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Year Founded: 2009

Hello. Welcome to ROIDS-SHOP.COM online pharmacy! We can offer an excellent range of anabolic/androgenic steroids, supplied from trusted manufacturers. Only original products! Start growing with us!

We sell products of the best steroid manufacturers, for example: Balkan Pharmaceuticals, SP Laboratories, Dragon Pharma, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Sciroxx and others. Wide range of choices. Our customer support will always answer all your questions, it is only necessary to open a ticket.

We try to develop only for the better and expand the range of products offered.

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  1. DrS says:

    This review is for the cycle i just finished. On pct now

    always replying fast. not letting customers to wait. good customer service

    discreet. delivery from the USA was 12 days.

    Cypionat 250

    Propionat 100

    Dianabol 50

    my complete cycle dianabol: 30mg every day—–3 weeks, 40mg every day——2 weeks

    cypionate: 750mg/week

    prop: for tappering down

    arimidex (another source): 0.25mg every day

    These oils are very smooth. i never had problems with pip except on few occassions. my weight and sex urge was up and i was constantly feeling high sex drive especially in the middle of my cycle.

    this dbol is a bomb. i have used this company dbol before and it took my strength very high. this time my strength went very high too. water was under control with good diet and arimidex. sometimes i will feel bloat but most of the time it was under control.

    i am very happy with their service and gear

  2. james182sloane says:

    Very good source, used these to make my first ever online purchase so was quite sceptical, but very impressed with the service provided. Very good products, contact and delivery. I have ordered a number of times since and will continue to do so. Only problem currently is I paid for an item that was in stock at the beginning of the month and still haven’t received it. I was informed that the item is no longer in stock and will be available soon, however I was very grateful when we came to am agreement on am alternative product, but this still hadn’t been received as of yet despite receiving orders made since this one. Hopefully this will soon be received and sorted out so that I can continue ordering with confidence. Overall very impressed with this supplier and hopefully the slight order mix up will get resolved.

    Communication was fantastic. Email confirmations sent upon order and to confirm payment received and shipped. They also respond to queries.

    Packaging was discreet and products I dude were in good order. Very happy with the service.

    Tamoxifen x3

    Letrozole x4

    Ordered products for pct and so far the products are doing their job and working very well. I would recommend these products highly.

    Overall good experience with supplier and would recommend. Will order again but hopefully the products not received will finally arrive and reassure me of the fantastic service I have previously received.

  3. gerruti says:

    I have ordered from roids-shop twice now. Both experiences have been positive. My first order consisted of testcyp 250, tamoxifen, aromasin, clomid. Second order was turinadex and anavar. Although I haven’t quite finished my cycle on the first order I have enough to write a review. I have been taking the cut long 300 and testcyp 250 since march 23rd. So far I have gained roughly 25lbs. I also have a noticeable increase in strength. Strength isn’t anything crazy but then again I’m not trying to do anything crazy. Obviously with 25lbs I do look bigger and not just fat. I’d say pretty much all of my gains are muscle. I never used to be able to see my abs but now you can see them slightly. Just throwing that in so you can get an idea of muscle gain vs. fat. I have had the normal acne and very slight testicle shrinkage. Mine were kinda big before so it was a plus for me lol. I haven’t seen a noticeable increase in rage but I kinda had that before. Review for the second order will come next.

  4. rebel123 says:

    I order from Roids-Shop all the time and i get my gear in 2 to 3 days tops to nyc… Iv’e ordered like 6 different times. THis site provides REAL gear…. Stick to Kalpa in my opinion the tren ace is no joke and the Anavar tabs from DP. I’m gonna try sust 350 for the first time we’ll see….

  5. Trenabolic says:

    First and foremost let me start by saying has always came threw. I been dealing with this source for a long time and never once have I been let down. I only trust a hand full of labs and kalpa is one.

    About 14 days for delivery. Packing is done in a way to minimize damage.

    HGH and Aromaxyl

    I have always ran pharma up until I decided to try out Kalpatropin. Roids-Shop said it was as good as pharma and I almost hate to say it but he was not lying. Been taking 6ius a day 3am and 3pm. Hands going numb and tingly like crazy. Yes I did blood work and my igf levels to my surprise where 513 even higher then when I was taking pharma. I know I should post up my labs maybe I will later. As for the exeme well it’s definitely doing what it’s supposed to. Estro numbers are low for the amount of test I’m on atm.

