A Tribute to Bruce Lee

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Bruce Lee

A Tribute to Bruce Lee

Recently the history channel paid tribute to Bruce Lee. They discussed his life, but went further to discuss his influence on popular culture, and society in general. Bruce Lee like Muhammad Ali is an iconic figure in the fighting arts and in general society. It is in part due to Bruce Lee’s exploits that martial arts and combat sports in general are as popular as they are today. Who knows had there been no Bruce Lee there may have been no MMA.

Bruce Lee was a fore runner for today’s modern combat sports, and is one of the major links that link today’s MMA to the ancient styles of early martial practitioners. Bruce Lee made martial arts cool and made everyone want to get involved and learn about martial arts. A generation of kids wanted to be like Bruce Lee, and they and their offspring would grow to love and spend major currency in support of MMA and other martial arts events. Many actors, fighters and anyone even minutely affected by martial arts owe Bruce Lee a great deal of gratitude. I can remember the early days of MMA when Royce Gracie was compared to Bruce Lee. Common people involved in martial arts speculate about and look for the next Bruce Lee like people in basketball speculate about and look for the next Michael Jordan.

Programs such as those on the history channel are important to the survival and the spread of martial arts, and all who are fans should watch the program if they get a chance. The greatest compliment that can be given is the compliment of imitation and so many of us wanted to be like Bruce.

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