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RxSteroids.net Reviews

Is RxSteroids.net a legit steroids source or a scam one ?

RxSteroids.net is an approved and verified steroid source:

Website: www.rxsteroids.net
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Shipping: Worldwide
Online since: 2009

RxSteroids.net General Overview

RxSteroids offer a wide range of products from Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Dragon Pharma, Gen-Shi Labs, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals and other well-known manufacturers at really low cost and with fast delivery time.

RxSteroids.net -> Gen-Shi Laboratories Legit Supplier

RxSteroids.net is an approved supplier of Gen-Shi Laboratories products, it can be verified online here: genshilabs.com/supplier-check.html

RxSteroids Legit Genshi Labs Supplier

RxSteroids.net -> Dragon Pharma Legit Supplier

RxSteroids.net is an approved supplier of Dragon Pharma products, it can be verified online here: dragon-pharma.com

rxsteroids legit dragon pharma supplier

RxSteroids.net -> Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Legit Supplier

RxSteroids.net is an approved supplier of Kalpa Pharmaceuticals products, it can be verified online here: kalpapharmaceuticals.com

rxsteroids legit kalpa supplier

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  1. hawaiipower says:

    Lighting fast shipping on my 3rd order! Jus 6 days! Top service! Big Thanks to rxsteroids.net and his team! My friend is about to start dragon pharma testo blend. Will update in 3 weeks.

  2. Labrat says:

    Rx has provided excellent quality gear, always responded to any questions quickly, and TA time is outstanding.

    The dbol kicked in in few weeks , strength and weight are both up. The test E I have used before and in week 3 now its doing its job. All products are and always have been high quality

    This is a great source and all aspects of the process from communication ,TA, quality, and customer service are outstanding

  3. growchamp says:

    My first order with RxS was put in a few months back. I highly recommend these guys.

    Response time was great and they always communicated. The whole thing was quick and painless. I also just put in a second order because I’m loving the gear so much.

    T/A was 13 days from when funds were picked up. The whole process was about 8 days and that’s only because there was an error on my part with a piece of information. Painless either way.

    Test prop x 1

    Test cyp x 3

    Cut Long x 2

    I used the prop as a kicker to the andro blend and it was super clean, no pip at all. MCT oil..

    The blend was on point, size and strength increase and this was with me not dosing it super high because it was my first time with tren e. I got normal sides, nothing extreme. Tren dreams, sweats.. wasn’t harsh for me though. I ran caber through out.

    I’m currently using the cyp and it also like the others has no pip at all. It’s only 250mg/ml so it’s great for anyone who is cruising on trt. I’d love to see some with a higher mg/ml. Either way it’s on point.

    This was an extremely easy process and the gear is great. I’m getting solid results. Highly recommended. I’m coming back from injury and I feel great.

  4. Daddeee says:

    Guys and gals look no further all your frustrations are over. These guys are the real deal and all products are as advertised. I am on perscribed products also and have used there versions when I have run out. There’s is simply better quality! Consistent and delivery was exceptionaly reliable. I did have one of many orders missing an item and they made it right quickly! Not the norm but is important that out of 100 times they were always correct and made right any mistake they found legitimate. Products were spot on with efficacy and smooth and clean injections. Oral’s are professionally pressed and dosed and all,packaging flawless and lot numbered. These guys are my new goto solution. Or should I say thank God I have someone looking out for me and the crews best interest FINALLY!!!

  5. 2004gsxr1000 says:

    I ordered 50 -50mg dbol and 5ml tren ace. Both products seem to be working great. I am taking 100mg dbol a day and 100 mg every three days. I am up 11 pounds in 10 days. Thanks for the opportunity to try these products. I will try some other products in the future.

  6. eroverman says:

    I placed my order on the 25th of January, and received it today February 13th. I was starting to question whether or not it would be here, and today was a great surprise, thank you RxSteroids.net. This will be my second order with them, and I am thrilled to say they came through. Now for the results of this brand Kalpa. There prices are great, and shipping is about normal across the board with other suppliers. They will get another order again from me, I just wish they would be a little more attentive on communication.

    On this order I have yet to receive any.

    On my first order it was perfect, the items where packaged in bubble wrap, and taped.

    Testoxyl Cypionate


    i was very happy with my first order placed, that was why I placed the second.

    Wish I would just get some communication on status of order.

  7. supermansson11 says:

    Package clean safe secure,discreet.t/a time deff.second 2 none.

    Tren a



    Test e

    Ok here we go didn’t Start off with kalpa.s test e started off with another source here,which I’ll be doing reviews later on.but back to kalpa.s test e I’ve been on for a little over 5 and a half weeks now,900mg.a week split dosages,pain pip.nothing zero,very smooth areas of inject glutes and ,traps,as fair as what I expected from good Test e all sighns r deff.there.strength way up deff.putting on size.all my lifts r up.

    Thanks rxsteroids I’ll have reviews up soon on others items also,glad to have u back.

  8. ste_roid1 says:

    communication over the last 16 months has been awesome.from emailing offers to getting back to your questions within the hour.perfect comms

    package always discreet,jiffy bag postage


    KALPA Enanthate 250MG

    using the dbol as a kicker to the test cycle has really done the trick this time.strength from the dbol is noticeable after week 1.ran dbol along side test for the first 6 weeks @40mg ed with very little sides i highly recommend the KALPA DIANOXYL. the test e has been used in all my cycles in the past and this is by far the best i have had very smooth and in great vials with solid stoppers.put on some quality size running the test for 14 weeks again highly recommend this product

  9. alex073 says:

    I ordered second time dragon pharma sustanon 350 but this item was out of stock.

    He asked me which stuff need and he sent 2 testosterone propionate and I get 1 hucog hcg gift.

    I think he is the best seller here and 100 % fairplay.

    I will use again this site.

    Thank You

    great communication

    safety discreet package

    2 Kalpa Testosterone Propionate

    1 hucog 5000iu HCG

    Kalpa Testosterone Propionate very good I got power strength g2g.

    i think he is the best seller here and best price!

  10. leo86 says:

    The package took over 2 weeks to arrive. No complaints as i received a discount code as compensation for the next order. It was discreetly packed.

    Sildenaxyl 100mg

    Gave me insane boners 🙂 this stuff is some real shit.. Erections usually lasted for hours. was never satisfied while on this lol wanted more for sure. Gf more than happy. I was feeling like a tarzan in the wild-

    Top quality stuff

    Great quality stuff ” Thank you Rxsteroids

  11. dopeydoobey says:

    My 1st choice for roids!

    Delivery is lightning fast and products are always discreetly and securely packaged.

    DP Deca 300

    DP Anavar 50

    Kalpa Tren E 200

    Kalpa Mast E 200

    Kalpa Test E 250

    Frickin’ love these Kalpa Labs! Their gear is always spot on with no pip ever and potent as hell. And doesn’t break the bank either!!

    I’m running Ronnie Rowlands Slingshot training system atm, and my 1st reload is with twice weekly shots of Test E x 450ml, Deca x 300ml, Tren E x 200 and Anavar 75mg ed. I had included Mast E at 200ml twice weekly too, but joints drying out and hurting so will keep mast for 2nd reload. Got the tren night sweats and deca’s trying to kill the libido, but the test is “keeping it up” nicely. Muscle mass is increasing well and each week I’m able to lift a bit heavier.