  6. manlytt says:

    It’s been awhile, but I ran several compounds from this roids-shop over my prep. Primobolan E, Tren E, Anavar, Winstrol and Anadrol. I bridged 50 day tren cycle from another source with the Primobolan at 400 Mgs a week with 60 Mgs anavar. Then traded primo out for tren e and Winni two weeks out from show. I had a little trouble with site soreness from second bottle of Primo, but figured I had build up from cycling hard. The winni was run at 150 Mgs a day for three weeks right up to show. All compounds seem to work wellnd anavar then continued with tren e. Winni was used in last few weeks. Then used Anadrol for three weeks at 100 Mgs a day between shows while doing Keto diet. Maintained a lot of muscle during dieting hard

  7. trophytaker308 says:

    first time ever dealing with them,they seem to be on a professinol level.placed a mid size order and got here in 9 days,everything was there.have not tried there gear but will pretty soon and i will for sure do business in the future with them.they answerd any question i ever e-mail them in a very quick time frame….they are on top of the game for sure in my opinion.great bunch of guys..ill keep you updated when i try the gear.

    i did taste the gear and it taste on par with all other good gear i have ever tasted.been using gear for over 10 years so i know what gear should taste like.

  8. GCO88 says:

    Great source here! Comms excellent and delivery in 13 days…Thanks!

  9. builderusa79 says:

    if you are looking top quality of products (Kalpa products) and services – ONLY!!!

    Communication and Support super fast and professionals. Answered on my questions promptly. Very satisfied.

    Running 12 weeks bulking cycle – 3 weeks ago, Kalpa Test E 200 (600mg per week) + Turanaxyl 10 (40mg every week), pleased that it is absolutely painless, yesterday and today, no pain is not observed, Kalpa Test E 300 and Turanaxyl really works, rolls over libido, weight grow!!!

    So guys, if you need top quality products, promptly communication, fast and secure delivery -ROIDS-SHOP.COM ONLY!!! Highly Recommended this store!!! %100 satisfied.

  10. frogy13 says:

    first order in june 2014 and never go anywhere since this day. to me the best source you can find and proud te see theyr are still growing.


    Trenbolone E:

    testo E 250:



    Equitest: Dragon Pharma:


    Trenbolone E: very potent stuff ,only 200mg/week,but i don’t think i will do it again cause too much side effect (for me)

    testo E 250: good stuff, do the job.

    dianobol: good stuff

    Equitest: very good stuff, increase cardio very well Dragon Pharma.

  11. miut1983 says:

    Every time I order from Roids-Shop I’m a happy customer. I made many orders and they never let me down.

    Packing is secure and discrete.

    DP Cut Long is a blend of 100mg Test E, 100mg Tren E, 100mg Mast E. I never tried long ester tren before. Bought it more as an experiment. I was really pleased with defects. Sides are quite typical for tren (insomnia, crazy and sweaty dreams, aggression) but milder at long ester and there is very little pip. I only regret I did not buy more but is quite expensive gear so maybe next time. I added Dbol from one hand for higher gains from other because of it dopamine boost effects to reduce bad mood on tren. For tren e minimal dose is 250-300mg a week Its half life is about 8 days so I took 1ml every 5 days to keep between right dose and to expand using time to 7 weeks. Other choice was 2ml every week or 1ml every 4 days but it would be a very short cycle. Anyway I’m still pleased with effects. 6kg in 7 weeks with very low fat and water retention.

    If you can afford it buy more then one vial and run it for 10 weeks. It is not beginners gear, so be careful. I recommend it especial with dbol to stay in a good mood.

  12. Soulplaya66 says:

    Stuff looks legit and nice package, i will try this gear and post my Results with pics in a Month.

    Best Service and Customer care Ever than other sellers…!!!!

    So I will Post my results sooner or later and also just to say, You wont get wrong with this guy.

  13. eruditemachine says:

    Excellent supplier, speedy delivery, no problems at all.

    I made three separate orders within the space of a couple of weeks, so will cover all of them in this review.

    Didn’t need to ask any questions, ordering process went smoothly and very straightforward.

    Plain, discreet packaging, sent via reliable courier.

