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RxSteroids.net Reviews

Is RxSteroids.net a legit steroids source or a scam one ?

RxSteroids.net is an approved and verified steroid source:

Website: www.rxsteroids.net
Tor Address: http://rxsteroids3k6k2n.onion/ (To browse .onion Deep Web links, install Tor Browser from torproject.org.)
Shipping: Worldwide
Online since: 2009

RxSteroids.net General Overview

RxSteroids offer a wide range of products from Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Dragon Pharma, Gen-Shi Labs, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals and other well-known manufacturers at really low cost and with fast delivery time.

RxSteroids.net -> Gen-Shi Laboratories Legit Supplier

RxSteroids.net is an approved supplier of Gen-Shi Laboratories products, it can be verified online here: genshilabs.com/supplier-check.html

RxSteroids Legit Genshi Labs Supplier

RxSteroids.net -> Dragon Pharma Legit Supplier

RxSteroids.net is an approved supplier of Dragon Pharma products, it can be verified online here: dragon-pharma.com

rxsteroids legit dragon pharma supplier

RxSteroids.net -> Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Legit Supplier

RxSteroids.net is an approved supplier of Kalpa Pharmaceuticals products, it can be verified online here: kalpapharmaceuticals.com

rxsteroids legit kalpa supplier

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  1. Xeagle - 2018-04-05 11:16 AM

    Amazing customer support. This source is the most reliable and consistent one on here. Always very friendly which is not common amongst many sources. These guys always deliver

    Packed very well and discreet

  2. B-G-bdd - 2018-06-21 12:13 PM

    This is a very long overdue review for kalpa sustanon

    Excellent to the point professional communication.

    Fast TA and discreet packaging.

    I took around 750mg/week and noticed amazing strength and libido within few weeks. Water retention was totally under control with pharma arimidex. I experienced acne, oily skin and hair thinning. Sometimes would feel my hair being oily and greasy. This kalpa sustanon was smooth and very easy to pin and it didn’t have any pip at all. My libido was incredible. Hard morning boners. Strength and aggression were very high till the end of cycle.

    No issues whatsoever.

  3. Delsome - 2018-06-28 3:24 PM

    I have been using this source for my past few competitions. Their product selection price and customer service are the main reasons why I keep using them. I’ll likely use them for as long as I can.

    All packs have arrived earlier than expected. The packaging is descreet and doesn’t stand out .

    Test e 300


    I’ve used many of KP products and have always been very happy. The test e is great. Lots of muscle gains and fat loss. My first Cycle on this test I put on an additional 10 Lbs of leans tissue. Which is amazing considering the way my progress had slowed before starting . The adex is good to go. Blood work and side effect control all support the fact that the dosage is correct.

    I will continue to use these guys in the future as well as recommend them to family and friends . 10/10

  4. dieseldup - 2018-07-06 10:26 AM

    4 weeks into my second cycle from this source. Rxsteroids is the bomb to deal with, very helpful, very quick to ship.

    Fastest shipping I’ve ever had on this board, very consistant T/A, very well packed.

    Test P, Test E, EQ, Tren Ace, Mast P, Aromasin, Anavar 50.

    Test P has no pip. Getting great gains from there gear and from Kalpa’s super Test cycles. I use the Tren A, Mast P, and Test P for the last 8 weeks of my cycles, great gear, awesome Tren.

  5. cajon - 2018-07-12 2:54 PM

    First off, this review is long overdue, and I have been using their product for over a year. It always arrives very timely, well packaged and discrete. Kalpa product is very good quality. There is very low PIP, and I have experienced amazing results, and an increase in strength and size.

    It was very well packaged and discrete.

    Test E, Test Prop, Deca, Tren Ace, Tren E

    Product quality was good with very little PIP.

    I would highly recommend ordering from Rxsteroids. I am a loyal customer

  6. Mikevc550 - 2018-07-19 4:37 PM

    Long overdue for the guys here at rxsteroids, they were nice enough to let me get in on the 50×50 winstrol promo. I ended up using these at the end of my last cycle to “polish up” the last 3-4 weeks.

    I’m not sure on the exact t/a but I believe it was around 2 weeks. As long as it gets here safe I really don’t mind how long is takes(within reason) and with that being said I was satisfied with 2-3 weeks.

    Ok so, 1st time trying winstrol. What I noticed happening was an increase in strength and definitely increased pumps. I’m not one to care about how much weight I lift as opposed to the mind muscle connection and actually hitting the muscle( think ego lifting vs. bodybuilding) but I have to admit I definitely went out of my comfort zone and tried to lift more than usual, and I did! As far as appearance my muscles seemed to look more “crisp” and hard. Some aggression was there. I split my dose 2x so 25mg in the morning and 50mg around 1 hour before going to the gym. Was very happy, towards the end I noticed my joints becoming more creaky so I backed off the weight. Overall was a great experience! Reminded me of anavar in a way, that’s the closest I could compare it to.

