Basic MMA Workout for Anyone

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mma workout

Basic MMA Workout for Anyone

Things You’ll Need:

  • MMA Gear
  • Training Partner

Step 1

Warm up properly and thoroughly. You should not jump into any strenuous activity without properly warming up. You could tear muscle or ligaments.
Step 2

Jump rope. You can’t escape it. This exercise goes back to almost all fighting sports. It increases your endurance and timing.
Step 3

Hit and kick a heavy bag. This can be just an ordinary punching bag or even a Muay Thai kickboxing bag. Make sure to visualize an actual fight or opponent when striking the bag. This will help you simulate an actual fight while getting a lot of exercise.
Step 4

Spar with a training partner. This should be done with 16-ounce gloves, headgear, groin protector, mouthpiece and protective shin guards. Sparring should not be about inflicting damage on your partner. It should be about simulating and getting a feel for having punches and kicks thrown at you and trying to hit a moving target.
Step 5

Grapple with your training partner. Grappling is great exercise because it builds strength and endurance very quickly. Any number of wrestling and jujitsu techniques should be used during a grappling session.
Step 6

Practice takedowns and sprawling. This will again be with a training partner. Take turns attempting single or double leg takedowns while the other tries to prevent it.
Step 7

Work in a clinch. This is another area most people do not realize how tiring it can be. This allows you to use Greco-Roman wrestling and judo to throw, toss or trip your opponent to the ground.

Since MMA is such a dynamic sport, it can be difficult to know if you are doing all the right things to prepare. If you are just starting out as an MMA fighter, this routine can provide some structure your training sessions and help make sure you are covering all the important aspects of MMA fighting.

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