    Kalpa test-e is excellent quality. This is my second cycle ever. My first cycle, last year, was 500mg/wk DP test-e which gave me excellent results. This Kalpa test is just as good, if not better, also running at 500mg/wk. Libido and confidence was through the roof by week 2. Strength is rising very fast and I am leaner. No PIP at all after my first pin. The aromasin is great. Much prefer this stuff over adex. I haven’t had to use the nolva yet, and will be cruising after this cycle, so could be a while til I need to use it. The t3 is great as always. Good for keeping me lean while I gain with the test.

    Overall, a brilliant source with fast reliable delivery and a good range of products. I will definitely be shopping here again. Thanks!

  14. Drloomis says:

    This review is for the jumpstart to my cycle that I am currently on. I am 6 weeks in and feeling amazing. Strength is up, libido is just fine, got some acne as expected, muscles are hard and people are noticing my thickness increasing. I have not ran tren in ages but wanted to try one of these cut blend type of products I see people raving about, well it was a good little blend and I need more the next time I run it.

    2 10ml Vials of Kalpa Cutaxyl (50mg tren A, 50mg Masteron, 50mg Test P blend)

    I used this product EOD at 1ML for the first bottle (20 days) then at 1.5 ML EOD during the 2nd vial. I should have got way more. 1ML was not quite enough but I took it easy because I was using Tbol as well, and I get sensitive to Tren and have no used it in a long time. Therefore, I used a bit of caution, but in hindsight the sides weren’t too bad until I bumped up to 1.5 ML EOD thats about my maximum amount of tren I can handle without acne and anxiety (approx 300mg/wk) I was also adding some extra test P in there but thats from another source so thats a different review. I must say I have never used a blend like this before. No PIP whatsoever and I pinned thighs ONLY for the entire time and I feel great. I am stronger than ever. Biceps are harder than ever, added 25 lbs to my curls in 6 or so weeks, traps are growing nicely, Bench press has went up 45 lbs, I mean i am feeling the adonis effect of tren and I haven’t been taking that much. I love this oil from kalpa, draws smoothly and pins nicely.

    I would buy this product again for sure except run it at a much higher dose. I did see results, but I was on other compounds as well, and was just starting a cycle so everything was as expected. My next cycle I will buy about 6 or 8 vials of this cutaxyl and really kill it.

  15. harpoon24 says:

    Well I can see people are starting to take notice about roids-shop!

    I am a week shy of two months in on kalpa’s sus and deca. with tips from my diet and workout is on point. Gear is working so well that im feel like im getting muscles in places I never knew I could get them. Even my fingers have muscles popping out for gosh sakes! Loving everything about the gear and so looking forward to ordering again with roids-shop and trying other stuff!

  16. lift heavy says:

    okay 2weeks on kalpas test prop and i gotta say no other test prop has given me this much strength last night i hit the 405lb bench without a spot and today i hit 315lb incline without a spot and it felt good im pinning mwf 150mg sex drive is somewere at a strip club all the time i luv that good sense of well being my energy is like all day. i must also add that whoever sealed my pack did a great job i will start pinning the test e and deca in 2days.

  17. juiceball8082 says:

    T/a was about 9 days total. I thought that was quick.

    I added proviroxyl to my trt routine at 50 mg at first but had to back it down to 25 mg a day. My blood pressure runs 120 but was bringing me up to 150. Even at 25mg I’m in the high 130’s. it’s been a little over six weeks running them and definitely can tell my libido is up, ranging morning wood. I get bloods next month to see if it changed my free test. I feel and look a little harder but need to get body fat down.

    This is my second go with proviron. First was ugl and can tell this kp is better.

  18. robb says:

    Very clever packaging, I was impressed. Very quick to arrive from across the pond, 1 week!

    5 tren ace. 100mg per ml.

    Been using for about 3 week’s now, kicked in within a week. Dosed at 70mg ED.

    It’s serious gear, nice and strong as I expected. Strenght has been steadily increasing from week 1. Added 10kg to bench in the last fortnight.

    My libido is off the chart, almost feel sexually frustrated at times, my standards have dropped lol!

    I plan to use for 8 weeks.

    Great gear, non of the nasty sides. Temperaments a bit off at times, but I’m pretty laid back so can always talk myself down. Not going crazy lol.

    Overall I’m very impressed with roids-shop and will be back for other products in the future.

  19. Aukai says:

    Roids-Shop delivers again! This is my second order with the Roids-Shop always delivers.

