sometime this week to take advantage of his great gear.

    Haven’t used products yet but from what I’ve heard he has excellent quality gear. Will post results soon. is the way to go. Will be a constant customer for a long time.

  29. JRambo says:

    This has been my top source on here for several years now!

    Excellent packaging, I have never had one issue with any packaging or damage from this source. Very discreet. Just shows up in your box.

    Test Cyp, Test Enanthate, Sustanon, Test Prop, Deca, EQ, Masteron, Tren, Superdrol, Nolvadex, Arimadex. Just finished Tren, Master, Prop cycle.

    I use their test products year round.

    Excellent – they have the best quality of any products that I have tried (and I have tried quite a few). Injectibles are very potent and no PIP. I will not buy injectibles from anyone else.

    Very professional, great products and prices, and top level customer service. Should be at the top of the list for sure. Outstanding source.

  30. commit16 says:

    Ordering from was easy and not complicated at all. I will be ordering from in the future.

    Good T/A, considering items were from overseas.

    Product quality is great. I felt the T3 sides the first day. Clen will keep you pumped for the day.

  31. newcastle79 says:

    Extremely easy ordering process!!

    Excellent communication, B-S is a solid bro and will come through!!

    T/A was as stated, very discreet and package well.

    Test e



    Oils were decent, saw some quality gains and joint pain reduced. I cannot say oil was absolute fire, but at at par I was pleased.

    I would and will def do biz with B-S again. I appreciate his time and much respect.

  32. JoeyV says:

    Absolutely the best source I’ve used to date.

    Best communication ever! I screwed up some payment info, but he was still cool as hell when he had every reason to be pissed off. Thanks for your patience, Bro!!! It won’t happen again!

    Awesome packaging!!!

    Haven’t tried anything yet, but after all the positive reviews I’ve read, I’m not worried at all. I’m F’ing Psyched!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Sirk1981 says:

    All I can say about is that his gear is fire. I made a small order to try out some Test Prop. I was using another source’s prop 200 and I noticed the difference immediately. I had heard about Dragon Pharma gear, I was very pleased with all my dealings with and made another order after using DP gear for about 10 days.

    Communication was not needed after placing my order. On the other hand he was very quick to respond to all my questions before the order was made within an hour or two. Once the order was placed I sat back and waited.

    Packaging: very discrete and secure.

    I have been using only DP gear for a month now and I’m more than satisfied. WHAT IS PIP??? It is non existent with DP.

    I am starting to get asked around them gym “what are you on, where can I get some.” Thanks B-S and I look forward to many more orders!!!

  34. Ridgestar says:

    These guys are the real deal, absolutely outstanding service, great products as great prices

    The products seem to be very effective usual sides, tremendous strength and weight gains as expected even at a low dose.

  35. Bronster83 says:

    This is first review on SteroidsLive. Hope this is good enough.

    Emails where sent right back with all questions asked and fully explained.

    Received order 12 days after placed. great t/a

    So 7 weeks in on test e I love SP Labs. About 2 weeks in libido skyrocketed, talking about fat girls at gym look sexy wanting to smash everything in site. Weight gain has been about 8 pounds lean muscle and loss of body fat is amazing. is a top notch SP Labs supplier and recommend his oils.

  36. L.Boogie says:

    Packaging was great. No rattling and everything protected.

    This is great stuff. First time using Hcg and man am I satisfied as well as my girl! Mixed this amp into 4cc of Bac water and it was diluted down from 5000iu in 1mL to 5000iu in 5mL at 250iu per 1/4cc.

    I injected 250iu the first night and by the next day my balls were noticeably bigger and hanging further. It was nice to get them stuck between my legs when I was walking for the first time in a while. Second day they are even larger. Sperm count increased first night, but since then my chick can’t keep her hands off my nuts so we been at it about 7 times in 24 hours. So have not got to really see how much sperm has increased. Test prop and cyp are fire. Felt the prop pretty much right away and especially the next day I felt great. Cyp is potent and smooth.

    Great products, great service and great T/a.

  37. lordoftheoctagon says:

    By far the best source for GH I’ve ever worked with on here.

    T/A was insanely fast for overseas. Overly satisfied with shipping!

    Quality of the lens are amazing. These are the first pharma GH I’ve used and can easily notice a difference from Generics! Sleep quality is hands down better. I started simply at 2iu worked my way up to 4iu and kept my BF well within 4-5% while keeping my clas high dieting for my show. Plan on doing bloods to show numbers here very soon!

    I will not buy GH from any other source but him. So easy to work with and his service is hands down by far some of the best I’ve ever encountered here on SteroidsLive. You won’t be disappointed with this seller!

  38. rich_mk says:

    I have used a few times now and cant find fault with either the way they operate or the products they supply. I contacted them prior to ordering to make sure they have the items in stock and they quickly replied so i went ahead and placed my order.

    The order was shipped the day after i made payment and i received in 1 week or so, packed discreetly and securely.

