Jose Canseco, The Godfather Of Steroids In The MLB Or Something Like That

jose canseco

I’m sitting here wondering whether the Jose Canseco Interview should have been an hour earlier or an hour later ( because the show Intervention was viewed before and after his interview).  I really don’t even know where to start.  Maybe it was his self-righteous girlfriend, or the Doctor who really put forth a sad showing of how clueless most doctors are when it comes to steroids.  I guess we could start with the Dr.  He took on this case fully knowing he had no real knowledge other than what he read about steroids in a text book in college.

Maybe the thought was he would get free advertisement , and he did, as a Dr. way over his head.  He didn’t make any huge mistakes but it just seemed like he had no idea.  He prescribes oral Testosterone and makes it clear that its not like what he took before, its not a performance  enhancing supplement, well that would be news to Barry Bonds who is allegedly accused of enhancing his performance with a topical Testosterone.

I understand it is far less than the dosage a recreational user would intake but it is sill the compound responsible for many well built steroid induced bodies.  So why didn’t “The Anabolic Don” ( Jose Canseco) just go to Dr. Clueless to get a prescription for HCG as any HRT ( Hormone Replacement Therapy) physician would have done previously.  Was it a ploy to get better ratings for the show, I wouldn’t put it past him.  Just a quick rant but tell his girlfriend that want Jose Canseco to be more fatherly to her daughter to get off her ass and get her real dad to take on such a position.  I need to move on to Canseco himself because I could spend hours on the topic of stupidity and his co-stars.

Jose Canseco deemed himself “The Godfather of Steroids” in the MLB.  He gives himself such an important title in the whole scheme of things within the mess that the media made from his book, but then digresses into a position that it ruined his life.  I confused, why celebrate what you see as an atrocity.  That’s like being “The Godfather of Douche-Bags” or “The Emperor of Impotency”, it seems like he has a contradiction of thoughts running around that massive head of his.  I listened to the results of his blood work and thought yes, score for the steroid society, this man admits to 25 years of steroid abuse and his biggest health issue is his test count.

Now i wonder if we could find that same type of result from a heroin addict of 25 years, I’m not willing to scour the streets looking for such a subject but I’m guessing most likely I wouldn’t.  So he stands at a point where he feels like he has to quit (because his girlfriend said so) steroids and his big adversity to overcome is what the average juicer has to overcome after most cycles, Hypogonadism.  I have to say that “The Anabolic Don’s” worst side effect (other than rocking the mullet for way too many years) is a little depletion of his HPTA.  Steroids kills ( I don’t feel this way ,but it is just to make a point) but obviously it takes much longer than 25 years of total abuse.

Oh ya by the way Jose Canseco is very sorry he snitched on everyone, but his big selling point to why it is ok to snitch is that he told the truth the whole time.  Snitching isn’t the process in which you make up facts for no reason, that would be lying Jose. So maybe there is other issues that arose from all his juicing, like brain damage.  And not to pat myself on the back but I did call it , he did cop out to the whole addiction excuse instead of being a man and saying I love streoids and if I wasn’t so broke i would NEVER quit.  After such a build up to this interview, it is funny that the most interesting question I want answered is, Did I have better batting stats than  him in slow pitch softball, and does his coach DH him after watching numerous replays of that ball that bounced off his head in the outfield and cleared the fence resulting in a home run, while he played for Texas.

If he was on my team I might let him play right field, ahh maybe not.  Jose let me be the one to break it to you, you use to be a very good hitter in the Majors ( past tense) but now you are a glorified informant, the Rookie of The Year is a snitch never to be restored to his former mystique.  And his idea of what would have become if he never picked up the first needle, he might have had a chance to be the greatest manager that McDonalds had ever witnessed alas we well never know his full potential because, Jose decided to ruin his whole life by  transforming himself into one of the best pure power hitters the A’s had ever seen (Mark McGuire might not agree).  So I’ll close this chapter of controversy that he brought upon himself, AGAIN, with my feeling that this isn’t the end of our very own “Anabolic Don”.

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