    Has an amazing response time to all of my emails and she continues to amaze me by offering up advice and information regarding diet, training and gear.

    To be honest, this order the T/A was a little longer than usual but the package arrived well packed and everything was solid and not damaged. The pack was also discreet.




    The products are beautiful little tabs of goodness! Nicely indented to allow for easy splitting. They held up well during packing and shipment and are not brittle.

    Roids-Shop feels like a nice local shop. Their selection might not be the biggest in town, but the conversation is always good and they’ll never forget your name. It’s nice to have a relationship like this with someone you can trust. I’ll be placing my next order soon!

  20. skinny2swole says:

    I will for sure use these guys again. Great communication and even greater turnaround time.

    Packed very nicely and secure under 2 weeks.

    This stuff pins so smooth. Ive ran up to 3cc of the sust in my quads and no issues but on this round i ran it as a cruise at 1ml every sun for 12 weeks with .5ml every sun as well to help maintain healthy joints.

  21. cturtle46 says:

    Great supplier!

    I ordered over the holidays last December and expected some delays but they responded to my email inquiry right away.

    Packaging was discreet and received product within a week.

    My goal was to lean out, gain strength and switch from being in a constantly catabolic state due to chronic injuries and low immunity thanks to ongoing stress. It was impossible for me to even retain muscle mass. I started Oxandroxyl at 10 mg ED and was able to start lifting 3 days/week as opposed to 1 day/week before. Gradually increased to 20mg and strength went up, fat was melting off and muscles popped up. Stayed at 20 mg for 4 weeks, very good results. No side effects.

    My quality of life has improved dramatically thanks to Roids-Shop.

  22. gatorgear says:

    Awesome gear..awesome customer appreciation …look no found the real deal…

    four weeks even with severe non related personal stressors..Im up 11 lbs ..clean lean tissue

    Muscle baby! Starting to get compliments and girls must be able to sub consciously sense the high test levels..attention has doubled ..

    Hope for me be able to do Prop backload…the prop is seriously best …makes me feel liKe “THE” MAN..


  23. 1jakd_hipy says:

    This was my first order with roids-shop and it won’t be my last, I picked up 10 bottles of Test P for my winter cycle because the source I was using was crap. Soon as I switched I noticed immediate change, oily skin, libido increased and that proper prop aggression in the gym

    Roids-shop is awesome to deal with and incredibly quick with replies

    Packaging was discreet and TA was 14 days from payment processed

  24. Leonidas1 says:

    This is my review for products I purchased from

    Auto updates were sent to my email, I never contacted them because there were no issues

    T/a was about 14 business days, to be expected and as advertised

    I ran the adex at .25mg 3 x weekly during an test only cycle of 500mg per week for 12 weeks. During this time I received no estrogen related flare ups of any sort.

    I ran the Clomed for PCT with some nolvadex I already had. Clomed was 100mg daily for 2 weeks and 50mg daily for 2 weeks. The Clomed seemed to jump start my natural test production very quickly. After a month of taking last pin the Clomed had me waking up with morning wood within the first few days. This is always a good sign. After finishing the Clomed everything is back to normal and feeling great.

    From my personal experience competes well with other top sources. They offer quality products at fair prices and provide secure shipping. I would recommend them to anyone needing these types of products.

  25. slomo says:

    First time gave Roids-Shop a shot and was very pleased with how everything went. Communication was awsome which gave me reassurance that everything would go smooth

    Package came well packaged and descreet. Can it really get better then that?

    Test e 500, test p, clomid, nolva, Test Suspension

    Smooth. Slight pip for first couple injections but as i got farther along it wasnt very noticable especially if you warm it a little. Got alot more acne this cycle and was controllable with arimidex and face wash. Was definately way hornier than normal and strength and endurance was up being able to have much longer intense workouts recovering in amazing rate.

    Waiting to start pct so havent used clomid or nolva yet . Im very happy with my experience with Roids-Shop and I plan on Ordering more in the future and hope he sticks around.

  26. lucas2382 says:

    I got test no ester, i’m only doin 50mg every day for the past 5 days anD pumps are fu**ing awesome!!!!! I’ve done suspension in water before and will never go back to it. Kalpa’s gear is top notch, no pain even when pinning everyday, it’s so smooth it passes through a 31 gauge insulin needle. AWESOME GEAR!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Charles Morris says:

    I’ve recently ordered from, I used bitcoin. It took about 3 weeks, the discreet packing was really good. Makes me feel a lot better about using the int site.

