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1steroids.net reviews

1Steroids.net Reviews

Is 1Steroids.net a legit steroids source or a scam one ?

1Steroids.net is an approved and verified steroid source:

  • It is a fully tested steroid source;
  • Delivers packages;
  • High quality steroid products on sale.

Website: www.1steroids.net
Shipping: Worldwide
Pricelist: 1Steroids Pricelist
Online since: 2010

1Steroids.net General Overview

1Steroids.net has in stock original brands, such as: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, 7Lab Pharma, Dragon Pharma, Sciroxx, BodyPharm, Gen-Shi Laboratories.

According to their website, once they receive the payment, they process it and ship out your order within 1-3 business days. The shipping time frame is normally between 7 and 15 business days, and up to 25 business days for remote countries.

1Steroids.net -> Dragon Pharma Legit Supplier

1Steroids.net is an approved supplier of Dragon Pharma products, it can be verified online here: dragon-pharma.com

1steroids.net - dragon pharma approved supplier

1Steroids.net – Dragon Pharma Approved Supplier (Click to Enlarge)

1Steroids.net -> Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Legit Supplier

1Steroids.net is an approved supplier of Kalpa Pharmaceuticals products, it can be verified online here: kalpapharmaceuticals.com

1steroids.net - kalpa pharmaceuticals approved supplier

1Steroids.net – Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Approved Supplier (Click to Enlarge)

1Steroids.Net -> Gen-Shi Laboratories Legit Supplier

1Steroids.net is an approved supplier of Gen-Shi Laboratories products, it can be verified online here: genshilabs.com/supplier-check.html

1steroids.net - gen-shi laboratories supplier

If you have your own user experience with 1Steroids.net -> then share it with us in comments/reviews bellow!


  1. Bretzel69 says:

    I just got my secong order with these guys.Anavar, sust,adex and a few syringes and he also threw in some clomid.All neatly packaged,quick timing to the States.It almost seems like a domestic source.The communication cant be beat.If any problems,its going to be fixed.These guys are the best.I almost hate to compliment them so much because I dont want to be selfish but I dont want too many people coming to this source to buy them all out and thats less for me.LOL!! But hey,they deserve it.Thanks again 1Steroids.I’ll be placing more orders real soon.Even though I’m set for awhile.I’m going to be getting a blood test today and will be posting results from the gear I purchased from them about a month ago.

  2. big greek says:

    Just to start off I have been buying gear from 1steroids for years and I have always gotten what I ordered and the gear was always good, so if your deciding who to try then give this guy a try cause after that you will understand what I’m talking about and you will keep reordering from them.

    Communication and support is great and they’re there if you need them. For me there was no need because there that good and that fast, plus you can track your order if you want.

    T/A was 4 days only cause of a holiday, if not for that it would have probably came sooner by one day. Package was tight and secure very private just the way I wanted it. You could shake it and nothing would move and when you open it, it’s Go time!!!

    I ordered the Methan-inject 100mg/ML 10ML Vials.

    So I was pinning 100 mg eod, oil was extremely smooth no pain whatsoever. Once that 1 week mark hit I woke up and my joints felt no pain do to the lubricated joints from the D-Bol, I was feeling Energized everyday cause I was in no joint pain and I got bigger and bigger it seemed by the day. Pumps were great, felt painful but a good pain, u guys know what I mean, libido up, weight up 12 solid. Ran it for 7 weeks. Great gear!!

    I just couldnt say anything bad about 1steroids, If you really want something good, good gear, good customer service, tracking number, good prices and much to choose from then give them a try. If you don’t then whatever your loss lol.

  3. djs1901 says:

    I have shopped online at many different locations. Some will rip you off or send you something which is not worth. 1Steroids has some of the best prices and support on the internet today. I have ordered from here for about 2 years now and this is my only supplier I would deal with and recommend to my friends and family.

    The guys at 1Steroids always answer question within reasonable time and communicate very well with me. They even make sure I am happy with my product.

    Packaging is regular to not draw and attention which is perfect!!

    I have ordered Cyp, Anadrol, Prop, D-Bol

    Product quality is great. I have great results last cycle I gained 25lbs of muscle in 2 months.

    I recommend this to anyone looking for this product. The people are great and take very good care of me.

  4. Ludwig says:

    Ordered some Testoviron Depot about 14 weeks ago. Arrived in about 10 days intact. Gear was smooth and legit human grade.Amps were legit, print didn’t scratch off. Prices were good. Will order from them again. Sorry it took so long to review, didn’t realize I hadn’t. Definately will try again

  5. hurez1119 says:

    first time ordering from 1STEROIDS, responses and emails were quick and he is helpful. I live on east coast so it took 16 days from time order was shipped but thats okay it was worth it. Just started my testoxyl and sustaxyl 350 with dbol and eq from kalpa. Will post back in a few weeks about quality

  6. Realrgr says:

    I have been using 1Steroids for a year, off and on cycle. This guy is the best SRC I have dealt with on this site.

    Even though he seems to be extremely busy during promos he always responds back to me. He is knowledgeable and knows his business.

    I started with npp, bold, and test cyp. I slowly built the dosage. My strength improved dramatically and I have gained 20 lbs since the start of my cycles. I took some time off and started with cut mix as a kicker. I then used tren/mast/sust at .5 ml every other day. I upped the dose as my body got used to previous dose. My body recomped dropping down to 10% bf and a solid 215 lbs. I started at 195 and probably 16% bf.

    You can’t go wrong with this SRC.

  7. Mingo1 says:

    Order from this guy as a new source, and I didn’t regret it always a little weary when ordering but had to since my last guy closed up. Store is very manageable carries a good variety which is the spice of life. Well dosed and plentyful, which is what I like. placing another asap. Def give this guy a shot if ur looking for a new source

    Ran Kalpas sust with what I already had went 16 weeks on it loved every pin, went from 220 to 238 with the help of Kalpas tren and test . Ran the tren 9 weeks strength through the roof vascular like crazy, libido …poor wife didn’t walk right, all of it was smooth. The tren had me gym fighting weights sweats all the time and insomnia which wasn’t horrible adjusted doseage and that mostly went away, all in all great gear.

    Def looking forward to this order I’m trying to place..def give this guy a shot. If u like good goodies this it .if u don’t ….I pity da fool.

  8. Danabolic says:

    All pct products.

    Bp Nolva 20 x 50 tabs

    Bp Clomid 50 x 40 tabs

    This is the first time i used BP for pct. Before that i used to use all pharma products for pct. Bp Quality seems same compare to pharma. My recovery was same as my other pct.

  9. planb123 says:

    1Steroids’ stuff is top quality, good pricing, and easy to order. What more can u ask for?

    test and eq

    Ive used many sources and Kalpa’s stuff is top quality. Goes in smooth and no pip. Good pump and vascularity.

    Ordering was very simple and easy. I like that he gives many options for ordering so you can pick which works best for you. ‘Bout to make another one.

  10. ricafella says:

    This guy’s stuff is legit and T/A always less than a week to my door.

    The Anavar is the shit. I order for me and all my friends. They keep coming back wanting more.

    I’ve used this source about 5 times and will continue to do so.

  11. Richdell says:

    1Steroids sent my first order with him a couple days ago so. Had a couple of questions and sent him a few emails. Has always responded back well within 24 hours. Waiting for the product will post back when gear is received

  12. dmay says:

    well thought d give you all an update of ware i am so far.

    In regards to the DP T400 that i started on its good to go trust me, been running it for 6 weeks now strength and size gone up, and the Mrs is loving the libido to as that gone thru the roof. Yes in fairness there was a slight f**k up and a lot of panic when it came to the second order but it was all resolved in a matter of days and he followed thru with everything he said. and most importantly it arrived before i ran out of the 1st batch. so my apologies for any older posts when site was down. For the rest of you all, this is a genuine site, with great products i have just placed another order with them now and i will be using and recommending them in the future.

  13. amnvan says:

    I honestly think these guys are the best in this business the product is the best you can get So is the price.

    Great communication you will never be ignored shortly after I placed my order I received an email with the tracking number and the support is great too.

    I must say that I have never received anything even remotely close to this there’s no way your goods get damaged in anyway every product comes in a sealed container. I truly admire the talent behind it.

    5× test p

    5× tren A

    2× Deca

    2× test E

    1× hCG

    The Quality was as good as I expected within a few days I noticed the boost of energy just not sure if my misses can put up with me!

  14. PIPWARRIOR says:

    Just received another order from these guys a few days ago, but this review is for my previous order from around a month ago of 3x TEST 400 Dragon Pharma and 3 x TRI -Tren 150 Dragon Pharma.

    Very fast to respond to emails a few hours max usually.

    Packaging very secure and discreet no rattling. Have also ordered tabs from them in the past and there has been no rattling then either.

    Good strength and size gains, dragon pharma is amazing quality packaging as usual. I often get tren cough so know it must be legit; without looking at my gains in the gym.

    Very fast delivery as always and very good communication.

  15. r3p says:

    As far as online source’s go this guy is the best ive ever found. He has answered every mail within a couple of hours , any problems ive had he has sorted straight away and as for delivery, very fast.

    Product all looks g2g, well packaged, no hassles, all out nice guy. ive used twice now and very happy both times. Should be at the top of this list very soon.

  16. dinosaur says:

    I used this source because they are a supplier of kalpa products and I highly trust that brand so I picked up a few goodies to play with.

    Very fast replies always within same day and easy to order from the donation was easy too

    Arrived within 8 days and was packed well. No damage to products at all

    The turanaxyl tabs I ran for two months along with the tren ace inject and the test suspension and dbol. I ran the tabs one at a time and the injects between 1 and 2 ml at a time. The tabs were amazing, I got extremely hard and vascular on them well beyond any oral ive ever tried and it keeps the water low on high test doses. Tabs were pressed perfectly and easily broken. I used them preworkout only and got great pumps. The tren ace was used purely for aggressive leg workouts and gave me insane strength like nothing ive used before but the insomnia was horrible. The test suspension and dbol also used preworkout gave me a great puffy look and huge pumps and that amazing dbol feeling and put water weight on me fast.

    Im very please with all three products

    Love Kalpa!

  17. bingo123 says:

    Didn’t want to be tied to my regular supplier so I decided to find a few more. This lead to a test order here.

    Great coms, had several questions, all were answered quickly and helpfully.

    Everything arrived undamaged in the advertised time frame (which is fast).

    1x Kalpa Testosterone Cypionate 250mg/ml

    Product is definitely giving the classic test signs (more erections, oily skin, ..) which I get in a few days even with long esters. There is no pip and the oil is quite thin if you are a fan of injecting with narrow needles (I am).

    Will order my next cycle from these guys (low test high tren, still thinking about adding an oral (comments welcomed & appreciated). The only complaint I have is that they don’t carry the more exotic compounds (tren base, methyl tren, 1-test cyp, dimethyl nandrolone, ….). But this is totally understandable since most people would not buy them anyway. Except perhaps the 1-test cyp which is supposed to give tren like effects with lower sides.

  18. blueprintjonny says:

    Used 1steroids four times starting from my very first cycle. I emailed them with a question regarding a product and dosages as I was new to gear back then and I received an email in minutes with helpful and friendly advice. I went ahead and ordered and did not regret. He contacted me immediately after I had made payment informing me he would post first thing and that’s exactly what he did. The gear it’s self was on point and so has everything I’ve used from them since. If you want a source that’s professional, great at communication and who stocks only quality products then 1steroids.net is for you.

    Great packaging, everything arrived discretely and undamaged.

    As I said, all products I’ve ever used from them have all seemed on point. For my first cycle it was back when he was stocking kalpa labs test e with a 7lab dbol kickstart. The dbol was great, I felt great, put on some serious size and strength quickly and felt on top of the world. Itchy/sensitive nipples started to progress to painful nipples (guess I’m one of those unlucky ones) a few days of 7lab tamoxifen cleared that up then upped the pharma arimidex to .5 ED for the remainder of my dbol. The test was great, aggression in the gym, strength steadily increased and libido went mental!! Few spots on the shoulders but they cleared after PCT. For pct I used the 7labs nolvadex at 40/ 40 / 20 / 20 / 10 and they worked great, the boys came back to full size by week three and I felt fine the whole time. All in all a very smooth experience for my first cycle and everytime since.

  19. seeker24 says:

    I cannot complain about the service or prices of 1Steroids.net. They have top notch prices and blow most of the other sites out of the water. This is my second order off of them with no complaints.

    Neatly wrapped and shipped.

