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PCT – Post Cycle Therapy

PCT also known as Post Cycle Therapy , what i believe to be the second most important part to your cycle next to diet ( diet is by far the most important component to a cycle in my opinion but that is for a later blog).  Why do I feel this way? It’s not rocket science, the basic idea that the faster you can get your body back to normal function, the more muscle from the cycle you will retain.  This is the basis of my argument and I am sticking to it, but that’s not the end of it.  PCT differs from person to person , there are three basic categories.

The first is the very lucky members of our tribe that need little to no PCT because there body adjust to the situation and recovers very fast, these I label “The Supermen”.  Next is “The Average Joes” that need basic 22 day PCT , these seem to be the majority of the PCT’ers, usually consisting of the younger men and women of this culture.

The final group is the group that needs as much help as possible and need an extended amount of treatment.  With this group from my experience they need a minimum of 6 weeks and can need as much as 9 weeks,  these I call “The Bash Brothers” (for obvious reasons) , and there normally the older members of our hierarchy.

Now that we have the groups next we need the compounds that are used for PCT, and they are : arimidex (arimixyl), aromasin (aromaxyl), ATD, clomid (clomixyl), cyclofenil, cytadren, evista, fareston, faslodex, femara (letroxyl), lentaron, nolvadex, teslac, these round out the anti-estrogens.

Then there is HCG, which is a testosterone stimulating drug, Vitamin E has been known to increase the effectiveness of HCG. Next is a OTC (over the counter) supplement that I use in all my PCT, and its tribulus.

It is said to have the potential to kick start your natural test production.

OK now we have all the groups and most of the compounds associated with PCT, now what should we use. For “The Supermen” I normally recommend just tribulus for 3 weeks at 1000-1800 mgs a day, and for the most part it does just the trick.

Next we revisit “The Average Joes” , with this group my friendly advise is old faithful 22 day clomid and nolvadex , which has been around for a long time , occasionally I will swap out aromasin for clomid, aromasin is stronger than clomid and for the most part less side effects (only my opinion), and I’ll advise some tribulus also.  Finally the ones who need the most help, “The Bash Brothers”, because they need such a long PCT it is normally heavier also.  I happen to fall into that category and my course of action normally is nolvadex, aromasin, tribulus, and HCG. This combination has worked wonders for me, where in the past I would lose half of my gains, I only lost the water weight and that’s it. So for those who have a hard time keeping there gains after a cycle , this would be a good place to start.

As for HCG, it can be used in almost all of the previous PCT’s and there are many other very good and very effective PCT, but to cover all would take many blogs so we will call this a good starting point.

HCG is a blog all by itself so we will get to that in the future.

As for the above please leave any questions or comments you have .


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