    I used these cut mix for my cutting cycle at 1ml eod and my weight has gone down slightly and iv become more vascular. My strength has gone up slightly and my sex drive is through the roof. Also importantly little or no pip.

  39. Faz says:

    1st review of this source, an it was faultless. Easy to follow payment instructions and only a day to receive package

    Received emails confirming order specifics. Didn’t need any other support because it turned up so quickly

    Everything as you would hope for, discreet packaging

    Product quality was in my opinion excellent, haven’t used kalpa labs before but the strength gains were amazing! Got tren cough pretty much every jab an the nighte sweats were horrendous, all the signs you hope for with good gear. I won’t be looking for another lab for the foreseeable

    Will definitely be using this source from now on!

  40. Simfitn3ss says:

    Very happy customer here. Ordered my on cycle and post cycle ancillaries.

    Arrived within a week or so. Packaging very discrete and the way it is packaged ensures no damage can occur to the products.

    I am curently running 625mg Sustanon and 450mg Deca. During my cycle I always run HCG. I find that this prevents testicular atrophy and makes recovery easier. This is always of concern when running a product such as Deca, which as we all know is very suppressive.

    I have been running he HCG at 1000iu (2x500iu). I have been running a different product before doing this current blast and have noticed no difference in the quality of this Pregnyl. The guys are still plump and I am sure of a swift recovery.

    Throughout my current cycle I am running 20mg Nolvadex on Monday Wednesday and Friday to prevent any gyno and estrogen related symptoms. Cant argue with the quality, it is doing its job as well as being Pharma grade, so no complaints only positives from me.

    The Dragon pharma clomid will be used when I run a power pct post this blast, but can vouch that they are legit as they are identical to ones I have run previously.

    Overall a very happy customer. This source is on point and does well to run an efficient service. Will definitely be ordering from again.

  41. roughdog says:

    Extremely happy with products and service really can’t fault them.

    Always got back to me within a few hours when I had any questions.

    Super super fast shipping and delivery and packed nice and securely.

    The Parabolon was really strong even though I was only using 100mg eod I got sweats, strength gains, Increased vascularity and always felt irritated… Basically a sign it was very well dosed tren. The Oxandrolone at 50mg daily has gave me amazing pumps in the gym and helped keep me full while cutting.

    Overall I would highly recommend B-S to anyone as they have high quality products and always ship super quick once you have sent payment. Keep up the good work B-S.

  42. The Wall says:

    Cant say enough good things about these guys and the service they provide. Iv used these guys for three separate orders consisting of Test C, Anavar, nolvadex, Armidex and few other items. all three orders arrived within 3 weeks, all passed through customs and two were inspected ( Australian). Everything was packaged very well and the communication and service during the whole process from start to finish was very good. had some issues with payment, but these guys worked in with me and we got it sorted, gave me some good advice when I asked questions. So now for the important information. Their products are defiantly legit, just finishing week 8 of a 12 week test c cycle 400mg a week, with 4 weeks of anavar at 50mg a day for the last 4 weeks of the cycle with the test. running HCG and adex as on cycle support with the usual nolvadex and clomid as PCT. I am trying to minimise my water retention and fat through this cycle, and so far so good. The Test has allowed me to put on about 4kg in 8 weeks, and 3 kg of that is pure lean muscle, im fairly dry cause of the adex and my diet, training etc. now that I am running anavar I will lean out even more and still gain a extra kg or two of lean mass. So long story short, if you are looking for a reliable source that can get you premium products into Australia these guys are the way to go in my opinion. fast, reliable and good gear. ill be sticking with guys for all my orders as long as they keep up the good work and their gear keeps working the way it has for me over the last three times.

    communication and support has been very good.

  43. dreday says:

    Review for dragon pharma sust 350 and dbol

    Every email was answered quickly

    Was bout 12 days pretty good for intl the products were intact when i got them

    Ran the dbols 50 mg for 20 days the pumps were amazing had to carb up before gym because they were painful my strength was through the roof hit my pr on these the sus was great was another sources sus and his fell right into plave strength and libidio through the roof was great to deal with i will be putting another order in this week hes a stand up guy and is nout his business

  44. Bob.79 says:

    Very happy to use Genuine products, good prices and great service. Will use again.

    Great experience, emails replied to the next day at latest, kept up to date at all times.

    Delivery excellent, received goods in couple of days, a lot quicker than expected. Discreet packaging.


    Kalpa Pharma Dianoxyl10

    Kalpa Pharma tamoxifen

    Kalpa Pharma Clomiphene

    Oral only cycle using 40mg E/D, noticed increase in strength and size, very little water bloat tho which is down to clean diet. Not used tamoxifen as no signs of gyno. Using clomid Pct.

    Never heard of Dragon pharma before and very few reviews out there however the ones I have seen have all had good experience. As for I am very happy with service and speed of delivery so will use again. Will add test e to cycle next time tho.

