Edith Labelle, Ex-UFC Octagon Girl, Talks About Being Let Go From UFC

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Edith Labelle

Edith Labelle, Ex-UFC Octagon Girl, Talks About Being Let Go From UFC

Edith Labelle is arguably the hottest UFC Octagon Girl ever, and in many MMA fan’s eyes the hottest ring girl ever.  Unfortunately for all the UFC and MMA fans out there, Edith will no longer be strutting those long beautiful legs around the Octagon.  After a failed appearance at the UFC 100 event, many fans were left wondering what happened to Edith.  Did she quit, was something wrong or was she fired?  Rumors flew for weeks following UFC 100, especially with the unavailing of the UFC’s newest Octagon Girl, Natasha Wicks.  Finally, Edith has spoken out to MMA Fanhouse about what happened and why she will no longer be a UFC Octagon girl.

“After the UFC Expo and weigh-ins [at UFC 100], I went to dinner,” she said. “Then I attended some of the pre-parties with some of the UFC management, some of the Octagon girls, some of the fighters. And then I started to feel ill — I wasn’t feeling good. So I decided to go to bed. I really wanted to be in good shape for the next day, obviously. Then I started to feel worse throughout the night and the next day.

“It was so bad that I couldn’t stop throwing up. Then it was kind of getting late that [next] day — I didn’t realize it was that late — so I contacted the proper UFC personnel to let them know of my situation, and I told them that I would get ready as quick as possible and I would be there. I didn’t want to miss that at all. They told me to stay in my room because they didn’t want to take the risk of anything happening because it was such a big event. So I had to stay [in my hotel room].

After the UFC 100 event, the UFC contacted Edith to let her go.

“They contacted me and they said that the rumor was that I was too hungover, that I partied too hard. I just wish … I was literally laying on the bathroom floor — I was so sick. Thinking back, I should have thought to see a doctor or ask them to send one of the UFC’s doctors to check up on me to see what was wrong. But I didn’t think about it before, and a day or two later, it was too late.”

Edith holds no hard feelings for the UFC and remains a fan.  She is moving on to pursue her acting career as she will be playing a heroine in a web series produced by Movie Seals.

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