Kimbo Slice – The Ultimate Fighter 10 Contestant

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Kimbo Slice – The Ultimate Fighter 10 Contestant

What the heck has the world of MMA come to? Kimbo Slice has been selected by Dana White himself to get a spot on “The Ultimate Fighter” Season 10.  Dana White has talked all kinds of trash about Kimbo Slice in the past, such as:

“Kimbo Slice Sucks. This fuck’n guy can’t fight.”

If Dana White doesn’t think Kimbo Slice has what it takes to be one of the best Mixed Martial Artists in the world, why would he allow Kimbo into “The Ultimate Fighter”?  The only answer here is publicity, and ultimately money.  Dana White knows that Kimbo will bring viewers to his show.  From a monetary point of view, White has a point.  However, don’t you think White is discrediting his own organization by proving that he is not selecting the best up and coming fighters in the world for his TUF show, but is rather choosing fighters based on the drama and viewership draw they can bring to the show?  Who knows if things keep going the way they are, we may soon have Brock Lesnar and Kimbo Slice fighting for the heavyweight title.

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