  45. Big tony says:

    I’m so glad I took a chance and choose BUY-STEROIDS. There products are top of the line pharmaceutical grade products. Prices are as good as it gets for these products. No question on whether they are legit or not. BUY-STEROIDS has set the bar higher, when it comes to top quality products. It’s my go to for HGH.

    Communication was quick and easy, form the time I placed the order and until I received it.

    I have made several orders. All arrived in 10 days or less, except one which got held up in customs for awhile. Packages were tight and discreet.

    Ordered so far:

    Geno pens 36iu

    Geno pens 16iu

    Humatrope 18iu

    Been using 2ius before bed and 2ius in the morning. Ive been using these products for about 4 month. The Quality is as expected for pharma grade.

    All benefits of hgh have been present, major belly fat loss, increasing vascularity, sense of well being, great skin and many comments in the gym and out in public saying I look fantastic. The question I get the most is “What are you doing?”

    BUY-STEROIDS cares about his customers, he has followed my orders from beginning to end. Exceptional customer service and always answers his mail very quickly. Top notch source!

  46. Tim Bruce says:

    I have had nothing but problems trying to get BUY STEROIDS.BIZ to answer my question if my money was received by them and if order is on it’s way. I sent all my info for my money gram information and here 5 days later no response if my money was received. Not sure what all I just read from all the other reviews but my experience with them has been horrible. Im still waiting to see if I was ripped off and they just took my money. Very unhappy at this moment with the customer care and service.

  47. Jon says:

    I have been using for almost a year now and have made 19 orders and without fail my items have been sent out to me without any drama’s.

    I have seen how the Dragon Pharma gear has almost taken over the site as all the products i have used from the dragon pharma range has be bang on with gains and doing what it says on the bottle, I will be sticking with the Dragon Pharma gear from here on out and even better they now have a pct range.

  48. canavan says:

    Top notch!

    A+ for communication. Any questions asked were answered promptly.

    Packaging always secure and discreet. Orders always received within week of the order being placed.

    I’ve been running the test for 11 weeks now and have zero complaints. This gear is on point. I cannot so much comment on the T-Bol as I dropped it for Kalpa after I finished the first tub due to getting it alot cheaper from a friend.

    Will be continuing to use for all orders in the future. On point as always B-S. A++

  49. swoller87 says:

    Ordered last march quick t/a for international.

    Communication on point and professional didn’t have any problems. Had a missing item and he sent an extra winn to go with it.

    6 day t/a to USA . Packaged discreetly

    All dragon pharma products.

    All products seemed properly dosed and and legit. I liked the winnstrol better than the var. But var just doesnt do it for me, makes my kidneys hurt. Test prop was good extra horny strength increase good test. Only had one bottle of mast so hard to tell. 8 week cycle 300mg week test prop and 100 var and then switched to winn last 4 weeks. No major weight gain but definatley more definition.

    Good source smaller selection than some others but reliable.

  50. rangerspro1 says:

    Placed two orders with for KALPA DIANOXYL 10MG X 100 bought one for myself and a friend both had real good strength gains at 30mg per day along side sustanon at 500mg per week

    Packaged discreetly and secure.

    Good quality feel real good pumps off the Dianoxyl used it for 7 wk at 30mg

    Was pleasantly surprised to see my package arrive the next week as not many do. Brilliant thanks to

  51. lion-o says:

    Very good service, quick, fast, very good communication

    discrete, secure, very happy.

    I have been on jintropin for 4 month now and quite happy. 4iu/days stay lean while iam eating a lot, improve sleep.

    Proviron works well, 50mg ED and i feel hard look and less water during my cycle with sustanon.

    The test prop by dragon pharma is by far my favourite product, 100mg EOD libido really high,hardness, pumps and no pip. Second time that i run it to end my cycle and i feel more libido than with other test.

  52. lion-o says:

    Very happy with this site, really amazing service and so great products!! I was preparing a contest and im very happy with results.

    using all stuff for preparing my contest, start to see veins, vascularity, hardness and hard-look. Feel some rage in the gym. Im very satiesfied with the products, Dragon Pharma is one of the best labs that ive tried!! 0 pip too and im very sensitive.

    g2g great site, one of the best for me, sure i will buy again quality and price and service is perfect!

  53. VoodooOrange says:

    I thought I’d wait till my 3rd order before posting a review so I could make sure the service was constant and not just a hook. Everything from order to arm has been great and the service superb. I’d recommend to anyone looking to order or start. B-S is fast to give advice too which is really helpful

    Best communication from any purchase made in my life. Always replies within an hour during working hours and within 3 after hours.

    Always well packaged and delivery has been amazingly fast, normally 1 week. Haven’t had anything take longer so really impressed with that.

    I’m 8 weeks in and my strength has shot up as has my body size so I’d say the quality is amazing.

    500mg Test e and 400mg eq a week. Joints are smooth from eq.

    The clen has worked really well too. Cut bf by 4% so definitely top class product.