    All in all, very happy with the gear. This supplier has never let me down before with bunk gear.

    Not sure how anyone ever has any problems with these guys cause they’ve always been spot on for me.

  12. glitch32 says:

    After reading up on the guys i placed my order and was not disappointed

    Was just sitting back and waiting after sending money.

    Package: nice and safe whereas T/a: was 7 days in total.

    Test cyp

    tren ace

    Both products were from “Kalpa”. I am quite familiar with this brand and is in my good books. My gains were great. put on 15 lbs of quality muscle during that cycle. To be noted that these were not the only products used in the stack. Very bad shoulder acne after 4 weeks since started using tren. Cyp kicked in after a month. Happy mood, increased libido

    Awesome products from a quality supplier

  13. bigrigger says:

    Good service continues from Rxsteroids

    Needed gear to finish a cycle that I started with a top ten source that went on hiatus. This gear was equal to or better than the other gear and that gear was top notch. Tren night sweats and insomnia, strength stayed up. Masteron kept the estrogen level along with proviron I was taking.

    Have done multiple orders with Rxsteroids and have never had an issue.

  14. TheBigDeadlift says:

    This is my 4th time getting goodies from rxsteroids. Currently right in the middle of a 14 week bulker using 800mg/week TestE and 400mg/week TrenE.

    Packaging is always discrete and secure.

    Test E

    Tren E

    Test Ace

    The stuff is good. Tren had my nips getting sensitive within a month and my weight is up 15 lbs. Strength is up about 15% and my workouts are more intense. The Test Ace was used as a kicker.

  15. mass blast says:

    Very friendly Helpful. Placing order was never a big deal. After donating funds, tracking was received same day.

    Good packaging and everything was safe inside. Arrived in 15 days which is super fast for a non domestic source.

    I dosed Sustanon @ 600mg/week. Oils were pleasant and decent to look at. No PIP at all. Dosed EQ @ 800mg/week. EQ was felt right at the ned of first week. I was feeling like a super man in the gym. Powerful and strong. Could workout for hours without being exhuasted. Gradually acne and aggression started but i was prepared for that. Didn’t trouble me much.

    All in all very decent supplier.

  16. Mikevc550 says:

    Long overdue for the guys here at rxsteroids, they were nice enough to let me get in on the 50×50 winstrol promo. I ended up using these at the end of my last cycle to “polish up” the last 3-4 weeks.

    I’m not sure on the exact t/a but I believe it was around 2 weeks. As long as it gets here safe I really don’t mind how long is takes(within reason) and with that being said I was satisfied with 2-3 weeks.

    Ok so, 1st time trying winstrol. What I noticed happening was an increase in strength and definitely increased pumps. I’m not one to care about how much weight I lift as opposed to the mind muscle connection and actually hitting the muscle( think ego lifting vs. bodybuilding) but I have to admit I definitely went out of my comfort zone and tried to lift more than usual, and I did! As far as appearance my muscles seemed to look more “crisp” and hard. Some aggression was there. I split my dose 2x so 25mg in the morning and 50mg around 1 hour before going to the gym. Was very happy, towards the end I noticed my joints becoming more creaky so I backed off the weight. Overall was a great experience! Reminded me of anavar in a way, that’s the closest I could compare it to.

    Pretty straightforward. Was the product dosed correctly? I believe it to be. Did it work? Yes. Those are the 2 important things to me and I believe they both were.

  17. cajon says:

    First off, this review is long overdue, and I have been using their product for over a year. It always arrives very timely, well packaged and discrete. Kalpa product is very good quality. There is very low PIP, and I have experienced amazing results, and an increase in strength and size.

    It was very well packaged and discrete.

    Test E, Test Prop, Deca, Tren Ace, Tren E

    Product quality was good with very little PIP.

    I would highly recommend ordering from Rxsteroids. I am a loyal customer

  18. dieseldup says:

    4 weeks into my second cycle from this source. Rxsteroids is the bomb to deal with, very helpful, very quick to ship.

    Fastest shipping I’ve ever had on this board, very consistant T/A, very well packed.

    Test P, Test E, EQ, Tren Ace, Mast P, Aromasin, Anavar 50.

    Test P has no pip. Getting great gains from there gear and from Kalpa’s super Test cycles. I use the Tren A, Mast P, and Test P for the last 8 weeks of my cycles, great gear, awesome Tren.

  19. Delsome says:

    I have been using this source for my past few competitions. Their product selection price and customer service are the main reasons why I keep using them. I’ll likely use them for as long as I can.

    All packs have arrived earlier than expected. The packaging is descreet and doesn’t stand out .

    Test e 300


    I’ve used many of KP products and have always been very happy. The test e is great. Lots of muscle gains and fat loss. My first Cycle on this test I put on an additional 10 Lbs of leans tissue. Which is amazing considering the way my progress had slowed before starting . The adex is good to go. Blood work and side effect control all support the fact that the dosage is correct.

    I will continue to use these guys in the future as well as recommend them to family and friends . 10/10

  20. B-G-bdd says:

    This is a very long overdue review for kalpa sustanon

    Excellent to the point professional communication.

    Fast TA and discreet packaging.

    I took around 750mg/week and noticed amazing strength and libido within few weeks. Water retention was totally under control with pharma arimidex. I experienced acne, oily skin and hair thinning. Sometimes would feel my hair being oily and greasy. This kalpa sustanon was smooth and very easy to pin and it didn’t have any pip at all. My libido was incredible. Hard morning boners. Strength and aggression were very high till the end of cycle.

    No issues whatsoever.

  21. Xeagle says:

    Amazing customer support. This source is the most reliable and consistent one on here. Always very friendly which is not common amongst many sources. These guys always deliver

    Packed very well and discreet

  22. Mr.Swole says:

    balkan winstrol 10 mg review

    very good communication

    delivery time about one week

    my normal dose for this balkan win was 50 mg every day. It gave me amazing strength and power. This was for my cutting cycle. win dries me joints very easy that’s why npp with this cycle was must for me. did npp @ 400mg/week. i got strong pumps and energy from this win. i ran it for 5-1/2 weeks total and all the time it was pre workout.


  23. Withdrawl says:

    Second order placed with rxsteroids and once again I am extremely happy. First order was test cypionate from Kalpa. This order I tried the test enanthate from Kalpa. Package came in 10 days total (7 business days). That’s extremely fast for overseas delivery. Ordering was simple and thery were very quick to respond. Package was once again very discreet. I love their packaging! I am cruising at low dose of test and have notice to change since switching to this latest batch. Libido still up and have lost no gains from my recent blast. A friend of mine, who JUST missed getting his pro card this year, had recently taken a break from steroids after his latest competition. He front loaded with 3,000mg (yes…..3,000) of this test enanthate from rxsteroids and gained 9 lbs in 12 days with no change in his diet. He feels like a beast, libido is WAY up, and he is extremely pleased. He is not taking any other steroid other than this test enanthate at the moment, so all gains are from the test. Of course this is mostly water weight but damn does it prove this stuff is legit and of high quality. I will be ordering from rxsteroids many times again in the future. Great service and products.

