What If Steroids Are That Prominent In Sports?

Let me play Devil’s Advocate for a moment, what if they are right about the accused steroids users?  This is something we have to look at before the MLB goes off the handle and tries to stop ALL steroid use among their players.  Then they would have to call one of the greatest seasons in baseball history, a complete farce.  Never had so many watched baseball until Mark McGuire was on the verge of breaking the single season home run record.  Everywhere you looked there was his face, every game he played it was aired all over the world.  Every at bat the world held their breath in anticipation of  the chance it might leave the park and change the record books as we knew them.

Well what if MLB had to refund all the tickets and endorsement money they received because, as we believe today, Mark McGuire was taking anabolic steroids.  They offer no such deal yet they try to persecute those that brought baseball back from the lows it had reached after the last strike.  Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire, Sammy Sosa, and Jose Canseco made baseball watchable again, but since baseball is now safe  and the league has made there money off of these athletes, they make such players out to be villains.

These are the same villains that made people want to watch the games again, I guarantee that if they could pull off such ratings again, the governing body of Major League Baseball would find away to make it acceptable for them to play, but their value has since decreased in the public’s eye, they serve no purpose to MLB, so MLB chooses to throw such Legends under the bus. If an asterisk is to be placed on any of these records it should represent the money and fame that the league made from those awesome events, and how they were immediately disrespected when they stopped doing the impossible.  What I think is baseball needed steroids more then these players did, and I realize MLB can’t allow steroids openly, but they might want to re-think how far they want to go with all these drug test measures.  You don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Dr. Steroids

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