  54. yeahbrah says:

    Couldnt have had an easier transaction. First time ordering gear online, he replied to all my questions and concerns almost immediately

    Great communication, answered all questions very quickly and thoroughly

    Order arrived 8 days after the payment was received in very discreet packaging

    Great quality. Used for 12 weeks, 500mg test e per week, 50 mg anapoloon ed weeks 1-6, standard pct

    Will definitely be using them again. Gained 30 lbs after pct. Good, reliable, quality source

  55. Nazz says:

    I have had 100% success rate with this supplier. I ordered Anapolon 50mg along with other compounds and received the good in 14 days….I have been taking 2 tabs per day for about 21 days and plan to do a total of 6 weeks….. I love this stuff it packs on the weight fairly quickly and the strength gains are through the roof ..everything you would expect from using Anapolon … Although a lot of it is water it serves as a front loader to my cycle. The service this company provided so far on all occasions was way above average and will definitely order again…..

  56. supertonk says:

    Best source for GH! First rate gear, great customer service, fast and secure shipping. I’d recommend to anyone interested.

    Very accessible and communicative.

    Exactly 2 weeks, Int’l shipping. Packaging was very professional. Felt like I was getting it from Amazon. Tightly wrapped and secured with two layers of bubble wrap.

    8 x Genotropin Quickpens (36 ius)

    FIRST RATE! I have been using generics for a year and decided to try pharma grade HG (3.6 ius/6 days on, 1 off). I’m three weeks in and the difference is NIGHT and DAY! The sides are pronounced: my hands and arms fall asleep, my wrists are tight and my dreams are lucid as hell. I’m also recovering much faster from workouts. It feels like I’m running 8ius of generics. So far it’s been worth the money. But above all… I LOVE the quickpen. No syringe or vial to mess with, just a simple needle and pen. So quick and easy, even a child could do it.

    Thrilled to find this source. has earned a customer for life!

  57. RustyShackleford1983 says:

    This is my second purchase from B-S. I have found them to be fast and dependable both times, and will continue ordering from them. Thank you for the service.

    Communication is top notch. Received instructions and response to my my emails no less than a day from being sent.

    Package is discreet. Package came in about a week as the website states.

    Ran a 10 week cycle of Testosterone at 750mg, Deca at 500mg and recently finished PCT. Everything said and done I am happy with the results. My weight has settled at approximately 5 pounds gained, and strength gains have been good and are sticking.

    More importantly I feel better physically, aches and pains from different injuries accumulated have subsided while on, or are gone altogether. This alone has made it worth every penny as it has allowed me to go back to training at a 100%.

    I really appreciate the fast response time and the over all level of customer service. That kind of thing is important to me in this kind of purchase and is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  58. Mikey says:

    1st time ordering with

    Did need to contact very straightforward

    Discreet, secure and rapid delivery

    Been on other brands mast and npp, was gaining well off them but supplier ran out so gave B-S a try.

    Packaging on all products looks first class.

    I’ve been on test, mast, npp, winstrol and proviron for the last 7 weeks, swapping to Dragon Pharma’s products for the last 3 weeks and no drop in gains, down to 10% bf, down 2% in the last 3 weeks, feeling stronger leaner and no let up in libido!!!!

    Excellent products 1st class!!

    Just ordered some proviron as running out, dragon pharma proviron looks like a good price so going to try at 150 mgs a day will update review after I’ve used them

  59. ph33r says:

    Excellent source highly highly recommend to anyone who wants the real deal.

    Excellent all emails answered within 5-6 hours most of the time it’s within an hour. Answered questions clearly.

    T/a is about 5-7 days, excellent for a foreign source in my opinion. Packaging has to be one of the best I have yet to open, very secure and professional.

    Ordered 24 humatrope 72 and 6 genotropin 36

    Been using this sources products for over a year now, off and on – mostly on currently going 4 months strong and can definitely feel that the hgh is real. Using 3 units in morning and 3’units in pm and feel great. Everything you would expect with real prescription grade hgh.

    Definitely recommend this source for hgh, you pay for what you get and this guy is fast, ships usually same day and emails track info. Smooth transactions you don’t have to fight for what you ordered and paid for its just order and sit back and relax and it’s on it’s way with no hassle or struggle.

  60. kanga69 says:

    This is a review for the Testosterone Enanthate 250mg x 1ml vials. I am very happy with everything about buy-steroids. Love the new site too.

    The communication was excellent. I had a lot of questions right from the start but everything was answered promptly and politely.

    The items were packaged well. Because i was ordering from a country that has very strict customs laws, I was very worried about them getting through. They made it in tact.

    I have been using them for a couple of weeks now. I was using some local stuff before and I can tell you that the stuff from is the real deal. I am already seeing better results. The pump is unbelievable, and I feel so much stronger.

    I am about to place another order and I know it wont be the last. I recommend, give him a try.