  24. nerdmuscles says:

    This is the best source I have done business with, they have great prices, the gear is amazing and so smooth!! I switched to Kalpa prop, and the very next day had the most intense work out of my life, I could not believe the difference between my previous sources prop and Kalpa’s. It is nice to finally find some properly dosed gear! The service was second to none, all my questions were answered almost instantly. I received two packages both within 7 days of their ship date and that is international!. This is the only source I would recommend to people I know. They have a customer for life.

  25. Muscle Freak says:

    This is a review for some BP dbol I received in a promo awhile back

    Rxsteroids responded to my tickets immediately and it was smooth sailing from there

    Packaged arrived at my door in a week, and needless to say I was very impressed. The packaging was great and I have no worries of seizure.

    I dosed the dbol at 40mg per day to start my cycle. I’m a bit of a dbol specialist and this product did not disappoint. Already started to notice my strength increasing and crazy pumps at the end of the first week. I started to get the euphoric feeling, that is before I had to up my ai as I usually do when taking dbol.

    This is the first time I have gotten any products from rxsteroids. And needless to say, I am impressed.

  26. BeRich32 says:

    I ordered Rx’s DP Prop, great stuff very little to no pip. I pinned 2 ml about 6 hours before my arm workout, massive pumps.

    Communication & Support were jolly on the spot, he replies to messages within 5 hours and is always helpful if you have any questions / concerns.

    Packaging was a pain in the ass to get into, I had to break out the scissors. No way it could have busted or been damaged in any way.

    Amazing quality, I love DP prop. It dont feel like I got kicked by a mule yet I still get the positive effects from it. I just started running DP’s prop BUT, I have been on a prop and tren a cycle for the last 9 weeks. I feel DP prop is way better then my other source.

  27. cmayne4 says:

    Very happy with rxsteroids. 13 days to recieve my order and everything looks great. Will definately be ordering again.

  28. Anabolic Inc.Houston says:

    First things first, I have found a new source to do business with. Man, does RxSteroids ship his orders out fast. I’m taking the Var and getting great results with it. My friend is taking the Dbol and experiencing great results as well. RxSteroids doesn’t bullshit when it comes to shipping and prices.

    P.S. I will be trying out injectables soon.

  29. donnnjon09 says:

    hands down easiest, fastest and dependable online anabolic retailer out here! I’ve never had an ordering process run so smoothly. Plus you cant beat these discounts/promos they run!!!

    Top notch. Easiest payment method used thru bitcoin. Step-by-step walk thru process how to send funds. Very discreet.

    Fast payment, fast delivery, high quality pharma grade gear.

    Cut Long 300 is no joke when it comes to potency. Definitely recommend starting off with 1/2cc to ease into at first. Running 1/2ml/EOD for 10 weeks and 2 IU’s gH/ED. 2 weeks into the cycle and already up 8lbs and pumps are INSANE!

  30. erne says:

    Ordered Test e 250mg/ml and tbol 2 months ago, shipping was fast and well wrapped.

    My 2nd order of Anavar came this monday. Very Satisfied with everything so far.

    Results have been nothing short of amazing

  31. Lilnegro says:

    I ordered 6bottles of test e.1bottle of tren ace 150and 1 bottle of test prop.kick start w tren ace 150eod and test prop 1 ed.holy shit the tren ace I swear I felt it 2nd maybe 3rd pin.and prop had me real hard:) everytime I came close to ole lady.the test e I’ve been for almost 3 weeks so it’s hard to say if its test prop or test e or both but normally I feel it within 3rd maybe 4rth week.no pip and I’m pinning ed w prop and twice eod.i do catch myself getting really bothered really quick so I have to check myself and tell myself it’s the tren messing w me:)

    Treated me like a friend.ive used about 3 maybe 4 sources and this guy is def up ther w the best I’ve dealt with.emails back within 24 hrs .only had one question and that was when he was gonna restock on tren ace.ordering is simple .no bs just straight send $and receive my goodies

  32. nycboy007 says:

    great source ordered a few times now
    fast delivery and great packaging

    tren A 200, test P 200, mast A 200, HGH

    run the 3 AS @ .75mg each daily for 4 months, Pip was bad mostly, but the results were worth it. Very potent! HGH was a bit weaker than i am used to, but i ran it for 6 months at .5IU daily, and the end results were very satisfactory too.

    Great source, highly recommended!

  33. mcam says:

    So I recently received another order from Rxsteroids. I must say that I had a MINOR problem on my last order and guess what, shit happens in every business. Rxsteroids went out of his way to make it right on my next order to make up for the mistake, and the mistake was well worth what he did to make it right.

    The packing is always well wrapped to prevent damage and the T/A is not bad at all. From the time funds were sent to my door was about 12 days.

    The quality of the Sust 350 is fire… Every time I pin I get some PIP for a day or two from the high mg. The Test P 100 is also fire, and I’ve been using both for a couple cycles now over about 8 months. This is my first time using his Test E 250 so I will come back in a few weeks with an update on my thoughts about that.

  34. Cgozz says:

    First time ordering. Smooth as can be. Product came very professionally wrapped. I was very impressed.

    I will order from Rxsteroids over and over. Love the products.

    Communication was great never a problem. If I asked a question it was taken care of promptly.

    From the time funds were picked up turn around time was great. I received my product in 12 days. No problems at all.

    used products for 8 weeks, D-bol some of the best Ive used. Tren Ace off the chain, amazing product.

    Test-e smooth and potent.

    I would recommend shopping here, you wont be sorry. Products in a class of their own.

  35. johnnyb5309 says:

    amazing service and fire ass gear. my first order took about 14 days from time of payment. been running the npp and test prop with some t bol for about 3 weeks and im up 12 pounds strength is starting to really go up and muscle separation is awesome! everyone is commenting on how big i am getting, and fast. gear is fire no pip. customer service is above all!

  36. Ryder1711 says:

    This was my first time ordering from Rxsteroids and all I can said is that I am very impress with the whole experience. Items were delivered fast and in excellent condition.

    Packaging was very well put together and discreet.

    I have not used the Kalpa-line Anavar saving it for a future cycle. Will be coming back for more Kalpa-line products soon.

  37. Shirty2 says:

    I made one order with RxSteroids for dragon pharma masteron enanthate. It was simple and fast. I’ve tried the balkan brand in the 1ml for the sustanon 250 (sustamed) and it’s hands down the best test I’ve used. I ordered it from a different supplier so when I saw RxSteroids’ website the prices were unbelievably cheaper! So people sell the gear with a huge markup so go to RxSteroids to get it at the best price possible. I have placed a second order for dragon pharma tren and test e. I haven’t received the package yet so I can’t wait to pin it! I’m excited to be able to put on another 10-15lbs of lbm with this cycle. I will be ordering DP superdrol soon as he is one few suppliers that actually has it.

  38. humpnpump says:

    I’m dropping in and putting down a few nice words for this very credible source. Rxstr came through when things went wrong and made things right for everyone that got wronged. If you were around last year you know what I’m talking about.

    The sustanon was dosed correctly IMHO. Put on 10 lbs on 750 mg wk and 400 mast E for 13 weeks. Libido was very good, aggression in the gym was turned on and oily skin. Finished up the cycle with the tren a which worked well at shedding the water and fat to lead into PCT which I’ve kept all my gains post PCT and then some.