    Pretty straightforward. Was the product dosed correctly? I believe it to be. Did it work? Yes. Those are the 2 important things to me and I believe they both were.

  7. mass blast - 2018-08-30 7:27 AM

    Very friendly Helpful. Placing order was never a big deal. After donating funds, tracking was received same day.

    Good packaging and everything was safe inside. Arrived in 15 days which is super fast for a non domestic source.

    I dosed Sustanon @ 600mg/week. Oils were pleasant and decent to look at. No PIP at all. Dosed EQ @ 800mg/week. EQ was felt right at the ned of first week. I was feeling like a super man in the gym. Powerful and strong. Could workout for hours without being exhuasted. Gradually acne and aggression started but i was prepared for that. Didn’t trouble me much.

    All in all very decent supplier.

  8. TheBigDeadlift - 2018-09-19 3:22 PM

    This is my 4th time getting goodies from rxsteroids. Currently right in the middle of a 14 week bulker using 800mg/week TestE and 400mg/week TrenE.

    Packaging is always discrete and secure.

    Test E

    Tren E

    Test Ace

    The stuff is good. Tren had my nips getting sensitive within a month and my weight is up 15 lbs. Strength is up about 15% and my workouts are more intense. The Test Ace was used as a kicker.

  9. bigrigger - 2018-10-24 2:11 PM

    Good service continues from Rxsteroids

    Needed gear to finish a cycle that I started with a top ten source that went on hiatus. This gear was equal to or better than the other gear and that gear was top notch. Tren night sweats and insomnia, strength stayed up. Masteron kept the estrogen level along with proviron I was taking.

    Have done multiple orders with Rxsteroids and have never had an issue.

  10. glitch32 - 2018-11-14 3:58 PM

    After reading up on the guys i placed my order and was not disappointed

    Was just sitting back and waiting after sending money.

    Package: nice and safe whereas T/a: was 7 days in total.

    Test cyp

    tren ace

    Both products were from “Kalpa”. I am quite familiar with this brand and is in my good books. My gains were great. put on 15 lbs of quality muscle during that cycle. To be noted that these were not the only products used in the stack. Very bad shoulder acne after 4 weeks since started using tren. Cyp kicked in after a month. Happy mood, increased libido

    Awesome products from a quality supplier

  11. dopeydoobey - 2018-11-21 2:26 PM

    My 1st choice for roids!

    Delivery is lightning fast and products are always discreetly and securely packaged.

    DP Deca 300

    DP Anavar 50

    Kalpa Tren E 200

    Kalpa Mast E 200

    Kalpa Test E 250

    Frickin’ love these Kalpa Labs! Their gear is always spot on with no pip ever and potent as hell. And doesn’t break the bank either!!

    I’m running Ronnie Rowlands Slingshot training system atm, and my 1st reload is with twice weekly shots of Test E x 450ml, Deca x 300ml, Tren E x 200 and Anavar 75mg ed. I had included Mast E at 200ml twice weekly too, but joints drying out and hurting so will keep mast for 2nd reload. Got the tren night sweats and deca’s trying to kill the libido, but the test is “keeping it up” nicely. Muscle mass is increasing well and each week I’m able to lift a bit heavier.

    All in all, very happy with the gear. This supplier has never let me down before with bunk gear.

    Not sure how anyone ever has any problems with these guys cause they’ve always been spot on for me.

  12. leo86 - 2018-12-12 3:57 PM

    The package took over 2 weeks to arrive. No complaints as i received a discount code as compensation for the next order. It was discreetly packed.

    Sildenaxyl 100mg

    Gave me insane boners 🙂 this stuff is some real shit.. Erections usually lasted for hours. was never satisfied while on this lol wanted more for sure. Gf more than happy. I was feeling like a tarzan in the wild-

    Top quality stuff

    Great quality stuff ” Thank you Rxsteroids

  13. alex073 - 2018-12-19 1:53 PM

    I ordered second time dragon pharma sustanon 350 but this item was out of stock.

    He asked me which stuff need and he sent 2 testosterone propionate and I get 1 hucog hcg gift.

    I think he is the best seller here and 100 % fairplay.

    I will use again this site.

    Thank You

    great communication

    safety discreet package

    2 Kalpa Testosterone Propionate

    1 hucog 5000iu HCG

    Kalpa Testosterone Propionate very good I got power strength g2g.

    i think he is the best seller here and best price!

