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Pharmacy name: Roids-Shop
Website address:
Ships to: Worldwide
Shipping costs worldwide ($): 30
Situated in: Worldwide, multiple shipping locations
Year Founded: 2009

Hello. Welcome to ROIDS-SHOP.COM online pharmacy! We can offer an excellent range of anabolic/androgenic steroids, supplied from trusted manufacturers. Only original products! Start growing with us!

We sell products of the best steroid manufacturers, for example: Balkan Pharmaceuticals, SP Laboratories, Dragon Pharma, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Sciroxx and others. Wide range of choices. Our customer support will always answer all your questions, it is only necessary to open a ticket.

We try to develop only for the better and expand the range of products offered.

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  1. GCO88 - 2019-02-14 2:33 PM

    Great source here! Comms excellent and delivery in 13 days…Thanks!

  2. trophytaker308 - 2019-03-28 2:27 PM

    first time ever dealing with them,they seem to be on a professinol level.placed a mid size order and got here in 9 days,everything was there.have not tried there gear but will pretty soon and i will for sure do business in the future with them.they answerd any question i ever e-mail them in a very quick time frame….they are on top of the game for sure in my opinion.great bunch of guys..ill keep you updated when i try the gear.

    i did taste the gear and it taste on par with all other good gear i have ever tasted.been using gear for over 10 years so i know what gear should taste like.

  3. manlytt - 2019-04-04 3:57 PM

    It’s been awhile, but I ran several compounds from this roids-shop over my prep. Primobolan E, Tren E, Anavar, Winstrol and Anadrol. I bridged 50 day tren cycle from another source with the Primobolan at 400 Mgs a week with 60 Mgs anavar. Then traded primo out for tren e and Winni two weeks out from show. I had a little trouble with site soreness from second bottle of Primo, but figured I had build up from cycling hard. The winni was run at 150 Mgs a day for three weeks right up to show. All compounds seem to work wellnd anavar then continued with tren e. Winni was used in last few weeks. Then used Anadrol for three weeks at 100 Mgs a day between shows while doing Keto diet. Maintained a lot of muscle during dieting hard

  4. Trenabolic - 2019-04-11 3:14 PM

    First and foremost let me start by saying has always came threw. I been dealing with this source for a long time and never once have I been let down. I only trust a hand full of labs and kalpa is one.

    About 14 days for delivery. Packing is done in a way to minimize damage.

    HGH and Aromaxyl

    I have always ran pharma up until I decided to try out Kalpatropin. Roids-Shop said it was as good as pharma and I almost hate to say it but he was not lying. Been taking 6ius a day 3am and 3pm. Hands going numb and tingly like crazy. Yes I did blood work and my igf levels to my surprise where 513 even higher then when I was taking pharma. I know I should post up my labs maybe I will later. As for the exeme well it’s definitely doing what it’s supposed to. Estro numbers are low for the amount of test I’m on atm.

  5. rebel123 - 2019-04-18 2:22 PM

    I order from Roids-Shop all the time and i get my gear in 2 to 3 days tops to nyc… Iv’e ordered like 6 different times. THis site provides REAL gear…. Stick to Kalpa in my opinion the tren ace is no joke and the Anavar tabs from DP. I’m gonna try sust 350 for the first time we’ll see….

  6. gerruti - 2019-05-23 4:04 PM

    I have ordered from roids-shop twice now. Both experiences have been positive. My first order consisted of testcyp 250, tamoxifen, aromasin, clomid. Second order was turinadex and anavar. Although I haven’t quite finished my cycle on the first order I have enough to write a review. I have been taking the cut long 300 and testcyp 250 since march 23rd. So far I have gained roughly 25lbs. I also have a noticeable increase in strength. Strength isn’t anything crazy but then again I’m not trying to do anything crazy. Obviously with 25lbs I do look bigger and not just fat. I’d say pretty much all of my gains are muscle. I never used to be able to see my abs but now you can see them slightly. Just throwing that in so you can get an idea of muscle gain vs. fat. I have had the normal acne and very slight testicle shrinkage. Mine were kinda big before so it was a plus for me lol. I haven’t seen a noticeable increase in rage but I kinda had that before. Review for the second order will come next.

  7. james182sloane - 2019-06-06 1:16 PM

    Very good source, used these to make my first ever online purchase so was quite sceptical, but very impressed with the service provided. Very good products, contact and delivery. I have ordered a number of times since and will continue to do so. Only problem currently is I paid for an item that was in stock at the beginning of the month and still haven’t received it. I was informed that the item is no longer in stock and will be available soon, however I was very grateful when we came to am agreement on am alternative product, but this still hadn’t been received as of yet despite receiving orders made since this one. Hopefully this will soon be received and sorted out so that I can continue ordering with confidence. Overall very impressed with this supplier and hopefully the slight order mix up will get resolved.

    Communication was fantastic. Email confirmations sent upon order and to confirm payment received and shipped. They also respond to queries.

    Packaging was discreet and products I dude were in good order. Very happy with the service.

    Tamoxifen x3

    Letrozole x4

    Ordered products for pct and so far the products are doing their job and working very well. I would recommend these products highly.

    Overall good experience with supplier and would recommend. Will order again but hopefully the products not received will finally arrive and reassure me of the fantastic service I have previously received.

  8. DrS - 2019-06-13 2:17 PM

    This review is for the cycle i just finished. On pct now

    always replying fast. not letting customers to wait. good customer service

    discreet. delivery from the USA was 12 days.

    Cypionat 250

    Propionat 100

    Dianabol 50

    my complete cycle dianabol: 30mg every day—–3 weeks, 40mg every day——2 weeks

    cypionate: 750mg/week

    prop: for tappering down

    arimidex (another source): 0.25mg every day

    These oils are very smooth. i never had problems with pip except on few occassions. my weight and sex urge was up and i was constantly feeling high sex drive especially in the middle of my cycle.

    this dbol is a bomb. i have used this company dbol before and it took my strength very high. this time my strength went very high too. water was under control with good diet and arimidex. sometimes i will feel bloat but most of the time it was under control.

    i am very happy with their service and gear


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