    Rxstr is a solid source and with a great line of products and best of all believes and stands by his products. Thanks Rxstr. Rxstr came through when a lot of sources would have tucked and ran. This source has a lot of integrity and believes in his products he sends out.

  39. mus500 says:

    Pulled the trigger with Rxsteroids. Products looked appealing and price looked good. Plus I like 10ml vials.

    10 days from ordering. Package was tight and well protected

    The test e and eq where for a friend. All I can say for him is he loves it. I used the cut stack 7/10ths of a cc EOD. I felt great. Strength increased, increase libido, looked dryer. Everthing that I’d expect. Good product.

    Overall I am satisfied with my experience with Rxsteroids

    Thinking about another order soon

  40. zhaomeng0904 says:

    This review is for my first order at Rxsteroids,Genotropin.

    All emails were answered within 3hours. Very fast!

    it arrived in 10days, no problem.And packages was discreet.

    Been using this product for 2 months. I started at 2iu/day, it worked my way up to 4iu. it was very easy to inject! I feel Sleep great, recover fast. This stuff is the Real Deal.

    Very happy wih first order at here. Will use this source again. My first HGH source choice.

  41. AncientAlien says:

    Order was placed and the pack arrived about a 2 weeks after shipping. That’s great being this an overseas source for me

    I ordered 2 Sustanon vials from this source as I had 3 from another. I started with 1cc EOD and by the end of the 2nd week I was feeling the short esters ( labido and muscles starting to fill out). By the beginning of the 2nd month I was really starting to feel it. Strength increase and water retention haha it was really puffing me up! Aromasin was needed at this point to control the bloat.

    I actually switched to 1cc every 3rd day as I felt that EOD wasn’t necessary and I feel fucking awesome!

    This sust is fun and I’ll continue with the sust 350 for 18-20 weeks.

    I don’t usually do sust because of the frequent injections but its fun to do every once in awile.

    All the dragon pharma oils I have tried have been great and recommended.

    Def recommend rxsteroids for the this particular line.

  42. matt1060 says:

    Excellent source. I highly recommend them. Love that they accept Bitcoins, makes life so easy. The whole Money Gram thing sucks. I have been using Rxsteroids for 2 yrs now. Place an order and have it within 15 days. They respond within 1 day to any questions. So far not one complaint. I have ordered from one other place, very prominent source but the orders take weeks to arrive.

    My current stats 38 Yo. Ran 3 cycles. Currently I am 198 lbs B.F. 11%. 1st cycle was a bulk cycle. Starting weight 192 lbs ending weight 204 lbs. BF. 16%. This was my first cycle in over 8 yrs. I was away from the gym for a few years. Got back into the gym approx. 8 months before starting the first cycle. My body has made quite a transformation since getting back in the gym and using gear from Rxsteroids. My waist went from a 36″ to a 33″ and that has been with ZERO dieting. My goals are to be at about 8-10% body fat. not so important, But i think anywhere between 200-210 is a nice weight for me. I suffered a full pectoral tear of my right pec which required surgery to reattach it. So with that I will never be able to train my chest hard. The injury was 2 yrs ago and only now can I actually start some light chest training,but everything else I can hit it hard.

    Discreetly packaged. Wrapped up well in box with protective styrofoam peanuts to protect them. It amazes me how quick I receive the package once its ordered.

  43. jordan2323 says:

    This is review for my last course that nerly finished (1week to go)

    Been mixing tren with test e in one pin smooth inj could feel little next day

    Loaded tren and test at week one 400 mg tren e 500 mg test e then lowered to 200 and 250 mg weekly dose of each

    Wins 30 mg a day

    Tren kick in nicely in week 4th onwards great pump strenght and vascularity by each week had tren cough only once but i dont get that very often which am glad lol

    libido went up in bout 12 days after first inj good compound together with thren solid recomp i would say

    Wins not keen on inj one so got tablets. Could feel joints dried bit after 4 weeks defo help with strenght gains even on low calories throu diet. Stoped it at week 7 as started noticed heart burn being annoying

    I ve used tren for 10 weeks test will go 10 days longer

    Overall cycle been succesfull lost bout 6 pounds but look a lot leaner compare to bulk phase

    Good service will continue to use keep it up Rx!

  44. Danny92 says:

    I use Rxsteroids now the second time.

    cabaser and cialis works fine.

    no gyno and good sex drive at tren.

    the cialis works for 1-2days. not so much like viagra, but longer and more stable. good cialis the equipose use a mate but I can see he has at all body vasculary, good road map at 10% bodyfat.

    maybe not so much labs and specials…but best service, fast shipping, quality stuff and good prices makes the deal!

  45. Hellsway12 says:

    This guy is one of the easiest sources to deal with. I ordered about a month ago. I’ve been on his products for a month now, and I definitely recommend you try pharma grade over the generic hgh you can get. So far better sleep, slight bodyfat reduction, and the usual hgh side effects (numbness, swollen ankles, wrists)

    He sends you the original box which is really cool, these cannot be fake the original packing has got the braille on it and the pen sealed in the plastic.. really cool. Smells like it came out of a hospital honestly. Arrived probably in 7-8 days. He was able to deliver these faster than me ordering the needles I needed for them. Props to that.

    I wanted to wait a little to give a review on Genotropin 16 IU, and boy these are strong. I’ve never ran pharma grade hgh before and I can tell you 2iu of this is the equivalent of running 4-5iu of the generics ive tried (angtropin, hygetropin, blue tops). I plan on using it for about 8-9 months. The side effects i’ve noticed is the tired feeling, swelling of my ankles, lockjaw, and the numbness in the hands. They start to subside once I get used to it. The quality of these are amazing.

    Give him a shot!

  46. BigD28 says:

    I’ve been using rxsteroids for over a year now. I have taken about 2/3’s of his products on his website and I can tell you that his stuff is all legit and is some of the best gear available. I have went from 225 pounds at around 18 percent body fat to 270 pounds at around 9 percent body fat in under a year. This is the best source I have came across because of the quality and the quick shipping and great customer service.

    Dragon pharma Test C is right on point, super erections, strong libido, strength in the gym and most importantly some good size increases and strength increases.

    Dragon pharma Tren Ace is outstanding, it gives me ferocious strength in the gym along with great focus and intensity.

    Dragon pharma Sustanon is great, good strength gains and size gains while on this product with little water retention compared to test C

    Dragon pharma anavar is awesome, good vascularity and pumps in the gym along with decreased belly fat.

    Dragon pharma t-3 helped increase my thyroid function and helped me get rid of some extra weight during a contest prep.

  47. jonzey says:

    So what can I say here except Thank you very much for being one of the few sources on here that carries a decent range of Pharma grade ancilliaries! I have been useing AAS for many years without any trouble but on my last cycle I used UGL Letro from another source which turned out to be [email protected] and left me with estrogen bloat and puffy nips!! 🙁

    Fortunatly Rxsteroids was on hand to save the day and I received his genuine Pharma grade products!!

    I have not used the humatrope yet but I received it in its original packaging, and it is definately legit. The letro and nolva are definately genuine pharma grade, They dealt with my sides completely within a few days.