    I’m on the 12th week of Test E + Tren E. Been having night sweats, hard to sleep, lethargic. The body changes have been amazing. Took Tbol earlier in the cycle, made me sweat alot as well it was a good kick start to this cycle. Started at a little over 240 lbs, now at 255 lbs or so. Lost alot of body fat as well, I’ve been eating like a truck and strength has been through the roof. My girlfriend can’t keep up :(. Didn’t have any PIP. Just crazy calf pumps from walking for 10 minutes and back pumps which are usual for me on Tren.

    I will be ordering again off of 1Steroids as soon as I’ve completed my PCT and time off.

  20. Cooldiver88 says:

    Took part in the Buy TWO GET ONE FREE Promo.

    Came wrapped tight and discreet on the packaging name.

    Kalpa test prop-100

    Started using it after I ran out of another sources and have no complains after about a week an half now. All signs say that this is good or I would have felt it by now. Small bit of pip from this shot but gone in a day and pins smooth even without heating it up.

    I’m curious about the other products they offer so i’ll be shooting an order in the near future for sure.

  21. Allnattybrah says:

    I was skeptical at first because I’ve only used another guy, who seems to have gone MIA, but I’ve seen the reviews on 1steroids and trust me, they’re spot on. Ordered 3 test prop, 2 tren ace, about a week ago, payment was processed in a day, order arrived today. 1st Shot of the tren and prop. Felt good mayne. First time using Kalpa, haven’t gotten the tren cough, nor have I felt any greater pain than shooting E or C. Will be ordering again!

  22. tomkittle says:

    Wanted to order some more Proviron and wanted it by a certain date so I emailed to ask if they could supply me with it by and said date and they were incredibly helpful and it arrived as they promised.

    Discreet and protective.

    Product seems to be off top quality as i would expect of 7lab pharma, using at least 25mg a day but varies, i see good dryness with it and increased vascularity and libido especially when i up the dose to 50/75mg.

    All in all very happy with the service provided, and the price, would absolutely recommend will use them again for sure.

  23. # says:

    This was my first time using this source and I can say that I am extremely impressed with the quality of service.

    Comms were excellent. 1steroids was on point with status update so did not have to ask any questions on this order.

    As far as T/A, man it is top notch. Received package in less than a week and was sealed airtight and very discreet.

    I ordered some Mast E 200 x’s 3 and Var

    I am in my third week with the mast w/ test e and I can truly feel some hardening and see vascularity. I have experienced a slight increase in strength and leaness. The oil goes in extremely smooth with no PIP whatsoever and I can taste it as soon I inject. Definitely g2g.

    Very smooth operation w/ top notch service and products. This is how you conduct business. Big ups to 1steroids!

  24. m-p-h says:

    I decided to use 1steroids as my supplier after months (close to a year, really) of planning and research after finally deciding to give steroids a go. The reviews and general online reputation definitely helped, and the interface of the site made it made it more agreeable to me. The discounts don’t hurt either.

    Incredibly fast responses to any queries and particularly helpful to new customers e.g. I was unsure what payment method to use, ended up picking a more complicated and in turn, unnecessary option. Within half an hour, I was contacted and asked if I was certain of my choice and advised the pros and cons of the options. Really helpful.

    Very happy with the quality of the Kalpa’s Test, and if anything, it exceeded my expectations. I could feel the T-Bol working pretty fast, sure, I got occasional back pumps and shin splints on it (taurine helped with that problem). It’s worth noting that those sides are nothing to do with the quality of the product.

    As great as the site is, it would be nice if products with no chance of coming back in stock were removed. It would go great ways to clearing up some of the clutter. Another thing which may help with navigation would be to introduce a selection system similar to ones that you’d find on many online stores, being able to sort though items to see all your Test-E products for example would be a good deal of help. In all, everything was pretty amazing, and helped me make great gains. I will be ordering from them again. Thanks for everything.

  25. alwaysmassive78 says:

    Long overdue review for Kalpa pharma dbol on promo back from april- Should have posted a bit earlier but it’s only as running decent dbol currently it made me think of the other effects than bulking dbol provides explained below

    The reason for my neglecting this was that it coincided with my running what I thought was 900mg of Test and 900mg of Deca from another source, who in actual fact had dosed the Test at 1 3rd so was running low Test High Deca and added this in at 30mg a day. I lost about half a stone so didn’t feel I could really review this fairly. Thinking about it though, I did manage to maintain most of the poundages in the gym, which I doubt would have been the case without the help of the dbol and I did get the ‘buzz’ feeling about half an hour after I took it. Bumped up to 50mg a day after the second week and weight stopped at 16 and a half stone approx rather than continuing to drop. I think the sense of well being often reported was dulled by the lowered Test to Deca ratio and we had 2 family members pass away around this period so wasn’t fully focused, but I’m on legit dbol currently and getting the same euphoric feeling so apologies if this review is less comprehensive than it could be

    Great people to deal with, very polite, good stock range and always looking to increase.

  26. Johnny.Sack says:

    This was my first order placed with 1steroids. I ordered some 7labs test e.

    Communication was good. Beings it was my first order with this source I had a few questions before pulling the trigger. They responded in a little over 24 hours, answered all my questions, and were polite and understanding of my situation.

    T/A exceded my expectations, I usually don’t count on international packs before 30days. Once I got confirmation of shipment the package arrived in 12 days.

    1steroids provides good service and even better products. I look forward to using them again for future purchases.

  27. Voldemort says:

    Did my research for a few months and read a ton of these replies. Felt skeptical about sending money for the first time as one can imagine. Package came in about 3 weeks but these guys kept their word. Packaging was discreet as everyone on here says and as they advertise. Everything was included and I was very pleased. I placed a small starter order to see how the process works and I’m happy with the business. I purchased Anavar, Arimidex, and some Cypionate for starters. Haven’t started it yet but will post a comment once the pumps are primed. Communication with this company was quick, easy, and professional. So far, I would do business with them again.

  28. big_swol33 says:

    Review of the nolvaxyl i got from the last promo

    Sent them a message when they ran their last promo and got some nolvaxyl. Message was answered quickly and everything went smooth.

    I honestly cant remember how long it took to get to me. I think it was around 3.5 weeks. I know that i was happy with the t/a. Packing was discreet and very professional.

    I switched from the nolva i was using to this and honestly couldnt tell any difference. Didnt get any sides or anything which is always a good thing. I was using Pharma grade before the switch. So if i didnt see any difference after the switch, id definitly say it GTG.

    Wouldnt hesitate to put an order in from here sometime. Seems like a good src. Definitly reccommend them.

  29. reloaded87 says:

    1steroids is the real deal.

    Always has responded to my tickets the same day I send them.

    Packing up there with the best of them. My last order took a week took about 8 business days once shipped. Not bad from across the pond.

    The tren was amazing, I would get that metallic taste in my mouth after each injection. Fat was melting off, The night sweats were there about week 3-4. Had to eat tums by the jug while on this tren. I love the strength and aggression I had while on this. I was running 400mg a week and felt god like. Definitely would run Kalpa’s Tren again.

  30. fatdaddy8888 says:

    I placed an order and it was shipped in two packages. One arrived in 18 days, just test and syringes, the other package never arrived. I began using just the test as I am relatively new to this game and thought the test alone would produce some results for me. It did! I’ll say my girlfriend was very happy and if I was single I may have gone broke trying to wine and dine women to get them into bed. All my e-mails about the missing package were answered quickly. The package was reshipped at no extra charge to me and has just come in the mail. I cannot yet comment on the gear I just received but I am happy with what I have used, and the professional, fast manor in which my problems were made right. I will order again once I recover from this cycle.

  31. tread-m says:

    Just tried a source recommended to me recently given I needed a new source for times I’m in a pinch. Received and have been using test prop only as of now. Very impressed with it early and have other oils ordered to review soon! So far likey and will update on new products as I can.

  32. ziabungle says:

    I ordered the Kalpa Test E. I had never used Test E, always ran cyp. Ran it at 500mg a week and got great result, same as cyp. Went with the Test E, since its dosed higher.

    Communication was good, was told it shipped and had no issues.

    Packaging was discreet and received it in about a week to the states.

    Good Quality, I recommend Kalpa.

  33. flexmasta says:

    Over due review 1st time ordering from 1steroids. No issues on ordering and the t/a was quick. The order came in very well packaged and discreetly. Communication was great. I had a question about Var for my wife and he was cool enough to help! I ordered bottles of test e, and dbol. I did a 12 week cycle and really enjoyed the results. Even tho I didn’t reach my goal but that part was my fault, due to my diet!!

    Quality was great. Pin twice a week used Dbol first part to kick the test off. I received compliments from coworkers within 3 weeks on and during my cycle.

    I would highly recommend trying Kalpa and Bodypharm gear! I will be reordering shortly!

  34. clewsad says:

    I ordered ten bottles of test prop from 1steroids awhile back. Kalpa test prop is by far the best test prop I have ever done. I usually don’t do good with test prop because of pip but theirs is very tolerable. I had the usual signs with test prop very oily skin some pretty good acne on shoulders and back, very high libido, strength gains were awesome. I also got low grade fevers for the first couple of weeks with the test prop which is also normal for me this is just what test prop does to me.

    The pack was very well put together and no worries of anything breaking at all.

  35. Sando says:

    I grabbed some BP sustamed

    Communication and support was never an issue.

    Packaging was flat and safe. Tightly sealed no rattles. It was sent with out tracking and arrived in a timely manner.

    Pinning had been exceptionally smooth and PIP free. I think I ran it for more than 12 [email protected] 1000mg/week. It delivered incredible strength and intense sex drive. I got much fuller muscles but still leaned out somehow. I think it matches up the potency of prescription grade Sust.

    This Balkan stuff is pretty decent.

  36. parks says:

    Have ordered twice from 1steroids, am pleased with product quality and consider them an excellent source.

    Packaging’s great. Very professional. You can rest assured that your order will arrive intact. Had a little hiccup on my first order’s delivery time, but shit happens and it appears to have been a fluke. Second order arrived in two weeks from when I placed the order. That’s about as fast as can reasonably be expected for sure!

    Done a few amps of the test p and e, good to go for sure. The most remarkable thing about Kalpa’s injectables is the extremely low PIP. I get a little ache in small muscle groups, but nothing bothersome. Plenty strong and no pain. What’s not to like?

    I will continue to use 1steroids as a primary source, and recommend them highly to anyone who wants a quality product. Prices are very reasonable and the whole operation is on point.

  37. bikerbrah says:

    First time ordering from these guys after my old guys disappeared for some reason, curious why, but anyways I just ordered a single vial of test and got here in 9 days, not bad!

    These guys are actually really friendly and replied quickly every time

    2nd week into Test E cycle, nips are unfortunately sore, but my sex drive is back!!! After coming off my first cycle I lost my sex drive until i came back on… Yeah… sucks… Im only 23. Anyways, great pumps, noticed a few zits, and hunger is increasing.

    Will be my go-to guys for as long as it stays this good

  38. neoprimitive2cb says:

    Ok so first things first; I’m not new to the game just the site and after some research I landed on 1steroids.net as my supplier of choice. Now from time of order to arrival 15 days so good T/A. Every thing was packed super nice and very discrete. Now the order 3 bottles of the Kalpa Test Cyp, and 2 sachets of D-Bol and 1 sachet A-dex. Im three weeks in on the Test and D-bol, test hasn’t started doing it’s thing quite yet though I can def say it is proper, no pip supper smooth can not wait till it starts doing its thing. The D-bol I can vouch for is killer, strength way up. Have that million dollar feeling, and I am starting to pile the weight on. A-dex is doing its job very well keeping the bloat away. Current cycle is 500mg Test c/ week (weeks 1-12)and 50mg /day D-bol. ( weeks 1-5) with .25mg/eod Adex All in all the process was painless, hell the hardest thing was typing the review. 1steroids def has my business for the foreseeable future.

  39. bnbabt611 says:

    I’ve ordered 3 times through this site, and have never had a problem. The products and packaging are top notch, and the time of order — to the door is insane. I used now bitcoin.

    I’ve ran the npp and prop for a 3 week short cycle . No pip and by day 10 I was completely filled out. I gained ~7lbs overall and this was on a pretty restrictive low-cal diet. Honestly, npp is my new favorite. A friend is using the sust and loves it. I run short cycles (2-3 on 4-5off) so my next run will be tbol and tprop. I will be using 3iu gh for the for seeable future. Hopefully it will help me keep the gains from the short cycles.

  40. Itz Zyzz says:

    First order with 1Steroids, and I’m very pleased. This is my favorite gear thus far.

    Pack landed in 15 days. Packaging was discreet and well padded.

    I’m starting my 4th week on Kalpa’s gear and I’m very impressed with the results. I’m only running the anavar at 50mg/day, and my muscles are rock hard. I’ve already went from 174lbs to 192lbs. The test and tren are on the spot, too. As the the caber, I’ve tried prami in the past, but my blood pressure was terrible, but with caber, everything is stable. The old lady has been loving my results from the cycle too.