  61. Alpharedstar says:

    This source is amazing, product arrived in about 12 days of payment, I asked to spell out my address instead of using digits so my mail carrier would not confuse my address, he wrote the address perfectly, the product was packed great, very impressive packaging, and the product is Absolutely POTENT, especially the superdrol, unbelievable stuff, I was getting back pumps just standing up, getting pumps in my chest and arms just brushing my teeth. I couldn’t be happier. This is my go 2 source from here on out. Thank you for your amazing services Buy-Steroids.Biz. All us Bros greatly appreciate you.

    Great Communication, response within 12 hours or less, I made a mistake on my order, buy-steroids was more than happy to help me clear up the situation easy peasy. Very professional.

    Very impressed with the packaging, it looks like something a foreign relative would send in the mail, nothing suspicious at all.

    Running 600 mgs of test with 500 mgs of EQ and a Super Drol Kickstart, superdrol is working within 4 days, the pumps are noticeable immediately. Test and EQ definitely working because I am still Gaining after coming off superdrol. I have re-gained 48 lbs in 4 Weeks from superdrol, most of the weight is muscle memory that I lost after an illness, but I’ve gained it all back and am my old self again thanks to I haven’t used the tren yet so I will follow the rules and won’t review that, but as far as everything else, it’s definitely g2g, I couldn’t be more satisfied with my order

    A bodybuilders dream come true, Thank You again, AlphaRedStar

  62. Big ian says:

    Successful 5th order

    Excellent comms, always answers questions within a day and often alot sooner

    Well packaged

    Excellent service and products as usual, never dissapoints.

  63. HardBodEric says:

    We have right here a great source, I should have wrote this review about 12 days ago. I’m on the Cut Mix with their Test Prop kicker and I’m loving it. Although when i take the Cut Mix, i get tren cough badly, but after 5 min of coughing, i feel great. I can comment on the authenticity of gear and is spot on. I’ve never experienced bad pip that people speak about with any lab and this lab is no exception. All in all I’d recommend to anyone in the US.

    This guy is really easy to talk to, and diligent and respectful.

    Packaged so well i did not even know what it was when it came in the mail, took a long time to open. Packaged very well.

    I have had a great experience with Dragon Pharma, Dosed perfectly and i see results.

    in ‘s case im coming in here to give the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth your honor!!

    give a chance or in the future you will not be disappointed with their products.

    looking forward to placing another order here soon Also Cut Mix kick’s ass.

  64. Gym Junkie says:

    Ordered a bottle of cut mix to run with my cycle. Order recieved today. Super fast shipping. I had some issues with paying for my order on my end and they walked me through the process. A++ for customer service and shipping. I will be placing a large order soon as I give this a try. Happy customer thus far. I am sure the product is g2g with all the positive things I have read about this source.

  65. bigbadbrad says:

    First off I want to say thanks

    Shipping was quick. 5 7 days for both packs.

    The prop was good with pip at first which is always when I start up prop again and it kicked in quick very horny very oily skin And was more aggressive in the gym. The Cut Mix was decent. But for the prop and tren that was in it I was more aggressive in the gym meaner than usual and I had insomnia from it and was always hot especially after I ate. Added with the proviron I was tighter looking very vascular and my estro levels were kept in check. I got the 2nd order of products cause took care of me on the cut mix. Which to me and the way he handled it made me a customer for life. The sustanon was good for me as it was used for my TRT and kept my bloods around 1000 or more at 250 mgs per week. The Test Suspension was on point in it gave me the aggression and strength to beat my goals on leg day and back day add it with some Winny I had and my pumps were painful. And the Viagra was awesome first time I used any kind and I was harder then usual and my orgasm seemed better to me and the coolest part was I had another 10 mins later don’t know if that was my lady or the Viagra but it hasn’t happened since I took them. Lol.

    I would say this guy seems to really care for his customers and that’s why I will always order from him without worries and would feel 100% putting my name out there for others to try him.

  66. cd1 says:

    Long over due review for the Kalpa line and Dragon Pharmavar.. .

    Was running the Kalpa cyp for 14 weeks at a dosage of 500mg per wk along side 700mg of Kalpa Bol per wk and after about 4 weeks I could feel the test cut in, strength went up along with libido, not many sides apart from slight increase in aggressivness and water retention but that’s to be expected, the bol kept me relatively firm and is just one of those compounds that we inject and forget about.

    No pip from any of the products so the quads took the brunt of the pinning.

    Cyp and bol have been stopped 4 weeks ago and I’m now on the Kalpa Prop and Tren ace at dosage of 100mg eod and the prop is keeping my test levels stable while the cyp within my system starts to decline so no crash as yet, the Tren is keeping me up at night, constantly warm and strength is starting to boom and I can’t fault the the Kalpa products whatsoever…

    Taking 20mg of Dragon Pharma var an hour before training and the pumps are insane and continuing to get vascular.

    Can’t fault as he has been my go to source for almost a year and will continue to use and recommend.