    Cant thank you enough mate Keep up the good work!! and a warning to anyone else reading this never trust in UGL ancillaries! Bunk gear will just leave you feeling ripped off but bunk ancillaries will jeopardise both your health and your gains!! Pay the extra and get pharma grade!

  48. dynevahn says:

    Been taking their gear now for 3 months. I was already pretty solid at 5’7 245 lbs. Started with the test e and felt awesome after the first few weeks. Noticed strength gains with only 500mg a week. Moved onto kalpa tren e and its some powerful stuff. I only lasted 5 weeks on it. The strength gains and fat loss were amazing. Had me squatting 5 plates like i only had 225 on there. The mental side effects were just too much. Put 2 clients of mine on it. She, yes she has dropped 27 lbs on the test at only 1cc a week and they are going from once a month to almost everyday if you know what I mean. They are in their 50s so that’s big for them. I’m 257 now and that’s alot considering where I was already. Kalpa stuff is awesome. Works plain and simple. Libido is through the roof. Got my pack in 2 weeks which is fast. Will continue to use these guys.

  49. rmanager says:

    I am now on my 8th week of EQ my veins started to pop pretty good after the 6th week, Strength is up by about 10-15% muscle gains are solid, water retention is low. I front loaded 1100 MG over the course of about 7 days 2- shots week one, following weeks have been EQ 400 MG a week. Test started @ 300 mg a week, Last couple of weeks dropped to 200 mg a week. Sex drive is great I have never had an issues here though. Feeling great and again gains are solid. Overall I gained about 4% body fat I have now dropped that off and then some. I have used about 5 different suppliers over the course of my career I have to say Rxsteroids is at the top of my list.

    my 1st order was delayed due to a shipping issue but no concerns communication was great after issues was straitened out i received in 15 days, 2nd order received 10 days after funds received. Packaging was good. No issues. Highly recommend!

    Excited to finish of with tren E and Tren A.

  50. Jry86 says:

    I love these guys and everything they have to offer! I’ve used them for the past year and they’ve been consistent with everything. Shipping is on time and speedy, products are strong, communication is at an all time great standard, and prices are astounding!

    Packages are sent discretely and tightly secured.

    I’ve been on the test c for around 6 months this go around, very effective, good energy, good libido. Size and stregth is good. Dbol was very effective, great pumps great strength gains. Eq is so mild I can’t tell a big difference with it, but I run it low around 200mg/week. The tren e and a is LEGIT! Leaned me out nicely and I know it’s working well when I get pissy and irritable for no apparent reason, that’s when I know I need to lower my dose from 800 down to 400/week lol. Deca has helped my joints and helped me put on some size but this compound I run at a low dose too around 300mg/week. Haven’t started any of the pct’s yet but I’m sure they’re legit considering how everything else has been. Masteron I just started today so I’ll check back in before my show in August. Proviron and winny I haven’t started either.

    Go with these guys! You’ll fall in love.

  51. ManBearPig89 says:

    i am a little late on this review but better late than never

    responds to all emails with in two days nice down to earth and gives detailed answers instead of short rude answers like some sources

    packaging was safe and discreet to my door in less than 2 weeks

    i read a few Cutaxyl reviews that stated it was under dosed i did not seem to think so. i am a little guy and only weigh 170 so maybe that has something to do with it. my diet was not to get big but strong and i gained 15 lbs over one cycle and my bench shot up 50lbs my endurance was unbelievable i could run with weight on my back for what seemed like forever. my libido was through the roof and i became extremely vascular all on all a good smooth pin with little to no sides that i could notice

    if you want a quality source this is the guy

  52. qwerty2017 says:

    I have used Rxsteroids a couple of times now and just can’t fault them. Their products are genuine, very well priced and their customer service is outstanding.

    Dragon Pharma Var is better than most other var out there in my opinion It is way better than the Kalpa var which was not bad,The pills are dosed at 50 mgs a pill, its easy to split the doses up to take advantage of half life, i used it for a week at 100, then dropped it down to 50mgs a day, i cut up whilst using them, noticeable difference in the mirror, vascular and good pumps, strength increased, i didn’t have any negative sides either I enjoyed them a lot and will be using again. Proviron 50mg Helped me cut up and seemed to make my muscle harder and more defined also made me very fuckin horny

    I have already ordered again from Rxsteroids, this is a source you can trust %100.

  53. Frogg3k says:

    My first order from Rxsteroids, I was cautious at first the same as any buyer would be but he defiantly came through can’t wait to place my next order

    Packaging was discreet no problems here

    Have been using Dianabol for nearly two weeks now I have gained 9lb in weight which I am pleased with, I know some is water but I don’t seem to have bloated much if any at all Haven’t tried the clomid yet waiting for pct before using

    Rxsteroids is a great supplier and great guy can’t wait to order some of Dragon Pharma’s other products will probably be Test-E and the Deca First order was an oral only tester see if he came through and he most certainly did Order with confidence you won’t be disappointed

  54. ash48 says:

    This is a review for my current cycle. I wanted to experiment with this cycle, with switching esters and adding compounds. I started the first 8 weeks with dragon pharma t400 and mast e. I also ran 50mg proviron and 100mg var as a 4 week kick start all from rxsteroids.

    I starting running 100mg Var ed for 4 weeks with good pumps and strength gains. Hardened up my physique. After about 3 weeks I could feel the T400 kicking in, running 2.5ml per week of this, the oil is very smooth for a t400 I love gso oils and dragon pharma always have been good to me regarding pip. Oily skin, weight up about 10 lbs, strength and libido up. Along side this I was running mast e witch I felt about week 4, again when I run mast I can see and feel it tighten my waist (could be mental), also I feel more aggressive, vascularity was improved further. Proviron still using at 50mg a day. Keep me drier and sense of well being is the main thing I like. Plus the crazy libido. Overall been really happy with dragon pharma especially the oils, very very smooth a good quality. I would deffo use again.

    Now switched to short esters and added npp

  55. big_Kahuna says:

    I just want to say that my gear came quick and the product is definitely legit. I have been on his gear for three weeks and noticed awesome gains and water reduction. I will continue to use the Dragon Pharma’s products.

    Packaging was excellent and safe…highly recommend this site!

  56. Mastinos55 says:

    Well what else should i say what is not been said about this great source

    questions always answered promptly

    always sends with tracking and fast always good packaging realy guys iam completely satisfied

    now iam in my 6th week with test bold tren finished last week and i got to say the quality is just great nice smooth oils no pip

    iam focused my strenth is very high and i got stamina now in exercises which is incredible i do now 15-20 reps each set my veins are cummin definition is good too got some night sweats but everything managable

    do not hesitate order here very good and reliable source

  57. raging pitbull says:

    I first ordered from this guy a month ago and have made 4 orders so far and there will be many more……its been a long time since such a great straight talking seller such as this guy has caught my attention and im very surprised to not find them at the top of the board they are excellent in many ways actually in every way..

    I always get a reply quickly and any questions or queries are answered without any bullshit.

    Great packaging secure all the usual 🙂 After payment is made i get order within 24hrs which is top notch especially when you need something fast. 10/10 🙂

    ive been using the goods a month today and no bullshit ive gained 3 stone im still solid not much bloat, skin is ok ive been off training for 6 months so im overly impressed with the results and this supplier is the best ive used to date!! all products are the business and youll be seeing lots more reviews from me over the coming months.

