Vince Mcmahon Smacks Down The Oversight Committee

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Vince Mcmahon Smacks Down The Oversight Committee

I took an hour and a half of my day to read the release of the hearing of Government Reform on December 14 2007 involving Vince McMahon.  This was the best reading since I read Anthony Roberts’ first book.  Never have I seen a more eloquent manhandling of such a committee, he spoke with confidence and never gave in to their traps.  This is the type of education many Baseball Players should have sought out before testifying and a few certain Football Players can learn from.  The men and women that form these committees didn’t get where they are by being nice and honest so when handling such people you need to be and answer the same way they ask them, vague and nothing definite.  For example, Vince McMahon was asked his own personal view on the short or long term effects of steroid use, and was quick to answer that he didn’t know because he is a layman not a doctor, and they should ask the FDA. And though they continued to ask him the exact same question several more times, he stayed calm and repeated his answer, adding that he would love to know the answer if the FDA ever got around to doing such studies.  Not only did this educate me but it made me laugh as hard as ever, and because of this I recommend you read this masterpiece.  Within this I found a message, and that message is that this committee or any other can’t bully people into statements that aren’t there own.  He didn’t allow them to twist his words or put words in his mouth.  He left a Government Committee bewildered and annoyed, mainly how they leave most they interview.  For this contribution I thank Mr. McMahon and respect him that much more.  He didn’t become this rich by being stupid.  If you have any comments or questions please contact me at [email protected] add me on facebook  Thomas Zidane.

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  1. Robert says:

    I just finished reading the transcript and I enjoyed it very much. It was more entertaining than watching wrestling itself.

    I was happy for Vince. I feel he kicked their asses. At one point they said they admired Vince’s stamina, but they had been talking for the last 2 hours and need to take a break. Vince responded by saying “do we have to take a break” – basically saying let’s get this over with.

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