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rx-roids.com reviews

Rx-Roids.Com Reviews

Rx-Roids.Com (also widely known as RxRoids) sells anabolic/androgenic steroids, pct supplements and peptides online for over 9 years. It claims to be the source of the largest selection of top steroids at the lowest prices. Featured brands include Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Dragon Pharma, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, BodyPharm, SP Laboratories, and more. The website has been selling anabolic and androgenic steroids ever since its technology was introduced and mass produced. It ensures disclaimers that none of their products will cause failure in a drug test. They do not sell their products as steroid alternatives, legal steroids, or alternatives to illegal street drugs. Rx-Roids.Com also has wholesale option, which is available for other stores and distributors. Purchase and shipping is possible in multiple countries. Payment methods include Bitcoin, Ethereum and Money Transfer. Orders can be placed online. The retail store is located in multiple locations worldwide.

Rx-Roids.Com Customer Reviews

The majority of its customers agree that Rx-Roids.Com is one of the best steroid store to ever exist. Testimonials from several satisfied customers are included in the web page. They are quite happy with the fast delivery and great customer service. Several comments mention that Rx-Roids.Com was the push the customers need to stop using fake, underdosed and harmful steroids and try their products as a safer, economically sound alternatives. A certain customer mentioned that he had been trying out products from several steroid companies and felt that most of those stores seemed to copy so many things from Rx-Roids.Com. These presumed copy cat websites imitated things starting from Rx-Roids’ marketing strategies to its signature products. Some customers claim to be buying exclusively steroids with bitcoin from Rx-Roids.Com as it never seems to disappoint them in any way. The customer service, as they say, is the best they have ever seen.

Rx-Roids.Com Coupon Codes

Rx-Roids.Com is highly skilled in marketing. It keeps offering coupon codes and attractive discounts in order to keep buyers coming back for more. Even as one of the most successful steroid businesses, it still takes part in promotional activities. It further expands its profit margin by allowing wholesale and bulk offers. Other offers include the following:

  • Discounts of 10 – 25% on featured products. These are subject to change regularly.
  • Free anabolics with all delayed orders.
  • Free shipping on orders over $7.000.


Rx-Roids.Com is no doubt one of the best steroid onlines stores to be currently in business. Even if it is seen as a normal business, it does everything right. In other words, the marketing strategy executed by the company is flawless. Virtually no customer seem to be dissatisfied with neither the services provided nor the quality of the products. The products are certified as legal and a non alternative to steroids. The online store is fast and secure for all purchases. Its professionalism is clearly displayed in the “Feedbaks” of the webpage, where customers are blown away by everything the site has to offer.

It regularly posts attractive offers for its loyal customers. Doing business at this rate for over 9 years explains the vast growth of the store. Rx-Roids.Com is a favourite among a high percentage of bodybuilders from around the world. The site gets a perfect score. 5 out of 5.


  1. fast48 - 2019-02-05 12:36 PM

    The shipping was excellent. Very professional. Fast with replies. Will keep using this source and send folks here daily.

  2. Xeagle - 2019-02-19 3:55 PM

    I received my order in 4 days after placing it. Gear had no post injection pain. Worked fantastic. He also is very responsive to e mails, only takes her a 24 hours MAX to get back to you. Products were well packaged, labeled, and arrive discreet.

    Ordered: Test prop, masteron, winstrol, nolv, and clomid. I’m on my 2nd week of pct now and keeping nearly all my gains. Insane difference, only 7 weeks between shots.

  3. big_swol33 - 2019-03-12 2:11 PM

    Believe it was around 3 weeks. Packing was very discreet, no problem with it.


    I used it on my last cycle. Never saw any sides from the other gear or anything different from the nolvadex iv ran in the past. It’s definitly GTG

    Was very happy with how i was treated and the product quality. Would definitly order from.

  4. c heagy - 2019-04-02 11:34 AM

    All gear I’ve got from rx-roids.com seems to be good quality,no issues answer any questions I have in good time,no complaints as of now!!

    Test e ,Tren e and mast e cycle

    Strength through the roof,night sweats, put on 8 lbs lean mass 10 wk cycle, love the products I’ve used, good results,good gear! Eq and sust was for a buddy who’s also living the results

    Rx-roids.com is my go to guy ,quick and easy !!

  5. keola44 - 2019-04-09 1:20 PM

    I have been a customer of rx-roids.com for several years now and from my honest opinion is that they have top shelf products. I have tried alot of their Products and had great results .

    T/A is fast and there was a time we had a hiccup but that was taken cared of quickly and I understand that shit happens. Packaging is very good and i never had any problems with overseas packs coming to the US from rx-roids ever.

    All of the products I’ve had from rx-roids.com were excellent and I’ve had great results and gains. Currently I’m on Test cyp/EQ and have been for 16 weeks now @ 500 mg test cyp and 600 mg EQ and I’m loving it. Strength is out the roof and so is my shirt size! Went from a xxl to xxxl this cycle.

    To anyone who is thinking about trying kalpa products don’t hesitate because it is legit and you won’t regret it. This is one of my favorite sources of all time!

  6. dj5577 - 2019-04-23 2:35 PM

    Got my package, in 8 days to USA! Checked the serial numbers on my KP gear, everything is good to go. Great communication and fast with tracking number. I gave this supplier 100%.

  7. Onjuice - 2019-05-14 3:51 PM

    Rx-Roids is the Man! Customer service is great, and I don’t even know what to say about delivery time, unbelievable! Received my gear in 4 days! Totally Perfect. I’m so happy that I’m actually gonna place another order like..Right now! This source rock!!

  8. Haz - 2019-05-28 12:52 PM

    Site is really clean probably the best one ive seen that sells anabolics, bit of a geek so i like that. Seems like the owners have invested into that at least. Brands on sale are good liking kalpa pharm.

    Wanted to get a good brand clen cos i had problems in past with cheap stuff, so went for kalpa pharm also i heard alot of t3 is bunk?

    Either way never taken T3 before and within half hour after first tab noticed my temperature raising in ears, neck, forehead also the clen seems pretty good sides not too bad yet at least. 😛

  9. jimbone235 - 2019-07-02 2:56 PM

    Hey fellas just want to say that my man rx-roids is 100% legit. His service is unparalleled and his products are unbeatable. Rx-roids.com will definitely be my one and only source.

    I ordered test e 250mg/ml and decalab-250mg/ml

    I am dosing the test at 500mg/wk and the deca at 375mg/wk for 14 weeks stopping the deca 2 weeks prior. This is my 5th cycle and I can honestly say his gear is the smoothest I’ve used. I’m going into my 8th week and I’m up 18 pounds. Strength and size gains are very noticeable, considering I’m fairly lean to start. Getting compliments left and right feels pretty damn good.


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