    I definitely recommend this supplier.he’s on point with everything and will definitely be placing orders with 1Steroids in the future.

  41. tiger78 says:

    This review is overdue. Recommended to me by my old trainer, I’m usually hesitant about guys with proper web storefronts but color me converted. Smooth business, gear is stronger than what I used previously, as far as I can tell all WIN here.

    Online process was easy and no mistakes.

    Response to questions was prompt.

    First, the mast was beautiful. I run mast in roughly equal proportions with my TRT and love love love it. I had to drop the dose from the previous brand I was using. New to the Geriostim, ramping my way up to 2.5iu/day but can already feel an impact on my sleep. Goal is to raise my clinically low IGF-1 to good levels to improve my healing and muscle gain. Not going to do 10iu serum test, but will be checking IGF-1 labs at 30 day increments. Price on GH seems reasonable to avoid hassle of international.

    All around very impressed. I will order again soon.

  42. juicyg says:

    Kalpa is now my go to, and 1Steroids is the best guy to get it from. Very satisfied.

    Product is superb. I’m on week 5 and have already seen a very big increase in LBM along with a decrease in BF%. Horny as fuck all day every day. So yeah, it works. Girl has been saying something is different about me. I think she can smell my alpha.

    Buy from 1Steroids, he won’t let you down!

  43. mts99x says:

    Gave 1steroids a try after not liking the test i got from another supplier. Im glad i did

    Spot on all questions answered in a timely manner

    Ta was in the timeline on the site from order until delivery was 10 days without the weekend. Packaged well very discreet

    Did a three month blast at 500mg a week of cyp and wow strength went up considerably bodyfat started dropping i could feel the aggression and labido coming on strong after about the first week followed by back acne and water retention started the aromasin at 12.5 a day for a week started drying up so cut back to eod ran the var at 50mg a day for the last six weeks of the cycle second time running var and wow this one is far better than the first strength increase was awesome ridiculous pumps vascularity and noticed a very marked difference in trunk fat had to change up my cardio routine because the calf pumps lol

    All in all im am very impressed went from 235 to 250 and dropped from a 36 inch waist to a 34inch and am now cruising at 250 a week ordering sustanon and more var as we speak. Give 1steroids a shot you will not be dissapointed

  44. ceg06 says:

    First time ordering from 1Steroids and it was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. If you can complete basic tasks like any source requires, you will get an extremely well packaged product that has clearly been cared for. I was cruising on Test E and jumped right into Test P and Mast. My levels are up and I can feel the increased endurance already. I appreciate quality business and will post again after I complete this 8 weeker. p.s. starting at 7% bf so well see where the mast gets me.

    Reasonable price, quality product, quality service. Will be back for more.

  45. nycboy007 says:

    great source ordered a few times now

    fast delivery and great packaging

    tren A 100, test P 100, mast P 100, HGH

    cycle length 16 weeks. tren A 100 70 mg daily

    test P 100 70 mg daily

    mast P 100 mg 70 daily libido through the roof

    strength doubled during workouts

    mast set off bloating and estrogen and smoothed things out it felt like, compared to previous cycles without it.

    no night sweats, skin stayed clear.

    waist went from 36 to 33.

    bodyfat dropped from 11% to about 5%

    weight stayed 220 pounds throughout cycle.

    diet was 3000 cal a day in 4 meals.

    this was my favorite cycle so far and the best gear.

    body is ripped. HGH @ 5IU a day didn’t give me the usual finger numbness, or fatigue when i take it in the morning. But after running it for 6 months i did feel it contributed to changes in my body composition, compared to previous HGH runs i did it had a similar if not stronger effect.

    Great source, highly recommended!

  46. Lilnegro says:

    Got my goodies today.i got all worried like a little girl when status on my stuff was on processing for over a week. well today I got my goodies.

    Ive tried tren e .tren a. Test e. Prop and clomid n novaldex oh and t3 and clen.shit is all fire.no complaints here.

    Won’t go anywhere else

  47. Swole says:

    I would recommend this guy to everyone. Great customer service and best of all great products!

    Packing is always done great, take 45 minutes to open it up. Ha

    This is a review for Kalpa’s Test e, c and sus. Also tren, deca and just about every oral he has to offer. Test is on point, I personally haven’t had any blood work. However, I’ve had a buddy test his on Kalpa’s gear and his test levels were over 10000. Libido, strength, everything you expect for great test was all present. Tren and deca were both absolutely insane. In my opinion some of the best tren out there. I get all the sides from tren so I know what I’m looking for. Night sweats, aggression ect… Strength also went through the roof. Deca made the joints feel absolutely amazing. All orals are great too. My vavorite is var. leans me out nicely with great strength gains.

    But I’ve used dbol, anadrol, winny. All with fantastic results.

    I highly recommend 1steroids as he is a stand up guy and great to deal with.

  48. floridajoe says:

    On my last week of Dragon Pharma’s Var. Get crazy freaking pumps. Veins popping out all over the place @ 100 mg a day. T/A was 13 days including weekend. When I got my pack I thought it was empty, Packed so tight you never would have thought there was pills inside. Ready to try Test next.

  49. robdog says:

    I ordered the Anavar, let me tell u the shit is awesome.. The best pumps I’ve ever had.. Definitely some good stuff.. Good communication and fast delivery.. If u want some anavar don’t hesitate to try 1steroids…

  50. BoilerCubBear says:

    I am Very pleased with the whole process overall. I only received one vial of the Test E.

    This was my first time doing something like this online. At first I was a little hesitant, but now I feel very comfortable and will definitely be sticking with 1Steroids for future orders. Tip for future first timers: Just relax and be patient and you will get your stuff.

    Not much PIP. only starting second week so cant describe the product thus far since it is Test E.

  51. Alienboy says:

    Great stuff, def legit

    The Tren E is painless, had wicked night sweat the first few weeks, literally you could see my body outline on the sheets & had to flip the drenched pillow a few times during the night, but this side went away after week 3. The Test E/Test C combo being a higher mg. did leave a hell of a knot & slight pain at inj. site. I wouldn’t use this combo again, I’d go back to the standard Test E 250mg/ml instead, maybe I’m just too sensitive to high mg’s or whatever they use in the oil.

  52. scottygears says:

    I have ordered from 1steroids three times and every thing went very smooth. you can not go wrong with this source, the man will bind over backwards for his customers and relay cares about them. i so happy with his product that this is the only source i will use.

    very good packing vacuum packed and in a nice box.

    Bought tbol, var, dbol, i have used just about every product he has and every thing is legit and very potent. i have used is products six months and its all clean. the dragon pharma oils are rocken.

  53. rogban says:

    This source is a good one and i use them whenever possible because I have had good luck with them and the gear seems to be very good.

    Very little communication needed but what was needed was handled efficiently.

    The t/a time was good and certainly within what was advertised. The packaging ia also well done.

    The first thing i always do with any UGL product is test it with the labmax kit. All products were verified as the proper compounds. However, i did not check the primo since when it arrived it had crashed. I have used the eq from this order as well as the test. I have been on a fairly extreme cut to make the 82.5kg weight class for a powerlifting meet. I have maintained my strength as good as can be expected during a hard cut. I have also used the deca during a past re-comp cycle with good results.

    Since the primo had crashed i tried to re-heat it several times with no luck. 1Steroids replaced it with some mast prop that i have not tried yet. I was grateful that he replaced it with something but i am a little bummed because i really wanted to try the primo.

  54. Samalama12 says:

    Ordered my most recent test and tbol cycle. Ran into no issues and couldn’t ask for a better customer service and quality products.

    I had an issue with figuring out bitcoin on my end and customer support was fantastic as I was able to message them and they got back to me literally in less than 10 minutes helping sort through the process.

    T/A was on point.

    Currently on day 17 of cycle. Been on Test E at 600 per week and tbol 60 mg per day. Weight is already up from 206 to 219. Strength and endurance very good and pumps are ridiculous. Libido is through the roof as well. Excited for weeks to come.

    A top notch, professional source for quality oils with a speedy turn around!

  55. ratkins4 says:

    1st order with 1Steroids and I am very pleased with the overall process.

    Items came in separate packages a few days apart. Packaging was very discrete and all items were accounted for. 3 week from click to my door!

    Here is my review for Kalpa Test E

    This product worked as expected. Very little pip. kicked in week 5 and continued to gain throughout.

    Kalpa Mast (12 weeks)

    This was my 1st time taking mast and I feel like it definitely worked. I think i dosed to low so that was my fault but either way it worked. Slight pip but not bad after injection days.

    Kalpa Anavar Last 6 weeks

    I do think this was under dosed but it wasn’t at all fake. I saw results but not exactly what I experienced last time I was on Anaver and I dosed higher.


    Worked as expected. Sides were there as I expected and results were good

    M-1T First 3 weeks

    This was the only product that I was dissatisfied with. High sides with little to no results

    Clomid / Nolva

    As expected

    To anyone who gives these guys a bad review. His service is 5star and his prices are reasonable.

    If you want pharma grade go pay the extra thousand dollar or talk to a doctor.

    If infection happened a lot of the time it is user error not gear! I will definitely be utilizing this service again.

  56. minnygap15 says:

    Long overdue review for the wonderful ppl over at 1Steroids! I used to have a local source but that ended up going sour. So this was the first time ordering from anyone online. Wasn’t sure what to expect and was scared because of all the rumors u hear. So talked to a couple ppl I know and they told me about this site. U can go on and click only n find a decent place to order from because it’s well trusted and no scams. So I did just that found a couple and started to email them to get a feel for how they operate and ask some questions. 1Steroids was the only one that responded and within a couple hours if that. Talked to me like I was part of the family and that I have been ordering from them for years. Not like some ppl who r like this is what I got u either want it or u don’t. So great communication was key for me. Also the site in general was a big plus. I’m still sorta new to the game so I’m constantly doing research on what’s good how to use it or what to use it w. Each product on there was a very detailed description of everything u need to know. How to use it what it’s best stacks w and its best used for ect. Being still new I wouldn’t mind if they had a bundle package for either bulking or cutting cycles. Honestly not a big deal tho that’s why u do research. I bought 4 bottles of Sustanon 250, I have been talking it for 2 months now. I have to say I have never heard or used SP labs before but what a product! I started off doing just 250mg a week then read some reviews saying 500mg a week is best. By week 4I was already starting to notice a difference and my strength was increasing big time. I’m now up to 750mg a week and I’ve never felt better in my entire life. This product is the sh##. At first I was getting PIP maybe up till about the 5th week or so then I just started massaging it a lil longer n it’s seemed to be fine lately. My sex drive is through the roof waking up every morning rock hard ready to go even through the day the thought of something I get a lil aroused lol! Stamina is pretty intense as well. Ordering was simple shipping was super fast no longer than a week. Packaging I would have to say was top notch and very creative. Product comes in a box so u know ur getting something fresh new and 100% legit. N I have seen some shady stuff out there. All in all I’m a very satisfied customer and will be ordering again really soon to go into a bulking cycle I wouldn’t mind trying.

    1Steroids is officially my source for all products from here on out.

  57. superfly says:

    T/a was terrible, over a month (there was serious issues with the mailer) BUT since the order was so delayed the bossman comped me some freebies of my choice, which got to me before my original order 🙂

    I was happiest with the d-bol I was comped. Incredibly painful workouts like nothing in this world, loved every one of those little pink bastards.

    The hcg I received turned out to be no good (tested it) I immediately informed the bossman of this and 2 days later he has me some fresh hcg in my mailbox that saved my nuts (literally)

    The Clen was legit. I discovered that I hate clen. Makes me jittery, shakey and clumsy as hell but certainly love it while doing cardio- endless stamina and it def helps to melt the fat away at light speed.

    Finnally got around to trying the Mast and could tell it was legit simply by the crazy boners I was getting (lol)

    Most trustworthy source there is. He earned his spot at the top of the us list. He will never let you down and always come thru for you. Look forward to giving him more business in the future.

  58. John_doe says:

    One of two sources I trust enough to send my hard earned cash to.
    Discreet as expected from a top source also very safe everything wrapped up and secure

    Used tren a (dragon pharma) for a couple of weeks on a cycle I had already started from another source. Strength was high already from other gear but did not drop when I switched which says to me it’s of a similar quality. Didn’t notice any massive size gains (probably diet) but it definitely hardened me up.

    As I said previously one of two sources I trust don’t just take my word for it read the hundreds of good reviews below me.

