Manny Pacquiao, A Striking Roll Model for BJ Penn and Frank Mir

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Manny Pacquiao, A Striking Roll Model for BJ Penn and Frank Mir

UFC 107 fight winners BJ Penn and Frank Mir gain inspiration and technique from watching one of boxings greatest pugilists, Many Pacquiao.  Not only did both fighters show impressive standup skills as they dismantled their opponents at UFC 107, they both also gave some credit to Pacquiao after their fights.

Here is what BJ Penn said:

“Just like watching Pacquiao how he throws punches in bunches fast. You might get away with from the first 2 or 3 but the next 2 or 3 coming behind that are gonna hit you.. kinda figured that out,”

Here is what Frank Mir said:

“I knew I had the capability of beating (Kongo) based on what I could do in sparring. It’s just something I had to make sure crossed over. It’s something we’ve been saying the whole training camp. We call it “The Pacquiao,” because (Manny) will step off as a southpaw and throw the overhand left. As soon as I hit him I went to catch him with the uppercut and I didn’t see him, he was on the ground.”

As the sport of MMA evolves, the best of the best will continue to look at the very best practitioners of the root techniques and styles that make up MMA to and effort to refine their skills.  While it can be argued that there are major differences between a boxing match and an MMA fight, it can also be argued that the striking technique that has been developed and refined in a boxing ring over the years can be altered slightly to provide a very effective technique in an MMA fight.  In the case of UFC 107, it is clear that BJ Penn and Frank Mir have found great value in the technique and style of Manny Pacquiao.

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