    Always replied when needed and within a timely manner.

  67. Texas Oilman says:

    It’s about time I write a quick review of my experience with Over the past year I’ve made numerous small-ish orders and never once had a problem. Communication has always been good when needed and shipping was fast! All the gear I’ve rec’d has been more than satisfactory, as expected. I like that Buy-Steroids has no minimum order. I’ve recommended to several people and will always be back as a satisfied customer.

  68. RogueDVice says:

    Ordered HCG and Aromaxyl. Great packaging and unbelievable turnaround time. It was like 7-9 days after the packages went out. I’ve been using both for about a week and a half and they are both doing their jobs. GTG. Thank you!!

  69. noob941 says:

    What little communication thats was needed was prompt and to the point. No bs or run around or “bro” chit-chat… got a question he has an answer. End of story

    t/a ten five days from time of payment.

    this review is for the test, i have been cruising on it and feeling really good. It pins smooth, and keeps you solid and STRONG. Thats at 250 mg. Week…… for the goodshit 🙂 i ran it at 750/wk for 6 week blast.Thats the highest dosage i ever ran and it was incredible. I benched 270 , before that my best was 250. I was horny 24/7 and i felt like the Man. The only negative side effect i had was patchy hair on my shoulders and wings.

    Great great src. I am placing another order this week and i recommend this src to every one.

  70. mobman702 says:

    Ordered from as I was experiencing some gyno symptoms coming along. Buy-steroids stated Adex would take care of that and it did like he said. Followed his usage and dosage instructions and I am feeling better NOW that its gone. Wanted to also test out the Kalpa Test P to see if it was good and it is. All the sides and expectations were there as I wanted. It is the SMOOTHEST and thinist oil I have ever pinned. Never even knew it was going in and NO PIP what so ever.. Hats off to Buy-steroids for his #1 service, communication, gear quality and delivery.

  71. mark stephen says:

    Ordered from them and got my order in 9 days. Very good communication and they walked me through the ordering process.

  72. replicaman93 says:

    I purchased Kalpa’s Sustaxyl and Cutaxyl, as well as, HCG. The HCG came with bacteriostatic water (no extra cost), and all items were sealed from the factory. Seller also firmly packaged products and shipped as soon as the payment was received. I live in Spain, and the package arrived within a week. Great experience, easy payment and great communication. Thank you,!

  73. silver666 says:

    This will be my first semi-in depth review. I feel like I owe it to them for their outstanding business. I have placed multiple orders with them, the latest will arrive as expected, of that I’m sure. It has been less than a week turn around time on each of my orders. They ran out of stock on one item on my latest order, and I they told me via email that they were upgrading me to a fancier brand due to the mishap. Very cool. OK – on to my history with gear. I am in my mid 30’s and on trt. I have run several courses beginning in my early 20’s. I know the real thing when I get it. Also, I don’t do big mg’s per week – I have never needed to in order to get the results that I am looking for. We are talking sub 500mgs a week usually. Rarely I will hit 750 – 800 mark if I am feeling squirrely. (However in my early 20’s I had used as much as 1.5 g for 12 wks, but that is a different story…) I started running enatat about 4 weeks ago, 1cc (250 mg) per week, with 100mg of eq from a diff source that I know to be good. My results as of last week are as follows: Bench – increase in my target set by about 5 reps (about 85% of my pre enantat max). As an aside, all my workouts could last for 3 hours if I wanted them to at this point – I blame the enantat 🙂 Deads – pulled a pr for 5 reps, and decided to put it down because I started seeing little stars, although I still felt strong as shit. Squats – well, I fucking hate/love squats, but I can definitely tell that I have waayyyy more gas in the tank after squat day is over. Usually after squatting and the other stuff that goes with squat day, my life goals for the day become watching tv and sleeping. Not so any more. I feel like I can do other things, such as carry on a conversation with my girlfriend, and possibly go out for a beer with my friends, or maybe even do the dishes or some other “exciting” responsible adult shit that we all have to do like clean the house… Oh yeah, almost forgot – my squats went up by some percent as well. Other points of interest: My overall attitude is improved. This is in my opinion, a cool side effect of good test that isn’t mentioned very often. It basically means that I am not as much of a “the glass is half empty, and I’m pretty sure I just saw the side start to crack and leak…” type of person. The other point, then I am done with my rant, is that in general I have a lot more energy to do everything – whether it be work related, gym related, or personal life related. In closing – two thumbs way up for enantat, and, thanks again for your business. I am looking forward to my next supplement package which will be arriving early next week, I am sure.

  74. Mrpsychomech says:

    Prompt and friendly service. Would recommend!

  75. Fdr1975 says: handles everything the right way! Had a problem with some gear, sent an email, heard back in 2 hours. Received replacement product 2 weeks later and all is GTG. There is no one better.

  76. McMeanie87 says:

    First time with and had a great experience with them.