  59. loyal 1 says:

    A friend of mine directed me to this website because of their great products and customer service. I gave them a try and they seem to me that they are very professional at what they do. I have order atleast 4 times now from them and never had a problem with payment or shipment. They are number 1 in my opinion.

    communication and support is always fast and good.

    T/A has never taken no more than 1 week to be in my mailbox. packaging is well rapped and discreet.

    t3 has worked wonders for me at 25mcg. very very good product. speed up the thyroid and fat burning is very fast. noticed it working within a week. clen was very good well dosed and only at 40mcg a day i got the jitters but they went away after 2 weeks. proviron and winstrol are very good solid products for conditioning the muscle and over all physic. i was also running some AAS from another source and stackking them with these products and the last 4 weeks of my cycle i added the anadrol at 50mg a day and my appetite was shot. I has no appetite to eat anything not even junk food which i crave all the time. Thats usually how i know i got real anadrol not dbol like most anadrol today. The amounts of vascularity and mind blowing strength i got from the anadrol was unreal nothing like it before and everything in eyes was g2g. They have a wide variety of pharma grade products which i only buy, and i can honestly see and feel the difference from pharma grade products and regular brand from different top sources.

    To me 1Steroids is my #1 source so far. they have not been a disappointing service and i will keep ordering from them.

  60. John_doe says:

    Was only a snall order because it was my First time using 1steroids on my first ever cycle, was sceptical using the web to order but 1steroids soon stopped that.great experience all round and would deffo recommend, will be using again on cycle 2.

    Didn’t have to contact after initial order but have signed up for newsletter which I think is pretty sweet.

    Very discreet no way of telling what was in package at all very professional.

    First time doing tren but increase in size and strength was noticable by the end of cycle.

    Would deffo use again on my next cycle hopefully starting in autumn

  61. DrS says:

    Hello Mike, it seems that their e-mails are blocked by AOL, to read replies, log in into your account and check the Tickets section. Good luck!

  62. sombomb says:

    Wow, what can I say. I was really apprehensive ordering from a new source as you can imagine. We all take a lot of risk in this game when it comes to doing business.

    Communication is perfect. Fast response times and he took the time to write in complete sentences. A lot of these guys are so short with us on here. I also had an issue with my order where it was my fault (my dyslexia). He took care of me and found an amicable solution with a reship.

    Best packing ever. You could probably sit on the packaging and it will still be fine lol. No items damaged. Fastest turnaround on this site in my opinion only 1 week!!

    I know some of you guys may have your doubts with a noob on this site but dont. I did my research and 1steroids has been on other sites too. You are in good hands. 1steroids is helpful and respectful. Do a test order and see for yourself. I will be reordering soon.

  63. Mikeie says:

    Update I cannot get in to the website I’ve sent them $235 US. I’ve sent them several emails with different account names and I’ve not gotten a response is anyone else having this problem? It’s is been two weeks and I’ve heard anything

  64. Tren hard says:

    Tried a new source and could not be happier.

    Very discrete and fast.

    I have not used the injectables yet, and won’t for at least 6 months. So I wanted to review the orals for now.

    I tried the anavar at 50mg, mostly to get the benefits for soft tissue regeneration. I train with a pretty high frequency and I have to say, my elbows especially felt better. Before they were borderline sore, I was ready to take a longer deload but with var I continued to train hard for a few more weeks before I had to deload, and the pump really suprised me, I see people taking 70+mg everywhere so I did not expect much from 50, but from the first session it gave me serious pumps, all in all it was a lot more fun than expected and I will run it again in the summer. Cialis, I take 10mg every few days for my blood pressure and just because it is overall not unhealthy, cheap, gives good pumps and is fun in general. My girl loves it too, even though she is sore most of the time in part thanks to the cialis.

    Good cialis, I got bunk ones from an indian pharmacy once, but these ones are on par with the other ones I tried, just as good as d-hacks were. Sometimes I take a whole 20mg tab, that’s even more fun, but then I get a stuffy nose for a day or so.

    Nolva: I got it because I run 10ed during my test/deca run with no AI just to feel safe. Then nolva was dirt cheap and the other things I tried were good so I thought why not.

    But I always have 100% genuine pharm grade nolva and ralox on hand, never rely solely on ugl serms and AIs in my opinion!!

    It seems to work perfect, 600 test, 400 deca, no AI, 10 nolva ed and everything is perfect, not too much water, libido is great, no signs of gyno etc. I will post another review after using the injectables but that will be a while until then.

    For now I could not be more content with the quality and prices. I stocked up on kalpa test for a long time, but when I need more I will get it from here for sure.

  65. RTZ Affirmation says:

    Superior customer service, support, packaging and professionalism.

    The seller had excellent communication. Questions were answered within 12 hours of me of me asking. In many cases within 2 hours. The seller was very polite and transparent throughout the process. A+ in terms of support and service.

    The seller provided tracking data immediately, which was up to date the entire time. I knew exactly where the package was and when it would be arriving. The packaging was impressive. Obvious care was taken to ensure the contents would not be jostled, punctured or ruined in anyway.

    Amazing quality. This is the second time ordering gentropin after switching from some generics options. The difference is noticeable. I had some very negative reaction to the generics (huge red welts that became rock hard and really hurt for two weeks). I do not experience that with this product. I started using the product for recovery and used 6 IU (split into 3 IU in two separate doses). This was for a two week period. There were some noticeable side effects (swelling, joint pain [esp. in the morning] and increased water retention. The retention was probably also partial the fault of other supplements (creatine). At this point, I have dropped to 3 IU mainly for maintenance and have not noticed any decline in the fitness benefits. The dosages are a bit lower than some might suggest, but this product is not cheap and at 3 IU I feel I have found the sweet spot with no side effects and my desired benefits. I have been at 3 IU for two weeks and after this most recent order plan to cycle off and see what happens.

    Best source I have dealt with. The level of professionalism regarding service, communication and tracking were top notice. If I decide to cycle on again this is the only source I will contact.

  66. Jay748 says:

    Ordered some Kalpa Test E and Dbol along with AI and PCT bits from these guys a few months ago, Received the order quickly and the stuff worked a treat. No pip from the Test E and had good strength gains from Dbol.

    Very discrete packaging and quick to arrive.

  67. DrS says:

    Correct website address is: 1steroids.net

  68. Mikeie says:

    Made a purchase three days ago, I cannot get back into the website with a verification code for fundssent. Sent several emails with no response. It could possibly be the website is having problems? Or i got scammed. will keep you updated

  69. BigD28 says:

    I was looking for a fast, reliable and most importantly quality source when I stumbled upon 1steroids on this website. I decided to look over the gear and noticed they carried SP Labs products which I have used in the past on one of my trips overseas for work. 1Steroids carries a quality product line so I ordered some test enanthate and some equipoise. The results I got from this cycle and 1Steroids’ products were shocking. I am bigger, leaner and a lot more vascular. 1Steroids should be anyone’s one stop shop for a great source.

    They communicated directly with me every time there was either a change and or question they had in reference to the order that I made. They kept me posted every time there was another action performed on my order. Most importantly they kept me posted during the whole process and answered every single question I had about my products and how long it would take to reach me. Excellent and second to none communication and support!

    Their packaging was very discrete and professional with no snags or problems with mail along the way. Perfect packaging!

    The test e quality was outstanding, I gained about 15 to 20 pounds of solid muscle from one 10 ML vial. Experienced more endurance and heavier lifts with test e. SP equipoise increased my appetite, made me vascular and experienced huge pumps like my skin felt as if it was fixing to rip after a set. I used the test e at 500 milligrams per week and the equipoise at 300 milligrams per week. I ran these 2 for about 6 weeks with outstanding results.

    Don’t search anywhere else for a source, use 1steroids if your looking for a source in the states. You will get great results, fast service, fast shipping and excellent communication. Do not hesitate to pull the trigger and order from them. I would recommend any person using AAS over to this website. In the words of Arnold, “Don’t be a girly man” shop at 1steroids.

  70. Warrior2548 says:

    My new go to source for sure.

    By far the best customer service I have dealt with. So by far outstanding customer service! Plus they were more than welling to answer any of my questions prior to my order.

    The packaging was very discret and showed up extremely fast.

    I ordered sus250, tren, and clomid.

    I am running a 10 week cycle of 1cc of sus and tren every Mon and Thurs. Currently I am on my 3rd week and my strength has shot through the roof. I have noticed more vascularity and bigger pumps that last long after the gym. The quality definitely is showing as the weights I am using have increased drastically as well. Overall I am impressed with the quality of my products received.

  71. # says:

    This is a review for there pharma adex. Although i ordered more products that a friend of mine is using and loves,i have not used them so i will not review the quality.This an easy source to deal with. Site is simple and communication was good. all in all they are a good source to deal with and i def would recommend them

    Communication was great. When dealing with non domestic sources i always take into consideration the time difference. Especially because there on the other side of the world they may be waking up when i am going to sleep. They responded to all my inquiries in less then 24hours.

    T/A was 9 days which is great considering it coming from overseas. In fact i have had domestic sources take longer, Packaging was discreet. It was also package to ensure that nothing gets damaged.

    I started a cycle recently. i was going to wait a lil before starting to use the adex. I started noticing estro related side effect. i started bloating bad. I added adex in at .25mg e3d. My sides slowy went away. I also did blood work which confirmed my findings.

  72. Jrock101 says:

    Let me start by saying that this is my first ever steroid cycle. I have been interested in cycling for a few years now, but I could never find a legit site or supplier. I have been on all sorts of different sites and I have been scammed a few times by some sites. This site is completely legit. Not only are their products 100% real, but the customer service that they provide is outstanding. I live in a country where the customs are assholes and my first bulking gear and my pct gear both arrived without any problems. I am in the 5th week of my first cycle and I have put on 8lbs of muscle and I am looking and feeling great.

    I have more energy in the gym and my recovery time is pretty much non existent. I am a naturally inquisitive person, but 1Steroids has never felled to answer my questions in a timely and respectful manner. The packaging is so good that I had to contact them and have them help me find the gear. I would refer them with full confidence to anyone who is serious about getting any gear. The pricing is really good in my opinion too.

    I have been running the test e at 500 mg a week and the dbol at 60mg per day for 5 weeks. The gains have been very good and it already shows.

    I had some PIP at first, but I believe that is because the needle that I was using was to small for my gluteus maximus. I was using a 5’16” and upgraded to a 1 1/2″ needle and I have not had any PIP since. I naturally have oily skin, so if the test e did cause any excess oil, it hasn’t been noticed.

  73. rtarnoldiii says:

    Excellent customer service. Answers emails right away. Isn’t an asshole like others I’ve dealt with.

    At first my order didn’t update on the website. I emailed 1steroids with my info, he replied right away. The next day my item was shipped with an apology.

    From the day I emailed to my door it was like 9 days. I was thoroughly impressed by that compared to other experiences I’ve had with non domestic suppliers.

    I first ordered Clen, then after doing more research ordered T3 as well. I just ordered T3 and haven’t got it yet, so the review is just for the Clen

    I’ve been stuck at the same body fat forever! Completely plateaued. I lost 7lbs in 7 days on Balkan’s clen. Stuff is definitely legit!

    I don’t usually use oversea sources, but 1steroids’ prices were great. I read reviews and decided to give him a shot. I was not disappointed. VERY happy with my experience.

  74. tootallslim says:

    What can I say, amazing customer service and quality gear. 1Steroids is definitely legit!

    Very easy to work with. Always responded to emails and questions. I placed an order, Sent donations and had my tracking number the next day. Actually I’m working with him now on another small order to try the dragon pharma’s tren ace. Amazing customer service all around.

    Excellent turnaround and packaging. Recieved my order in 12 days from across the pond. Everything was discreet and nice and neat.

    4 vials of dragon pharma’s sust 350.

    Finishing up my current cycle with sust (switching from another source’s sust) and I’m on my third week and I’m actually up a few pounds. Which is awesome since I was at week 8 and already up 20 lbs and now I’m up another 5 lbs. No pip, and libido is up as it should be along with oily skin and night sweats so definitely on point.

    This guy is easy to work with always responds to questions. Just because he is not a top source doesn’t mean you should overlook this guy. Submit an order and you won’t be disappointed. I’m sure he will be moving up the ranks soon. Thanks again 1Steroids!

  75. tight says:

    I’ve recieved promo gear and reg order stuff. Never needed to ask anything. Order/donation/recieve. In that order always under T/A.

    Tight. Secure.

    I got strong! I did Sustanon 2cc’s a week for 5 weeks, 1 1/2 cc’s for 4 wks and I’m currently pinning 1 a week this being 10 weeks to the day I started. I felt great erections and drive in bed at 2 1/2 wks.

    Great shipping time. Great product. Excellent source.

  76. chris.smith5555 says:

    Excellent communication, fast shipping and quality product.

