Phil Heath and Dennis Wolf to Miss Arnold Classic 2009

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Phil Heath and Dennis Wolf to Miss Arnold Classic 2009

The second most important Arnold Classic competition won’t see two most promising bodybuilding stars this year. Phil Heath, who surprisingly finished third on Olympia 2008 after Dexter Jackson and Jay Cutler, decided to skip Arnold Classic to focus on Olympia 2009. Phil says that after his Olympia success, he is sure that he can win Arnold Classic. But his goal is to capture Mister Olympia title.

Phil says he needs these nine months to improve his shape. He promises to hit the stage in perfect form weighing 240 pounds.

Dennis Wolf also informed about his decision to miss Arnold Classic. He wants to dedicate this entire year to train for Olympia and Joe Weider’s Pro World Championships that will take place in Germany where Dennis came from.

It is also reported that another bodybuilding star Lee Priest who is a member of IFBB again is going to miss the competition too, but Lee plans to appear on Australia Pro Grand Prix or on New Zeeland Pro.

Victor Martinez, 2007 Arnold Classic winner, who missed last season because of injury, is planning to take part in the competition which will gladden all bodybuilding fans.

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