Dana “Mother Fuck’n” White Is Still A Video Blogging Motherfucker

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Dana “Mother Fuck’n” White Is Still A Video Blogging Motherfucker

Dana “Mother Fuck’n” White doesn’t seem to give a fuck if you didn’t like his last video blog. Why should he? Is there even a possibility that everyone is going to like everything Dana White says or does? NO. Just because a couple people were offended by Dana White’s last video blog where he talks a little shit to Loretta Hunt from Sherdog, doesn’t mean he should change up his style and start acting fake all of the sudden. Dana White didn’t become so successful by doing whatever somebody else told him to do.

Dana White calls his own shots, thus he has made another Dana White, UFC 97 Video Blog. I mean face it, whatever Dana White is doing seems to be working just fine. The UFC is blasting off in to the stratosphere, along with Dana White’s celebrity status. Now days, not only is Dana White constantly engaged with the media regarding UFC matters, he has also been getting a tremendous amount of publicity lately from his video blogs, and is beginning to grow a pretty large fan base. Why should he give that up? He shouldn’t.

People enjoy watching Dana White and his daly life as President of the UFC. I mean what is cooler than traveling the world and running the UFC? Dana White gets to interact with all the big name fighters and is VIP in all the coolest places. If you don’t live that life style, it is quite interesting to watch. To top it off many people like Dana White’s character as a rowdy, hard-ass, don’t take shit from nobody motherfucker, who can still joke around and have fun. Mixed all these things together, and add in a heap of foul language and Dana White puts out a pretty darn entertaining video blog that many people enjoy watching.

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