    1steroids had exactly the products I needed. I ordered online, paid and received in 7 days.

    Well packaged and descreet.

    Ordered Aldactone, T3, Proviron

    Used these for my contest prep and they worked exactly as expected. I am very happy with the quality of their products and will order again.

    1steroids has an excellent inventory and variety of products. I was able to find all of the final things needed for my prep in one place. Shipping was fast. I highly recommend.

  77. anabolicwindow says:

    It is a pleasure to have business with this guy!

    Communication was great! For every email maximum 12h wait for reply!

    Packaging was very discreet a lot of bubble wrap!

    Ordered Kalpa in bulk for me and my mates!;) got really good discount and a lot of bonus vials

    For my cycle i m using1.2g sustaxyl and 600mg deca250 from kalpa! Yesterday did first jab no pip at all did 1ml o deca in shoulder and 1.5ml of sustaxyl in glutes !

    Will definitely order some more from this guy! And he was happy to look for some gear he didnt had on site! Just ask him, he will get anything for you!;)

  78. BBQ Billy says:

    This source has had the fastest shipping and overall the the best communication ever received from an overseas source. I would never hesitate and would recommend this guy to anyone I know.

    Speed was amazing package landed in about a week internationally

    Ordered 3 x Genotropin 36iu

    I have been using generics for a couple of years and decided to try HG so now using the genotropins, switched from 4iu generic jintropin that tested well to 2.25iu of these daily and my hands fall asleep, wrists cramp and dreams are lucid as heck. feel extremely rested even after a nap. All and all I would recommend the product as it is completely amazing compared to generic HGH.

  79. David Lee says:

    I wish I had the same exp all of you seem to have gotten with this company. I haven’t received any communication till after my 6th email to them that was almost 2 weeks out after payment was made and collected.. The reply I finally got was, oh we have not sent product out and need a few days. Its been over a 8 day since and still no reply or update. I hope this is not a scam.

  80. Ironforged says:

    I received 10 grams of test cyp from 1Steroids. Everything is on point with this guy!

    I received the pack within 2 wks which is awesome for international.

    The quality is great with this product. When I heated in oil it looked so clear that it looked like I didn’t need to run it through a filter but it’s the stuff that my eyes can’t see that worries me so I filtered it anyways. Been running it for a few weeks now, started at 750 mg/wk for the first 2 wks then dropped it down to 500mg bc honestly it feels quite a bit more potent than any test I’ve ran before. Within a week I already had the increase in libido and by week two strength was driving up, skin was very oily, getting acne on my shoulders and back, and sweating profusely like I was on tren lol. First time I’ve ever noticed that on test. There is also no pip after taken but that has a big part in to what solvents are used as well.

    I have nothing but good thing to say about 1steroids and his products.

  81. awd1985 says:

    I have used several online sources before now and none of them come close to the excellent service of 1Steroids. The order and payment process were simple. Orders were posted quickly and arrived the next week. There were two minor issues that were resolved quickly and I got prompt replies to my queries for these. Am almost through a 12 week cycle and the Kalpa line is working beautifully. Smooth and painless oils and the tabs did exactly what they were supposed to do. Can say that Kalpa is up there with the best of them.

    Seems to be great, results are solid and exceed expectations.

  82. ian JOHNSON says:

    once again revived order .im so happy i found this site.it is 100% legit. great items. well packaged.fast delivery . nice and easy for enquirers and contacting . great company . A* keep up the hard work guys .im impressed A BIG THANK YOU

  83. P-N-S says:

    I have ordered from these guys a few times now – fantastic, prompt service every time and very happy with the products too

    Great communication – received confirmation emails in good time and always received prompt replies to any email queries

    Very fast turnaround time and discreet packaging

    Been using the test for over 6 months now – definitely legit

    Ran the trenbolone for 15 weeks and got fantastic results – have used tren a few times before so am very familiar with how I feel on it and it was definitely legit tren

    have recommended to a few friends who have all also been very happy with products & service

  84. waltr says:

    This is a review of the KALPA line Testosterone Enanthate. I ordered 6 vials during a promotional sale and i am into the 5th vial now and feel comfortable leaving a review.

    1Steroids is an easy guy to get a hold of and he seems to be ontop of his business.

    T/A International to me was at about the 12 day mark. I know it was less then 2 weeks.

    I feel this Kalpa stuff is a solid product. I bridged into this supplier from a different source i was using and did not notice any drop off in potency at the same dosage. The Kalpe testosterone has caused my skin to be much oilier then is typical and ive had some chest and back acne to deal with as a result. Not a big deal at the end of the day though.

    If you have been sitting on the fence about Kalpa go ahead and give it a shot. Im pleased with the results im achieving with it.

  85. Polquin says:

    1Steroids is best

    I have ordered my cycle according to my needs preparation in view of quality and definition, muscle hardness pack

    excellent packaging and very discreet arrived on time from international shipping

    they are the best source I know. excellent in their work. I recommend.

  86. ian JOHNSON says:

    Great quality source, fast delivery and good products.
    im from uk Placed order online, sent payment, received shipping confirmation and tracking code following day! just going to do my 2nd order thank you so much
    All arrived in perfect condition. im so happy

  87. SwoleManJ says:

    Highly recommended! Great source with quality customer service. I will not use anyone else. 1Steroids is AWESOME!

    Package touched down within 9 days of ordering. Was amazed at how quick I got it. Nice packaging, very discreet & vacuum sealed.

    I’m on TRT but decided I wanted to run a real cycle, their test is the REAL deal. Went from 180lbs to 208lbs in 12 weeks. Amazing size & strength gains, very aggressive in the gym, libido through the roof, oily skin. All signs of high quality test. I only used the ARIMIDEX as NEEDED for bloating, I take .5mg twice weekly, the day after pinning and noticed appropriate body responses. Strong stuff! The test was very smooth, no PIP.

    Great source, quality customer service, will be returning! Highly recommend this source.

  88. enhancedlife says:

    Bought Humatrope 72iu x4 from them. I’ll just start with the results first since most will only care about that – I had been running 8iu of generics for about a month before the huma, I was seeing decent results . Some fat loss and better sleep but nothing dramatic. Switched over to the humatrope at 5iu daily and within just a few days noticed a major difference . My physique took on this all day pump that looks awesome , similar to what you look like after a nice lifting session. Muscles look extremely full and vascular. After about 10 days the fat loss was very evident. I do cardio every day so I’m not saying it’s all the HGH but it definitely speeds it up. Now that I’m almost 30 days in(on the huma) I’m really starting to see the long term effects like muscle growth and skin rejuvenation . I have already been down the HGH path so I know it takes time but so far I’m extremely pleased . If I had to make a solid estimate I think 5iu of pharma growth is comparable to 10-12 iu of generic. You can definitely get away with much less. It’s also important to try pharm grade once so you can see the difference yourself. Would I purchase again? Well with the prices 1Steroids has its hard to say no , and his customer service is some of the best you’ll get anywhere. He keeps you up to date the entire time. Package landed in 15 days so not bad .

    Same day

    15 days usa


    Pharm grade it’s the best you’ll get. Totally authentic

  89. musclejuice says:

    Ordered some orals and pct in January from 1STEROIDS. I was satisfied with the product. Everything worked just how I would expect.

    Communication was great.

    First time running proviron with my cycle. Kept my libido going strong. The clen had me sweating and heart pumping. Love that stuff.

  90. wolf says:

    Great quality source, fast delivery and good products.

    Placed order online, sent payment, received shipping confirmation and tracking code following day!

    All arrived in perfect condition.

    Switched from some high quality pharma I had from a friend and have continued to get great strength and size gains since switching to the Balkan. Got sides off the anastrazole after taking 1mg first day after receiving and am now only taking 0.5 every few days which has stopped any tingling in the nipple area! So the products are very good!

    I would use this source and these products again without question.

  91. ian JOHNSON says:

    looking good just got my tracking number i will keep you up to date

  92. ian JOHNSON says:

    just done my first order i will let you no how it gos

  93. Ricky Barnett says:

    Good gear, good source, highly recommended! Super fast delivery!

  94. dionyios says:

    I have used three suppliers from here over the last year or two, the first two was not too good but were ok i guess, Order came within a couple of days by recorded post, everything well wrapped. I felt power gains within the first week taking the dbol and the Enathate.

    I asked some info at the begining and got instant replies, thats what made me try them out in the first place, they never tried pushng any products, just answered my questions politly.

    Quality I am not sure how to explain but I could feel the extra power, I was over heating a lot, some minor spots, extra hair on my chest and stomach, the extra strengh and energy/appetite was unmistakable, so quaity I would say great, I couldnt have expected any more.

    I used 1ml Enanthate 250 every week (Monday) and 1ml Multidose every week (Thursday). 4 weeks dbol at the beginning and 2 weeks dbol at the end of my 12 week cycle, then the HCG near the end and I already had some of pct. I gained a lot of weight and even after losing the water retention I have gained plenty of muscle and defantion.

    I am giving a review for selfish reasons really, I have just been and made my second order with these guys which has all gone through fine, now when going back to reorder in the back of my mind was ‘these guys were great I really hope they havent gone’ .. I am in the UK and there are good sellers and bad sellers out there and this one is good, very good, the more that get from them the more likely they will still be around when I want my next cycle hence the selfish part, but believe me there is nothing wrong with the quality of the products or the service provided!

  95. swp1284 says:

    I’ve ordered twice from 1steroids and have received great customer service and fast shipping. Their product is the real deal and can be trusted. I always recommend them and will continue to do business with them.

    Communication and support is fast and helpful.

  96. Rustynutz says:

    A pleasant experience. Fantastic service and the product is good. Too early to report on gains, but I feel they are going to exceed expectations. Thanks for a superb service. Looks like you have another regular.

  97. OB2 says:

    This review is LONG overdue. Sorry for the delay

    T/A time from sending payment to landing at my door step is usually around 5-6 days. The gear is always securely packed and doesn’t look suspicious.

    Ordered Propinate, Letro, Nolva, Clomid, Genotropin

    After almost dying and being put on bed rest for almost an entire year, I had lost most of my gains that I’d worked ever so hard to get. After finally being able to get back in the gym, I trained natty for a couple months, until I felt like I wasn’t a weakling anymore lol

    I used 4iu’s of GENOTROPIN ED & I’ve had blood work done, showing that these are on par with Hyges. This is an excellent brand of HGH.

    I ran a short cycle of Prop @ 100mg EOD for 8 weeks.During which time I was using Adex that I got from another source, as my AI. My sex drive was through the roof. I’d even get hard ons in the gym, which was often awkward to say the least. My BP got kinda high, so I started taking Propranolol (purchased elsewhere) to keep that in check. Towards the end I started getting really sore/swollen nips, so the AI I was taking wasn’t doing its job. After the doctor verified that it was, in fact, gyno, I immediately started using Dragon Pharma’s Letro with some nolva & clomid until it went away. Then I did the basic PCT consisting of Nolva & Clomid. After it was all said and done, I kept about 5 pounds of solid muscle with good veins & a much more toned body. My next cycle will be from 1Steroids as well.

    Been my #1 source for going on 2 years now

  98. 250byXmas says:

    Alright fellas here’s my review: I am disabled (spinal surgery because I was hit by a drunk driver about ten years ago). I need to be in the gym because of the problems that I have from the disability and the spine surgeries. Boldenone works perfectly for me to keep strong lean muscle on me that helps with the disability and makes life good again. I use boldenone as a hardener and run it at 150mg every 3 days for a long 24 week cycle. I used to get all my gear from bro’s in gym, but I’m disabled and need to be able to order good strong quality gear from a reliable src. So, I reviewed the posts for the top five rated src’s on this board (I read the last year of posts for each of the top five src’s). I decided on 1steroids because I saw the fellas at 1steroids are active with their replies, and the discussion that they have on their website on each gear type is excellent. I’m glad I went with these guys at 1Steroids. I had the usual pre-game jitters and concerns with a src that I hadn’t ordered from before. Everything went smoothly and received order within 5 business days, instructions for payment were straightforward, packaging was excellent. I had a few questions (I wanted to make sure that I was home, but I’ll most likely get a po box for my next order) that were all answered within about 6 hours. These guys at 1Steroids are doing a great job. Their prices were a little more, but that’s fine with me, the quality of the Dragon Pharma’s boldenone that 1Steroids carries is excellent. I’ll be ordering some more for sure.

    Packaging was done correctly, tight and nothing moving around and no moisture concerns.