    Rxsteroidss you are the fucking best! Keep up your great service im sure youll hit top spot soooon. Respect to you all the best and thanks.

  58. block14 says:

    Rxsteroids was my first source I ever used. If theres ever been an issue in probably 15 orders he has fixed it immediately. He is very professional and will gladly answer any questions u may have.

    Always responds within 12 hours, sometimes minutes. Will work with u on any problem u may have.

    T/a is always 8-10 days and packaging is always spot on!

    I have heard about the kalpa dbol and all I heard was true, very good stuff. Blew up quick. Was gaining a lb or 2 a week. The test e did as it should, oily skin strength gains and killer libido. I did a lower dose of deca because it was my first time but still had some solid gains. Did a 12 week cycle 1-6dbol 40mg, teste 1-12 500mg, and deca 1-12 400

    Great company, been a long time customer and will continue to be.

  59. iconaldinho says:

    First time ordering with Rxsteroids and very impressed with the service

    Contact was very good – emailed me at each step and was very courteous and polite

    Packaging was spot on and delivery took two weeks

    All products performing just as I would like, slight temp increase on t3, standard clen shakes and stim buzz, too early to tell if letro is gtg but needless to say I’m very confident

    top quality service, keep up the good work

  60. fast_lane1588 says:

    Absolutely my new go to source for GH. Don’t bother looking anywhere else, they are TOP NOTCH!

    By far the best communication I have ever had with a source. Emails are responded to usually within an hour. Always emails me first when packs land or are shipped and when money is picked up. He is ahead of the game with communication and by far the best I have dealt with. Sincerely cares about the over all experience.

    I just switched over from generic and have fun 36iu of this pharma humatrope and the is no comparison this is definitely pharma and it makes a huge difference. I was up to 8ius of generic and getting no results or sides, I have been running 2ius of this and already have dropped a noticeable amount of body fat and am sleeping like a baby. It makes all the difference and I highly recommend making the switch, you won’t be disappointed!

  61. Oldermuscle41 says:

    This is a review for Dragon pharma test e. I had a show May 20 then I started a cruise with this test e @ 125 mg a week.

    Packaged land within the stated T/A and waa safe and secure.

    The test e was on par with others I have used in the past. Coming off a pretty hefty cycle after a show I was concerned to cruise on a new brand. To my surprise i felt great. I was off test and running Letro the last 2 weeks prior to my show so my libido was shit. When I started on this test I felt great. My libido came back to normal, my weight began to climb as I also increase my carbs. Within a couple weeks I felt great.

  62. jm750 says:

    Placed an order with rxsteroids last month. The communication was great and the whole process was very easy. The T/A time was super fast in my opinion.

    Product showed up, and it was packaged very well.

    I look forward to doing more business. Thanks rxsteroids.

  63. ShaneP says:

    Finishing the last week of my ten week Test, Deca, Dbol cycle taking 500mg test a week, 500mg deca per week with .5mg Arimidex ed and 60 mg of Dbol per day as a kickstart. I started noticing the Dbol quickly weight gains started coming by 2 weeks in aswell as muscle fullness. After 5 weeks when the Test and Deca kicked in I noticed a big increase in strength and weight. By week 9 I am up from 225lbs to 242. I have seen my Hex Bar deadlift go from low 700’s to a recent 800lb pr. My coworkers have also commented on my newly added size.

    The packaging was very discreet. I’m confident when I order that the products are well hidden and my package will arrive.

    I’m very happy with quality. The products have proven themselves in effectiveness when it came to size and strength. Never had a bad shot (no overly swollen areas or unusual pain) the Arimidex was also legit I had no issue with puffy nipples and was able to keep my estrogen levels in control.

    I will continue ordering from rxsteroidsI have not been let down by it’s products or customer service. In conclusion I would recommend this source.

  64. brackon35 says:

    This is my first cycle and first order from Rxsteroids. Ordered Kalpa Test E and Anavar. I took 50MG of Var ED for 4 weeks, and 500MG of Test E for 12. I am not at my genetic potential so I saw excellent gains from the cycle, going up around 40lbs, I am just going into PCT now so will likely drop a fair bit of water. I had no PIP, and I got mild acne on my shoulders. Apart from that all was great

    Very quick to deliver and good communication

    It came through discretely packaged.

    I have no previous experience so can’t compare, but I saw excellent gains with manageable sides

  65. portuguesepride says:

    Rxsteroids was professional and I got exactly what I ordered quick. I do highly recommend them

    Communication and support were excellent, no worries!

    Discreet packages

    Ran gear for 3 weeks to see who’s gear was the best. Dragon Pharma gear I chose to run last and I must say it was the best Tren and Mast out of the 4. Even after running 3 other sources Tren, and was starting to think I was building up resistance to it, Dragon Pharmas Tren kicked my ass and I started gaining strength and sides again! Good gear along with experienced helpful advice, can’t go wrong ordering from Rxsteroids!

  66. Cornish says:

    Rxsteroidsis a source I have used in the past and continue to do so as of writing. The product selection is very good, as well as new products being added regularly.

    The ordering process is nice and simple. Sign up, add items to basket and payment information is given to you on checkout. Never have I had a single issue ordering with this source. Items are well packaged. To date, I’ve never had a single issue with ordering.

    The product quality from Dragon Pharma has been great. Most notably is the Dianabol. In the past I’ve used many other different labs for Dianabol and nothing has come close to Dragon Pharma. As for the oils, they have been fantastic too. Well dosed and effective. I’m not someone who gains weight easily, but after running a 10 week cycle I was up almost 1 stone [14lbs], which for me is a great gain. Acne and hair growth are two noticeable effects I have from good test, and these were very much present. All round great products and a fantastic service from Rxsteroids.

    This is a source I highly recommend to others. They have never let me down at point during the order process. Items are what they say they are and at great prices.

  67. Jhwharriss says:

    Excellent company, very smooth transaction and good quality, well priced product. Will be using from now on.

    Discreet packaging .

    Good quality Dbol, gained considerable size and strength to kick start my cycle in the first 6 weeks

    After being let down by my previous supplier I thought I try would this supplier, based purely off the positive reviews here, I was skeptical at first as I couldn’t find much info about Dragon Pharma labs as it was relatively new, so just ordered some Dbol to kick start my cycle, very impressed by the set up and quality of product, will be using again.

  68. TINYTIM36 says:

    I have nothing but confidence in Rxsteroids. Always willing to answer any question. I was a little nerves because it was my first time ordering. Rxsteroids reassured me that everything was gtg. I have recently placed a second order and like clock work the emails and response is spot one. My go to guy right here.

    From time of order to when bird landed 10 days. His estimate was spot on. Not a day earlier or later! Packaging was spot on, very low key.

    3 week on @ 600mgs a week of Test Cyp. Idk if it’s placebo but the intensity in the gym is amazing. Strength is going up, up,uupand bf is coming off . No PIP after any pins.Veins are starting to Pop alot more! And I’m getting that OHH YEAHHH feeling. Oily skin and a few pimples On the shoulders.

    Honest, trustworthy, Solid source . This is my go to for sure. Will post another review when second bird has landed. Keep up the good work Rxsteroids!

