Australian Grand Prix 2009: Kai Greene Stays at the Top

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Australian Grand Prix 2009: Kai Greene Stays at the Top

Kai Greene is truly amazing, for he has been holding his firm grip on dominating position at the Australian Grand Prix, held in Melbourne, Australia. So far he has two victories. Before the competition started he promised US audience to win this round, regardless of the tough competition he may face. He stayed loyal to his promise and got himself second victory of the 2009 season. This is also his fourth victory so far, after his comeback in 2004 at the Team Universe.

Right behind Greene were Silvio Samuel in second position, and Toney Freeman in the third. The two switched places since the Arnold competition, where Samuel was fifth and Arnold was forth.

The fourth place was taken by Michalis Kefalianos; this position qualified him for participating in Mr. Olympia.

Final Results

  1. Kai Greene
  2. Silvio Samuel Saviour
  3. Toney Freeman
  4. Michalis Kefalianos
  5. Ivan Sadek
  6. Oscar Tua Dexter
  7. Rusty Jeffers
  8. Constanties Demetrious
  9. Grant Andre Pieterse

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