    Oil has correct color and clarity and draws good. Security features on box and bottle were all intact. Quality and strength are top-notch and excellent. 24-week cycle at 150mg’s (0.75ml per shot) every3days Nolva 20mg every2days throughout entire cycle and will run Clomid and Nolva for PCT 2 weeks into cycle all working properly and as expected; oil slightly increased in skin, testes shrunk about 15%, Energy way up, Strength and density way up and accelerating

  99. IrishEnglishMuscle says:

    Top communication and top products. Ordered Norditropin HGH, Tbol, arimidex, proviron and Cut Mix (test, tren, masteron mix). Cut Mix, arimidex and proviron not tested yet but nordis and tbol are gtg, good pumps from tbol

  100. Jc74s says:

    Was in need for some test prop also wanted to check out the cut stack .Was using prop from another src already was able to guage the effects with in days .

    Communication was on point all questions where answered with in a couple of hours .

    T/A was 8 days .Packaging was flawless everything was protected very well .Everything was very discreet.

    1x test prop 30ml

    I have not used the cut stack but the test prop Ive been on the first couple of pins I got test flu .I was dosing pretty high so this is expected.Within a couple days the test started to shine libdio went crazy I no longer had morals when it came to picking women .Strengh increased during workout endurance improved along with my mode .

  101. hoagie_m says:

    Have ordered about 7 or 8 times in the last 4mths. Same routine every time, quick and easy… order, pay, wait 2-3 days for fresh gear to arrive. Emails are returned w/in hrs not days, and I’ve had ZERO probs w/ products, ordering or shipping ect. As for product… I’m currently entering wk6 on the kalpa test/deca at 2ml or 350mg/ea, along w/ another 250mg kalpa sust and 250 deca for total of 600/deca 600 test/wk. Started the cycle w/ 30mg/day kalpa dbol kickstart for 1st 4wks as well. Strength is waaay up, pumps are redic, bf is down a bit, veins are poppin on top of veins. I look better and feel great. Don’t like to rely on the scale but I’m up from 192ish to 200ish. 1Steroids is my go to… I love the system and wont be going elsewhere if they keep this up.

  102. univega says:

    7th time i ordered from 1steroids and what can I say? Legit Gear, Prompt service, Fast delivery, Well packaged, great communication. I’m very satisfied with these guys.

    The Kalpa’s are pretty much doing there job, and they are 100% legit

    The Kamagra provide me with a upstanding Peacemaker if needed

    The Clom and T3 are Pharma Grade and working 100%

    7th order and still 100% satisfied

  103. DBG says:

    This is something I have needed to sit down and write for awhile…as a courtesy to 1Steroids…so everyone can understand how good of a source 1Steroids is and how much of a good thing that we all got going here on this site.

    Several months ago I purchased some sustanon amps from 1Steroids for a primo run. So of course it came time to start the primo and the sust. I was going to run 600mg of primo and 250mg sust per week for 16 weeks. After about 3 weeks in on the compounds I began to notice that something just wasn’t quite right, the energy wasn’t there and my skin began to break out a lil bit on my back and shoulders…a sure sign to me that my hormone levels were fluctuating a lil too wildly…kinda like doing PCT, I get acne when gear begins to clear.

    Long story short…I went for some bloods…got the results…found that the sust was a lil underdosed…my T levels were probably a third of what they should have been. Posted the results on here…contacted 1Steroids…1Steroids was straight up, respectful and all professional, very business and courteous to me. He agreed that the results weren’t up to par and offered a full refund or credit to new gear instantly. He didn’t even know that some of the amps were no good…and he had to go back into his supply and root thru thousands to find the rest of the bad eggs, lol. I thought I had it bad…all I had to do was scrap my cycle and cruise on some prop, switch gears and do a different cycle…it was disappointing, but in the end I couldn’t even really commit to the primo like I had wanted too…so in the future it is still there and I will try again.

    Now comes to it all!!! I was searching for a source that also offered test phenylprop cuz I became interested in the ester and the pinning routine. I purchased the Kalpa test PH. Been running it for close to a month now or more and I am completely overjoyed. Been pinning 300mg/wk and my test levels are thru the roof!! I got some bloods last week, I just didn’t post them…for one cuz my estrodial was outta control too…OOPS!!! I wasn’t taking enough asin, lol. All good…I will get it to come down. Been running the Dragon Pharma tren too…. I love the caber and ai’s from this guy…they have never let me down.

    I could keep writing a book but I think I will stop now. From contact to ordering to paying to asking for advice to shipping speed…I love this guy, the gear, the service…bar none, one awesome source. Thank You again 1Steroids, customer for life.

  104. ash48 says:

    ordered my first AAS off 1steroids, cant say enough about this guy, the communication was second to none! always willing to advise and help… he gave me the confidence i needed from a source and now ill only use 1steroids…

  105. DDG says:

    Have had five orders for 1steroids great products, great commucation, great shipping and have gained over 13 lbs lean muscle as of week 5. Great business. Keep up guys will be my only suppler. Thanks

  106. bubba says:

    As always, pleasure to deal with. If I need something in a jiffy, I can always rely on 1Steroids. Highly recommended. I’ve been a customer for a few years now, I trust him completely. He needs to be higher ranked, IMO.

    As always, fastest supplier I’ve ever used. Having the trackers are nice, good for peace of mind.

    I’ve used Dragon Pharma’s Nolvadex many times before and will continue using it in the future. Effective, good quality. Recommended.

  107. DBG says:

    Not even really sure how I stumbled upon 1Steroids…only that I am glad I did. I like to use quality ancillaries…like pharma quality AI’s and such, and the supply that 1Steroids has is 100% topnotch product. I recently switched brands of aromasin, and right at the tail end of a cycle too. The brand I had(from elsewhere) was obviously weak or underdosed, and I had bloods done to prove it. I continued to use up the stuff because I was apprehensive to combat estro issues mid-cycle after I already had it dialed in, and even if the shit was weak..I still had it working. Figured I would save that problem for the last week or two, lol. This brings me to 1Steroids… SO…NOW…when after about a week of using Dragon pharma Aromasin (at the same dose of the weak stuff), my libido plummeted and my joints(knees and shoulders) began to ache and even pop a lil’ more…a sure sign to me that I just crashed my estro…something just didn’t feel right. Well, I lowered the dose for a week, and …all beginning to go back to normal again and feeling like a rockstar…rockin the wood again and joint issues gone. What a difference…went from taking 12.5mg-18.75mg ED of suspect asin to 6.25mg ED of rockstar asin!! I hate switching AI’s(brands) on cycle…its like Russian roulette sometimes, lol…but I am so content knowing that I have found my source for excellent ancillaries in the future. I got some other gear with this order and another full order coming, so updates to follow!! I hope he doesn’t get too busy…I love this guy! You get what you pay for…and quality matters to me.

  108. Gym Junkie says:

    So I ordered some Anadroxyl from 1Steroids a while back when he had it on special. I have ordered from this source probably 4 times. This time was no different got my package in 7-9 days. There was one thing I was not expecting with order. I have never taken anadroxyl before and HOLY SHIT was this stuff strong..I was not prepared at all and it beat my ass. I ended up having to come off of it at about 4 weeks which I have read is about as long as you wanna stay on this stuff anyway. I still have a ton of this stuff left I will save for later and know what to expect next time..Hell I might even do some liver support with it next time…lol. My strength was through the roof, extreme hot flashes, urine turned neon orange no matter how much water I drank. etc…Strong stuff…Packaging discreet and great communication.

  109. Pinjammer says:

    I ended a 10 week Test/Deca cycle only to find out that my nolva/clomid had disappeared during a cleaning frenzy. My local source was unavailable. 1Steroids came through! I live in a pretty remote location, but 1Steroids managed to get my replacement PCT in my hands within a week of ordering. That’s a great TA for my location. The Clomid is pharma grade and GTG, The Nolva is Dragon Pharma, which I’ve never tried before, but seems good. I’ll update when I get further along. It’s always a little sketchy when using a new source, but 1Steroids just got themselves a new fanboy. Excellent TA and Excellent service. I’m in the process of planning a Test/Tren/Var cycle for next summer, and I will definitely be getting my gear from 1Steroids.

  110. phoenixsun says:

    ordered some tbol from this supplier a few months back. Very easy, fast shipping. Did tbol only for 6 weeks with nolva for pct 2 weeks. Gained 12 pounds and have kept all of it. Very satisfied.

  111. skinny1 says:

    3rd Time ordering from 1Steroids. left this one a while to get my cycle going

    Excellent communication.. I received my goods prior to the website update.. But even during that. Emailed 1Steroids about other things, products etc and as always replied with top info and help

    Packaging spot on, no issue

    The sus and deca was purchased for a friend, but his gains and bulk is clear to see.. He’s huge.

    Me, I’ve been on the test e 5 weeks now come Friday. Weights up by 10 pound at this stage. Strength is kicking up each and every day.. And the bloody teenage skin is driving me mad.

    It’s like I’m 15 again. Woods at anytime of the day.. Missus loves it. Haha

    Nothing seems to get me down at the mo as I’m sailing on test high. Cheers 1Steroids

  112. lionheart says:

    I have placed two orders with 1Steroids . Both went great they are very good at answering any questions . I ordered test prop and sust both are gtg. I will use them again.

  113. dazb80 says:

    Bought from 1Steroids for second time. Very efficient and helpful.

    Cannot fault this dude! He’s the best on here

    Package was discreet and nicely wrapped

    Recommended this dude to my gym mates.

  114. AncientAlien says:

    Made several orders with 1steroids and always a pleasure doing so

    Ta was just a week and a half and the packaging was good with no broken orals or oild

    This review is for the anadroxyl as the other products were for someone else.

    I used the anadroxyl 50mgs daily for 50 days along side sust.

    Shit is strong and love the full look I get while on anadroxyl. Pumps are outrageous. I don’t hold alot of water so anadroxyl is good for me to use every once in awhile.

    I put on 15 pounds and felt great. It’s some good anadrol

    Great source.

  115. Mixmastablasta says:

    Second order I have received from 1Steroids and as last time, no dramas what so ever. Communication, Packaging, Shipping and Quality of gear is second to none

    I was only going to order my PCT stuff, as im halfway through a cycle, but the test i got from 1Steroids at the start was so clean and quality gear, I ordered more + my PCT. Up the dose, extend the cycle.

    Looking forward to our next transaction

  116. iFit says:

    Easy to see why 1Steroids is #1 source!

    Quick, professional and friendly. No need for support.

    Extremely fast T/A. Shipped same day as payment. Landed in US in 9 days. Faster than some Domestics. Packaging was discreet, tight and secure.

    Used both ordered products, the Boldaxyl and Clen. Boldaxyl – increase in muscle hardness and density. Noticeable increase in vascularity. Moderate increase in strength and cardio capacity. No PIP. Sides: Oily skin. No acne just oily skin which EQ does to me. Dramatic increase in appetite. Hungry all the time. Clen – I can handle clen no problem. I mainly use it for increase workout intensity as I really don’t need it to get lean. This clen produced the expected results which were mainly an increase in focus and intensity. Sides: Moderate shakes but nothing that really bothered me.

    Pleasure doing business with 1Steroids

  117. # says:

    Okay so this is for a order I made for test enanthate and Anavar.

    This guy is on top of his game, replies super fast and is just an all around nice guy

    T/A was ridiculously fast and the package was as stealth as can be, everything was perfectly packed and secure.

    The test is super smooth and I feel amazing, probably the best I’ve ever had. I get really pumped and sweaty and my sex drive is insatiable. As for dragon pharma Anavar it is GTG, my recovery time is stupid fast and I’m growing like crazy. I highly recommend this guy he is super helpful and has fire gear.

    Don’t hesitate to order. The tabs are amazing and so legit looking. The test was smooth and effective. I just placed my second order. Customer for life

  118. Ragnarok1 says:

    This was my first order with this source and first time using SteroidsLive so this was more of a trial run. This source is direct and to the point. You order, you pay and you get your product.

    All questions and communications were answered in a timely manner. 1Steroids is right to the point.

    All products were recieved within the suppliers advertised T/A. Products were recieved in a safe and secure manner to insure that all products were not broken and not suspicious. Excelent job!

    Orderd 3x test cyp 250mg/ml, 1 deca 300mg/ml, dbol 50mg x 30 and adex .25mg x 30

    I ran the dbol for 2 weeks at 25mg per day. After 2 weeks ran at 50mg per day split 25mg in am and 25mg pre workout for the remaining 2 weeks for total of 4 weeks. Ran the test Cyp at 300 mg twice a week and the deca at 150mg twice a week for a total of test at 600mg/week and deca at 300mg/week. Cant review adex as i did not use. I am not prone to estro problems so I did not need. First off I got incredible pumps off the dbol and major back pumps esp when uped dose to 50mg per day. Gained about 8 pounds in the first 3 weeks which gave the test a chance to really start to shine. Test was as good as any I have ever ran, clean and no pip. I dont quite understand the smell of it as I have never had any that smelled as strong as what i got from 1Steroids. Must have been the solvents used. Got all the usual sides that are associated with good test, Oily skin, ance, boosted sex drive. Deca took a little longer to kick in as i was only running at 300mg / week. After about 6-7 weeks really started to notice the difference in joints and strength. Over all I ran deca for a total of 10 weeks and test for a total of 12 weeks. After all was said and done I goined a total of about 12lbs that I was able to keep once all water weight came off.