  69. Beast5 says:

    First order with RXsteroids and I’m happy with every aspect. Great communication, good process, and very quick service.

    Pack came in about 15 days. International

    Great products the pharma grade is excellent and I love Balkan pharm! My favorite lab hands down and RXsteroids has great prices for Balkan. Dragon Pharma is good. Smooth, no pip on any of the products and the tren suspension is mind blowing pre workout combined with tren a and tren e.

    Excellent service, quality, and prices! I can’t wait to put in another order! It’s nice getting quality gear that I know is good!

  70. FookMeHard says:

    I ran out of my prescription cypionate and was freaking out. I saw the positive reviews for Rxsteroids and decided to try them.

    All my emails were answered promptly and I was kept updated on the status of my order.

    Packaged well.

    I did a 1ml injection of the testosterone cypionate and within 3-4 days I was back to my happy energetic self. It sucks to go without testosterone for 2 weeks when your on trt. I ran out of my prescription cypionate because I’m guilty of using a little extra ever so often. The cypionat 250 is defiantly on par with my prescription product and seems to be high quality. I didn’t get any pip with Dragon Pharma cypionate either. I have in past ordered from other people and got bad pip. I have done a 1/2ml injection of the sustanon and could feel that after couple days and still no pip. Seems like very clean product. When on trt for many years you come to know your body and how it reacts to test. It’s defiantly feels as good as my prescription product.

    Rxsteroids is 100% good to go. Appears to be a very professional operation with great product. I can’t wait to order some anavar. Thank you Rxsteroids you saved me from feeling like crap because I couldn’t get my prescription filled til mid March.

  71. Chainsaw Charlie says:

    Quality products delivered quickly and professionally.

    First time using Rxsteroids so I had a couple of questions regarding payment which they answered promptly and made everything clear. I needn’t have worried though as full instructions on how to make payment are given when placing the order. The actually ordering process is very simple and although the website stated I wouldn’t receive an order confirmation, I received one within a few minutes of ordering.

    Ran at 20mg over 4 weeks. Effects were noticed within 3 days in the form of muscle fullness and increased vascularity during training. Strength gains came soon enough, bench press was up 15kg by the end of week two. Sides experienced were stomach bloat, water retention, nut shrinkage and lethargy, all of which were quite apparent going into the final week. All in all, good quality product which made for a nice short cycle.

    Have used this company subsequently and the same communication and fast delivery was received. I will review that order separately when I have finished the cycle. I highly recommend and will definitely be using them again.

  72. bonz1121 says:

    this was my 1st order with Rxsteroids and even though there were some delays in me receiving my order. RX was there every step of the way resolving the problem with his mailer. So the gear i am reviewing is Kalpa SUSTAXYL 300 and TESTOXYL ENANTHATE 250. Im running the Sust and my buddy the Test E. Both are excellent quality with no PIP at all

    T/A was as I stated above a little long due to his mailer. But RX came through in the end and i am very happy

    both me and my buddy have been running these for about 4 weeks. excellent quality no PIP

  73. fbfreak985 says:

    Rxsteroids definitely lives up to their reputation. Ordered-funds-and a email confirmation and I just sat back and before I knew it, it was there. Couldn’t be happier with the service and quality .

    Honestly confirmation email was all I needed and that was it.

    T/A took about 10 days after funds sent, can’t beat that.

    Haven’t used any of the products other than test P and all I can say is that it went in smooth, after my 3rd pin I felt amazing. 100eod and it’s been one of the best Test P Iv used.

    If anyone’s one the fence whether or not to go with Rxstr with your next cycle, it’s honestly a no brainer for me. Can’t wait to order for my cutting part of my run.

  74. britishbulldogg says:

    Was a bit skeptical about ordering gear online at first….decided to try out these guys’ Dianabol first and was the best i’ve ever taken no doubt. Strength continued to go up and up after the first week and into my fifth week i’ve now added around 20kg/ 40-50lbs onto my ‘big 3’ ( back pumps can be a bitch on heavy squats… using red bull and/or pre workouts (taurine) does help).

    Furthermore I have order Dragon Pharma’s test and plan on running that alongside a bottle of leftover dbol next cycle

    Packages have always arrived within days of making orders/payments… very discreet and well concealed

    Top quality Dbol… pushed the dose high on this current cycle and strength has certainly benefited

    As mentioned Dianabol is top quality and would recommend to anyone… i’ve been running a-dex at .5eod and that’s kept the gyno and bloat down gtg product also

    Have just begun my PCT from last cycle (using Dragon Pharma’s nolva & clomid) so cannot yet judge on these products…and as mentioned previously will be using the Test next cycle

    Haven’t used their clen yet as saving to use whenever I eventually decide to cut. Long story short this source is certainly gtg…. orders/payments are totally hassle free, packages arrive within days and products are of the highest quality. Will certainly use Rxsteroids as my source from now on and would recommend to anyone

  75. Ricky Barnett says:

    Been running Cut Mix 150 for past 6 weeks. Pinning 1.5 ml eod with minimal pip and I’ve been putting it in my tri’s and all three deltoid heads with no issues. Usual tren sides nights sweats, breathlessness and drop in water. Not got tren cough and never have as I believe tren cough is a myth, purely donuts pinning their gear into veins. I took advantage of the promo and two of my training partners are using the same gear and dosage as me and all have had good results. A lot of people slagging Rxsteroids off at the moment but me and my guys results speak for themselves. Also running Rxsteroids’ Balkan Clen 160mcg a day split into two doses, one week on one week off. Very strong clen had me shaking like Ozzy Osbourne and made the tren chest a little more bearable.

    Fast processing and shipping. Very discreet

  76. LOKI 1 says:

    Rxsteroids carries great product and is definitely a reliable source. I like the fact that there is no min. amount when ordering. Great website! Very professional and easy to navigate. I can tell they take great care in how there busisness is presented and represented. Everything went very smooth and appreciate the quality service they provided me. Thanks Rxsteroids! Will be ordering again soon!

    On my sixth week and the EQ 300 has significantly increased endurance and vascularity. Went from working out from 1hr to 2hrs now easily… takes longer to get fatigued. Good Product!

  77. MrTravel says:

    I ordered some Organon Sustanon 1ml single amp, Dragon Pharma Anavar, Kalpa Dianabol and Balkan Clenbuterol along with some PCT. 8 weeks on the Sustanon/Anavar cycle and I’m already seeing good gains. Muscle strength and endurance has gone up and weight has increased by solid 3kgs. RxSteroids was excellent in their communication, advice and help by also providing all pinning equipment for free and devising a pinning schedule.

    RxSteroids communication is first class. Emails are replied to within 24 hours and there is always a helpful/friendly tone in their communication. All questions are answered and sound advice is given. RxSteroids is ideal for newbies who are unsure about steds as they are always willing to offer advice catered to individual needs.

    Items were excellently packaged and arrived very promptly after payment.

    Only used the Sustanon and Anavar which after 8 weeks has given me good strength gains, 3kgs in solid muscle with a ripped/toned muscle look. I have the Dianabol to end the cycle with and Clenbuterol to run with the PCT which I am looking forward to.

