Low Priority (Core, Forearms And Calves) Workout

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Low Priority (Core, Forearms And Calves) Workout

On this web site we try to encourage the use of large compound exercises for most weight training routines. The logic is simple; an exercise such as the bench press targets the chest, triceps and shoulders very effectively. A bent over row works the major back muscles as well as the arm flexors. With a single exercise we can work a high number of muscles with a great level of intensity, therefore leading to greater gains in a shorter period of time. But, we must be aware that many trainers begin training to enhance their aesthetics. The midsection, forearms, and calves (along with some others) are typically labelled as the “beach muscles”, i.e. they are on display during the summer and can drawn much attention.


The core will be well exercised from following a training plan which includes compound exercises, such as deadlifts, squats, over head presses and rows. The core is the foundation of most lifts as it stabilises the trunk. We can however specifically isolate the abdominals and lower back to ensure the core remains strong, well balanced, and stimulated.


Again, the forearms will receive a lot of stimulus from following a training plan which includes exercises such as deadlifts and rows. The forearm muscles will be consistently contracting when a heavy load is gripped. Some trainers may find directly targeting the forearms with wrist curls will however provide an enhanced way of obtaining larger forearms.


The calves will receive some degree of stimulation from lower body exercises, but to really unleash any growth we must directly target the calves with calve raises. The calves can be a difficult body part to develop however, so isolating the calves and directly targeting them may be essential.

The workout

This workout goes against the grain of what we normally advise, yet it does address the desire of many trainers to specifically target the smaller notable muscle groups, moreover it can be tailored into an overall effective plan.

We would recommend this workout is performed once or twice per week (if performing twice per week please ensure there are at least two days between them). This/These workout(s) should be seen a supplement to your overall plan. So, when constructing a plan, something such as this may be suitable:

Bent over row
Over head press

Low priority workout

Pull ups


Dumbbell squat
Seated row
Bench press

Low priority workout or Rest


So, what would our low priority workout compose of? We want to isolate the three muscles, so a workout such as the following would likely prove effective:

Standing calf raises 15 x 4
Superman 20 x 3
Crunches 25 x 2
Wrist curls 12 x 3
Wrist extensions 12 x 3

Rest between each exercise should be minimal, as fatigued calves do not affect your ability to perform crunches etc.

An important note to remember is overall muscle definition is not only achieved through a resistance training plan, but also a correct approach to dietary intake. It is essential you learn what is required to lose body fat so the hard earned muscle is well displayed!

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