    Overall great products, great customer service and great results. I could have not asked for more. I will be back and recommend that all give him a shot. His prices are unbeatable for the quality gear that you get.

  119. Theseeker says:

    This has been my go-to supplier for the past year and a half and I could not be happier with everything, I’ve ordered many things from them and have never been disappointed with anything. Quality is always pharma grade and packages come quicker than anyone else I’ve ordered from

    no communication needed, I’ve contacted them once regarding a change in order and they got back to me the next day.

    Packaging is discreet and the package took a total of 6 business days to arrive from the time I placed the order until it was in my mailbox

    Product quality is spot on does exactly what it is supposed to do, been using for 2 weeks and have sweats, increased libido, bigger pumps, strength increase

    I’ve used trenbolone many times so I know good tren when I use it and this tren is right on top with other brands I’ve used this was also my main supplier for when I was in contest prep and I would not rely on just anyone for that, quality, t/a time, communication, packaging I give them a 10/10.

  120. P says:

    Introduction: A few days ago I read on 1Steroids that he carried the Kalpa Pharmaceuticals range. Now over in the UK, the Kalpa brand is very strong at the moment and i know that this enthusiasm will continue to spread over to the state-side too. Well, after the reviews that I had read from some reputable members here on SteroidsLive, in addition to the increasing amount of pictures taken with positive comments towards the brand, i knew that i was in safe hands…which lead to a very productive chat with myself and 1Steroids – I can confirm that the Kalpa Pharmaceuticals range are fantastic, hence why I have made subsequent Kalpa orders from the man 1Steroids.

    Communication: After a productive conversation with 1Steroids, about his company and the brands they stock, i decided to place an order. This was a result of his consistent quality of information i was receiving through email and integrity. To say the least, the result was impressive.

    Items ordered: 1 x 10ml Kalpa Testosterone Enanthate

    Delivery/Shipping (T/A): I made and paid for my order on Wednesday and on next Tuesday morning the delivery was made! = 6 days T/A time 🙂

    Packaging: Well what can i say – Packaging was discreet and the vials were firmly wrapped. Without giving away too much information regarding packaging, let’s just say that it took me most of my morning to unpack the delivery 🙂

    Other:1Steroids’ customer service is excellent.

    Very simple, quick and easy transaction process, time after time, LOL, can you tell that im a regular 1Steroids customer yet??!

    Over time and through solid communication they earned my order, and i will certainly be looking forward to placing more orders with 1Steroids.

    Experience with Compounds Ordered: – I began dosing Kalpa Testosterone Enanthate at 800mg/wk in my cycle, and i must say that the quality of the product is perfect. I warmed up the vial, like i usually do before pinning and drew up with a 23g pin. Usually drawing up with a 23g is a real pain in the ass since it usually takes so long with other brands of gear (heavily dependent upon the oils, solvents and crystal structure the product and manufacturer) and it slid right into the barrel. I pinned this particular product in six different locations (following a six sight rotation), these were delts, quads and glutes. As to be expected there was minimal pip in all areas post-pinning for the first few shots, but since then i’ve had no pip what so ever. Additionally, the oil slides in real quickly and after a few weeks, disperses quick too. All in all, the products used (Kalpa Testosterone Enanthate) are great! I would highly recommend 1Steroids.Net as your source – and in actual fact, i’ll be looking forward to making another order shortly 🙂

  121. iforged05 says:

    Received my goods last week, very happy once again. I don’t think i’ve used a source so many times. I’m definitely going to buy from them always. =)

  122. sukhumvit says:

    I ordered ansomone from 1Steroids, and it’s gtg. I would highly recommend them.

  123. Jeff007 says:

    First order from this source and I have to say I’ll go nowhere else now. Contact, price, turnaround and product is excellent.

    Contact was excellent, every step of the way I was informed of everything that was happening.

    Packaging was discreet however more than adequate and the transaction was so simple.

    Ordered Balkan’s Clenbuterol

    I’ve used this before and have to say it is exactly what I expected from a high quality product and the price is fantastic value for money

    I will go nowhere else as long as this supplier keeps up this fantastic service; in fact I’m making another order today for my next course. I can’t rate this source high enough

  124. Trojan6 says:

    Ordered some Prop and Tren Ace, second time I’ve ordered from these guys, emails were promptly answered, simple instructions regarding payment and the transaction was a breeze.

    Received email with tracking when the products were shipped, arrived at my door! Used these two compounds before so knew what to expect, libido is now right up again, had a few instances of the dreaded Tren cough and there is some aggression, but channeled nicely into the workouts. Lifts are all on the up, ZERO pip this Dragon Pharma stuff is the real deal. All in all, a GREAT source, no BS with these guys emails are answered quickly and courteously, shipping is very quick and the products are the business, top that off with the best prices going and you have the top source on SteroidsLive. Keep up the good work 1Steroids!

  125. ApplePie5000 says:

    This is merely the most recent order which i placed with them and i have now completely used up every single one of the products which came with my order.

    I have ordered several times from 1Steroids, and i have to say that their level of service has always been exemplary. The order process is very comprehensive and their product range is extensive (you can pretty much get absolutely anything you can think of). Every single one of my orders has arrived the very next week or so.

    Products were very nicely and securely packaged. Good stealth and the package made no noise or rattled whatsoever.

    I have ordered Kalpa Test E 250, Bayer Proviron 25, pregnyl 5000, Balkan Clen and Roaccutane (Pharma grade).

    It was my very first time trying out Kalpa Labs and i have to say that i was very impressed with their Test E, it felt of a very nice quality and was smooth to pin with virtually no PIP. Samples of this were sent to a popular testing facility and both times it has come out as slightly to moderately overdosed, very happy with this lab. I ran the Bayer proviron at 75mg per day and experienced an overall sense of wellbeing and also pretty darn high libido. Suffered no noticeable side effects, but then again this is a mild compound so it was just as expected. The pregnyl HCG was definitely legitimate since it kept testicular atrophy completely under control, and it was also decently priced at the time when i ordered it. The Balkan clen was definitely strong in comparison to the other brands of clen which i have tried. I pyramided my dose from 40 to 120 per day, on a two weeks on and two weeks off basis. Had all of the usual clen sides (shaking, cramping), but i controlled them reasonably through the use of taurine supplementation. Would definitely recommend this brand of clen to anyone, it cut me up nicely and you can definitely feel the effects. The Roaccutane was just a standard restock for the course of accutane which i was running during that time, since i was running tren at the time too so was experiencing some acne to say the least. After i completed the full course of all the accutane that i had stocked up on, my skin is now clear and i haven’t experienced any breakouts ever since. Tanning twice or thrice a week has definitely contributed to the effects, but had to moisturise the skin every day in order to avoid extreme dryness.

    Overall i am very happy with the products and level of service provided by 1Steroids and will continue to use this source in the future. Top level source and i would recommend anyone to try them, you will not be disappointed.

  126. JDM82 says:

    Surprize surprize, another flawless transaction from 1Steroids.

    Professional and easy to follow ordering process with all the support you’ll ever need. No really, 1Steroids really does go above & beyond to help you.

    As always, very well packaged in discreet packaging. Never had any problems with breakages and I’ve placed quite a few orders with 1Steroids.

    Been using kalpa pharma for the last 2 years as well as other labs. The kalpa stuff does work, you do see gains but I am with the large majority that believe the dosage may be incorrect i.e. under dosed. Why use it I hear you ask? Well its all down to the price. Like I said, I do get some good gains from it but maybe not the gains that I should get from a 300mg dose of sust for example. But the gains are there. This is only MY opinion, I have not had any tests done nor my bloods so this is just my experience. The Chinese clenbuterol is one of the best on the market. I have seen excellent results from running this brand. Elevated temperature, shakes and rapid heart beat. All the signs you should expect from a quality clen.

    I have used 1Steroids as my primary source for the past 2 years and have NEVER had a single issue with his products or service. He is one of the good guys. My only comment is I would like to see more/other labs available from him. There are some labs id love to try but unfortunately 1Steroids doesn’t stock them. But needless to say, 1Steroids is the number 1 source in my opinion.

  127. cplatty1 says:

    Best source on steroidslive!

    Very quick to respond to my e-mails!

    T/A was about 8 days to SE usa. very good packaging! Discreet and protected from damage.

    test p is phenomenal! zero PIP, libido through the roof, strength is amazing. All the sides you would expect. 1ml eod

    dbol is great too. 2 am 2 pre workout. this stuff is legit. great pumps and i am looking huge! but bloat isnt bad at all. still look and feel lean.

    I would not/will not hesitate to use 1steroids! i had a great experience with these guys.

  128. Mike Anderson says:

    First made order last summer of sust and deca and anadrol for a friend. Decided to buy kalpa pharma test e and nova and liver care for myself I stupidly injected the test e before checking the authenticity code online and when I did Said was authentic happy me. Now my ass cheek swollen maybe because 1st test e jab. but I’m happy with product.

    Carefully packed and shipped fast within two weeks was here.


  129. Lotus_Eater says:

    Ordered from these guys back in November. Great service, great communication, super–fast turnaround. A little pricey in my opinion but if you need good gear quick, this is the place to get it.

  130. ronial43 says:

    I’ve ordered alot of things from 1steroids made close to 20 orders of various different compounds.

    Ordered so many products…

    Cannot fault any products. The best I used was the kalpa pharma Anadroxyl. The stuff is rocket fuel. Used all products between 12-20weeks. Currently using kalpa test e along with other products including the pfizer go quicks. On week 13.

    1Steroids is my go to source. I see no reason to go else where unless he doesn’t stock something I want.

  131. Liftlikeagirl says:

    Third time ordering, absolutely satisfied. Good quality product and smooths delivery process. Highly recommended

    First of all, I am female and my body chemistry and make up are quite different than a males. I do in fact notice product Effectiveness very early on. I’ve noticed it on Primo, Eq, and Deca to name a few. Also, if you read it through you would see that this was not a review of a week or so on the product. It’s my Third order from this source of the same product. So I have in fact used it long enough to make an educated review. As far as questioning early gains, well… All I can say is my coach is a 28 year veteran and IFBB Pro Female bodybuilder who knows what’s she is doing. I’ll stick with my short cycles she puts me on and let the results speak for themselves.

  132. BigQ says:

    Ok ordered product on Monday and I received it thursday, everything was super fast and legit. Thank you guys!

  133. willhuginfl says:

    I’ve been ordering from this source since 2012 & never had any issues. Even when I make a bonehead mistake (wrong info, payment, etc), i email support & it’s taken care of. I make payment, get confirmation, get a tracking number & it has always arrived within 1 week or so.

    All ordered products have been legit. In fact i just got bloodwork done at the dr & didnt know they would check test, and they called me wanting to know why my test levels were so high. errrr, ummmm.

  134. kippr says:

    This is a review for my last 5 orders over the past year or so

    Very well packed and discreet. Arrives 7 or 9 days after ordering.

    As I say, I’ve been using the products for the last year or so and they have all been effective.

    The test does what it’s supposed to do, the pregnyl and the proviron definitely works 😉

    The HGH had all the sides of a decent product.

    Very good source with a smooth ordering process.

  135. speed4goal says:

    T/a was great for intl took 7 days for it to get to me well packaged where the contents were protected from damage.

    I used Kalpa test E to kick start my blast, I ran it at 600mg a week. 300 x2 a week. The oil is very thick. I used a hair dryer to heat it ajd I could get it to go through a 25 gauge syringe. The oil didnt have much pip unless I nicked a vein or something. By thr start of the 3rd week I started getting oily skin, random boners, and morning wood again with that increased sense of well being. Hunger increased ajd lifts started going up about 5+ lbs a week from around the 3rd week. The vial was actually overfilled slightly as I got nearly a full 6 weeks out of the vial

    I would use this gear again I was satisfied with the results of it and the customer service. The gear is great quality.

  136. Mr.Tee says:

    Quick shipping got it in less than a week. Dragon pharma sustanon 350 blend g2g. Three weeks on getting bloat and nipple tenderness. Happy to pay the price for quality.