    Ordered on 2 seperate occassions and these guys haven’t let me down once. I’ma newbie so was very apprehensive about buying online, but dealing with these guys online is like visiting the pharmacy – These guys know their stuff, give sound advice and provide genuine gear.

  78. riptnhuge says:

    Just wanted to thank Rxsteroids for my previous order. They have always been a reliable source with good gear.

    None needed but they will respond promptly and professionally to all inquiries.

    The best on SteroidsLive in my opinion. Usually 8 days and they provide a tracking number without a signature required. No guessing or waiting and never any hassle. I wish the rest of the sources followed their model.

    Ordered Dragon Pharma Tren-e, mast-e, t3.

    About a month. It took longer for usual to kick in, but I cut down and dropped 10 lbs but my strength went through the roof in about three weeks. I incline pressed 385 twice like it was nothing, my flat bench increased to 425 smoothly and decline bench 405 a couple reps and I went down from 230 to 220 lbs body weight. Endurance and energy for days. And I was surprised I didn’t get Tren cough while pinning nor did I get very bad night sweats or as bad. No pip whatsoever. Dragon Pharma has some pretty solid gear. I only got one pack of the t3, but it did help me cut down a little. All in all it was a pretty good cut cycle, I dropped weight but increased strength which was awesome.

    I still think this is one of the more professional sources here in my own opinion. Thanks again Rxsteroids I look forward to doing business again soon.

  79. Mike912 says:

    My first order with these guys, I have never sourced online before. And after reading all the horror stories that others have experienced with no items or fake products, it is a welcome relief that there are legit trader.

    Excellent communication, informed me on every step of the ordering process.

    Very discreet packaging. received 24 hours of acknowledgement of receipt of funds.

    check authentication against Kalpa Pharma online check facility, all items are good!

    Really happy with the service i have received, will defiantly be using them again.

  80. dk350 says:

    ordered some hcg for my cycle. Order cam quick and was discreetly packed.

  81. snowblowjoe says:

    Communication was great with him. Extremely fast and prompt service. The trinaxyl from kalpa labs is legit. havent tried the dragon pharma test prop but have tried the dragon pharma brand before. I will be ordering again!

  82. gs1699 says:


    very good prompt replies

    first order and very impressed will definitely order again!

  83. johnsbike says:

    i have recieved two orders from rxsteroids. sus and deca.i started at 201 now 217lbs.very clean gear.as good if not better than my hg amps.put 40lbs on my bench aloan.i go to bed pumped and wake up pumped!!i love this gear,going to order more this week.going to try the primo next..thanks rxsteroids you have the best gear on the net!!!

  84. NuclearMess says:

    Second time using RxSteroids’ products and I have had nothing but pleasurable experiences each time.

    RxSteroids is always prompt with his communication

    How this source gets products across the pond so quick makes other sources look pitiful. Seven business days to my door! Rock on

    I have ordered Sustaxyl, could feel the prop kick in almost immediately and the long esters kicked in when they were suppose to. Aggression and strength increase. Libido through the roof.

    Highly recommend using this source. Thanks RxSteroids

  85. LOKI 1 says:

    I have made a couple orders with Rxsteroids and both times were extremely successful. Once again the website is one of the most professional and easiest to navigate. Picking the items I wanted and checking out was a breeze. Info was sent regarding payment to me in a very easy to understand and professional manner. Believe me… not every site gives professional and easier to understand instructions regarding an order. My latest order being I needed one bottle of dragon pharma eq 300 and some test e 250 for the tail end of my cycle and these guys came through which I had no doubts about! Thanks Rxsteroids. I can always count on these guys for quick and quality products!

    Dragon pharma’s eq is very smooth and is working very nicely no pip. Very vascular right now and endurance is up due to RBC’s and I always use as a base for collagen effects as well. Also notice strength gains as I run Eq for a bit before adding the Test.

    Testosterone 250 is also very smooth and working very nicely, little to no pip. Increased aggression, strength and of course the random erections throughout the day. lol

    This is a quality source with quality products! Thanks Rxsteroids!

  86. rincon650 says:

    Awesome service. And super-fast. I will definitely order from these guys again.

  87. blackoxygen says:

    Just placed my first order ever with Rxsteroids or anyone for that matter. Ordering was like silk, very smooth and clean. So far communication has been awesome. Placed order this morning and been communicating and getting back quick responses all day. Awesome customer service so far. Will post back when I get my gear.

  88. hamerss1132 says:

    I just ordered another testoxyl enanthate 250 from Rxsteroids and this is the review for the last order. The test e from Rxsteroids is the best ive ever.

  89. Kevin says:

    Placed an order three days ago. Received no confirmation email, and absolutely no communication whatsoever from them. I’ve been waiting three days for a response.
    I have two open tickets (one was urgent).
    Ordered enanthate and pct, along with some syringes. Order status reads semi shipped, everything I ordered was in stock, not sure why pct was only item shipped.

    I have a hard time believing the reviews here are legit…

  90. Kevin says:

    Been waiting three days for a response…

  91. skinny2swole says:

    RXSTEROIDS has had a hiccup here and there but has always been a man of his word. His gear has been good and delivery has been actually pretty quick.

    Every time I emailed him i got a response even when there were issues. Sometimes within hours.

    I got all my packs within 10-14 days. They were wrapped up nicely and extremely safe.

    I ran the sust at 2x1ml a week for 12 weeks

    I ran the test e at 2x1ml a week for 12 weeks

    I ran the deca at 2x1ml a week for 8 weeks

    I ran the tren ace at 7x.5ml a week for 4 weeks

    My libido was insane even runnin the deca and once i changed to tren it was deadly!!! My overall well being was happy and easy going untill week 9ish then the tren took over and i was an asshole,lol

    My strength gains were phenomenal and constantly going up even on my worst days id find a way to get an extra rep or few lbs. Acne was a bit more than normal but it was expected. I did get a bit of pip but never out of hand.

    Added about 10 lbs of mass and smashed tons of pr’s in the gym.

    Rxsteroids is a source you can trust. If you have any issues he WILL take care of it. Loved my gains on his gear, give it a whirl.

  92. WILDMAN says:

    OMG what can I say ,fast shipping, easy to order, answered my emails fast the guys here are awesome and so knowledgeable and helpful too.

  93. Chris17 says:

    Just received my order! I ordered Danabol 50! This guy is the man!! Definitely gonna be the only source I use from now on!

  94. pdxmike says:

    Ordered Testoxyl Enanthate, received within the promised shipment time. The product was professionally packaged and discreet. I have been using the product for 2 1/2 weeks now and just got my blood work done for first time this cycle and I can confirm that the product is legit. Serum Test levels were over 1500 (off the range for the lab I used).

  95. ozzyfreeman says:

    second order with RxSteroids. Good selection of products, straight service, treats people with patience and respect, exactly what you want

    ordered tri tren and test 400 for friend who has used these exact products for last 8 weeks with good results. stuff same grade as usual

  96. BioDiesel1985 says:

    Been on Kalpa prop for 3 weeks now 75mg ed. Knew it was good the firest week cause of the sides that popped up after 3 days. ie test flu, libido increase and after 2 weeks in the strength went right the hell up. now my pumps come effortlessly right along with the weight increase. up7lbs and still going. Kalpa is definately the shit. No worries with these guys.

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