What To Do To Cut Down On Injuries While On Steroids

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What To Do To Cut Down On Injuries While On Steroids

So yesterday I spoke briefly about workout intensity, so I felt it was fitting to explain a few tips to help avoid injuries while on cycle.  With steroids, most find a huge increase in strength in a short time, and though your muscles seem ready to take on the weight, the rest of your body may not be.  This is why I recommend athletes avoid taking steroids that compromise your tendons and ligaments in anyway.

But I also recommend supplementation to help with your tendons and such.  Aside that there are a few simple things I do to avoid injury, first stretch every day, I know it sucks but no excuses because 20 minutes a day is better then 2-6 months on the disabled list.  I recommend 20 minutes of stretching before your workout or cardio, and on off days just take a little time to do so.  Next is the main reason I don’t injury my muscles often, when lifting use proper technique on every rep, and use a smooth even motion regardless of how heavy you lift.  This means no bouncing off your chest when doing bench, bring it down to your chest and then in a fluent motion push it back up, fast and jerky motions can cause damage.

I know most of us want to get as strong as possible so when at first you lose some strength while using proper technique it may seem horrible, but it will pay huge dividends in the near future.  It especially looks good when you have 345 on the straight bar for the flat bench and use easily and smoothly do 6 reps like it was nothing, and most of all doing each exercise right shows up most of all in your physique.  Next try not to go too heavy in compound motion exercises, this puts a lot of pressure on certain parts of the body, most of all tendons.

Make sure you know your limits, I am very good at pushing myself to the max, but I also know when to stop.  It is common knowledge that most injuries happen when you are mentally or physically tired.  It is also known that rest is almost as important as the lifting itself, without rest your gains won’t be as profound and you might hurt yourself.  My last tip is easy, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.  If something starts to hurt, give it time to heal.  I don’t know how many times I see people try to push through a injury and end up putting themselves out of commission for a very extended period.  If you need to skip a injured part for a few weeks, do so it won’t ruin your cycle.  If you have any questions please feel free to write me at [email protected] thank you.

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