  137. Bryceps says:

    Was in need of some good dbol fast read some good reviews from this blog, decided to give it a shot cause my other dbol wasn’t doing the job. Got it in the mail and after just a couple days of use I could feel the great pumps I have read about. Almost makes some lifts difficult with such a pump, I’m running 40mgs btw. So Dragon Pharma dbol as well as 1Steroids are good to go.

  138. shotgun98 says:

    Once again flawless from order to delivery. They respond to emails quickly, they pack everything extremely well and they carry quality products. Their prices are a little high but if you need it asap they are the ones to use.

  139. Gsxr1000spanker says:

    Very impressed with 1steroids. Smooth transaction and crazy fast delivery of products that work. Very good selection of products on offer.

    Sent the funds and received the product the next week! Packaging was well padded and discrete.

    Ordered 3x200ui of Kalpatropin and Nolvadex

    This is my first time using HGH. I have been using this since at least October (might have been before). I was using 4ui ed on cycle and noticed a drop in bf%. My sleep was deeper and improved and I believe it helped in sorting out my tennis elbow.

    During PCT I felt my recovery was greatly sped up with the help of the HGH. The nolva worked as it should.

    After PCT I have dropped to 2ui and I believe this is helping me drop BF while dieting preparing for the next cycle.

    I will definitely use this source again with confidence. Very professional and helpful.

  140. A.P.B.T.man says:

    I had an accident that kept me from the gym for over 6 months. When i was back to the gym from my injuries i noticed i had lost a good amout of strength. Whitch left me wanting to get back to where i was before my injurys and possibly be better than where i was before my injuries. So i purchased some items from this source to get back to where i was before. This is my fist real cycle. Used ph/ds before, thats all i realy had for experiance. As of now im better than i was before my injuries . Up 18lbs and strength keeps going up. Happy customer right here.

    T/a was well within his stated time frame.

    I have been using kalpa test-e for almost 12 weeks now dosed at 250mg twice a week. I kick started with his dbol for the first 5 weeks at 37.5mg a day. While using kalpa dbol i felt great. Strength went up muscles were nice and full and veins started appearing that i havnt seen before. The dbol after a few days definitely mad my estrogen rise started looking puffy/bloated. Adex took care of that tho e3d. At week 8 i added 50mg test-p eod. I have been feeling great/kalpa. As of right now i am up 18lbs and my arms are up 1inch. This Kalpa stuff works as it should.

    Only issue i had was some of the tabs fell apart but it i didnt care as long as it worked, and it did. No complaints here.

    Definitely going to be ordering from this source again soon.

  141. kul75 says:

    Recently decided to take a chance on 1Steroids after hearing positive things about him from others. I am happy to pay a fair price for an authententic product.

    superfast delivery time after payment collected. I was extremely impressed! Packaged well.

    Kalpa pharmaceuticals items were legit as varified using security codes on the authentication website. Oils are smooth with little PIP. Early days yet but strength has started to go up.

    Extremely satisfied. You have a loyal new customer. Thank You 1Steroids.

  142. Rrivera says:

    UPDATE: I just got the package…a little bit late but it was all responsibility of USPS…I received it today and opened it….it’s all good…this guy is legit…you can buy with all confidence…well packed and everything…even he doesn’t reply soon after payment don’t worry this guy takes care of you…

  143. slim12 says:

    These guys are professional, helpful, and one of (if not the best) US suppliers listed on this site. I cannot stress enough how helpful the customer service has been, and how professional all of my transactions transpired. All of the gear I have tried from this supplier has been legit (Tbol,Var, Test E, and Primo). Also, a big selling point for me are payment methods. Concerning this company and payment: they do not make you jump through hoops, or give specific and very detailed and sometimes bothersome instructions on how and where to pay. This will remain my number ONE supplier as long as they are up and running. Thanks.

  144. Neil Peart 2112 says:

    This is one of those suppliers who you do not have to worry about. I ordered from them a few times when they went by #%@*&%$^. Their gear is good shit too so you can definately sleep at night without worry.

  145. 03XX HeadHunter says:

    Place two order with this source, both arrived within two weeks time. Never a hiccup or even the slightest sense of an issue.

    Very simple checkout process, placed order and followed simple instructions.

    The longest it’s ever taken from A to B is twelve days.

    I have ordered Dragon Pharma Test Enanthate, Oxandralone, HCG, Nolvadex, Arimixyl, Letroxyl.

    Dragon Pharma oil was incredibly smooth, never an issue with injection. The anavar took my BF% down around 10% or so while gaining around 10 pounds of lean mass over the course of 10 weeks.

    The on cycle protocol was HCG and Adex, both products did exactly as they were intended to do. Never had to use the letro, and the nolvadex allowed me to come off of cycle appropriately.

    Definitely recommend this source, never a doubt in my mind when ordering from them. Not to mention they have a vast array of brands for different compounds.

  146. HPTAxis says:

    Ordered 4-5 times, excellent customer service and excellent shipping. Products are great quality and genuine, would recommend.

  147. beautyqueen12 says:

    I have used dragon pharma anavar ! And I will say it is better than the one I was using before! I can totally feel it! The energy in gym is crazy! I can finally lift 40 pound dumbel easily lol I know its not alot but its alot for a girl like me! I can say I gained some wight but cnt say how much.

    Package arrived in 10 days

    I used it dor 8 weeks stright and energy was up the roof and definitely got bigger and stronger

  148. Gwil says:

    I have suffered with 1steroids tech problems. Just awaiting them to confirm my delivery status. This has been my first experience ordering online, although only a test order for now 🙂 I’ll update once I get an outcome.

    Cheers I have NOT received my order!

  149. Builder79 says:

    I ordered for my first cycle, the Kalpa Test E 250/ml 10ml vials. I bought 3 of these and had good gains.

    The communication from this site is top notch. And this is my go to source

    Clean product. Used for 12 weeks at 500 per week. Good strength, gains, & vascularity.

  150. rojdag says:

    Quality supplier will be using again soon!

    Website and email had problems. Took 5 days from payment but I forgot to send confirmation e mail so cant complain.

    Well packed

    Great pharma grade stuff.

    Hope the website is sorted soon as im ready to order again!

  151. OB2 says:

    Took about 7 days from start to finish. Packaging was tight and didn’t raise any kind of red flags.

    I was having a random gyno flare up, even though I hadn’t been on a cycle in quite some time. I ran a typical PCT protocol, even though I hadn’t been on cycle.
    Aromasin 25mg ED for the first 4 days, then went to the 12.5mg EOD. My gyno issues cleared up and I was able to avoid a doctor visit.

    Best source out there. Order with confidence. 1Steroids – Prepare for another order from me pretty soon 🙂

  152. pffd777 says:

    awesome communication and great service ! i wouldn’t never go to any other sources if i’m living in US. Thanks 1steroids!

  153. bob says:

    I’ve been using Klapa’s test enanthate from this supplier for a few months at TRT doses and all the effects are as expected :). I just ordered some more yesterday.

    Discreet packaging.

  154. scubaduck says:

    I’ve used 1steroids a few times in the past couple years. I’d have to say, that reliability, quality gear, and fast shipping is what they do. I tend to dive head first into cycles and realize my poor planning a little too late. 1steroids is a bon fide cycle saver. My go to source for pct and test prop.

    All three brands of test prop perform as expected. My preference goes to kalpa because of price over dragon pharma. Nolvadex, from now on the only pct I trust for cycles both without and even with tren.

  155. Jesrad says:

    Is not my first order on this source, this time they stole my money.

    I’ve been order my items on 13th of september, in the same day i’ve payed and they send me an email confirmation. In the 15th and in the 18th of september i’ve send an email to the info department and they dont answer me. In the 19th of september i log into the website and I noticed that my order had disappeared from the historic of the orders!! So i send a mail and this time they answer saying that there’s been a database issue, so they ask me to forward all the email about the order, i’ve done and no answer or news about my order. I did not expect similar treatment from this source. I have NOT received my order!

  156. Scrapper says:

    Got my first order and boom,, very happy indeed with everything! I’ll definitely be going back to these guys… G2G

    Packaging discrete and delivery superfast!

    Kalpa Pharma Test Prop to add to an existing cycle

    As this is fast acting you feel the kick with all the expected results… G2G 😉

    Number #1 for me from now on!!!

  157. JWei says:

    I have tried many source on here before and 1steroids stands out among them. I ordered sustanon 350. I started in January and did it for 3 months. My strength and size gain are at its peak 4 weeks later.

    Quality is great. 350mg a week. 3 months.

    I inject 350mg in my leg with little pain. Some people cry over the slightest pain.

  158. Alex_RU says:

    I have ordered from 1steroids 2 weeks ago, everything has arrived safely, I am very satisfied, in the future I order only from 1steroids…

    very well and securely packed, could not be better

    yesterday trenbolon 250mg and 600mg sustanon will, effectively report

    I will always order from 1steroids, the vials have a very good quality, I am satisfied

  159. Bigbacker83 says:

    Placed order and recieved hgh (kalpatropin) in 7 days. Quick delivery with good packaging. Know the stuff is legit because it only took two weeks for abs to come out and abdominal bodyfat to drop enough to show veins. Plus I get a headache bout 30mins after from the drop in blood sugar. Started 2ius up to week two and then 3iu from there out. Would def use again. Order came complete with nothing else needed. A little pricey but am gonna use again.

  160. zackalack says:

    1Steroids.net is very legitimate and an awesome source, highly recommend it. They need to get more products in stock, last time I checked they were out of stock of a lot of items. Otherwise they’re great.

    Very good communication, not once did I feel like I was getting scammed.

    It comes from Europe but only took a week to come into the northeast USA. everything was packaged properly, no cracked vials, and it was pretty stealthy, I was actually suprised what it said that got it through customs.

    It was my first cycle, ended up getting arimidex for during the cycle from a different source, so I went weeks 1-3 on 125mg two times a week, after I used up the rest of my cycle using 250mg two times a week until it ran out then used my boys Test E 400 for the rest of the cycle. Very legit, major gains and saw a huge results, went from 180 to 195, cut body fat and gained muscles and strength. Currently using the tamoxifen and it is legit as well, still retaining my gains.

    These guys are legitimate, you will probably get the product into the US. Their products are very high quality but they are consistently out of stock, once they get more products in stock they should definitely get a lot more business than they already do.

  161. Key says:

    first order with 1steroids, far too early to comment on results but as for communication/payment/packaging etc all of a top quality service, will update when my mates have tried the products! am sure everything will be g2g. on a side note the 23g needles are advertised at 25mm, they’re 40mm. anyway, will definitely be using 1steroids again, thanks! actually they were the wrong needles all together 😀 not a major problem doh but ignore that last bit about 25mm being 40mm..

  162. barloader says:

    I placed two orders with 1steroids – one in March and one in April, to cover my summer cycle which started in May..

    Perfect – no surprises – everything ordered was in stock. Every step of the ordering/payment process was well explained with expectations set. Would recommend.

    Packaging was adequate with everything well wrapped. The Kalpa’s Anavar was a rattler – not an issue for me but you may want to ask a source to unseal and stuff if its an issue for you.

    Pre-cycle, I used the Sopharma clenbuterol ordered, tapering to 140mcg and was disappointed with the effect – no sides & no noticeable weight loss despite maintaining my usual clean diet. I contacted 1steroids who swapped it out for Yansuan in my second order – I tapered to 120mcg per day – and had morning shakes and 3kg weight loss in two weeks with more visible abs showing. I’d thoroughly recommend the Yansuan. This is my fourth injectable cycle – first time using Eq. Test E at 180mg E3D, Eq at 210mg E3D, with Anavar at 100mg ED for the first 6 weeks. The gains have been as follows with a clean diet (I eat a fair bit):

    Since coming off the anavar weight has dipped to 85kg but that was expected given its fairly high dose compared to the moderate doses of Test & Eq. Strength gains have been maintained and improving further. This was my first time using HCG and I was surprised at how quick the Livzon brought my balls back to size – however it coincided with my first ever gyno lump in my left pec so I ceased its usage so can’t comment further on it’s effectiveness. My abs are still as visible as they were at the start, the adex seems to have done the trick with the water retention – I’m now only having the odd day when my wedding ring feels like its glued to my finger.

    Overall I’m really happy with the service I received from 1Steroids, as well as the effectiveness of the Kalpa products orders. I would definitely order again from 1Steroids.net and would recommend.

  163. negaburn9 says:

    My second order from 1Seroids.net arrived today. The shipping was once again lightning fast a few days total. This company is very professional with great instructions and email updates w tracking. I had great results with Kalpa test e on my last order from them and I have a feeling the testoxyl will deliver as well. Highly recommend this place. Yes, a little more expensive but well worth it. These are my go to guys. 5 star service, and like last order I will be back with my lab results and gear experience.

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