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  1. Zamib - 2019-05-27 4:01 PM

    Excellent source

    Top notch support and customer service

    Discreet packaging

    DP Cut Long 300

    KP Eq

    KP Tbol

    I ran this stack according to the following protocol:

    Test E: 1G/week…… 16weeks

    Mast E: 800mg/week……… 16weeks

    Tbol: 60mg/day…………. 6 weeks Strength, energy and libido were through the roof. I gained tremendous amount of size and this stack has proved to be very successful in terms of packing mass. There was no considerable increase in body fat percentage. Took hot baths after pinning and had no problem with pip. My muscles were round, fuller and vascular. I achieved great deal of vascularity at the end. Libido and overall well being were through the roof. Hunger attacks from Eq proved significant.

    Top source

    I recommend

  2. heisenberguk - 2019-06-10 3:36 PM

    This is my 2nd order off this site. I can’t say enough about the excellence of these lads.

    They are very responsive to emails as well as to the orders I have placed. The service is Top Notch and shipping is FAST!

    The Genotropin is the BEST quality as it is pharma grade and I can’t stand generic as been let down to many times.

    The packaging was very discrete and very well packed. If you are looking for Quality HGH and Excellent customer service, then look no further!

    5 x 16iu Pfizer hgh

    Only been on for slightly over 2 weeks at 2IU/day, quality of sleep has improved and pins & needles in my hands and wrists have been feeling tight.

    Top lads and as the Pfizer hgh is on promo just ordered more and I see these guys climbing the ranks very quickly. Have recommended them to all my gym buddies.

  3. junkyarddesiel - 2019-06-24 9:27 AM

    My trial run with

    Excellent communication. Gets back to you within the day.

    Arrived about 11days after order. Tight, discreet and clean.

    100tabs x 10mg of kalpa winny

    Added it in to an existing test cycle. Ran 25mg a day for 4weeks. Increased vascularity and hardness. added 4lbs of clean mass. Which i kept after i ended the winni. Seemed to be good quality and dosed properly.

    Will be using this source in the future. Looking forward to trying more of his products.

  4. Polish Mad Dog - 2019-07-01 4:49 PM

    Ihave ordered Pfizer genotropin cartridge 36iu x3

    been on the these for almost 2 months now running 4iu 5 days on 2 days off have lost some bodyfat and need a shave more often and do get the sides so looking good so far will be adding my cycle in the next few weeks


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