    I’m running Cutaxyl for a 10 week cycle 1 ml EOD. After two weeks I’m already feeling and seeing gains. Ive gained about 5 lbs, big strength gains and pumps are ridiculous.

  28. jakebentley11 says:

    Communication is quick and Roids-Shop is always easy to deal with. Always answered my questions in a timely manner and was as professional as they come. An all around good guy.

    Packaging was truly discreet and T/A was as fast as possible (1 week)

    The quality is better than expected, ive been running the test and deca for over a month and have already seen great gains. saw an increase in libido at 2 1/2 weeks. Gear has 0 PIP and has a potent smell to it which i love.

    I will continue to order from and im currently stocking up for a few cycles of his gear. Ordering is easy and always a pleasant experience. I recommend Roids-Shop and his gear to anyone looking for Top notch customer service and potent and quality gear.

  29. FullBlownMachine says:

    Another order Done, Test E and tren ace from dragon pharma i really like the dragon pharma line its smooth oil, pretty much painless constant wood lol, pumps/strength sky high! Shipping and transaction is always a pleasure to deal with answers questions always one of my favorite source so far, would recommended anyone looking for good oils/ and good prices!

  30. HellaSkillz says:

    This is my first time ordering from and using any Kalpa products. Very satisfied!

    I didn’t need to communicate or ask any questions. They kept me well informed about when the money was received and when it was shipped with tracking number.

    Package was good and discrete.

    I ordered only 1 vial of ‘Testoxyl Enanthate’ so I can see how it goes before committing to a larger order.

    The product check code checked out just fine so I know this is legit Kalpa. Injections are very smooth and easy with absolutely zero pip. Only 3 injections so far and I’m already noticing a big increase in libido and aggression! I’m not new to this stuff… even without blood tests, I can tell it is definitely working.

    Hands down the best online ordering experience I’ve ever had and the gear is top notch! I will definitely be ordering Kalpa again from real soon.

  31. livemas says:

    Great source and excellent service.

    Communication was on top. I would get an email within a few hours.

    Packaging was discrete

    Test prop was awesome. ran it at 150 eod with 4 ius of hgh.

    Both top of line.

    Sleeping like a rock and fat slowly coming off while diet is at maintenance. Strength went up.

    He is one of the easiest sources i’ve ever used.

  32. Braver deeds says:

    First time ordering from Roids-Shop. Won’t be the last…

    None would’ve been necessary, but I was confusing with the Shipping address I wrote down, And he actually contacted me to make sure things got on point. Very kind about it too. Great communication and support.

    Came within 10 days of placing the order. Tight and discreet packaging, Best I’ve seen from a SteroidsLive source so far.

    I pin 250mg of The test E and 200mg of the mast E, twice weekly.

    I started my construction job at the beginning of June and only have time to get to the gym about 2 times a week. I wanted to keep some strength and size through the summer while working and a month into using Kalpa’s gear, its definitely helping so far. The 250 test seems to be as potent as the 300 test I was using prior from a different source. Mast has got me strong and toned. Flows nice while pinning and very little pip if any.

    I’m better at lifting weights then I am at writing reviews. Lol

    I just wanted Roids-Shop and Kalpa to know I was very pleased doing business with him. Best site, should be #1.

  33. cccpihc11 says:

    I have been treated well by Roids-Shop on this one and past.

    Roids-Shop was on the spot at my time of order last month and his team followed up with any questions I had about shipment and tracking.

    Packaging was good and T/A was in the 10-21 day timeframe as given. I was getting ancy and I had to remember its business days.

    Tbol oral 50

    Var 50


    14 days in on the Tbol for 4 weeks and I am already cutting fat, muscle are getting hard, almost impossible to walk/run on the treadmill longer than 10 minutes.

    5 days in on the clen/albuterol stack. This shit will almost make you crazy/moody! I have the balkan clen dosed way down too, at 40 about to go to 60. Alb at 4- 3times daily.

    After week 4 I am switching to var and test. Will follow up with more results.

    Week 4 complete…up 10lbs from 207 to 217 and down an inch and a half in the waist. Only did the clen/alb 2 weeks, makes me too edgy.

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