Sex Mistakes Men Make

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Sex Mistakes Men Make

Men cannot ignore the mistakes they make toward women during sex. Here is what the representatives of fair sex advise you to avoid. Following these tips can help you become the kind of lover a woman can’t resist. So, avoid:

Being Careless about the Place Where You Are Going to Meet with Her

Every woman has her own idea about appropriate place and time, but if she is ok with your apartment, make sure it’s all clean and tidy. No bad smell, no pizza boxes, beer cans, unwashed dishes or dirty socks all over the place. Do the cleaning; take care about pleasant music and a bottle of wine.

Neglecting Prelude to sex

Usually, prelude is what gets a woman going. What should it be depends on how well you can feel your partner. Prelude is about making a lasting impression. If you neglect this part, your partner may not experience an orgasm. And that means she will want to forget the night she spent with you as soon as possible.

Ignoring Her Body Language

While most women are shy to be straight about what they want form the partner, their body speaks for them. Make sure you don’t ignore the signs. Watch her responses when you touch her, and you’ll get how to act.

Ignoring Her Erogenic Zones

Outside known erogenic zones, any woman has lots of other sensitive spots on her body, like collarbones, back or feet. Don’t be corny.

Thinking That If You Had an Orgasm, You Got Your Partner Reach It Too

Don’t forget about woman who wants to experience an orgasm just like you. Do your best to satisfy her.

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