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Is a legit steroids source or a scam one ? is an approved and verified steroid source:

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Shipping: Worldwide
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Online since: 2004 General Overview store carries a few brands of steroid manufacturers, such as: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, 7Lab Pharma, Dragon Pharma, BodyPharm, SP Laboratories, Gen-Shi Laboratories, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, British Dragon, Singani Pharma and some other peptides manufacturers.

According to their website, all products can be shipped worldwide by Registered Regular Airmail. Average delivery time is from 7 to 14 business days and they do require a shipping charge of $28.00 (for orders over $600.00, they may offer a free shipping promotion). -> Gen-Shi Laboratories Legit Supplier is an approved supplier of Gen-Shi Laboratories products, it can be verified online here:

gen-shi laboratories supplier -> Dragon Pharma Legit Supplier is an approved supplier of Dragon Pharma products, it can be verified online here: -> Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Legit Supplier is an approved supplier of Kalpa Pharmaceuticals products, it can be verified online here:

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  1. spartacus91 - 2019-01-23 11:50 AM

    just put another order in tonight 🙂

    extremely fast,reliable and polite no bullshit..true to his word every time will go the extra mile to make sure things go well..

    well packaged,never had broken vials,amps,tablets nothing that would arise supposition 10/10 on that front

    been using kalpa sustaxyl for about 9 to 10 week now used the anavar for 4 week and the masteroxyl alongside. i have had quite a few issues with getting masteron ( them not being legit or underdosed having to use high amounts to get the results) had a conversation with them about their kalpa mast and can say it is the best mast i have had to date.

    There dbol which i no longer run was awesome blow me up and helped massively on my last bulk ran alongside with sust at 500 and dbols at 40mg to 50mg daily ratio for about 4 week,pct drugs where bang on and so was aromasin,all there pharma stuff checks out as when i get kalpa for example i will go on kalpa’s website and use the verification codes every time its turned out to be legit i normally go for his pharma well there pharma and extremely well priced kalpa’s 10mgs are low dosed yes but the best stuff i have ran to date using maybe 20-30mg and crazy pumps,vascular no need to run it at 70 mg or 100 like some labs you have to.. love it 🙂 get away with running most of his stuff at lower doses with better results..used loads of his non pharma products and there all awesome but i will always personally choose pharma grade that’s just my choice though.. also ran there mt 2 it is legit currently on it and getting darker by the day with sides of feeling quite shit the normal bit of nausea ect.

    10/10 good supplier

  2. dannybull88 - 2019-01-30 11:55 AM

    3rd time ordering. Super fast responses to emails and their gear works well as well as Kalpa Winny! Good gear, good prices and excellent service. Thank you!!

  3. stacysmart - 2019-02-13 6:12 PM

    This review is for my first experience ever with dianoxyl 10mg

    first time using it. very amazed by results.started with 1 a day for first week , 2 for 2nd week , 3 for 3th week, no im on my 4th week sickle doing 4 a day. big increase in appetite, strength , mass gains and i have to say my sex drive was crazy .

    A BIG Thank you and will be back again for more

  4. HydeMind - 2019-02-27 1:08 PM

    T/A was average for intl, about 2-3weeks. Packaging was firmly wrapped and discreet.

    50 Danabol 10mg and 20 Oxandrolon 10mg

    Products are great! I ran the dbol at 50mgs for 10 days then I switched over to the var for 4 days at 50mgs. I put on some noticeable muscle size while keeping my water weight down. I did get a little bloated from the d-bol but flushed it out with an OTC diuretic. I got great pumps during my workouts and smashed a PR!!

  5. Aecannon1 - 2019-04-03 3:52 PM

    Hands down this is the best source out there. Pharm grade, top speed delivery and a label that is incredibly helpful.

  6. hugcu - 2019-04-17 3:24 PM

    order was very well wrapped and discrete, took 12 working days to receive, labels are very professional , respond to emails is quick. I also placed an order for hcg.

  7. Rack it good - 2019-05-16 10:17 AM

    Doing business with for more than 6 months. Mainly using Dragon pharma labs products.

    This review is for DP Tren 100

    Quick, friendly and up to the point. I’m usually not an extra smart fella to understand the policies and terms but A-S answered all emails with clear details and instructions. I highly appreciate his co operation with me.

    Always sending it fast. it arrives with in the t/a without any problems.

    Started with 100mg eod. Can notice it faster with in the first week but the full effects are noticed after week 3. Night sweats, insomnia, tren cough…….

    these are the usual sides i get from quality tren. slight pip but nothing nasty. i have been using it now for more than 6 weeks and the results are amazing. Vascualrity, aggression, blood pressure, acne all there.

    Fantastic source. happy to deal with and will continue to purchase promo order in.

  8. Spandecks - 2019-05-29 4:15 PM

    A solid, consistent supplier with quality gear.

    Communication is usually not necessary. As long as you follow ordering protocol, you will receive email updates as to the status of your order and the tracking #. The one time I did need support I was emailed back within hours. I would rate both communication and support as top notch.

    The T/A is amazing.

    I have ordered from them Bayer Proviron, DP Stanozolol, Testoxyl P 100, Bodypharm’s Liquid Clenbuterol

    I ran the test prop as a base @400mg weekly along with the proviron @100mg ED. The stanozolol was used the first six weeks @50mg ED along side the liquid clen at two weeks on two weeks off. I started out at 215lb/15%bf and after only ten weeks am 210lb/9.5%bf! I had bloodwork done midway through and my test levels were >1500. The gear is on point. Be careful with the liquid clen, it is straight fire!

    This supplier will always be my first choice.


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