  14. ste_roid1 - 2019-01-23 11:56 AM

    communication over the last 16 months has been awesome.from emailing offers to getting back to your questions within the hour.perfect comms

    package always discreet,jiffy bag postage


    KALPA Enanthate 250MG

    using the dbol as a kicker to the test cycle has really done the trick this time.strength from the dbol is noticeable after week 1.ran dbol along side test for the first 6 weeks @40mg ed with very little sides i highly recommend the KALPA DIANOXYL. the test e has been used in all my cycles in the past and this is by far the best i have had very smooth and in great vials with solid stoppers.put on some quality size running the test for 14 weeks again highly recommend this product

  15. supermansson11 - 2019-01-30 11:40 AM

    Package clean safe secure,discreet.t/a time deff.second 2 none.

    Tren a



    Test e

    Ok here we go didn’t Start off with kalpa.s test e started off with another source here,which I’ll be doing reviews later on.but back to kalpa.s test e I’ve been on for a little over 5 and a half weeks now,900mg.a week split dosages,pain pip.nothing zero,very smooth areas of inject glutes and ,traps,as fair as what I expected from good Test e all sighns r deff.there.strength way up deff.putting on size.all my lifts r up.

    Thanks rxsteroids I’ll have reviews up soon on others items also,glad to have u back.

  16. eroverman - 2019-02-13 6:10 PM

    I placed my order on the 25th of January, and received it today February 13th. I was starting to question whether or not it would be here, and today was a great surprise, thank you RxSteroids.net. This will be my second order with them, and I am thrilled to say they came through. Now for the results of this brand Kalpa. There prices are great, and shipping is about normal across the board with other suppliers. They will get another order again from me, I just wish they would be a little more attentive on communication.

    On this order I have yet to receive any.

    On my first order it was perfect, the items where packaged in bubble wrap, and taped.

    Testoxyl Cypionate


    i was very happy with my first order placed, that was why I placed the second.

    Wish I would just get some communication on status of order.

  17. 2004gsxr1000 - 2019-02-27 1:13 PM

    I ordered 50 -50mg dbol and 5ml tren ace. Both products seem to be working great. I am taking 100mg dbol a day and 100 mg every three days. I am up 11 pounds in 10 days. Thanks for the opportunity to try these products. I will try some other products in the future.

  18. Daddeee - 2019-04-03 3:18 PM

    Guys and gals look no further all your frustrations are over. These guys are the real deal and all products are as advertised. I am on perscribed products also and have used there versions when I have run out. There’s is simply better quality! Consistent and delivery was exceptionaly reliable. I did have one of many orders missing an item and they made it right quickly! Not the norm but is important that out of 100 times they were always correct and made right any mistake they found legitimate. Products were spot on with efficacy and smooth and clean injections. Oral’s are professionally pressed and dosed and all,packaging flawless and lot numbered. These guys are my new goto solution. Or should I say thank God I have someone looking out for me and the crews best interest FINALLY!!!

  19. growchamp - 2019-04-17 5:15 PM

    My first order with RxS was put in a few months back. I highly recommend these guys.

    Response time was great and they always communicated. The whole thing was quick and painless. I also just put in a second order because I’m loving the gear so much.

    T/A was 13 days from when funds were picked up. The whole process was about 8 days and that’s only because there was an error on my part with a piece of information. Painless either way.

    Test prop x 1

    Test cyp x 3

    Cut Long x 2

    I used the prop as a kicker to the andro blend and it was super clean, no pip at all. MCT oil..

    The blend was on point, size and strength increase and this was with me not dosing it super high because it was my first time with tren e. I got normal sides, nothing extreme. Tren dreams, sweats.. wasn’t harsh for me though. I ran caber through out.

    I’m currently using the cyp and it also like the others has no pip at all. It’s only 250mg/ml so it’s great for anyone who is cruising on trt. I’d love to see some with a higher mg/ml. Either way it’s on point.

    This was an extremely easy process and the gear is great. I’m getting solid results. Highly recommended. I’m coming back from injury and I feel great.

  20. Labrat - 2019-05-16 4:10 PM

    Rx has provided excellent quality gear, always responded to any questions quickly, and TA time is outstanding.

    The dbol kicked in in few weeks , strength and weight are both up. The test E I have used before and in week 3 now its doing its job. All products are and always have been high quality

    This is a great source and all aspects of the process from communication ,TA, quality, and customer service are outstanding

  21. hawaiipower - 2019-07-03 4:24 PM

    Lighting fast shipping on my 3rd order! Jus 6 days! Top service! Big Thanks to rxsteroids.net and his team! My friend is about to start dragon pharma testo blend. Will update in 3 weeks.


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