Is Tito Ortiz Leaving the UFC?

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Is Tito Ortiz Leaving the UFC?

Rumors are flying about recent scuffles between former UFC Light Heavy Weight Belt holder Tito Ortiz and UFC President Dana White. This is more than likely a typical case, where the guy who is brining in the money is getting taken advantage of by the guy who is counting the money. Greed and power plays are a cold hard reality in any business.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, what works in the ring doesn’t always work in the business world. Although it very believable that Tito Ortiz could beat the snot out of Dana White, Dana has the power to manipulate Tito’s income. There was talk there for a while about a White V.S. Ortiz fight. That never happened, and to be frank about it, I don’t think Dana White thought it would happen either. I think he is too smart to let him self get his ass whipped on TV. It might ruin his bad boy image.

While it is obvious that there has been tension between the two, Fightline has reported that Tito Ortiz received a four-fight offer from the UFC prior to his bout at UFC 84 this past weekend. The offer was given to Tito months in advance by Lorenzo Fertitta himself and is said to have a pay increase as well as a larger percentage of Pay-Per-View buys.

While it is uncertain that the offer is still on the table, it makes sense that Ortiz didn’t sign prior to his fight against Lyoto Machida. Machida did a great job of making the former UFC belt holder look like a has been.

There is word however, that Ortiz is now leaning towards leaving the UFC and signing with either EliteXC or Affliction, depending on whoever has the more lucrative offer. Either way, Ortiz will be able to bring his ”Huntington Beach Bad Boy” image to the new organization and help it grow.

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