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I have placed 3 orders with On my first order, I made a mistake in my order and through their built in customer service, I got fast response and was able fix the problems. This was above and beyond regular service since the mistake was my fault. Packages all landed MUCH faster than the expected Time of arrival. 1 was sent EMS and arrived in a week at no additional charge, while the other 2 arrived in about 2 weeks. How they get the packages to pass customs is beyond me, but I am sure happy they do. It is very nice to have a 1 stop shop for all of my needs. especially since they are one of the only suppliers here with multiple options and are always in stock. I plan on taking advantage of almost all of their product of the week deals.

Communication was spot on through their customer support feature. I made bout 4-5 back and forth messages and all were promptly answer within 24 hrs. When Packages are sent, my account is automatically updated with tracking numbers and estimated days till arrival (which I received much earlier)

1 of the packages were sent EMS at no additional charge and arrived as fast as a domestic source. other 2 packages arrived in about 2 weeks. 7-10 days faster than the tracking had estimated for me. Packing is very secure and discreet. Like I said, I do not know how they are able to get 25 vials through customs, but all packages landed without a single hitch. And fast!

I have been using the DP Test E, DP Deca, DP NPP, and DP Superdrol for about 3 weeks and have already put on a solid 12 lbs of lean mass. strength gains are showing up every workout and muscles are solid and dense. definitely feeling a bit of bloat from the deca, but bodyfat is staying pretty stable. Ended the 8 week cycle up to 210 lbs from 183. 27lbs Gain

Started Tren Ace, Masteron P and Test Prop, Winstrol, Clen/T3 and currently back down to about 193 lbs and 6% bodyfat. 10 days out from my competition. All of the gear seems legit and properly dosed. We have met our expectations and even exceeded them so far.

Having a 1 stop shop for all of my needs as, is the most convenient thing. In this game where you are never completely sure of anybody, I can honestly say this was a very smooth transaction and felt very professional and business like.

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