Is Anderson Silva Trying to Avoid a Rematch With Dan Henderson?

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Is Anderson Silva Trying to Avoid a Rematch With Dan Henderson?

Dan Henderson doesn’t talk too much smack.  Yea, he said Bisping was a Douche Bag on the TUF show, but I can almost guarantee he was egged on to say something about Bisping to help build up the tension in the show and their fight.  For the most part Hendo has been known to let his fight game do the talking.  That is why it is very interesting to hear that Hendo has spoken out about Anderson Silva.  According to, Henderson is getting a vibe that Anderson Silva is ducking him.  Here is what Hendo said:

“I think I’m the one guy that poses enough dangers [to Silva] style-wise,” he said. “If I were his manager, I’d be trying not to have him fight me as well. I know that Anderson Silva is really trying not to fight me. It’s obvious.”

Henderson said he is plain and simply not interested in a bout against Marquardt and would turn it down to seek challenges at UFC’s light heavyweight division.

“I think he’s right in line for a title shot as well, but I feel I’ve earned that already,” Henderson said. “That’s a fight that more than likely will happen in the future, but I think right now, from the UFC’s standpoint, they shouldn’t be having me and Nate fight each other. They’re going to get stuck without any new opponents for Anderson Silva.

Now, if it were just about any other fighter, I would probably laugh at them saying that Silva was trying to duck him.  Hendo however is a very experienced and very capable fighter who is confident in his skills and has fought a lot of guys. He has no doubt been ducked before.

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