HCG And Its New Poster Boy, Jose Canseco

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HCG And Its New Poster Boy, Jose Canseco

We all have seen the newspaper articles and the opinions of all these so called experts on the TV news, and what i have come to terms with is that though HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a prescription drug and mostly used in the world of steroids (or Steroidworld) its a minor thing that has been blown way out of proportion.

Why do I think this? Because he got caught with an illegal drug that is associated with steroids but finding that on Canseco is like finding weed on Snoop Dogg.

Everyone who hasn’t hidden under a rock for the last 10 years know Canseco does , did, and always will be one with the roid.

He and Mark McGuire came in the MLB at about the same weight as Gina Carano (newly crowned queen of women’s fighting) and retired the size of Debo (the big bully from the movie “Friday”). They did steroids it is no secret.

So when he was detained for attempting to cross the border with contraband this isn’t news, catching him buying normal supplements at GNC would be news worthy.

But my question is why he got caught with just this?  Why did he take such a big risk for just this.

Was it a panic of no supplies for his PCT, and if he was on cycle why didn’t he just get it from his steroid suppler.

Or was it a huge onset of gyno? To be honest I doubt we will ever get the truth from him, because this is a man who stated he did steroids (meaning past tense) and all the problems that arose.

Those problems must not be that big, but if I know anything about celebs his excuse will be like , it wasn’t for me or I am addicted to steroids, any cop out will do.

Now the next question is why does this bother me when I have used steroids before myself? Well it is because he doesn’t admit to what he is, a run of the mill steroid user, he played Major League Baseball but that doesn’t negate the fact.

All he has to do is either keep his mouth shut and not cry about it or just say I use steroids and I love it!  And while we are on the topic let me digress for a moment and bring up a whole other controversy , steroids don’t make you a good hitter like some of those bullshit geniuses on all the sports shows during the Bonds issue.

The idea that he broke the home run record because he juiced is absurd, I have cycled many a time and I’m no closer to hitting a 95 mph fastball out of the park than before I started.  yes his extra power might make it a 375 foot home run instead of 400 feet.

He still had to make contact all by himself.  I watched during the Bonds fiasco and had to suffer through expert after expert ramble out nonsense about what steroids do and how they could have helped him significantly, and the funny thing is that not one of them were jacked , so the likelihood is they Googled steroids on the internet and the following day presented there beliefs based on there new found knowledge (bullshit). If I was incharge of expert guest on one of those shows I would have on one of the following to discuss steroids and what there capable of, Sylvester Stallone, fellow Bash Brother Mark McGuire, Arnold , Nicole Bass, any member of the WWE ( including Vince McMahon) and any Pro Bodybuilder.  So as I see it Jose Canseco (and Barry Bonds, and Mark McGuire for that matter) was a good baseball player who did steroids not because he did steroids, and finally it isn’t that big of a deal that he was caught with HCG, it may have been stupid but not that much of a story, so to the public give him a break he does what he does.

This is just one mans opinion so take it or leave it but i do appreciate comments and questions.


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