    Communication was good but wasn’t really even needed..but I was very happy with the customer support and was replied to within 24 hours when i had questions

    Packaging was very discreet and packed very tight. T/A was 6 days from day it was shipped. That’s amazing time for an international source. All products showed up in perfect condition.

    This review is strictly for the testoxyl suspension because I will not use the test e for a few month. But the kalpa test suspension and deserves a good review right now.. the test s was amazing and gives me great workouts when I take it pwo on heavy days. I instantly taste it once I take the shot and barely gives me any pip. The oil is very clear and vial was filled to the top. And I love the way the rubber seal is designed..for those who have used kalpa you know what I’m talking about. Will review the test e once it has been used for awhile during my bulk

    All together this is a great source.

  77. Natura says:

    I found their service and product to be impressive. I’ve ordered all of my orals from them. Their operation is seamless and delivery with a week.

    Ran the Anadroxyl along with test-e for first 6 weeks. Bulked up real nice and increase by personal best in several areas.

    These guy are g2g. never have to worry about a thing when dealing with Thanks guys!

  78. raf3070 says:

    Second order for me from these guys and again it was a pleasant experience. I have a few local sources around me but being honest im using as my main one, in this game and especially over the net its easy to get scammed, but have no fear of, these are genuine suppliers of decent gear,I find their Balkan expensive but I think Kalpa is a better lab at the moment and their prices for them are good. Delivery in the UK is ultra fast. I honestly highly recommend these guys. Just hope they stay around for a very long time.

  79. whullybully says:

    This is the 3rd order I have placed with Each time they are easy to deal with. You send the order they send the info, you send the money and BAM the package is at your door. I have been involved with ordering gear for more than 12 years now with many different sources. I am impressed with I hope I can have them around for a long time to continue to order from them.

    Bought Sustanon, Deca, Arimidex, Anavar

    Using the products for past year. Very happy with results…it is the real deal.

    You will like them the selection and prices. Check them out.

  80. valliworks says:

    his cut stack is awesome. I used it. Good gear, good source.

  81. strongman6969 says:

    Outstanding source that deserve a trophy, fast as hell for overseas and insane quality on all their products. These guys carry everything you need and have the very best labs like kalpa pharma, balkan, dragon pharma. Got everything I ordered overseas in 6 days! Im currently using their nalkan halo and let me tell you this is the king of strength compounds. Halo is better than tren for strength and vascularity honestly, never built so much strength that fast, but becareful of the aggravation halo will give you. I saw mass specs on balkan halo test at over 90%. They have very good customer service as well and received the tracking number right after they picked the donation up. I really appreciate how they conduct business, very professional and quick shipping. Thank you team, I highly reccommend shopping here.

  82. # says:

    Never made a review on any site. I’m a normal person I don’t say pip , g2g , lame , I’, I’m female I ordered boldaxyl to lean out, was sketchy but looked at all top 5 , wasn’t impressed to spend even 100 but did a boldaxyl with, had no minimum just pay the 28 for shipping, any of the 5 below me who keep saying over prices I don’t get it, I went on the site nothing was overpriced Wtf. Don’t belive me because I hope they last for years, the customer service answered me fast and then fast again, they did professional and I was in aww and I hate to say this but anyone who don’t believe makes it easier for me to order. Don’t want loose lips to sink ships. Took equipoise 3 days ago, from the injection was fiessty and I lift hard I’m not a big I’m lean long woman but the stuff is more than I want more.. I never believed, they he is more than, package looks like ……. Too professional, looks like fuck can’t explain, just perfect. Sorry for rambling. Injected 3 days ago, its golden to me, not gtg its GOOD AND SOME!, I know what real is is!! NO bad feelings after 3 days but happiness and hungry and . Sorry, hope I did ok from your best of what you do, swear on Jesus he is like professional of the professional!! Before you worry its in your mail. People who say they are high priced are you drinking dummy juice? Look at the site, read and comprehend and come back and … Don’t be stupid.

  83. wolfgrayhusky says:

    Ordered Dbol and Sust about a month ago. Just started last week though. The Dragon Pharma Dbol made my arms feel pumped all the time. Had to cut back from 20 to 10 mg ed though because it gave me panic attacks (which I’m prone to from PTSD). The Dragon Sustanon 350 is good to go too. First pin in Glute went smooth. Second pin in other glute went smooth but got metally taste in mouth after and now have my first ’bout with Sust Flu and my first pimple in years is forming, lol. Just ordered more Sust to extened my cycle from 10 weeks to 12 weeks.

  84. senova72344 says:

    It isn’t very often that you can find such an array of Pharma HGH such as this operation normally stocks. Their pricing was very competitive and everything is factory sealed. I was a bit hesitant with my first order, but they surpassed my expectations.

    My first order with this company shocked the hell out of me… First of all I never expected this level of service form the team. Communication was very responsive. All questions were answered in a timely manner. It was a very uncomplicated and easy process. I highly recommend these guys.

    All factory sealed Pharma Growth Hormone. The package was discreet and came much faster than I anticipated.

    Ansomone x 3 … I believe that I ordered 3 kits

    GH has a profound effect when you are dieting, it allows me to keep my size and lean down. I can within days if GH is good by my energy levels and weight during my precontest diet. This GH kept my weight steady while getting prepared for a show, obviously I was taking a couple other compounds but this stuff was POTENT.

    The guys are awesome, they charge very little for shipping and have good prices on top quality gear. I just made another order today for a couple other products, they were out of growth but I picked up some pharma arimidex and anadrol.

  85. ray3801 says:

    Just placed first order and had small mix up with payment……buy-steroids immediately responded to my email and got me on the right track. Very professional. If gear is as good as service I will be making a much larger order.

  86. reymisterio says:

    Writing a review for Balkan Pharma line and some pharma amps. is on top of his game, hell reply within a day most mails. Automated updates throught the process but also answer every one of your questions personally.

    Safely packed, around 8 day TA for UK.

    I blast and cruise, and wanted to switch things up and run a “healthier” blast so to speak, so compound of choice was primo.

    Ran 10 weeks of primo at 600 mg pw and 250 mg of test E. I started off with the pharma primo amps and leftover pharma test e. After week 2, I noticed a strong decrease in hunger, yet i was looking fuller in an odd way yet just as sculpted. I felt a sense of wellbeing, which makes me think along with other members lab tests, that Balkan’s amps are legit. I moved on to the Balkan line both for primo and test E. Everything stayed just on point as before with the same doses. Comparing primo to EQ, EQ gives me a leathery look ehich i didnt have. Balkan’s line is actually primo from my experience

    Really like the Balkan line and hope the quality will remain just as high. Definately my go to line from now on.

  87. Big ian says:

    No need to communicate really, you order and it comes next week! Awesome!

    Always comes well packaged, no clue as to the contents

    Only used the trenboxyl enanthate so far finishing up a cut cycle using another brand. I switched for the last few weeks from the other brand of tren e to the Kalpa. The other brand was supposedly 200mg per ml and the kalpa is 250. I was using 3ml of the other brand which to be fair i was happy with, to 2.4ml of the kalpa and the kalpa was deffo stronger, strength improved quickly as did vascularity and i had to increase my dose of cabaser to cope with the prolactin gyno. is definitely one of if not the best source on here.

  88. kaizeris says:

    Ordered and paid over a week ago but received nothing. No response to my emails at all.

    Since order and payment confirmation, communication was zero. Update: All got sorted eventually, it was well long delay but they got in touch and got it all sorted, added free extra product for the delay.

  89. pdxmike says:

    Ordered testoxyl enanthate on December 9th, received on the 13th, well within the promised shipment time. The product was professionally packaged and discreet. I have been using the product for 2 1/2 weeks now and just got my blood work done for first time this cycle and I can confirm that the product is legit. Serum Test levels were over 1500 (off the range for the lab I used).

  90. matt1501 says:

    After reading all the good reviews on this source, i placed an order and wasn’t disappointed. Package arrived next week after payment was made. The reviews on here are real.

    After placing the order i received a message with payment details. I had no reason for more communication because the transaction went so smoothly.

    discreet jiffy bag arrived next week by special delivery.

    4 x Kalpa Pharma Testoxyl Enanthate (4 x 10 ml test enanthate vials)

    Codes on box checked ok on the Kalpa Pharma web site. Produced in India.

    I started using this 2 weeks into a bulking cycle started on other test e. I used 1000mg a week of this for 12 weeks. Weight increased from 208lbs to 224lbs, strength and endurance increase was unreal. Got a bit of water bloat but no other side effects. Body fat percentage stayed the same, diet could have been better though. Growth on shoulders was really noticeable.

    One thing i noticed with the Testoxyl was it jams the syringe if not injected really quick. The oil seems to make the plunger swell. Had to switch to quad injections instead of glute because the stiff syringe was tricky. I had very little PIP in all injection sites used.

    One out of the 4 vials, 1 had about 0.5ml in it, the others were consistent and measured 10ml exactly.

    Based on my experience I will definitely be ordering again for my next cycle and have recommended this source to friends.

  91. Telephone says:

    I’ve been a customer for a long time now

    And plan to be!!

    It arrived when it was supposed to and the packaging was very discreet!

    Test is def good to go. Acne sex drive and gains all

    There. The Ansomone hgh is excellent. It’s legit and worth the money! I’ve gained some

    Solid and lean wieght with this sources gear!

  92. leftyldn says: sorted the issue out, was some problem regarding the payment method used but he found the payment after all. Great guy, thanks for sorting this out.

  93. BigNick says:

    Another great order with! Communication was great – I had a minor complication with my donation (my fault), but those guys fixed it with speed and still got my package shipped on time. These guys run a professional gig. My gear will be here in a few and I’ll be pleased yet again. I have NOT received my order!

  94. ezelott says:

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